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   <TITLE>Year 2000 Obituary Listings for Mills County and Surrounding Area</TITLE>
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<CENTER><font size="20">Mills County, Texas</font></CENTER>

<CENTER>1998 Obituary Listings for Mills County and Surrounding Area</CENTER>


<P> This is an index and  NOT THE ACTUAL OBITUARIES. </P><HR><CENTER><B>Obituaries from the <BR>Goldthwaite Eagle, Goldthwaite, Mills County, Texas <BR>
<B>Comanche Chief, Comanche, Comanche County, Texas<BR><BR></CENTER><P>LAST, First (Maiden)[Other]; Age; Birth - Death place; Publication name;  Publication date; </B><BR><BR><H3><EM><STRONG>A</STRONG></EM></H3>
ANDERS, Jack Tomas;64;Temple, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>ANDRESS, Garland,;82;DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10<BR>
ANDERSON, Alberta (Dubose);91;Brookeland, TX - Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02;<BR>
ATKINSON, A. E. [Al];88;Mullin, TX - San Angelo, TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-03; <BR>
AVILA, Mary (Garcia);66;Matador-Gatesville, TX; Hherald;1998-11-11;<BR>
BAGLEY, Nevada Lee, (Rounsaville);73;Tuska, OK-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;<BR>
BAILEY, Wilma Larue,(Teague);76;Spur,TX-Abilene,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
BANKS, Gordon Weldon;74;Quitman TX - Goldthwaite TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-24<BR>
BARNETT, Euna V., (Carroll);87;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-19;<BR>
BARROWS, George Sartwelle;77;Niagara Falls, NY-San Antonio, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>
BARTON, Zollie Charles  ( )[Cotton];82;Greensboro NC - Goldthwaite TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-31<BR>
BAYS, Martha Pauldean (Gibson)[Dean];71;Carlton, TX>Austin, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;<BR>
BEATY, Opal, (Beaty);90;? - Ft. Worth TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24<BR>
BELSHER, Ina Arma, (Fuqua);90;Hamilton County, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;<BR>
BLAIR, Shirley Annette (Kline);68;Sweetwater, TX-Merced, CA;GWEagle; 1998 10-08;<BR>
BLUE, Bessie M., (Peterson);85;New Mexico-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;<BR>
BOWMAN, Charles Mervyn, Sr.;-;Comanche County TX - Cullman AL; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24<BR>
BOX, Allene (Weaver);86;DeLeon, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
BOYD, Mabel E.;92;Ballinger, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>
BRAEUTIGAM,  Elise Francis,(Herbort);100;Gillespie County, TX-Fredericksburg, TX: Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;<BR>
BRATTON, Capitola, (Robertson);81;Lamkin TX - Comanche TX: Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24<BR>
BREUER, Henry Joseph;62;Belmore, L. I., NY-San Francisco, CA; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;<BR>
BRAUN, August Martin;81;Shive TX - Stephenville TX: HHerald;1998-12-23<BR>
BROWN, Leland G.;83;Yoakum, TX- Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;<BR>
BROWN, Nettis Maybell, (Strain);91;Sulpher OK - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24<BR>
BROWN, Nettie Maybell, (Strain);91;Sulpher OK - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31<BR>
BROWN, W. L. [Bill];73;Mullin, TX-Lampasas, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
BROWNLEE, Cecil;86;Comanche, TX- DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;<BR>
BRUCE, Elwanda V. (McCoy);72;Amherst, TX-Brownwood,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
BRYANT, Maudie C. (Buckmaster);87;Comanche County, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;<BR>

BYWATERS, Dorothy (Martin);?;Fort Worth, TX-Dallas, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;<BR>

