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Hightower Cemetery
Erath Co., TX

Submitted by 
Jim Sublett

The Hightower Cemetery is located on the Morgan Mill-Lipan Rd., near Morgan Mill. The first burial was Reuben Phillips, killed by Indians in the 1860's. It should be noted that only the years are provided, headstones may provide additional information. 

(Note this survey was down thru 1969 burials by 
Henry Herring, "Poley" Armstrong & Vic Long.)


s/o = son of
w/o = wife of
d/o = daughter of
f/o = father of
h/o = husband of

ARMSTRONG, Maye C. 1894-1966 (nee Silver, w/o V. M.)
ARMSTRONG, Vester M. 1892-Blank (son of D.F.)
ARMSTRONG, Emma L. 1861-1935 (nee Debbs, w/o D.F.)
ARMSTRONG, D.F. 1859-1910
ARMSTRONG, James Henry 1894-1954 (s/o D.F. WW2)
ASHWORTH, L.O. 1868-1892
ALLISON, Homer 1887-1891 (s/o J.W. & L.F.)
ALLISON, Martha Brooks 1825-1900 (w/o John Allison)
ATWOOD, T.B. 1831-1903 (buried in Garner Lot, f/o Mrs B.A. Garner)
BAKER, Oscar A. 1883-1919 (s/o Isom Baker)
BENNETT, W.C. 1869-1934 (h/o Dora C. Bramlette)
BENNETT, Walter M. 1911-1962
BENNETT, Maggie E. 1872-1924 (w/o J.C.)
BENNETT, J. C. 1867-1919 (W.O.W marker)
BROOKS, James E. 1889-1915
BROOKS, G.G. 1852-1895 (f/o Wm. H.)
BROOKS, John Bunyan 1870-1880
BROOKS, Sarah Geneva 1872-1879
BROOKS, William H. 1874-1964
BROOKS, Minnie B. 1876-1931 (w/o Wm. B. nee Larner)
BRYANT, Nancy M. 1862-1901
BROWN, Catherine 1850-1918 (w/o J.C.)
BROWN, Susie C. 1881-1931 (w/o J. B. Bramlette)
BRAMLETTE, John Barta 1878-1956
BRAMLETTE, Susie C. (see Brown)
BRAMLETTE, Roger B. 1908-1961 (s/o John Barta)
BRAMLETTE, Ruth 1907-blank (nee Cantrell, w/o Roger B.)
BRAMLETTE, Dora C. 1882-1957 (w/o W. C. Bennett)
BUTLER, Miles Eparam 1882-1958
BUTLER, Ester L. 1860-1932 (w/o W.B.)
BUTLER, Arvin Jessee 1926-blank
BUTLER, W.B. 1837-1921 (f/o Miles E.)
BUTLER, William 1891-1895 (s/o W.B. & M.L.)
BUTLER, infant 1880 (d/o William B.)
BUTLER, Elizabeth 1845-1874 (w/o William B.)
BOGIE, Vinie died 1908 at 85yrs (w/o T.W.)
BOGIE, Bedie 1908-1908 (d/o W.T. & S.F.)
BAKER, Opra Bell 1878-1923 (w/o W.B.)
BAKER, W.B. 1878-1963 (s/o "Chief" Baker)
BENNETT, Gladys Lee1922-1943 (w/o A. L. Kinsey)
CANTRELL, Odos 1905-1946
CANTRELL, Allen 1836 (only one date, s/o Earl & Helen)
CANTRELL, Ollie D. 1876-1890 (s/o A.D. & S.J.)
CANTRELL, Archibal 1884-1885 (s/o A.D. & S.J.)
CANTRELL, Sarah 1855-1939 (w/o A.D.)
CANTRELL, A.D. 1853-1933 (s/o Allen)
CANTRELL, Pink 1880-1934 (s/o A.D.)
CANTRELL, Doyle D. 1889-1934 (s/o A.D.)
CANTRELL, Lloyd James 1891-1968 (s/o A.D. WW1)
CANTRELL, Leola N. 1877-1898 (d/o P.M. & E.J.)
CANTRELL, Jane 1822-1913 (w/o L.R.)
CANTRELL, L.R. 1818-1892 (f/o of A.D.)
CARAWAY, B.H. 1837-1910
CARAWAY, infant 1896-1896
CARAWAY, Alsie 1839-1899
CARAWAY, E.R. "Bud" 1875-1910
CARAWAY, Minnie 1873-1926
COLE, Lorene 1916-1931 (d/o J.A. & M.E.)
CHASTAIN, Betty B. 1877-1878
CHASTAIN, J. Oates 1885-1886
COUNTS, Mollie E. 1868-1881 (d/o J.A. & M.E.)
CODY, Sarah E. 1835-1877 (w/o William S.)
DOTY, May J. 1881-1957 (nee Cantrell w/o Fred V.)
DOTY, Fred V. 1880-1928
