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Seaborn Thomas Ramsey
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Seaborn Thomas Ramsey Family

Seaborn Thomas Ramsey was born in Clarke County, Georgia on March 7, 1837, the son of Seaborn J. Ramsey and Christiana McLeroy.  He married Francis Center on December 25, 1856. Their marriage is recorded in the Clarke County, Georgia Courthouse.  Francis Center was born May 25, 1833 in South Carolina to James and Francis Center.  Seaborn and Francis had two children, Christiana Ramsey, born October 25 1857 and Martha Jane Ramsey, born May 25, 1859.  Francis died June 3, 1859. Martha Jane was only 9 days old when her mother died, a death which was probably from complications of childbirth. 

Seaborn was left with two very young children, and on March 4, 1860, he married Elizah J. Hardman, daughter of Naman Hardman and Joicy Smith pf Cobb County, Georgia.  This marriage gave them a son, Charley Corneialiah Ramsey, who only lived one day.  Seaborn enlisted in the Confederate Army, and Elizah wrote a letter dated May 1st, 1862 to a Brother and Sister telling that her husband had gone to the war that started the first of April.  She said she had moved back in the house with her Pa, Mother, and a sister and her children.  She happily announced that she had a big baby boy and his name was “Dilard Seberon and he was bornd” April the 11th.  After the Civil War, many Confederate families in the South were devastated.  Seaborn and Elizah had another son, John Hardman Ramsey.  Shortly after Elizah’s father, Naman died in 1870, Seaborn, Eliza, the children, and Eliza’s mother, Joicy, began to travel to Texas.  In a letter dated February 8, 1871, Elizah wrote to her family in Georgia that their “pore old Mother Departed this life February 4 about ten o’clock at night”.  They had arrived in Marshal City, Texas on January 15, where they had “aimed to ly over hear and rest” until they could write to her brother Wesley to come after them.  Elizah said her mother had taken sick that same day.  They tried to treat Joicy for one of her “bad spells, but after she got no relief, they called in a Dr. Marks, who gave her medicine. She died in spite of all efforts. She was buried in a city graveyard, and it’s not known if there was ever a gravestone.  If there ever was one, it no longer exists.  Seaborn and Elizah had a daughter, Fidellar Oliviah known as Della, in November 1870.  In the 1880 US Census in Navarro County, Texas, her birth place was in Georgia.   They did not reach Marshall until January 15, and it is unknown exactly when they began their travels to Texas.  At least part of their trip was by boat as described in the letter from Elizah.  According to some Hardman family genealogy, it is likely they took the old Texas Road since the more direct route by railroad was not yet available.  It is also likely that their boat trip was down the Mississippi and then up the Red River and on to the Caddo Lake, which would have put them about 20 miles from Marshall.  

Seaborn and his family settled in Navarro County, where his occupation in the 1880 US Census was that of a farmer.  His oldest daughter, Christiania, died on October 25, 1876, and was buried in Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery.    Martha Jane Ramsey, known as Mattie,  married Andrew Clarence Middleton on November 27, 1881.  Mattie remained close to her father, stepmother and family. Elizah had been the only mother she had ever known, since she was an infant when her own mother died.  Sadly, Mattie’s father, Seaborn, died on May 23, 1888, and was buried at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery.  Then on August 15, 1890, tragedy struck.  Mattie’s husband died on August 16, 1890 from an accident while on a fishing party, when he was diving in Chamber’s Creek, and struck the bottom with such force as to dislocate his neck, causing death in about 17 hours, leaving a wife and two children, as was reported in a newspaper clipping. 

Mattie married John Jackson Kent, known as Jack, on July 16. 1891.  Mr. Kent had also lost a wife to death, and also had children.  Mattie and J. Kent had two daughters.  John J. Kent died on February 9, 1917.  Mattie spent her remaining years living with her son, C. A. Middleton with occasional stays with her daughter, Anna Patterson.  Mattie died on April 13, 1946.  She is buried beside Andrew C. Middleton at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery. 