CALHOUN, Don Carlos;85;Izoro - Gatesville TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;<BR>
CALK, Velma (Willeford);91;Hamilton, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;<BR>
CARAWAY, Prentis Alvin, Dr. (P.A.);82;Mills County,TX-Brownwood, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-6;<BR>CARROLL, Travis Douglas;86;Izoro, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-23;<BR>
CARRELL, Gladys Vera (Livingston);89;Hamilton TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;<BR>
CASEY, Thelma; 92;Guyman, OK-Austin, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-24;<BR>
CHAPMAN, David Claud;86;Golden, TX - Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03; <BR>
CHAPMAN, David Claud;86;Golden, TX - Comanche, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02; <BR>
CHESSER, Michael Stanley;30;Fort Worth, TX-Louisanna; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;<BR>
CHESTNUT, Jimmie Reasoner;75;Gordan, TX-Stephenville, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;<BR>
CHILTON, Mickey Blake;79;Chickashaw, OK-DeLeon, TX;Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
CLARY, Ozella (Soules);88;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-19;<BR>
CLARY, Ozella (Soules);88;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;<BR>
CLEMONS, Harriet (Tipps);95;Comanche, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;<BR>
COLE, Albert Leonard;92;Morgan, TX-Clifton, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
CONKLIN, Ronald Dale [Ron];57;Borger TX - Dallas TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;<BR>
COOPER, W.C. ( ) [Dub];77;Granbury, TX-Fort Worth, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-20;<BR>CORONA, Simona;81;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-24;<BR>CORREA, Conception;83;San Particio, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;<BR>
COUCH, Ernest Wayne;67;Gustine, TX-Waco,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>
COX, Kenneth Ray;52;Comanche, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;<BR>
COX, Lena, (Wilson);89;Comanche County, TX-Dublin, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;<BR>
COX, Lena Otella, (Wilson);89;Comanche County, TX-Dublin, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
COX, Roy Temas;81;Dublin, TX-Odessa, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-05;<BR>
COZBY, Reba Lorena;81;Las Vegas, N.M.-Hamilton, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;<BR>
CRAIG, Chandler Ed;17;Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-15;<BR>
CRAIG,  Chandler Ed,;17; Brownwood, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;<BR> 
CRAIG,  Chandler Ed,;17; Brownwood, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;<BR>
CULBERTSON, Edwin H.;84;Childress, TX-Abilene, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
CULP, Mitchell;40;Fort Worth, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Hherald;1998-11-11;<BR>


DAVIS, Deen;77;Comanche County, TX-Lubbock,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
DAVIS, Lula Belle, (Sanders);77;Mullin, TX-Temple, TX;GWEagle; 1998-11-05;<BR>
DeWOLFE, Homer Clyde;68;Goldthwaite, TX-Arlington, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-05;<BR>
DICKSON, Angus, Jr.[Pa Paw];75;Terrell, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;<BR>
DONALDSON, Editha Loleita (Frankllin);84;McCullough County, TX-Iowa Park, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;<BR>
DUDLEY, Jackson Albert;19;Dallas, TX-Austin, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;<BR>

DUREN, Otis [Ray};84;Mullin, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;<BR>
DURHAM, Nannie Clara (Blankenship);85;Coryell County, TX- Gatesville, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-14;<BR>

EISEN, Eugene C. [Gene];62;Hamilton, TX-Fort Worth, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>
EOFF, Martha; 74; Beebe, ARK-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;<BR>
EARNEY, Gladys;54;Knox City TX - Wichita Falls TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10; <BR>
ESCAMILLA,Sr.,  Madaleno;60;Williamson County TX - Comanche TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;<BR>
EVANS, Thomas W.;62;Hamilton, TX-Austin, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>

FEATHERSON, Nora (Smith);85;Bertram, TX-Andrews, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-19;<BR>
FEATHERSTON, Alfred Reid;69;Goldthwaite, TX-Corpus Christi, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
FEATHERSTON, Grace (?);81;Swenson TX - Wichita Falls TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;<BR>
FELLERS, Vera Estell (Hannah);77;Granbury, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;<BR>
FELLERS, Vera Estell, (Hannah);77;Granbury, TX-Hamilton,TX;HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>
FERGUSSON, Ima Cleo, (Riley);95;Pottsville TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;<BR>
FIVEASH, Mildred (Dean)[Mickey];73;Luther, TX-Pasadena; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;<BR>
FOLEY, John Hnery; 82;Proctor, TX>Killeen, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;<BR>
FORREST,Bobby Ray;35;Gorman, TX - DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03; <BR>
FREDERICK,Robert Lee [Bob];78;Venus,TX-Granbury, TX; Hherald;1998-11-11;<BR>
GAINES, Dean;65;Comanche, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
GARREN, Mallie Lou;(Sanders);80;Mullin, TX-San Antonio, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-01;<BR>
GRAY, Mack Gibson,;745;Rising Star, TX- Dallas, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;<BR>
GRISHAM, Jewel Eunice (Skaggs);80;Rock Bluff Community, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;<BR>
GRBA, Nick;67;Thorton, ILL-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;<BR>
GREENWOOD, Jackie J.;68;Wilson, OK-Brownwood, TX; ; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
GRIBBLE, Johnny;79;Gatesville TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-30<BR>
GUTIERREZ, Gloria (Lopez);50;Moore, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27<BR>

