Fowler Daughters

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The Fowler Daughters
Submitted by Lyndel Jennings

The Fowler Daughters: 

This is 3 of the 6 daughters of Jonathan & These who lived to adulthood.

L-R Lillie, Annie Lee, Hattie Emma. 

Missing from this photo are Mary Ruth, Lizzie Mae & Minnie Belle.  Date of this photo is unknown, but had to be after 9 May 1926, as on that date Lillie was involved in a tragic accident on the Milsap highway. While she and others were riding in a wagon, they were struck by a hit and run automobile. Lillie died 2 days later. Killed instantly in the accident was Annie Jane (Bean) Fowler who was the wife of Arthur Wilson Fowler, Lillie's brother. Arthur and Annie Jane had 6 children. Lillie was never married.

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