Orange County History in Photos

If you a have an article about Orange County or its history, or a photo of an event in Orange County's past and would like to share it with us we will gladly post it on this page.



"Fat Cat" PV-Harpoon
Cajun Wing of the Confederate Air Force
Veteran's Memorial Bridge Dedication Sept. 8, 1990
photo by Julia Myers

George Hogg delivering groceries for Aaronson Bros.

Firefighters of the past (Orange Leader 1985)

Frances Ann Lutcher Hospital(Orange Leader 1985)

William H. Stark House (Orange Leader 1985)

Orange Train Depot (photo by Dr. Howard Williams)

St. Paul's Methodist Church - Bridge City

Wingate Meat Market
Claude Wingate, Charles Guillotte, Chester Guillotte, and Oscar Guillotte

Claude Wingate, Oscar Wingate, and Chester Guillotte

Oscar Guillotte's Confectionary in the 1920's
1108 Green Ave., Orange TX

Flooding in Mauriceville (photo courtesy of Johnnie Ray Smith)

November 11, 1981
Ribbon Cutting at New Fire Station in Bridge City

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