Mattie’s children were:

          Clarence Alonzo Middleton

                   b. September 20, 1883    d. February 18, 1949

                   married Minnie Ola Elliott June 8, 1907

          Anna Ruth Middleton

                   b. January 20, 1888      d.  September 14, 1961

                   married Robert Lester Patterson April 14, 1909

          Stella Alwilda Kent

                   b. June 23, 1892     d. January 17, 1976

                   married Byron Harwell on November 24, 1909

          Rebecca Olivia Kent (known as Ora)

                   b. March 10, 1897     d. November 27, 1977

                   married Joe E Butler


Seaborn and Elizah’s children were:

          Charley Cornealiah Ramsey

                   b. November 29. 1860  d. November 30. 1860

          Seaborn Dillard Ramsey

                   b. April 11, 1862        d. September 20, 1943

                   married Margaret Elizabeth “Bettie” Cunningham

                   November 15, 1883. 

          John Hardman Ramsey

b.     April 21, 1868      d. September 9, 1962

married Ruth Priscilla Deffebach February 4, 1904

          Fidellar Oleviah “Della” Ramsey

                   b. November 21, 1870    d. February 28, 1964

                    married James Paul Bryson


Seaborn T Ramsey – M. J.Middleton Bible

The following Bible record is recorded in a Family bible which belonged to Seaborn Thomas Ramsey and Francis Center Ramsey. The Holy Bible containing The Old and New Testaments: translated out of The Original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. New York: Printed by D. Fanshaw for The American Bible Society. 1931

It has been transcribed exactly as was written in the Bible.

Seaborn Thomas Ramsey And Francis Senter Was Maried December the 25th 1856
Siborn Thomas Ramsey And Elizah J. Hardman Was Maried March the 4 1860
Mattie J Ramsey daughter of S. T. & M. J. Ramsey, and A. C. Middleton was married Nov 27 1881
Mrs Mattie J Middleton and John J Kent was married July 16th 1881
John J Kent died Febry 9 1917

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A. C. Middleton was born Oct 6th 1880
Clarence A. Middleton, son of A. C. & M. J. Middleton was born Sep 20 1885
Anna Ruth Middleton, Daughter of A. C. & M. J. Middleton was born Jany 20th 1888
Stella Alwilda Kent daughter of J. J. and M. J. Kent was born June 23, 1892
Stella A Kent daughter of J. J. and M. J. Kent and Byron Harwell were married Nov 24th 1909
Rebecca Olivia Kent daughter of J. J. and M. J. Kent born March 10 1897

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Seborn Thomas Ramsey Was Bornd Martch the 7th 1837
Francis Ramsey Was Bornd May the 25th 1833
Christianier Frances Ramsey Was Bornd October the 25th 1859
Martha Jane Ramsey Was Bornd May the 25 1859
Charley Cornealiah Ramsey Was Bornd November the 29th 1861
Elizah Jane Ramsey Was Bornd June the 26th 1830

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Seaborn Dillard Ramsey Was Born on the 11th of April 1862
John Hardman Ramsey Was Born April the 21 1868
Fidellar Oleviah Ramsey was Born November the 21 1870

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Francis Ramsey Departed this life June the 3, 1859
Charley Cornealiah Ramsey Departed this life November the 30th 1860
Christianer Frances Ramsey Departed this life March the 17th 1876
A. C. Middleton Departed this life August 16, 1890
Mattie Middleton Kent Departed this life Apr 13 – 1943

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This Bible was first owned by Seaborn Thomas Ramsey and his wife, Francis Center Ramsey, and the names mentioned on an inside page are James Center, father of Francis,
Paul M Center, her brother, Louisa Center, Marguerette Center, her sisters, Francis Center, her mother, and William Center, another brother. After Francis’ death, the Bible entries were by Seaborn or Elizah Ramsey. Later entries were by Mattie Middleton Kent. The final entry of Mattie’s death was made by her son-in-law, Robert Lester Patterson. The Bible remained in the possession of Lester and Anna Middleton Patterson until their deaths at which time it was in possession of one of their daughters. It is now in the possession of one of Matttie Middleton Kent’s great granddaughters, Rosemary Dorsett Moore.


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