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Subject: TXGENWEB: Palo Pinto CO County of the Month
From: malcolm.basham@chrysalis.org

I am pleased to announce that Palo Pinto County has been selected as TXGenWeb County of the Month for May 1997. Sue Seibert has done a wonderful job of providing genealogical information about this county. Her listing on upcoming Family Reunions in the county demonstrates her involvement with the local Palo Pinto residents. She has also implemented surname query index for her county. Plus lots and lots of other genealogy info which a county visitor would like to have.
Take a look at the Palo Pinto page and see if you can pick up some ideas for your page.
And thanks to the County of the Month Nomination Committee headed by Dana Thomas for their input on this selection.

Mike Basham (TXGenWeb Coordinator)

From: fcowley@neurotech.net

Genealogy Poem

Ain't this the truth !!

I started out calmly, tracing my tree,
To find if I could find the makings of me.
And all that I had was Great-grandfather's name,
not knowing his wife or from where he came.
I chased him across a long line of states,
And came up with pages and pages of dates.
When all put together, it made me forlorn,
Proved poor Great-grandpa had never been born.
One day I was sure the truth I had found,
Determined to turn this whole thing upside down.
I looked up the record of one Uncle John,
But then I found the old man to be younger than his son.
Then when my hopes were fast growing dim,
I came across records that must have been him.
The facts I collected made me quite sad,
Dear old Great grandfather was never a Dad.
I think someone is pulling my leg,
I am not at all sure I wasn't hatched from an egg.
After hundreds of dollars I've spent on my tree,
I can't help but wonder if I'm really me..
Found on Roots-l

Subject: County Records
From: "jim murphy" jimurphy@hotmail.com

Here's a good source for material.


jim murphy

TexGenWeb Archives

From: Lora McIntosh
mailto: lora@empnet.com


Main Line: Winter/Winters W(VA)> IN> MO> NV> ID (and then scattered to OR, WA & CA); Waddell> MO> NE> ID; O'Neill> MO> ID

Do you have a WINTER or WINTERS (and/or variations) in your tree? Then please ask me about the (Free) WINTER(S) Query & Newsletter...146 active researchers from all over the world and going strong!
Also ask about the Winter(s) Mailing list! You will be happy you did. :-)

From: JrMetcalf
Subject: METCALF, Thomas; TN,USA > TX,USA > AR,USA; 1820-1870

1869 when they migrated to Scott County, Arkansas. They had 12 children, all born in Texas: Francis Marion, William H. (Ham), Andrew Jackson, Mary, George Washington, Martha, Nancy, Thomas J., Joseph Anderson,James Monroe, Samuel Houston and Henry Howard. At least one of their children, George Washington, was born in Harrison County and this is where they were living when they migrated from Texas to Scott Co, Arkansas. If anyone has any info on this family please contact me by e-mail at jrmetcalf@aol.com or Junior Ray Metcalf, PO Box 13, Huntington, AR 72940 or by phone at (501) 928-5714. Thanks.
Junior Ray Metcalf

From: Zae (zpierce@nltc.net)
Subject: Bacon Family

Does anyone have any information on Mildred BACON b. 1696 in Virginia. She married Jabez WORLEY (WHERLE), had dau. Mary WORLEY. Need information on any other children she might have had, any additional information on her and need parents of Mildred.


Subject: Re: Searching for Martha McBride
From: TRuss1776@aol.com

Several: Henderson Co. 1860 Census for Elizabeth and children, Littleton B., Joshua L., Hamlet H.,James and Sara Jane. Littleton B. in Bell County as Confederate Veteran, property owner, etc., Hamlet (husband of Martha Russell McBride) whose last address was Melvin, Tx) in Falls Co, Parker Co., Bell Co., McCullough Co., Brown Co, Parker Co and died in Concho Co., and my own relation Sara Jane McBride, my great grandmother, who died at the birth of my grandfather in Bell County. My grandfather Thomas Clifton Russell, was adopted by Sara Jane's brother Littleton B. McBride. Have all war records, pensions applications etc. Will be glad to share info with you. In gathering info in search of our McBride, have kept other info on Texas McBride. Also, we have a John McBride in Hill County whom we think might be a related brother. and had a son named Thomas with his family in Hill County.

Subject was living in or near Melvin when she applied for Confederate Pension for her husband, Hamlet H. McBride.b. 1834, KY. Children were Hamlet E., Josy, Anna, William, Riley, Charlie, and Arthur (probably A. L. McBride) who signed as witness for pension.

Tom Russell

Subject: "Vinton Family Research"
From: Araider2@aol.com

Have been researching the Vinton family name...have relatives in Western Texas, Pearsall, San Antonio, Dallas, Dilley, Uvalde (?). Anyone with any bit of information regarding the Vinton and Mancha families, please respond. Looking for informaion on Jacob Brown Vinton, spouse-Carmelia Mancha and their children, John Vinton, Josephine Vinton, Jacob B. "Jake" Vinton, Jasper Vinton, Emily "Lillie" Vinton, James "Santiago" Vinton, Elizabeth Vinton, Pamelia Vinton and Edmond "Kirb" "Cresencio" Vinton. Also the father of Jacob Brown Vinton, he was an Army Officer stationed in San Antonio, in 1847, his name was D.H. (David Hammond ) Vinton, he also had children still at home with him. Any help will be appreciated.

I am the gr.gr.granddaughter of John Vinton, son of Jacob Brown Vinton.

From: J & B Stefan
Subject: Re: Texas Rangers

If he served during the Civil War, you should be able to find his records through the National Archives. To find out the address in DC and where all of the Field Branches are, check out http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/censusother.html

Good luck!
Joy :)

> From: GWHOOVER@aol.com
> Subject: Hoover - Texas Rangers

> > The obituary of Martin V. Hoover, of Chetopa, Kansas, states he served with the Texas Rangers during the Civil War. Do records of such service exist?

> > G. Hoover
> OKC, Okla.