DOTY, Ollie Denton 1912 (infant of Fred & May)
DAVIS, Elmer Dennis 1894-1895 (s/o S.H. & L.E.)
DAVIS, Laura E 1868-1955 (nee Larner w/o Sidney H.)
DAVIS, Sidney H. 1866-1950
DAVIS, George 1893-1965
DAVIS, Sarah A. 1831-1911 (w/o William H.)
DAVIS, William H. 1827-1910
DAVIS, Newman 1859-1882 (s/o W.H & S.A.)
DEAVER, S.E. (no dates)
FELTY, B. F. 1829-1888
FORGAY, Rebecca 1828-1876
GOODMAN, Vera U. 1890-1918 (nee Sparks w/o Lester)
GOODMAN, Bertha 1891-1892 (d/o W.A. & S.F.)
GOODMAN, William A. 1869-1949 (brother of Henry)
GOODMAN, Sarah F. 1872-1957 (w/o William A.)
GOODMAN, Cecil h. 1907-1945 (s/o Henry WW2)
GOODMAN, Mary L. 1865-1953 (nee Herring w/o Henry)
GOODMAN, James H. 1862-1948
GREEN, Bertha 1905-1914 (d/o Bunyan)
GREEN, Neaty B. 1889-1889 (d/o G.M. & C.A)
GORDON, W.A. 1859-1900 (b/o Dr Gordon of Stephenville)
GORDON, Martha Jane 1861-1940 (w/o W.A.)
GARNER, Brice Alexander 1858-1941 (f/o Charlie Garner)
GARNER, Mary Elizabeth 1857-1940 (nee Atwood w/o B.A.)
GARNER, infant 1881-1881
GENTRY, Ina D. 1896-1969 (nee Davis w/o Porter Gentry)
GRAVES, Bertie Faye 1927-1941
HOLDER, Earlene 1929-1931 (d/o R.L. & Lola)
HERRING, Alverta 1903-1905 (d/o J.W. & Alma)
HERRING, Susan Alma 1877-1958 (nee Holder w/o John W.)
HERRING, John W. 1874-1964 (s/o Mark & Francis)
HERRING, Bob 1881-1968 (s/o Mark & Francis)
HERRING, Florrie 1888-1963 (nee Wristan w/o Bob)
HERRING, Buddy 1912-1968 (s/o Robert/Bob & Florrie)
HERRING, Laura Ella 1875-1941 (d/o Mark & Francis)
HERRING, Mark 1844-1928
HERRING, Lester 1886-1890 (s/o Mark & Francis)
HIGHTOWER, infant of J.B. & M.E.
HIGHTOWER, Julie 1862-1863
HIGHTOWER, J.B. died 1876 age 53yrs & 4 months
HIGHTOWER, Mary E. 1832-1881 (?) (w/o J.B.)
HIGHTOWER, Eldora H. died 1891 age 20 yrs & 11months
HUCKABEE, Avery 1875-1962
HUCKABEE, Mora 1879-1956 (nee Herring w/o Avery)
HUCKABEE, Mary E. 1834-1905 (m/o Avery)
HUFFMAN, Frank W. J. 1905-1906 (s/o F. W. & Lena)
HUFFMAN, Frank Wilson 1870-1923 (half brother of W.A. Gordon)
HUFFMAN, Lena Nancy 1871-1961 (nee Herring w/o Frank Wilson)
HUFFMAN, infant 1890-1890 (d/o F.W. & Lena)
JORDAN, John B. 1874-1956
JORDON, Lou Irene 1875-1962 (w/o John B.)
JORDON, Thomas H. 1896-1962 (s/o John B.)
KILLIAN, H. J. 1858-1883 ?
KILLIAN, Elizabeth 1838-1905 (w/o H.)
KILLIAN, H. 1833-1921
KILLIAN, Lizzie 1881-1890 (d/o of H.)
KILLIAN, H. Jr. 1858-1882
KILLIAN, Lewis A. 1887-1900 (s/o Wm.)
KILLIAN, William R. 1853-1916 (s/o H & E)
KILLIAN, Jane Alice 1859-1947 (nee Long w/o Wm.)
KILLIAN, Harvey 1904-1904 (s/o Will Killian, s/o W.R.)
KILLIAN, Novia 1905-1907 (d/o Will Killian, s/o W.R.)
KINSEY, Gladys Lee (nee Bennett..see Bennett)
LONG, Walter A or H ? 1927-1966 (s/o "Dewey")
LONG, Andrew J. 1894-1964 ("Dewey", s/o John)
LONG, John N. 1853-1936 ("Jack" s/o W. Adolphus)
LONG, Ary 1861-1947 (w/o John N.)
LONG, William L. 1869-1920 (s/o Wm. Adolphus)
LONG, Josephine 1873-1965 (nee Silvers w/o Wm. L.)
LONG, Deemy 1829-1920 (w/o Wm. Adolphus)
LONG, William Adolphus 1827-1913 (father of "Jack", William, Wash,
                                                                  Doc, Dud, Frank & Dee)
