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Samuel Ira McKee Family

Samuel Ira McKEE, born 01 Jan 1867 in Springfield, Illinois; died abt. 1909. He was the son of Sarah Katherine or Sara Catherine from Ma & Samuel Henry Mckee ( We think this is his fathers name) . Samuel married Eliza Lee Hunter abt.1890.

Eliza Lee Hunter, born May 1873 in TX; died 31 Aug 1923 in Ranger, Eastland, TX. Burial: Palo Pinto, TX Cemetery. She was the daughter of William Peter Hunter and Elizabeth Jane Beaty.

Notes for William Peter Hunter: born 20 Feb. 1830 in Alloway, Scotland. Died 21 Feb. 1886 Eastland Co., TX. Burial Howard Cemetery, Desdemona, Eastland Co., TX. Married Elizabeth Jane Beaty 11 Feb. 1857 Ellis Co., TX. Had 10 children all born in TX. William, Joseph, Elizabeth, Ellen, Thomas, Edward, Margaret, ELIZA, Sarah, Emma.

Notes for Elizabeth Jane Beaty: b. 19 Aug 1837 in Arkansas. Died 17 April. 1931 Olden, Eastland Co., TX. Burial Howard Cemetery, Desdemona, Eastland Co., TX. Parents both from Georgia Adam Beaty and Bethemia Williams

Notes for Samuel Ira McKee: Eldest son of ten children. His father was killed in an ambush over a horse. After the father's death, the mother, Sarah Katherine, moved the children to Palo Pinto County, TX (some say by way of Oklahoma first some where around the Bad lands). Samuel was about 10 years old?

In abt.1909 Samuel was severely injured internally when a wagon overturned on him. He died several months later. He was buried near Mineral Wells. No one today knows where his unmarked grave is.

Children of Samuel McKee and Eliza Hunter are:

i. Eula Lee McKee, born 24 Dec 1891 TX; died 24 Nov 1966 in Bakersfield, CA; Burial Greenlawn memorial park. Bakersfield Ca. married (1) Robert W. "Blackie " Sherwood; married (2) Charlie Burleson Abt. 1910. Children: Edwin T. Hall, John S. Burleson, Bertha L. Burleson, Raymond Burleson, ILa B. Burleson, Robert W. Sherwood

ii. Samuel Harvey McKee, born 28 Feb 1894 in Parker CO, TX; died 7 Jun. 1922 Palo Pint Co., TX. Married Nida Dell "Tellie" Rouse on 20 Jan. 1917 in Palo Pinto Co., TX. Children; Webster L. McKee, Evelyn D. McKee

iii. Pansy Viola McKee, born 29 Aug 1896 TX; died 16 Feb 1940 in Pampa, TX; married (1) Wallace Stephens; married (2) Everet Leedy; married (3) Bud Tate. Child: Lillian N. Stephens

iv. Joseph Ira McKee, born 26 Feb 1899 TX; died 08 Jan 1932 in Huntsville, TX; married Lillie Mae Williams. Children: Callie M. "Pauline" McKee, James Ira Lee Newton "Lil Ira" McKee

v. Jesse Oscar McKee, born 15 Jul 1901 Brook, TX; died 23 Mar 1930 in Pampa, TX. Burial: Palo Pinto Co., TX. Never married.

vi. Charlie William McKee, born 14 Feb 1904 Lyra, TX; died 1 July 1958 Olive View, CA; Burial: Green Lawn memorial park. Bakersfield, Ca. married Edith Pearl Aldred 08 Aug 1928 in Auburn California. Left Texas around 1926. Charlie came to California and assumed a new identity, Robert Earl Freeman. (The name he is Buried under.) Children: Evelyn C. Freeman, Luella V. Freeman

vii. Nell Blye McKee, born 26 Feb 1906 in Lyra., TX; died 18 March. 1989 in Stephenville, TX; married (1) Percy Glen Johnson; married (2) Elmer Pannell. Child: Marjorie Blye Johnson

My Samuel and Eliza 1900 census reads.. Mineral Wells

McKee , Samuel head w m Jan 1876 24 m 10 Ill Ill Gorgia


Julia (Eula)




I believe this is my Samuel's Mother and brother and his family. 1900 Census list for Mineral Wells. McKee S.H. head W F 1845 55 widowed Mother of 10 3Ch living

John son w m Jan 1867 33

Cora Grand daughter 1885 14

Winnie " " 1886 13

Robert Grandson 1891 9

Kat'n Grand daughter 1895 5

1910 Lyra Tx Census list.. again mother of Samuel.. McKee Sarah K. Head F w 66 Widow Akinson, Greely (Emily ) Daughter f w 36 widow

Gooley Daughter f w 16

Aldie " " f w 18

Milton son m w 5

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The last two families with S. H. Mckee and Sarah K....



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