10th Texas Infantry Scott McKay Fri Jun 27 20:52:00 1997
WANTED: DESCENDANTS OF THE 10TH TEXAS INFANTRY, CSA I have been researching for the past 4 years for a detailed regimental history of said regiment. A part of my research has been to make contacts with descendants of the men that served with the 10th Texas Infantry. Company D of said regiment was organized in Parker County, and the following men were those who served in said company: D. Harrison ALLEN, Eason R. ALLEN, Reuben ALLEN, Anderson ALLEN, Enoch W. BARKER, Jesse G. BARKER, Pleasant G. BARKER, James B. BINION, Anderson BROWN, James S. BROWN, Simeon W. BROWN, David E. BURROW, James W. BURROW, Levi C. BURROW, William H. BURROW, Nimrod M. CLARK, Epaminondas W. CLIFTON, James M. CLIFTON, Jesse R. CLIFTON, Adam C. CLINGMAN, Eli P. CLINGMAN, Edmund COATS, William T. "Bill" COATS, Clark T. COCKBURN, Jacob C. COLLY, William G. COOK, John COPELAN, Samuel COPELAN, John F. COWSER, Joel CRAIN, Noble CRUSE, Andrew J. CULWELL, Thomas M. CULWELL, Abraham L. DENTON, James J. DIXON, William B. DIXON, George W. DOCKERY, George D. DRIVER, Thomas E. EARP, Joseph ELLIS, Fred W. ENDERS, Ezekiel ENSEY, Rodom A. ENSEY, William H. ENSEY, William H. FARRER, George W. FLETCHER, William FLETCHER, William N. FLETCHER, Francis FOLLOWELL, Thomas GUERRIN, Andrew J. GORE, John T. GORE, Henry HALE, John M. HANNA, James A. HARGESS, George W. HAWKINS, Francis M. HEFNER, Alexander G. HIGGINS, Fountain P. HIGGINS, John M. HILL, James HOGGARD, William C. HOGGARD, Thomas HOUSTON, George S. HUGHES, James P. INLICH, Martin H. JOHNSON, Charles P. JONES, Joseph JULIAN, J. L. KRA, Jackson L. LEONARD, Francis M. LEWIS, Francis P. LEWIS, George W. LEWIS, Pleasant F. LEWIS, Conrad LEX, George W. LONG, Robert G. LONG, John H. LOVEL, William F. LOVEL, Timothy B. LUCKY, Francis M. MACKEY, William M. MANTLE, Samuel MATLOCK, John McCARTY, William L. McCOY, John C. McCULLA, William N. McKAMY, Andrew A. McKNIGHT, George E. MILLER, John C. McKNIGHT, Charles B. McLARTY, William McMURRAY, Sampson MOONEY, William L. MOONEY, Crosby MOORE, Thomas A. MORRIS, W. E. MORRIS, James F. MOSLEY, William S. NEWSOM, John A. NEWSOME, William H. NICHOLS, Thomas J. NORELL, Washington H. NOWELL, Henry A. PASCHAL, John J. PASCHAL, Arthur F. PATTERSON, Dudley F. PEARSON, John POINTER, Albert A. PRINCE, Thomas M. PRINCE, William C. PRINCE, James W. REDWINE, Grouchy G. REYNOLDS, William T. REYNOLDS, James S. RITCHIE, Ezekiel ROWDEN, John N. SESSIONS, Charles W. SMITH, Hugh P. SMITH, Joseph R. SMITH, Lewis G. SMITH, William R. SMITH, Daniel STRICKLAND, J. J. SULLIVAN, James M. THOMAS, Berlin M. THOMPSON, Robert THOMPSON, John C. TOWLES, Elijah TUCKER, George WATKINS, Joseph A. Woodall, David S. WRIGHT, Jackson J. Wright, Hickman D. WYETTE & Bailey P. YOUNG. If you are a descendant of any of the men above, or a descendant of anyone in the 10th Texas Infantry, I welcome your response.

My particulars are:
Scott McKay
167 Mtn. Park Rd.
Roswell, GA 30075
Thanks for your time and assistance.

Subject: Pilot Point, Texas
From: art storer

I am searching for information on my ggreatgrandfather- David Garrisson Jones, born 1830s-Ga-lived for awhile in Blount Co AL. First married to Emeline Tims--then to Ruth Fowler. Moved to Pilot Point after 1870. Just found out his first name. Only knew his middle name. Thanks for any help you can give. Ann

Hi Mike, sorry to bother you but I dont know how to put a msg up for the Palo Pinto Area. In looking thru the queries from researchers it appears that they should be made aware of a 2 volume book by Charles S. McCleskey titled "A short History of the Patilo community of Erath County, Texas". It actually takes in Hood, Parker, Palo Pinto Eastland, Comanche,Bosque, as well as Erath county. My Families Sublett, St. Clair , Richardson & Porter all are in the book and was a big help. The book is at Tarleton State University in Stephenville in the research section. There are well over 2000 surnames in these 2 volumes and also includes some cemetary listings..It is very worth while, I have only Vol.2, but if some one wants me to look up any info on a surname have them Email their request to


Thank You,
Jim Suble

Subject: Cheshire/Patterson
From: art storer

Searching for the families of Thornton Cheshire. Also searching for Pressley Patterson. They moved to the Abilene area from eastern Tenn. after the Civil War.


Subject: RAMSEYs
From: Winnie Brooks

Looking for information on a John RAMSEY, who lived at Post, Garza Co, and was the sheriff probably around 1900. The Ramsey family was in Comanche Co in 1880 and supposedly came from Harrison Co. Siblings for John are:

Melissa (Sadberry)
Margaret (Morning)
Sarah (Hallmark)
Dora Louisa (Holland)
Amanda (Smith)
Laura (Houston)
Lucille (Harper)
David Leroy

I'm working off of a scrap of paper my grandmother, daughter of Dora Louisa Ramsey Holland, wrote years ago. What I have listed here is *all* I know about her family prior to her married years.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Winnie Brooks

Subject: Huddleston family
From: Mary Bonsal

Check out my Huddlestons....maybe we are cousins?

Mary B.


From: mgarza@specent.com
Midge Garza
Subject: Texas Rangers Library

The place to write, phone or visit is the Moody Texas Ranger Memorial Library in Waco, Texas.

P.O. Box 2570
Waco, Texas 76701-2570

From: Jack Roach
Subject: Texas Rangers -- a little more

The Texas Rangers were organized about 1823, primarily (I think) to defend Stephen F. Austin's colonists from indian attacks. In 1836 they became the Republic of Texas' main law enforcement unit and continued after 1845 for the State of Texas. They functioned mostly as a "home guard" unit during the War Between the States, again as indian fighters I believe.

BUT there was also a cavalry unit (regiment?) known as Terry's Texas Rangers. I do not know whether this was a CSA unit or a State of Texas unit but I think they fought with the Army of Northern Tennessee. There were also at least two groups from Texas known as "Partisan Rangers."

To confuse matters a bit more, individual companies were identified by a letter, Co. A, Co. B, etc. but they also had names. "Lone Star" appears often as in "Lone Star Rifles" as do names of counties and towns. I would be surprised if no one of these companies was called the "Texas Rangers."

CSA service records are keep in the National Archives for an ineresting reason. At the end of the war, they were collected to help screen out Confederates who might apply for a pension. However, few state records are there.

A good place to check is the Civil War Center at LSU. Their web site is http://www.cwc.lsu.edu/index.htm.

From: g kuranko
Subject: McElroy/Texas

I am seeking some help from Texas. A deceased cousins wife called me about a month ago, saying she had a family bible that I was seeking information out of. She gave me her phone #, but after having 2 grandchildren were here from out of state, I don't seem to be able to find the slip of paper with the needed phone number. Her name:

Mrs. Raymond McElroy
Rt 2 box 267-2
Springtown, Texas 76082

If some one from that area could look up her phone #, I'd ever be so grateful.