LONG, Mary Elizabeth 1892-1893 (d/o Frank)
LONG, Cecil 1900-1900 (s/o G.G. "Dud" & M.C.)
LONG, Carlotta Mary 1876-1904 (w/o G.G. "Dud" d/o James F. &
                                                          Sarah E. DeWitte)
LONG, W.B. 1854-1941 ("Wash", s/o Wm. Adolphus)
LONG, Survilar 1871-1935 (w/o "Wash")
LONG, Susan A. 1861-1890 (w/o C.D. "Dee")
LONG, Rebecca 1834-1926 (w/o W.T.)
LONG, William T. 1834-1896 (cousin of Wm. Adolphus)
LONG, infant..no date (d/o R.A.)
LONG, Henrietta 1864-1895 (nee Killian)
LONG, James O. 1866-1882 (s/o Wm. T.)
LONG, William T. 1861-1880 (probably s/o Wm. T.)
LONG, W.J. 1803-1886
LONG, Mary 1801-1878
LARNER, Frances E. 1846-1939 (w/o Wm. Frank)
LARNER, William Frank 1844-1891 (father of Larua Larner Davis)
McALPINE, Robert Bruce 1898-1969
McALPINE, Ethel F. 1896-1961 (nee Bennett w/o R.B.)
MORRIS, Elizabeth R. 1809-1891 (w/o J.H.)
McLAUGHLIN, Deemy (Cole) 1892-1969 (d/o Wash Long)
McCLURE, infant 1904 (s/o John & Mary)
MIDDELTON, Little Dovie (no date) (d/o T.A. & Martha J.)
MIDDELTON, Alvin 1900 (a child)
NELSON, Virgie Beatrice 1901-1901
NELSON, John 1838-1901
NELSON, Callie 1861-1945 (nee Huckabee w/o John)
NELSON, Hettie 1904-1914
NELSON, John Dave 1890-1957 (s/o John & Callie)
POTTER, infant s/o Homer & Patty
PATTERSON, Alvin L. 1919 (no DOB) WW1
PATTERSON, Aurvel 1888-1917
PATTERSON, Florence M. 1895-1943 (w/o H.)
PATTERSON, Herman 1896-1967 (s/o Dave J.)
PATTERSON, Amanda 1885-1915
PATTERSON, John W. 1857-1885
PATTERSON, Dave J. 1860-1935
PATTERSON, Frances J. 1862-1899 (w/o D.J.)
PATTERSON, Walter 1899-1899
PATTERSON, Arthur 1897-1899
PATTERSON, Emmett 1893-1922 (s/o Dave J.)
PATTERSON, Floyd 1890-1936 (s/o Dave J.)
PRENTICE, Alvin 1891-1898
PRENTICE, Gaynell 1895-1897
PHILLIPS, Reuben 1849-1870 ? Killed by Indians, first burial in cemetery, 
                                         date on tombstone of 1870 is probably an error.
ROGERS, RubyLee 1910-1920
ROGERS, Rhoda L. 1894-1920
ROBERSON, Marvin 1882-1947
SMITH, E.P. 1832-1907
SMITH, Rebecca 1836-1878 (w/o E.P.)
SPARKS, James F. 1882-1963 (s/o Nancy Frances)
SPARKS, John W. 1879-1955 (s/o Nancy Frances)
SPARKS, Nancy Frances 1850-1928 (nee Bennett)
TREADWAY, Minnie L. 1883-1933 (w/o Newt) No stone
TREADWAY, Blanch Elizabeth 1915-1917 (d/o Newt & Minnie L.)
TUNNELL, Mattie 1886-1929 (d/o Callie & John Nelson w/o W.R.)
TUNNELL, W. R. 1870-1948
WORLEY, Joseph 1889-1891 (s/o T.W. & M.A.)
WILSON, Walter Webster 1885-1965 (s/o Drucilla (Long) Wilson)
WILLIAMSON, S. F. 1855-1948 (nee Gunter, w/o C.C.)
WILLIAMSON, C.C. 1855-1914
WHITE, Joalie H. 1869-1895 (w/o G.O. White)
WOODWARD, John T. 1888-1909 (s/o Drew, mother was sister of
                                                             Dove Patterson)
YEATS, Hattie 1876-1909 (w/o M.S. Yeats)
YEATS, M.S. 1873-1957 (probably grandson of Wm. & Martha)
YEATS, William 1815-1905
YEATS, Martha 1816-1889 (w/o William)
YEATS, George W. 1904-1905 (s/o J.L. & L.L. Yeats)


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