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Marker Title Location Place
Richard Moore Cemetery private property Daingerfield
County Line Baptist Church and Cemetery 5.4 mi. E of Daingerfield on Fm 130; 1 mi. N on CR 4119 to CR 4104 Daingerfield
Rocky Branch 6 mi. N on US 259N Daingerfield
Caddo Trace SH 49/11 east of Daingerfield about 3 mi. across from entrance to Daingerfield State Park Daingerfield
Site of Chapel Hill College Broadnax and Taylor St. Daingerfield
The W. T. and T. C. Connor Buildings 205 Linda Dr. Daingerfield
Cumberland Presbyterian Church 307 Broadnax St. Daingerfield
Daingerfield, C. S. A. just off US 259 on Coffey St. at old Courthouse Daingerfield
Rocky Branch Daingerfield, 6 mi. N on US 259N Daingerfield
Rev. Nathan S. Johnson Daingerfield Cemetery east of US 259 on Coffey St. Daingerfield
Morris County off US 259 on Coffey St. at old Courthouse Daingerfield
Spring Hill Primitive Baptist Church of Christ off US 259 on CR __ about 6 mi. north of Daingerfield Daingerfield
Site of Hussey & Logan's Mill and Gin Factory next to cemetery Daingerfield
James Thompson US 259/SH 49 in front of Morris County Courthouse Daingerfield
Snow Hill Baptist Church off SH 49 on Snow Hill Cemetery Rd. about 5 mi. NW of Daingerfield Daingerfield
Rogers Cemetery private property - not accessible Daingerfield
Site of Valley View School 6.1 miles northwest of Daingerfield on SH 49, then 1.3 miles north on FM 144 right-of-way Daingerfield vicinity
Site of Old Spearman's Ferry US 259 about 1 mi. south of Lone Star Lone Star
Hometown of United States Senator Morris Sheppard US 67 and Baker St. Naples
Naples US 67 and Walnut St. Naples
Morris County US 67 E in roadside park Naples
Naples Cemetery 3rd Street and Pine Ave. Naples
Wheatville and Wheatville Cemetery off SH 77 on CR 4315 about 2.5 mi. north of Naples Naples
Omaha US 67 and S FM 144 Omaha
Ned Walker Home FM 144 about 2 mi. SW of Omaha Omaha
Site of Omaha School 110 McLean Avenue Omaha
Concord Meeting House off FM 144 west of Omaha about 3 mi. to Concord Church Rd. Omaha


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