From: Philisha Cunningham

I've gotten a lot of info on the Childress surname esp. those from Virginia. This info is dated back to 1649. Care to share some notes?

From: Roy E. Malone

Charlie Evert (Or Everett) MALONE m Zoe Beck WILLIAMS somewhere in TX circa 1926, 27 or 28. I do not know the County so it makes the search very difficult without a C. D.

Would someone please do this lookup for me? They are my parents and they are both deceased. I will be eternally grateful. There is a possiblity that Charlie had an earlier marriage. Would you also check that while you are into the C. D.?

From: Jenny Graham
Subject: LOVELADY family, TX

Searching for info. on the following:

Siblings Elma LOVELADY (b. ca 1903) and Joseph LOVELADY.

Elma LOVELADY may have married a Mr. WILCOX. Joseph LOVELADY married Myrtle Virginia __________. They had at least two children, Betty and Dana Ray:

2) Dana Ray LOVELADY (male), b. 1928 in TX; d. 1971/72 in Las Vegas, NV. Worked as a country/western singer/musician. Married Patricia Ellen LONG in 1966 in San Diego Co., CA.

One child: Barbara Ray LOVELADY, b. 1966 in San Diego, CA. Dana and Patricia were divorced at the time of his death.

It is said that someone in this line has Choctaw ancestry.

From: Trevia Smith

A good resource is the Military Records Division of The State Archives for his records, or write to:

The Confederate Research Center
P O Box 619
Hillsboro TX 76645

You can also look at the Index to Confederate Pension Applications at:


Subject: Please help
From: Tom Corr

If anyone remembers an accident that occurred on June 28, 1995 on F.M.51 9 miles south of I-20, that occurred at approximately at 1:11pm, I need to know if anyone saw exactly what happened. My daughter was killed in that accident, and no one can tell me what happened that day. I know that there is someone out there who may have seen what happened. PLEASE, I need to know if you can help me? It is just something a parent needs to know. This Saturday it will be 2 years that we will be without her. I will await any information. She was driving a 1986 Nissan gray pickup and this happened in front of the White family farm.

From: Mary Bonsal

Does anyone know this family? My great Aunt & Uncle. They may have lived in Crosby County also.

Mary B. in Mabank, Texas


38 MATHIS, ELI W. Head m w 55 m. 28 yrs Ala Ga
Minerva (nee Hill) wife f w 40* Mo
Ellis son m w 26 s Tx
Charley son m w 21 s Tx
Gipson son m w 20 s Tx
Mary M. dau f w 18 s Tx
John E. son f w 17 s Tx
Samuel E. son m w 14 s Tx
Maggie I. dau f w 13 s Tx
Annie M. dau f w 11 s Tx
Emmie dau f w 10 s Tx
Lenora dau f w 8 s Tx
Clarence* son m w 3 s Tx

Subject: Re: FHC On-Line Project
From: kccdiana@mcld.com
Diana Hanson

LDS Accreditation is through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, UT. They maintain a huge family history center with some wonderful records and have an accreditation program for researcher who would like to become accreditted.

There is some information on the accreditation program at


if you'd like to check it out.

Subject: J.A. Moore or Zelma Carter (Moore)
From: Tamara Carman

Does anyone know anything about these people. They are my gg parents, but I never knew J.A. They owned some land in Odessa,TX close to the "old" Sears building on 8th St. and Center St. I know they had 7 children. Carter (died at young age approx 12). Brief history of what I know:

1 J.A. Moore
+Zelma Carter (1884-1982) Zelma's mother was a Kelly (I believe) 2 Othella Moore (1913-1992)
+ Horace Slaughter 3 Carolyn Slaughter (1936-1986)
+ Paul Brown 4 Me (Tamara Brown)

Zelma and J.A. had 6 kids who lived to adulthood. I cannot remember the oldest boy's name. The others are Othella Moore (f), Pete Moore (m), Margaret Moore (f) and twin Elizabeth Moore (f), Malcolm Moore (m). All lived in Odessa, Tx at one time or another.

Family history says that Zelma came to Texas in a covered wagon (maybe from Tennessee or Kentucky). I'm not certain if this was with her parents or with her husband.

From: WYNELLGEN@aol.com

Who were the parents of Mary Ann AINSWORTH? She married Asa ELLIS in AL. They lived in Menard Co., TX. Asa Ellis died 1883. Mary Ann Ainsworth Ellis probably was born in Conecuh or Butler Co. AL. Asa ELLISes father William Ellis disappeared after the 1860 census of Leon Co., TX. Where did William Ellis and his wife Ann go? Family said they went back to AL. I have checked all of the surrounding states. They may have died between 1860 and 1870.

Subject: PARKER

Seeking information on; Brittian MOORE married Mary PARKER 11 May 1819, Cumberland county, NC. Richard PARKER married Prudence MOORE 14 Nov 1818, Cumberland county, NC. Abraham PARKER married Priscilla Mc COY 1789 Fauquier county, VA. Richard PARKER listed in Sussex county, VA - 1782 census.

Seeking information on Henry J. PARKER born Dec 1835 AL who married Charlotte (nee?) born Oct 1840 in IL.

Their children were:

John born ca 1865 TX
Ford born ca 1868 TX
Winston born ca 1870 TX
Ollie H. born ca 1872 TX
Clay born ca 1872 TX
Alexander Campbell born Jun 1876 TX
Wesley born Oct 1878 TX
Cuba D. born Mar 1881 TX

Subject: Dust Bowl
From: Donna Warner

I have put together a web page on the Dust Bowl. My goal is to both collect and disseminate information. Please stop by. I'd love to hear your family stories/history/experiences. I welcome any corrections, additions, questions, etc.



Subject: Wells Family Research
From: THembrey@aol.com

The Wells Family Research Association is a repository for Wells family research information for all Welles/Wells lines world-wide. The association's growing collection of information will gradually be made available through this site. I need the URL or an email addr. for the above.

Tom Hembrey

ANSWER: I think they are:




From: Christina Mollahan

Is there anyone researching CATHERINE SHARP LYNCH? Catherine is the d/o of George Sharp, b 1775 and Catherine Elizabeth Unknown. She was b ca 1788 and d ca 1844 or later, IL?. She married Wm. LYNCH. I am searching for descendents of Catherine and Wm Lynch. Children: Wm Jr, Mary, John, Alfred, Martin, Powell Hamilton, Jehu, and Nimrod Lynch. The children were born in TN , possibly Overton Co. Is anyone descended from this family???

