1870 Mortality Schedule

1870 Mortality Schedule
of Navarro County, Texas


Death Records
Originally published in "Leaves & Branches", Volume 2 - Issue 1 - February - 1979

See Diseases found on Death Certificates for modern descriptions of some of the causes of death and also for general background information about the Mortality Schedule.  Note: Occupation is shown after name. Marital status is shown in brackets after sex.


J. T. AINSWORTH 20 m w Tex Apr Pneumonia
Jno ALFRED 1 m w Tex Nov Br. Fever
Thos ALFRED 1/12 m b Tex Aug Br. Fever
D. ANDERS 5/12 m b Mo Apr Typhoid Fever
E, ANDERSON 18 m w (m) Ky Jun Consumption
T. ANDREWS (Farmer) 1/2 f w Tex Apr Diarrhea
T. BAITY/BANDY ? (Merchant) 33 m w (w) Va Jun Murdered
A. BALEY 12 m b Tex Aug Fever
H. BARNETT (blk. smith) 50 m b (m) Ga Aug Fever
R. M. BARNETT (farmer) 21 m w Miss Jun Fever
B. BASON 1/12 m w Tex Apr Flux
B. A. BETHEW 1 m w Tex Oct Br. Fever
D. BOYD 1 m w Tex Dec Fever
C. R. BROOKS 57 f w (m) Tenn Jan Dropsey
M. A. BROOKS 14 f w Ark Feb Typhoid Fever
Jas BRYANT 11 m w Tex Jul Conj. Chill
A. BURGESS (farmer) 27 m b Ala Apr Fever
E. BURGESS 1 f w Tex Sep Teething
M. BURLESON 69 f w (m) Ky Oct Cancer
S. R. BURLESON 30 f w (m) Ala Oct C. Birth
D. C. BURTEE 8/12 m b Tex Jun Croop
D. CAPTLAND 15 m b Tex Oct Typhoid Fever
C. CLARK 2 m w Tex Apr Flux
I. E. CLARK (farmer) 23 m w Tex Jan Inf. Brain
L. CLARY 52 f w Va Sep Old Age
W. CLARY (farmer) 50 m w (m) Ga Mar Murdered
C. COLLINS 4 f w Fla Sep Typhoid Fever
D. COLLINS 3 f w Tex Mar Br. Fever
F. COMMINS 14 m w Tex Apr Croop
A. B. COOK 3 m w Tex Feb Fever
M. D. COOK 50 f w (m) SC Aug Fever
G. CORETHERS (farmer) 52 m w (m) Ala Mar Murdered
W. COWVETT 1/2 m w Tex Aug Diarrhea
Jas CRAB 56 m w (m) Ky Jan Conj. Fever
Jno CRABTREE 21 m w Tex Mar Pheumonia
M. CROSGROW / GROVE 21 f w (s) Eng Aug Br. Fever
P. CULWELL 5/12 f b Tex Mar Colick
J. CUNNINGHAM (farmer) 25 m w Tenn Jul Fever
-- DAVIS 1/12 m b Tex Jul Croop
W. F. DAWSON 7/12 m w Tex Feb Fever
Asa DIXON 2 f w Tex Aug Conj. Fever
M. A. DUNCAN 14 f b Tex Jan Chronic Diarrhea
J. B. DURHAM 3 m w Tex Jul Typhoid Fever
F. ENGLISH 1 m b Tex Feb Fever
Margret ESTES 3 f w Tex Jul Conj. Chill
Elijah FULLER (farmer) 37 m w (m) NC Oct Pheumonia
Nancy FULLER 72 f w (w) NC Feb Br. Fever
M. FULOW 9 m w Tex Jan Dropsy
H. GASTON 9 m b Tex Jul Pheumonia
M. E. GRAHAM 3 f w Tex Feb Croop
W. C. Green (farmer) 28 m w (m) Mo Apr Jaundice
M. F. Greer 8 f w Miss Mar Burn
C. HALIWAY 15 m w Miss Feb Pneumonia
Wm. HAMELT 53 m w (m) Tenn Jul Br. Fever
J. B. HARBETT 4 m w Tex Aug Typhoid Fever
Mary HARDY 1 f w Tex Jun Acute Diarrhea
A. P. HARRIS 2 m w Tex Oct Pneumonia
D. B. HARTXELL (rev. coll) 46 m w Ohio Feb Dis. of heart
A. HENDERSON 4 m w Tex Jul Inf. Brain
C. HIGHTOWER 3 m w Tex Jul Br. Fever
C. F. HOLLOWAY 18 m w Miss Feb Winter Fever
A. HOWARD 75 f w Ky Aug Old Age
S. HOWARD 30 f w NC Sep Pneumonia
Thos HUES 3 m w Tex Aug Br. Fever
S. S. HULEN 22 f w Ark Apr C. Birth
S. E. INGRAM 38 f w (m) La Jan Pneumonia
R. S. JEMESON (farmer) 46 m w (m) Ala Jan Pneumonia
Mary JENKINS 9 f w Tex Mar Br. Fever
H. J. JOHNSON 20 m w Miss Aug Consumption
J. M. JOHNSON 18 m w Tex May Murdered
L. J. JOHNSON 3/12 m w Tex May Croop
Nancy JOHNSON 26 f w (w) Ga Apr C. Birth
A. JONES 2 m w Tex Aug Fever
Jack JONES (farmer) 65 m b (m) SC July Dropsy
