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The Internet can be an extremely powerful tool to genealogists. It provides a virtually free communications link to other people that would otherwise be impossible to contact. However, the catch is that everyone has to put out at least a little effort to help others. A few ideas of how you might help include:

If you have general or specific information about Morris County conveniently available to you, you could volunteer to do "look-ups" in those materials for individuals requesting help. It would work something like this. We would post a message that says "Sally Sue Smith has a book entitled FIVE FAMILIES OF MORRIS and has graciously offered to do look-ups in that publication. Please limit to one surname.

She may be contacted via email at [email protected] " or whatever limitations you would like to impose. Even if you only have limited resources (of information), that is sometimes helpful if someone is trying to research Morris County when they live out of the area.

If you live in or near Morris County and from time to time go to a facility that has records, publications, etc. that would be of interest to others, compile a list of that information (on your computer) and email it to the webmaster. Soon we will start a list of useful publications, facilities, and other information that should prove helpful to anyone interested in Morris County research.

If you are reading this, you undoubtedly have a computer available. The reason you are able to read it is because someone took the time to TYPE IT INTO A COMPUTER. Well ........ there are literally millions of useful public and private records that are hand written and could be of enormous benefit if they were "captured" into computer files.

If you are able to type relatively easily, you might volunteer to type some of those records. Better still, you might even locate beneficial records AND type them.

If you have any other ideas on how you (or others) could help, please let me know.


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