Is there anyone researching MARY SHARP LONG ? Mary is the d/o George Sharp, b 1755 and Elizabeth Catherine Unknown, b 1761 VA. She married HENRY LONG, b 20 Feb 1767 d 28 Jan 1846 IL. I am searching for the descendents of Mary and Henry Long. Children: Isaac, John, Hannah, Wm., Henry JR, Jacob, George, Conrad, David, Catherine and Nicholas Long. John went to TX, David to OR and most of the others stayed in IL. Any cousins out there???

From: Angus Robinson
Subject: Confederate Muster Roll - Company A, 1st GA. Vol. Inf.

The Georgia Department of Archives in Atlanta have a copy of the muster roll of Company "A", 1st Georgia Vol. Infantry, dated 1862, including accounts of two of the many engagements participated in by this unit. The record was written in 1909 not long before the death of former Confederate Lt. Lavender Robinson Ray.

The records were part of a large amount of material donated by mr. Ray. He served in the same regiment with my great uncle, Lt. George Michael Robertson. They were related.

Lavender R. Ray was not only a lawyer and Judge but was actively involved in the reconstruction of Atlanta and Newnan, GA. He is related to the A.D. ADAIR line who lived in Atlanta and are buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Another part of this treasure trove are the news clippings and correspondence relating to Wheeler Cavalry reunions, 1899-1900, including one letter to Theodore Roosevelt concerning the memorial. It also includes the words and music to "Wheeler's Cavalry".

From: Barbara Dore
Subject: Genealogy Humor

To the person wanting "Genealogy Sayings" and anyone else in Genealogy Humor. I've had a section on my Homepage devoted to GENEALOGY HUMOR for several months and lots of really seem to enjoy them. They are located in the OUTHOUSE at....


Drop in for a visit and a laugh or two.


From: LyleH29423
Subject: Re: HUBBARD, John Jr.; CT,USA; 1689

Re: HUBBARD, John Jr.; CT,USA; 1689 You recently wrote to soc.genealogy.surnames: I am seeking information on the wife (Mary) of John Hubbard Jr. born 3 May 1689 Woodstock, Windham, CT. son of John Hubbard and Rebecca Wells.

I have no information on the Hubbards you are seeking. Rather, I am seeking information on Dorothy Louise Hubbard, born 1902 in Southport, Ct; mother Eva Hubbard. Dorothy married Homer McDonald Dec 6 1929 and had daughters Dorothy and Dolores (my wife) in 1930-31. Another daughter, Donna, was born June 19, 1933 from a second marriage. Any connections?

Lyle Hendrickson

From: David L. Snow
Subject: John BETHUNE

Was it the John Bethune who the Chaplain for Gen McDonald's British Troops during the Revolutionary War??? Virtually all Bethunes after the War went to Canada.

FYI, the Scottish surnames BETHUNE & BEATON were interchangeable thru the 18th century. Let me know whom you are looking for & I'll point you in the right direction.

David L. Snow (DLSNOW@worldnet.att.net)
CEO, White Mountain Stoneworks
Taylor, Arizona
Benton Co., TN Coordinator TNGenWeb

From: Janice Herren
Subject: VAUGHN, BLUE families

I would like to pass along a request from a friend who is a non-subscriber. I'm sorry if it's a little long, but I didn't want to shorten it too much, thereby leaving out something that might trigger a thought from someone.

I am seeking information on the family of my grandfather, Richard VAUGHN, who evidently died in the late 1890's. I have no information on his birthdate/ location, marriage date, or death date/location. I have very little to go on in tracing Richard Vaughn except what was listed on the 1900, 1910 and 1920 Michigan census records for the family of Malcolm BLUE.

My father's birth records are equally poor. My father, John R. VAUGHN, was born on September 18, 1894 (1895?) and consistently listed Tacoma, Washington in documents as his birthplace, however, I have not been able to obtain any records from the public agencies in that area. My father left Washington sometime before 1900 and moved in with his grandparents in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The 1900 census indicates that he was living with the Blue family in Hancock, MI.

Sometime in the 1900's the Blue family moved to Detroit. The 1910 and 1920 census records show John Vaughn and his mother Anna Vaughn living with Malcolm Blue.

In summary, I would like to find:

-Birth records for John VAUGHN or his father, Richard VAUGHN
-Marriage record of Richard VAUGHN and ANNA BLUE
-Death record of Richard VAUGHN
-Census records for Richard VAUGHN

Please respond via email to either



Stu Vaughn

From: Roy Hudson
Subject: HUDSON family

I am trying to find the parents, and other ancestors of Albert (Joel) HUDSON. We have placed him in Decatur, Adams County, Ind. when his son James Franklin HUDSON was born 08 February 1876.

We have conflicting stories as to what the first name of Albert (aka: Joel) actually is. The family Bible has his name as Joel. However, The obituary of his son, James F., has his name as Albert. He was married using the name 'Joel', & we have found marriage records for Joel Hudson & Mary Whitehurst - 03 Sept.1871 in Adams County, In.

Descendants of Albert (aka: Joel) Hudson

1 Albert(aka: Joel) Hudson
+ Mary Ann Whitehurst
2 Jacob Hudson
2 Charles Hudson
2 Ione Hudson
+??? Eckert
2 Mae Hudson
+??? Gunder
2 James Franklin Hudson b: 08 February 1876 in Decatur, In d: 14 October 1959 in Sturgis, Michigan
+Flora Henderson b: 01 September 1879 in Wilkeshire, Oh d: 20 January 1937 in Sturgis, Michigan m: 29 October 1898 in Decatur
2 Rachel Hudson b: 15 April 1892 in Decatur

Subject: Re: A Short History of the Patilo Community
From: Jksub@aol.com

The book was published by Mr. Charles S. McClesky in 1970 and was done by him personally and according to his grand daughter. It is out of print. She sent me her copy of Volume 2. She said she would try and find a copy of Volume 1, but it has been about a year..so no success. I looked at Volume 1 in Tarleton College for my info only. I don't know the McCleskey's at all, but I will look for those names you mentioned. It is mainly about early settlers in these areas and what he and his friends could put together. Volume 2 is 200+ pages and I believe Volume 1 was about the same size.

I did not find much on the people you're researching Bowden: An infant Bruce Bowden is buried in Bosley cemetary, was the son of Bruce & Juanita Bowden. Cain: Joseph Dennis Cook married Merian Cain, they had one daughter named Merian Cain Cook. Eleanor Cook (b 1931 Johnson Co) married Calwinn Cain I dont think I would be a good resource, as I know nothing about the areas.

