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What Ever Happened to .....

Bobby Aaron died before Sep 2001
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Bobby Allen Obituary
Gerald Otis Atkeisson
Mar 4, 1938 - Oct 9, 2016
Helen Yvonne Baldauf
Helen (Baldauf) Puryear

TVRD:  Helen Yvonne Baldauf; born 8 Apr 1938, Navarro Co., TX

TVRD:  Helen Yvonne Puryear; died 6 Apr 1984, Navarro Co., TX
TVRD:  Caviness Daniel Puryear, Jr.; died 6 Apr 1984, Navarro Co. (husband died same day, he and Helen buried at Oakwood Cem. Corsicana)
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
John Barron I graduated from Corsicana High School 1956, East Texas State College (now Texas A&M Commerce) 1961 with BA in Biology, with graduate study at Colorado State Univ.
I worked as fishery biologist for Texas Parks & Wildlife in San Antonio & Corpus Christi 1961-1968. Worked at fish & wildlife
bio-statistician/computer analyst for Texas Parks & Wildlife in Austin
1968-1998. Retired in 1993, but continued to work on part time and contract basis.
I married Sarah K. Braswell of Collin County in 1961. She holds a Ph.D. in genetics and is retired from Univ. of Texas at Austin. We have one daughter, Lucy, who is a librarian at the Library of Congress in D.C. and two grandsons Calvin and Elliott.
My passions are genealogy, woodworking, and golf with the CPGA (Corsicana Pitiful Golf Association)
Marion Becky Beasley Marion Becky (Beasley) Howard
Obituary Corsicana Daily Sun
1 Nov 2003: born 3 Jul 1938; died 13 Oct 2003
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Glenda Joy Berryhill Glenda Joy (Berryhill) House
TVRD: Glenda Joy Berryhill; born 13 Oct 1937 Navarro Co.
Died: 2002
Married: Donald Ray Houser
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
John H. Binford
John H. Binford
TVRD:  John Henry Binford Jr.; born 23 Jul 1938, Dallas Co.; died 15 May 1990 Dallas Co., TX
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
James William Blakney James William Blakney
Born December 31, 1937, died August 18, 2004 in Dallas
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
John Spencer Callicutt, III Died Sep 20, 2007
Robert Lee Carl SSDI: Robert L. Carl; born 17 Oct 1938; died 12 Jun 1999
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Bobby G Carpenter, Sr. July 17, 1937 - Jan 23, 2014;
Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery;
Married Betty Jo Allred
Bobby Cole SSDI: Bobby R. Cole; born 12 Apr 1937; died 21 Dec 1996; last residence Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Glen Duane Cooper
Glen Duane Cooper
SSDI:  Glenn Cooper; born 28 Feb 1938; died Jul 1982
TVRD:  Duane G. Cooper; died 23 Jul 1982, Walker Co., TX
Note: Info supplied by John Barron

Billie Jack Curtis


Jerry Davis

TVRD: Jerry Alton Davis; born 13 Apr 1937 Navarro Co.; died 15 Jul 1969 Midland Co.
Note: Info supplied by John Barron

Mary Lou Daniels

Mary Lou (Daniels) Leichter
TVRD: Mary Lou Daniels; born 23 Feb 1938 Navarro Co.; died 28 Sep 1966 McLennan Co., TX.  Obituary
Note: Info supplied by John Barron

Linda Ann Duke

Linda Ann (Duke) Temple
Obituary Dallas Morning News 23 Feb 2003: born 15 Jul 1938 Many, LA; died 22 Feb 2003 Red Oak, TX; married Bill Temple
Note: Info supplied by John Barron

Jackie W. Elrod

Attended the Bryan Country school located 9 miles west of Corsicana through the 5th grade and transferred to Corsicana in the 6th grade.  I graduated from Texas A&M in 1961. After 2 years as an army officer in Germany I returned to Texas and worked 35 years for the United States Department of Agriculture.  I Married Charlotte Evans a Malakoff native in 1964.  We have 2 children Amy and John. John lives on the family farm 9 miles west of Corsicana on FM 744. Amy is an Auditor for the USDA in Temple.

Roe Elton English

SSDI: R. E. English; born 24 Jan 1938; died 15 Mar 1993
Note: Info supplied by John Barron

Charles E. Frey  
Edgar Allen Gray Mar 15, 1938 - Oct 30, 2012
Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
John Corie Harman Jr. Obituary
Jim Hitchcock
Feb 13, 1937 - Apr 6, 2010
Arlene Hutson Arlene (Hutson) Davis
Born Oct. 3, 1938
Died Dec. 31, 2003
Married Lonnie L. Davis
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Betty Earl Jones Betty Earl (Jones) Brooks, married Willie G. Brooks.  Betty passed away Feb. 25, 2004, in Corsicana.  Obituary
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Donald R. Kennedy
Don Kennedy
Born: 21 Apr 1938; died: 26 Oct 1955
He is listed in 1956 annual as deceased.  Ann Call Griffin reported that "He got sick in June of '55, but was able to come to school for a short while in the fall. He even marched in the fair parade in Sept."
Note: Info supplied by John Barron; Obituary
Fred Wayne Landers Obituary
Buddy Langston Buddy Langston (AKA Murl Wesley Colvin) who died 31 Dec 1999.
Note: Info supplied by John Barron;