E. KIMBRELL 36 f w (m) Tenn May Typhoid Fever
D. W. KING 20 m w Tex Jan Br. Fever
H. KING 26 f w (w) Tenn Jun Br. Fever
W. P. LANDINGHAM (farmer) 55 m w (m) Va Jan Murdered
Wm LANGSTON 10 m w Ga Dec Pneumonia
Amanda LARRADOR 37 f w (m) Ala Jun Typhoid Fever
Estegon LARRADOR 50 m w (m) Tex Jul By Horse
S. A. LEADBETTER 14 f w Tex May Inf. of Brain
--- LEE 60 f b (w) Ky Aug Dropsey
J. C. LOVE 10/12 f w Tex Aug Dis. of Lungs
Jas LOVE 1 m w Tex Jun C. Diarrhea
R. A. MANNING 2/12 m w Fla May Hives
M. C. MARTIN 35 f w (m) Ky Nov Consumption
Davis MAXWELL 1/12 m w Tex Jul Croop
J. MAXWELL 1/12 m w Tex Jul Croop
M. MAY 14 f m (sic) Tex Jun Dropsey
J. J. Meador 15 m w Miss Jul Br. Fever
A. B. MELTON 15 m w Miss Jul Conj. Fever
M. MELTON 2 f w Mo Jul Convulsion
Matty MELTON 2 f w Tex Oct Br. Fever
D. J. MERIDETH 1/12 m w Tex Sep Hives
Robt MIMIS (farmer) 30 m w Ala Apr Consumption
Bill MITCHEL (farmer) 38 m w (m) Tenn Jul Murdered
Eliz MORGAN 24 f w (m) Ala May Pheumonia
J. MURO 4/12 m w Tex Aug Br. Fever
W. L. LEE 4 m w Miss Aug Br. Fever
S. B. McCARTY 5 m w Tex Jul Chill
Jas McCAUILY 17 m w Miss Sep Abdominal dis.
J. F. NEAL 2 m w Tex Sep Br. Fever
J. C. NEWMAN 7 f w Tex Dec Spline
El OUTLAW 14 f w Tex Jul Br. Fever
E. OVERSTREET 1/12 f w La Nov Croop
E. OWEN 7 f w Tex Aug Inf. Bowels
H. OWEN 26 f w (m) Ky Nov Consumption
W. H. PARMER (farmer) 27 m w Ala Nov Br. Fever
T. P. PARTRIANT 1 m w Tex May Pneumonia
Bitta PATTERSON 3 f w Tex Aug Diarrhea
J. PATTERSON 1 m w Tex Jun Fever
J. H. PATTERSON 8 m w Tex Aug Typhoid Fever
Sarah PATTERSON 31 f w (m) Ala Feb Dis of Heart
D. PERSONS (farmer) 29 m w Ky Jul Consumption
J. W. PRICHARD 5/12 w w Tex Mar Convulsions
A. PRUETT 18 f w Tex Aug Dis. of Bowels
Jas RAGEN (farmer) 50 m w (m) Mo Jun Dropsy
Benj ROBERTS (farmer) 53 m w (m) Ill Sep Fever
C. ROBERTS 54 f w (m) SC Aug Fever
Jas ROBERTS 8 m w Tex Sep Br. Fever
John ROBERTS 7/12 m w Tex Dec Pneumonia
M. ROBERTS 7 f w Tex Sep Br. Fever
--- ROBERTS 7 m w Tex Oct Fever
W. H. ROSS 1/12 m w Tex Dec Croop
D. SCARBROUGH 24 m w Ga Jan Pneumonia
M. SHERRALL 38 f w (m) La Jul Br. Fever
W. H. SLONE (farmer) 54 m w Ky Apr Fever
A. SMITH 7 f b Ark Nov Burn
J. F. SMITH (stock driver) ?5 m w (w) Ky Sep Typhoid Fever
W. M. SMITH 5 m w Tex Apr Murdered
Z. T. SMITH 11 f w Tex Aug Inf. of Bowels
E. H. SPARKS 1 m w Miss May Pneumonia
Ma SPENCE 22 f w (m) Ark May Fever
Henry STANLY (farmer) 16 m b Ala Jun Chill
E. C. STOKES 3/12 m w Miss Oct Chronic Diarrhea
T. D. STOKES 10 m w Tex Sep ---
S. SWEATMAN (farmer) 38 m w (m) Ga Mar Murdered
J. SWINK 1 m w Tex Apr Inf. of Bowels
J. L. SWINK 2 m w Tex Apr ---
Isaac TAYLOR 60 m w (m) La Oct Br. Fever
S. TEMPLETON 35 f w (m) Tenn Aug Conj. Chill
Fayett THOMAS 35 m w (m) Mo Jan Pneumonia
Jas S. THOMPSON 7/12 m w Tex Jul Hives
A. TULLOS (farmer) 49 m w (m) Miss May Pneumonia
F. J. UNPHIS 1/2 m w Tex May Br. Fever
S. L. UNPHIS 2 m w Tex Aug Gangreen
Ellen WATSON 1 f b Tex Mar Hives
E. WATTS (farmer) 45 m b (m) Geo Jul Typhoid Fever
Wm. M. WEEKS 1 m w Tex Feb Spasms
R. H. WEST 19 m w Ark Oct Fever
E. WESTBROOK 21 f w (m) Tenn Mar Pneumonia
E. WESTBROOK 21 f w Ky Mar Pneumonia
Z. WESTBROOK 16 m w Tex Jun Rheumatism
Jas WHITE 20 m w Ten Feb --
L. B. WHITE 4 f w Tex Jul Dis of Brain


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