My mother & father were born & raised in Palo Pinto County, right on the border of Hood Co. Their mailing address was Lipan. I am doing Sublett, Richardson & St. Clairs..all from that area. Be glad to help anyone

Jim Sublett

Subject: Daves
From: william cal daves

I would like to make a correction in your County History. The name Davies you have listed as settling north of Gordon on Palo Pinto Creek should be spelled DAVES and the date they settled should be 1856. I know they are listed in the 1860 Census as Davis but that was incorrect. My Great-Great Grandmother was Rebecca Ann Vermillion Daves, she settled in Palo Pinto County in 1856 with her family, William Harrison Daves (My Great Grandfather), James Loving Daves, and other children. William Harrison moved to Bosque County in 1869, near Iredell. James Loving Daves stayed and donated land for the cemetery at Santo, helped estabilish the First Baptist Church at Santo. He is buried in the Santo Cementery.

I almost hate to do this, but one more correction, I believe the name Reasomers should be REASNOR, I am related to those folks as well.

LDS Official Web Site.

Subject: MORTON/Cochran County
From: PMorton130@aol.com

I happen to be looking for the MORTON surname in Texas-- not sure which county. When I saw "Morton" listed in the USGen web project under Cochran County, I thought I should check it out. The Mortons I am looking were born in Tennessee (around 1860s) and ended up in Oklahoma (early 1900s). If any of this strikes a bell, please let me know! Thanks.

Phelicia Morton


From: Rick Parker
Subject: Ledbetter Web Page

I have just updated the Ledbetter Web Page. If any of you have more Ledbetter info to add, please send it my way and I'll put it up.

The URL is: http://www2.cybernex.net/~rick/led.htm

Searching for:

Edwards, Hinson, Ledbetter, Satterfield, Skelton, Anderson, Hickerson, Davidson, Depriest, Parker, Seymour, Cherry

From:S. Smith

These are Winters people listed in the Methodist Church REcords or in the cemetery in Mooers, NY. email me for further info 1) William Winters, (1824-1908) b. Plattsburgh, m. Zadah Knapp. daughter Delia. d. Hesperia Michigan 2) William Winters, b. 1887 prob. Hesperia Mich., d. 1967, MA (probably Lowell),3 Reuben Winters, b. 1826 Mooers, 4) John Wesley Winters b. 1831, d. 1912 Mooers, m. Lovina Corkins. 5) James E. Winters, b. 1834 Moers, d. 1816. m. Mary Belden 6) Sarah Winters, b. 1835 7) Harriet Winters, 1837-1916, Mooers 8) Edgar Amos Winters, b. 1874, Mooers, d. MA, m. Gertrude Cobb, children Raymond, Elon, Irving and Mildred(m. Willis G. Symonds) 9) Mary Elizabeth Winters, b. Irona 1816, m. Melvin Gooch, children Aletha Maude Gooch Scoble and James Amos Gooch 10) Emmett Harold Winters, b. 1883, Mooers, d. 1915 Lowell, m. Georgena Hardie, son Emmet Theodore Winters, b. 1902, son Theodore Herman Winter b. 1934, MA. daughter Anna May Belle Winters, b. 1906. Also from Mooers, Wesley B. Winters m. Frances L. Simpson 1880, Merrit J. Winters m. Eva L. Kriman in 1880, Minnie E. Winters m. Darwin J. Scriber 1887, Harmon and Martha Winters joined church 1858, Chaney C. Winters and Maria E. Winters left church 1828. Arin M. Winters removed 1858.

See "Land Survey Abstract Indices of the Original Land Owners of Texas" at:


Subject: Westex Kings
From: MMND59A@prodigy.com

King, Etta Mae b.(c) 1914 Texas
(f) Grover Negley King b. 11-apr 1893 d. 14-may 1968 Wittman AZ
(m) Ina Virginia Erney b. 10-jan-1895 d. 15-aug-1948 San Antonio TX
(bro) Warren Reeve King b. 27-sept-1917 d. 16-dec-1082 Downey CA
(bro) Joe Homer King b. 00-00-1933 (mother) Maude Green
(gf) Thomas H. Erney b. 00-00-1860 d. 00-00-1906 (gm) Annie Laurie Gordon b. 25-jan-1872 d. 28-dec-1024 Corpus Christi TX
(gf) N.G. King b. 00-00-18?? d. 08- sept-1904 Sanderson TX
(gm) Sarah (Addie) Musgrave b. 00-00-1871 d. 00-00-1924 Del Rio TX
Please let me know if you see any connections in your Texas Kings !

Keith W. Cruce
Searching King/Musgrave/Erney/Gordon/Walden/Prop

From: John & Elnora Wyrick

I am looking for relatives and descendants of : WILLIAM H MCBEE, b. about 1802 in NC or KY d. 17 February 1852, in VZ Co., TX. (Father or Brother) OBEDIAH MCBEE, d. 1827, Hardeman Co.,TN.

Wife #1: UNKN: b.date unkn, in Alabama, died before 1847, somewhere in TX. They came to TX in early 1830s, he moved his family to the Kaufman/Van Zandt Co., area about 1844, reported to have had the first Grist Mill in Wills Point, Van Zandt Co., TX, there is a Creek, and a School named for him.

Their children believed to be:

JOHN GARVIN MCBEE, b.19 March 1826, in TN d. 5 March 1905, Milo, IT/Carter Co., OK (MY G GRANDFATHER) Wife #1: Elizabeth O. REEVES/REAVES, m. 7 July 1846, in Nacogdoches Co., TX.
Their Child: Narcissa J (Jane?) MCBEE, b. 1849, (prob) in Kaufman, Co., TX, m. 25 November 1869, Dallas Co., TX, E W (BILL) CAMERON, Found on 1870/80 Dallas Co., TX Census, her mother Elizabeth O MCBEE, in the same hh, on both.
Wife #2: Unkn. Reportedly in CA, reported to have had Twin Boys from this Union. Do find John Garvin MCBEE, ON 1860, Calavares Co., CA Census, working as a miner. No more known, of this reported Wife and Sons.
Wife #3: (My GGrandmother) Margaret Francis WHITE, b. 22 Oct 1849, AL, m. 28 January 1877, Van Zandt Co., TX, d. 22 August 1936, Skellytown, Carson Co., TX. They had 7 children in Jack Co., TX, moved to Ind.Terr. in about 1900.
NANCY J MCBEE, b. about 1829, in TN, m. Daniel SCROGGINS, 9 March 1851, in VZ Co., TX They had 5 children in Van Zandt Co., TX.
REBECCA MCBEE, b. unkn, in unkn, m. Unkn ROBERTS, no more known about this family.
SILAS P MCBEE b. about 1837, in TX. died: 1857, in VZ. Co., TX
Wife #2: ELIZABETH A CORGAN, b. about 1831 in TN, m. 30 December 1847, in Henderson Co., TX.
Their child was: ROBERT MCBEE, b. 1850, Kaufman/Van Zandt Cos., TX, m. Mahalia JAY, 1 November 1868 in VZ Co., TX. No more know about this family.

Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick
902 W Shields Ave.
Fresno, CA 93705-3931
< http://copper.ucs.indiana.edu/~stephenl/genealog.htm

Subject: Andrew Walker
From: art storer

looking for the brother of my ggreatgrandfather his name was Andrew Walker.do not know who he married. born 1840 Jefferson co,Tenn. Moved to texas after the civil war.

Subject: BENNETT search
From: Mark Barnes

Looking for info for my ggrandfather, Jeff Davis BENNETT, born in Winfield, Tn on 9-29-1886. Died 5-10-1928 in Desdemona, Tx and buried in Gorman, Tx.
Marriage to Mattie Alice THOMAS, born in Comanche County, TX, on 3-5-1888.

From: Vickie L. Miranda

I sent an message about these surnames at the beginning of the week, but I didn't start receieving messages untill yesterday so I am not sure if the message is put out. I do have a home page with these surnames , http://home.earthlink.net/~vic1ger. Any information will be helpful.

Subject: Cheshires/abilene
From: art storer

trying to find the family of Thornton Cheshire of Jefferson Co,Tenn. He moved to texas after 1850s believed to have moved with his son Pressley Cheshire.

Subject: DAVIS info please
From: Mark Barnes

Looking for info on my gggrandfather, Prier DAVIS, unknown d.o.b. Married Sarah Eleandor RUTHERFORD (1857-1946)

Prier Davis served as a soldier at Fort Davis, Texas. Name is found on listing of soldiers stationed there.

His child, Effie Bell DAVIS was my ggrandmother, born 5-8-1893.

Subject: Henry Lesley Reedy From: David E. Sims Jr.
I am trying locate the family of the above who died in Feb.of 1975 in Mineral Wells .This is for a family history on the Pridgeon family.

Subject: King/Davis From: art storer

searching for W.E. Davis and his wife Belva Alta King. lived around the Navarro Co area early 1900s. they got married in 1911.

Subject: BelvaAlta King
From: BELVAWW@aol.com
I am sorry that I do not have any genealogical information for you but the given name of BELVA caught my attention. You see that is also my first name and it is so unusual that I have always wondered about the history of it. I once asked my mother where she found a name like that and she said that she couldn't remember. I wonder if you have any information on that name and where it came from.

Subject: King/Dawson Texas From: art storer

I've reached a dead end trying to find my ggreatparents John c. King[born 1850-La] and his wife Mary Alice thompson [born miss 1862] they lived in Dawson-Navarro Co,Texas. he died in 1900 and she in 1923. his father may have been Barden King. thanks for any help you can give.

Subject: Patterson From: art storer

Searching for the Patterson relatives of Gilbert Patterson and his wife Mary Cheshire of Grainger co,Tenn. one of the sons was named Pressley. They may have lived in the Abilene area.

Subject: Pilot Point,Texas
From: art storer aestore@rt66.com

Searching for info on my gggrandfather David Garrisson Jones. he was born 1830s ga.moved to Blount Co,Ala. Was married to Emeline Tims and in 1869 married Ruth Fowler. Trying to find the rest of his children.

From: Lee Ponder

Would like to share information with others working on the surnames PONDER, THAMES & TIMS.

Subject: PARKER
From: Paula Barker

Extracted from "Walker County, Texas a History", Walker County Genealogical Society and Walker County historical Commission, 1986

Jessie Parker was a farmer, soldier, early Texas pioneer, and raised cattle, using his initials "JP" as a stock brand. He moved to Franklin County, Georgia, on Nails Creek about 1798 and the Governor of Georgia signed a passport 30 March 1809 for him through the Creek Indian Nation. Settling west of the Pearl River, arriving 10 August 1809 in now Franklin County, Louisiana. In 1822, he moved across the Sabine to near where Hemphill is today, arriving 12 March. He received a land grant in Now Walker County 11 February 1835 for one league of land, starting about two miles northeast of the Walker County Courthouse. About 1798 he married SARAH (maybeWILEY) and they had six children in Georgia and one in Louisiana.

i. Sara Elizabeth (1798-1856)married 1817 to James Schrier, and they moved to Walker County. They had ten children: Jesse James Calihan, William, Elizabeth, Lurana, John, Wiley R., M.B. Lamar, Harvey N., and Louisiana.
ii. Mathew Arnold (17 May 1801 - 19__) married Mary Isaacs (c1824) and they had 12 children: Mahala, Jesse, Morris Moore, Perry, Wiley Jefferson, Washington (Wilson) Laffeyette, Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton, Sarah Elizabeth, William (Willis) Houston, Amanda, Mary (Molly) Samantha.

After the death of Mary in 1845, Cherokee County, he married Elizabeth Lowe, and they had 4 children: Rebecca, Susan, Isaac Lowe and Margaret Ann.

iii. Wiley Parker (c 1803 - 10 March 1847)
iv. Rebecca (1805- c1849)
v. and vi girls born 1807 and 1809 and died before 1820
vii. Elizabeth born 12 April 1812, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana and married 13 January 1829 , in East Texas to Philip Haddix Coe

and they had 12 children: Rachel, Mary, Sarah Adeline, Elizabeth, Martha Ann, Louisa Jane (Jennie), Philip Houston, who died 1871 in Abilene, KS, Deliah, Eliza Ann, Hattie (Harriett) A., Georgianna (Georgie), Gabriel Houston. Elizabeth Ann died 16 March 1866 at Monthalia, Coe Valley, Gonzales County, Texas and is buried in the family cemetery.

After Sarah died, Jesse married ELIZABETH BARKER in January 1829 and they had seven children: i. Jesse J. (died 8 November 1862, Civil War) married Nancy Ann Larrison. ii. Eliza (Louisa) T. married 17 December 1850 to Richard Ira Plummer and they had five children: Sarah Jane, Thadeus E., Mary Elizabeth, Richard Ira Jr. and Isaac Spurgin. iii. Mary Ann ,married Andrew Jackson Cox January 1. 1851. Walker County. and they had

JESSE PARKER raised cattle, horses, sheep, hogs, and farmed in Walker County. he also bought and sold land for a living. When he died he had several thousand acres of land in Walker, Houston, and Freestone Counties. he died 27 May 1849 at home and was buried near his home in the family cemetery. his wife Elizabeth was buried by him when she died 4 March 1898, their graves were moved to Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville on 20 October 1979, on their son Samuel David's lot. On 17 March 1981, a Texas State Marker was dedicated on his grave. his name is on a monument at Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana for War of 1812, and on a monument at Hemphill, Sabine County, Texas for Sabine epresentative in 1832.