Vivian Hope (Straubing) Lieser Obituary
Sarah Annelle Logsdon Sarah Annelle (Logsdon) Wilson
SSDI: Annelle Wilson, born 4 Mar 1938, died Dec 1985; last residence Corpus Christi, Nueces Co.
Married: James Dillon Wilson
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Robert Donald Marr Obituary; Buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Corsicana, TX
John T. Martin, Jr. Obituary;
Senior Class President
Polly Martin
I am a native of Navarro County.  Born in the community of Retreat and after living 40 years in the "Metromess" (Dallas-Ft. Worth area), I am back living in the same house that I grew up in.  I graduated from Corsicana High School in the summer of 1956.  I went thru school with the Class of '57, but since I had gotten married as a junior in high school and needed only one credit to graduate, I chose to take senior English in summer school and graduate early, so I could get out into the "real world" and start earning a living for my young husband; as he was attending Navarro College at the time.  I am, after almost 40 years of marriage, single; having been divorced almost 8 years ago.  I stayed in Dallas for a while, but despaired of the traffic there and came back "home".  I am a member of the Navarro County Genealogical Society and enjoy that very much.


Pauline (Underhill) Massey
May 14, 1938 - Oct 12, 2016
Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Jim McCarter
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Christine McDonald
My name is Henry Wright, I graduated from Mildred High School in '55. Married Christine McDonald ( Corsicana High '56 ). We married in Sept. '57. We are living in Arkansas and enjoying the good life.
Randolph McMullan TVRD: Harry Randolph McMullan; born 10 Apr 1938 Navarro Co.; died 2 Mar
1994 Dallas Co.
SSDI: Harry R. McMullan; born 10 Apr 1938; died 3 Mar 1994
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Carole Nelson Carole (Nelson) Spicer
SSDI: Carole Spicer; born 19 Mar 1938; died 22 Sep 1994
TVRD: Carole Nelson; married Vernon L. Spicer, Sr.; 10 Aug 1970 Grayson Co
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
James Everett Owen
Attended Corsicana High School 1952 - 1956
Graduated from Corsicana High School 1956
Married the former Patricia Marie Clark 1961

Rita Patrick Name Rita (Patrick) Warrington

Graduated from CHS in 1956 and Navarro Jr. College in 1958. Married Wayne Warrington from Corsicana in 1962. Currently live in Minnesota's cold.

Laura Kathryn "Kay" (Hobbs) Perry Jun 6, 1938 - May 10, 2017
Obituary; Rice Cemetery
James Henry Pitts II Obituary
William Eugene Posey Aug 1, 1938 - Oct 30, 2003
Peggy Ann (Pressly) Reynolds
Sep 6, 1938 - Nov 1, 2014
Shirley Ann Prestridge Died before Sep 1996
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Betty Jean Ribble Betty Jean Ribble McElroy
TVRD: Betty Jean Ribble; born 13 Sep 1937 Navarro Co.; died 28 Dec 1998 Tarrant Co.
Married: Henry Lee McElroy
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Bob Robinson Killed in the Line of Duty;
Married Faye Parten who was from the state home.  His sister was Peggy (Robinson) Chandler who was also of my class of 1956 ....John Barron
William Sideny "Bill" Rogers I can help you with the year Bill Rogers was killed. It was the Spring of 1957, the second semester of his freshman year at A&M. Bill was very talented on the trumpet and auditioned to play with the US Marine Band in Washington. He was accepted and decided to pursue a music career. He was killed in Bryan, Texas on his way home after checking out of A&M. He had arrangements to start his new career in Washington the following week.
Notes: Info by Charles Frey; Submitted by John Barron;
Donald Todd SSDI: Donald E. Todd; born 10 Sep 1937; died 20 Feb 2002; last residence Mesquite, Dallas Co., TX
Note: Info supplied by John Barron
Teddy B. Sherrill III
My name is Teddy B. Sherrill III, graduated from Corsicana HS in 1956, BS degree in 1961 from University of Lamar at Beaumont, Texas, 1966 MS degree in Biology from University of Texas A&M at Commerce. Taught Biology at Eastfield College in Mesquite for 44 years. Married twice, first marriage -Barbara Hemby, had two children, Ted B. Sherrill IV, and Stephanie Denise Sherrill. I lived most of my adult life in Kemp, Texas and raised my children, Divorced AFTER 24 YEARS OF MARRIAGE, AND FIVE YEARS LATER MARRIED CYNTHIA SUE BATES WHO HAD TWO DAUGHTERS IN HER FIRST MARRIAGE.
I retired from the Dallas County Community college System on Aug. 31, 2004. I now live in a retirement community in Hillsboro, Texas with my lovely wife. I own a Motor Home, and travel a great deal around the U.S. and Canada.

Malcolm Harvey Simmington Obituary
Jerry Sue (Ard) Wilson Mar 10, 1938 - Jan 7, 2014
Barbara Ann Wilson Barbara Ann Wilson Hatley
SSDI: Barbara A. Hatley; born 10 Feb 1938; died 3 Nov 1997; last residence Coolidge, Limestone Co., TX
TVRD: Barbara Ann Wilson; born 10 Feb 1938 Navarro Co.
Married: Floyd C. Hatley
Note: Info supplied by John Barron

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