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Jester Inaugural  Program
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9:30 until 1:00

under the direction Mrs. Paul Baker
Pioneer Fiddle band
Henry Hudson, Director

The American square dance had its beginning in the Courts
of France and England.  In the society of 17th century Europe,
the original dance was quadrille, a dance to precision music.
This dance was brought over with the early colonists, but as it
gradually moved westward to the pioneer and remotely settled
frontier areas, the dance took on a more rugged form in keeping
with the character of the country.  The music necessarily was
simplified to a fiddle and such other string instruments as
were available.  The typical caller developed to amalgamate
the music with the varying types of dancers, as they sometime
came from hundreds of miles away.

Dr. Lloyd Shaw, Ed Durlacher, Herb Gregerson

Dance teams from many places in Texas will add gaiety and
color to the occasion.  Teams from Abilene, Amarillo, Anson,
Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Stanford,
Sweetwater, Tyler, and from our neighboring states of New
Mexico and Arizona, teams from Tucumcari and Phoenix will

Stanford Payne, Chairman

A. F. Ashford
Max Bickler
Orville S. Carpenter
Elwood H. Hal
O. P. Lockhart
J. E. Sturrock


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