Bibliography: Hazel Page Mullis, "Texana, Vol. B. no. 2, 441, 1967; Veterans Files, War of 1812, Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Louisiana tax list, St. Tammany Parish, 1811 and 1812, 2; George Lewis Crocket, "Two Centuries in East Texas", 162, 1962; Dabney White, ED "East Texas, Its History and Its Markers, Sabine County, Texas, Vol. 1 and 3, p. 1222 and 1239, and 94. 1940; Worth S. Ray, "Austin Colony Pioneers", 177-178; "The Journals of the Convention of 1832"; "Biographical Directory of the Texas Conventions and Congresses, 149, 1941; William Moses Jones, "Texas Testimony Stone", 106, 1952, and "Texas History Carved in Stone", 107, 301, 1958; "Texas State Historical Markers; Probate Minutes (Walker County, Texas); 1820 Census, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, 26, and Jesse P. M. Lappe "Parker Family History" 28; Mary B. Bryan, "Passports Issued by Governors of Georgia 1785, 1809, National Genealogical Society Special Publication No 21, 52, 1959. Field notes (Texas State Land Office Spanish Archives); and "An Abstract of Original Titles of Record 132, 1938, (Reproduction 1964).

by B. Elmer Spradley


From: Kim and Chet Golding
Subject: A Newsletter on TAYLOR

The newsletter is not online, but this how you can get in touch with the person who distributes it:


Taylor - Lost & Found Newsletter
Dawn Taylor Robinson
3979 Farm Lane
Monrovia MD 21770

Last I heard, it was monthly, and it was only about $12 per year.

From: paulhop@juno.com
Subject: GLOVER in Union City, Tenn.

in 1920 a relative saw 4 generations of GLOVER family buried in or near Union City, Tenn. Does anyone know where and who they are. They could be George, Francis, other - just guessing. There is a cemetary there with no paper records because of a fire. Does anyone in the area like to walk through a cemetary?

From: Angus Robinson
Subject:Medal of Honor:Union and Southern Versions


From: Eddie L. Wells

My grandfather, William A. SPENCER, alias Champ MEANS, in his application for a pension from the TEXAS RANGERS stated that he was a member of the PALO PINTO COUNTY RANGERS, 1873-1874. Is there any information out there specifically about PALO PINTO COUNTY RANGERS? W. C. McADAMS was the commanding officer. SPENCER/MEANS states that he served with Wash HULLUM, Joe SCHOOLCRAFT, William J. HALE, Jim OWENS, Matthew LAMBERTH, and Long Billy NICHOLS. He knew John POLLARD, Sam and Bill WARD, John (Bud) MATTHEWS, and Bill DOGGETT. He said that he worked on the Narborough (not sure about the spelling) Ranch, 15 or 20 miles from CISCO, Texas. He worked on the HITTSON Ranch. Where was that? He was also in THROCKMORTON County at the Old Stone Ranch where he worked for Martin HOOVER. He also lived in Strawn, EASTLAND County. All of this took place around 1869-1876 before he went to DENTON County and married. From there he moved to Grandbury, HOOD County until 1884 when he returned to PALO PINTO County. He lived there until 1889.

He was known as CHAMP MEANS from 1869 to 1876, but when he returned to PALO PINTO County he went by his real name, William A. SPENCER or Bill Spencer.

Any information you can give me will be appreciated. if any of these people are your ancestors, I would be interested in exchanging information.

Shirley Spencer Wells

From: Lora
Subject: Winter, Winters & All Variations!

I have a brand new web page up! It's dedicated to my Winter and Winters lines as well as every conceivable Winter*.* variation there is from the US to all over the world. I have a query page put up, and for every Winter(s)-variation query I receive, I'll put up a new query page dedicated to that surname. I'm hoping to make this a "Winter(s) meeting place."

I also have a Winter(s) Resources page that lists links with Winter(s) info on them, as well as newsletters, mailing lists, and any databases there may be. If you know of a Winter(s) Resource and don't see it listed, please E-Me and I'll add it in right away!

This is my first attempt at a web page, so please don't be too critical. :) If you see anything that needs to be fixed, or have any suggestions, please drop me a line a tell me about it. This is a work in progress, but please bookmark my site. I'll be adding more and more every day!

As long as I'm at it, I also put out the "Winter(s) Query & Newsletter". It's a free, monthly publication distributed via e-mail. It is also dedicated to all Winter(s) variations. We have 167 active subscribers from all over the world and going strong. All new subscribers receive the back issues (there are currently 15) so it pays to subscribe as well as post a query. :-)

Wanderings Winter(s) (& variations)

From: GRMC777@aol.com
Subject: Pennington

Would like to exchange information with any one working on Aaron Dick Pennington family. Aaron married Mary Sizemore. they came from Kentucky where Aaron served in the Kentucky inf. they later move to Madison Co., Ark.

From: Sylvia McAllister
Subject: MCALLISTER, Thomas,1821- 1880, PA>MO

I'm looking for any information on a Thomas McAllister born in PA in 1821. He died between 1875 and 1880 in St. Joseph, MO. He was married to "Mary J." born 1839. Their children were:

Z. Rebecca b. 1859, William b. 1861, Herman b. 1867, Joseph b. 1869, Cloyd N. b. 1870, Robert b. 1872, and Horuk b. 1875.

Thomas was a blacksmith and is credited with building the gates of the St. Joseph cemetery.

The daughter "Horuk" or possibly Horah lived her adult life in Mt. Pleasant, TX. Son William was treasurer of the Wyeth Hardware Co.. Son Robert was a physician in Maryville, KS.

From: Sylvia McAllister
Subject: PATTERSON, James, 1737-, Ballinderry, County Antrim, Ireland

I am trying to find some more information on my family, the PATTERSON's. The first Patterson I have was born in 1710 in Scotland and died in 1792. They were Presbyterian and emigrated to Ireland. Some information I have says they were members of Clan Farquharson and others say Clan MacLaren. Clan MacLaren lived in Balquhidder, Scotland. I don't know much about Clan Farquharson. Any information on these clans would be appreciated. >From here I have the following: James Patterson, born 1737 in Ballinderry, County Antrim, Ireland (I think near Belfast) married Mary MORTON in 1773 in Ballinderry. She was the daughter of Samuel Morton and Mary PILLAR. He was a linen weaver and ship captain.

John Patterson, born November 30,1779 in Belfast. He went to sea in 1794 and ended up in Grayson County, Kentucky, USA. He became a U.S. citizen in 1804. He married Rebecca Troutman of Maryland, USA.

If anyone has any information on this family or can offer any suggestions on obtaining information in Scotland and Ireland, please contact me.

There are now new pages for England, Ireland and Scotland so that queries can be posted. Send them in! We'll get them up!


Australia, Canada soon to come!

Co-Sponsor of the World Gen Web

From: Diane Hughes
Subject: Herman Lehman - TX

Does anyone know the parents, siblings and children of Herman Lehman? Herman Lehman was the subject of the book, "The Last Captive," by A.C. Greene. He was captured by Indians at the age of 11 and lived with them for nine years until they were forced onto a reservation.

Think he might be related to Charles Lehman, also of TX, possibly a cousin.

diane k. hughes

From: Pat Robinson
Subject: Armstrong

Does anyone out there have a book on Surnames that could look up and tell me the origin of Armstrong and meaning. I don't have access here or I wouldn't be asking.

From: KylaJaMa@aol.com
Subject: Withers---Conger Surnames

I am new at this. I am trying to get information on my great grandfather and mother. My great grandfather was Charlie Lawrence Withers b. June 16, 1886 in Pleasant Point(no longer a town), Johnson county, Texas d. April 4, 1949 in Vernon, Texas. He married Mary Aileen Conger, May 24, 1905 in Quanuh, Texas. I don't know when she was born, but she was born in Temple, Bell county, Texas d. Lufkin, Texas. They had six children Charles Alonzo, Durward Belmont(my grandfather), Howard, Clifford, Minnie and Cleo. I don't know either my gr grandfather or mother's parents names. I know the Withers' had Indian blood but I don't know what kind.


Any BARBER/BARBOUR, BATEMAN, COLE, DUBOSE, LAVENDER, LAW? My COLE family went NC>SC>GA>AL>Van Zandt County, TX.. The pther families seemed to migrate along the same path as a group.


Cemetery System, Veterans Administration
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Wash.,D.C. 20422

Natnl. Archives & Records Admin.
Military records Div.
8th St.& Penn. Ave. N.W.
Wash. ,D.C. 20408

Military Reference Branch NNMR 13W
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Natnl. Archives & Records Admin.
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"The Parchment Pages"

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Cemtracker system-An international database of cemeteries and their occupants.


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From: John James
Subject: Re: ALCORN surname in KY

b. 8 Nov 1800 Madison KY
m. 13 Nov 1826 Madison, Jefferson Co., IN
d. 13 Oct 1874 Atchison, KS

James married Sally SMITH who died in Atchison, KS in 1872. According to the info we have he is the son of John ALCORN, Sr. and Nancy MOUNCE.

I have searched everywhere but come up against the proverbial brick wall. If anyone out there can supply info on any of these people I would be happy to share information that I have on their descendency.

From: jdsissom@juno.com
John D. Sissom
Subject: NUNLEY Notes

I went on a cemetery survey in Tennessee the last of May and have the list of NUNLEY Burials available for those who are researching the NUNLEY line.

From: Ron & Sharon Kelley
Subject: ARMSTRONG, Nancy/OH, IN, IA

ARMSTRONG, Nancy b: 1805 in Ross Co IN, d: 1858 in Harrison Co IA, m: VAN ARSDOL, Richard 1828 in Mercer Cty OH.

I am looking for the parents and siblings of Nancy Armstrong. I have her children and other decendants to share. Thank you.

From: Ana Wishert
Subject: PARKER family book

Looking for the PARKER Family Genealogy Book. It was last knownto be in the hands of an uncle in Houston, TX. The granddaughter is anxious to know who has it.Her father was William Alexander Parker married to Ruth Hancock. Her uncle has since passed away. Any clue will be appreciated.

From: Michael Anthony
Subject: HEMPENSTALL, Abraham mid 1700's VA

Seeking any information on Abraham HEMPENSTALL. He married Mary WILSON, the daughter of William and Mary (_____) WILSON probably late 1700's in Albemarle or Highland County, Virginia. Their daughter Jemima HEMPENSTALL, born abt 1776, married Samuel Wilson BLAGG 1795. Samuel, son of William Buell BLAGG and Elizabeth Jane WILSON, was born 30 Sep 1774 in Albemarle County, Virginia.

From: Phil & Amanda Carkagis

Is there anyone else searching these names? All ended up settling in Australia. Seeking family connections from Whitburn, Scotland, McLURE; Lanark, Scotland,HAMILTON, Paisley Scotland,McCRACKEN.

From: John F Daugherty
Subject: DAUGHERTY; IRL>SCT>USA; 1890-1997

in need of info on my father side of family. father DAUGHERTY,Samuel,Francis b 1917, came to ny usa about 1929 gfather DAUGHERTY,Samuel,Francis b.c.1890, serve in british army. possable irish guard. came to NY USA. C.1924

email john@cyberenet.net

From: Kevin & Kat
Subject: VAUGHN; WLS; 1500-

Looking for the Vaughn family which were land pirates on the coast of Wales 3-4 centuries ago.

Visit our web site! http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~k-humble/home.htm

From: Carolyn Harris

Am looking for anyone who is a descendent of the Black Bean Incident at El Rancho Salado on 25th March 1843.


From: Gini Ellen Carter
Subject: COTTON

Looking for information on: John Cotton, born July 28, 1721 in Stafford Co., VA, he died 1808 in Nelson Co., KY, his father was Ralph Cotton, John married in 1763 to Elizabeth _____, she was born 1739 in VA and died 1785 in VA.

From: Judy C. Waisner
Subject: Blevins-Hembree family

I would like to contact other people working on the BLEVINS and HEMBREE lines of Missouri and Arkansas. Does anyone know where I can get a book on the Blevins family? I was told a lady in Okla wrote a book, but my letter was returned. I am currently writting a family history on the Hembree family for the Stone Co. Mo. History Book #3. The line I am working on is William Allen b. 1868 Mo. married Lillie Logan b. 1872 Mo. She was the dau of Benjamin D. Logan. Wm Allen Hembree had a son John Hembree who marr Wilma Lilly Faucett b. 1914 Taney county, Mo. She was the dau of John Henry Faucett and Susie Compton. The BLEVINS line is from Squire Blevins who lived in Carroll county and Boone county Ark. near Omaha and Long Creek. He had a son named Jackson Blevins who marr Sarah Susannah Youngblood. Jackson was born 1836 Ark.

From: Robin Kaspar
Subject: GORDON, Jesse M. 1850 TN

Anyone know this family?

=46rom 1850 Lawrence Co. TN census:

Gordon, Jesse M. age 54 b. NC
wife Elenor age 47 b. NC
dau Elizabeth L. age 22 b. TN
son Samuel age 17 b. TN
son Wm. H. age 15 b. TN
dau Martha J. age 12 b. TN
son John W. age 10 b. TN
dau Mary A. age 6 b. TN
dau Malinda age 5 b. TN
dau Agnes age 2 b. TN
=46rom "Early Middle Tennessee Marriages" (Sissler), page 210:

Gordon, Jesse M. to Eleanor Craig 5-17-1827 Maury Co.

Jesse and family were in Maury Co. in 1830 and 1840 and Lawrence Co. 1850= =2E I can't find any of them in Tennessee after that. A list of Confederate soldiers from Tennessee lists John W., Samuel and William H. but at this time I have no proof these are Jesse's sons.

Robin Hoff Kaspar
coordinator, Grant County WIGenWeb
e-mail: robinkaspar@compuserve.com

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