HALL, Charlie H.;89;Pleasant Grove, TX - Brown County, TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-24<BR>
HAMILTON, Ola (Bynum);89;Bee House - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-16;<BR>
HAMMOND, Loys Pershing [L.P.];79;Stephenville, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;<BR>
HAMRICK, Darwin Glenn ( ) [ ]; 61;Flydada, TX-Dallas, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>
HANKS, Ora Mae, (Griffin);90;Mills Co., TX-Comanche, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-27;<BR>
HANKS, Ora Mae (Griffin);90;Mills County, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27<BR>
HARRIS, Ethel; 91; Engery, TX - Idalou, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;<BR>
HARRIS, Jossie May;88;Hill County, TX-Dublin, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;<BR>
HAWKINS, Madele D. (Dutton);84;Comanche County TX - Carrolton TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24<BR>
HILL, Pauline E., (Martindale);81;Leary TX -  Decatur TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-31<BR>
HILLER, Odessa Lynn, (Shutter);85;Comanche County, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>
HINDS, Gail (Bryson);57;?-Stephenville, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;<BR>
HINES, Alton Franklin;73;Stamford TX - Comanche County TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10; <BR>
HINES, Alton Franklin;72;Stamford TX - Comanche County TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-10; <BR>
HITT, Alvin D.;74;Indian Gap, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;<BR>
HITT, Alvin D.;74;Indian Gap, TX-Comanche, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>
HOLLAND, Earlen (Geeslin);69;Goldthwaite TX - Brownwood TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-24<BR>
HOHERTZ, Walton Albert;69;Hamilton County, TX-Priddy, TX: Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;<BR>
HOHERTZ, Walton Albert;69;Hamilton County, TX-Priddy, TX: HHerald; 1998-09-30;<BR>
HONERTZ(sic), Walton Albert;69; Hamilton County, TX-Priddy, TX: GWEagle; 1998 10-01;<BR>
HOLCOMB, Gary Don;49;San Saba, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-6;<BR>
HOOVER, Catherine June (Hollis);67;Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;<BR>
HORNSBY, Norman Ward;76;Waldrip, TX-Temple,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;<BR>
HORNSBY, Lillian (Garris);75;Charlotte, NC>Weatherford, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;<BR>
HUBBELL, Dorothy (Morris);75;Cisco, TX-Alburquerque, NM; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
HUFFMAN, William Francis (Frank);73;Brenham, TX-Clifton,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;<BR>
HURT, Lydia Margaret(Payne);93;Sidney, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
<H3><STRONG><EM>I</EM></STRONG></H3>IRVINE, Jr., Donald P.;63;Georgetown, TX-Georgetown, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;<BR>
IVEY, James Ernest;84;Waco TX - Hamilton County TX; HHerald;1998-12-30<BR>
JAMES, Gary Wayne;47;? - DeLeon TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31<BR>
JOHNSON, Zelda (Kelso);82;Mullin, TX-Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;<BR>
JONES, Clement P, Jr.;75;Erath Co,, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;<BR>
JONES,Raymond Marrs;88;Lake Victor, TX Burnet, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;<BR>
JOWERS, Steve;47;Bertram TX - Brownwood TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10; <BR>

KAUITZSCH, Raymond Adam;78;Pottsville, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;<BR>
KELLEY, LeRuth (Johnston);84;Comanche County, TX-Comanche, TX: Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
KEESEE, Joy (Vinson);60;Hamby, TX- Abilene, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-9-10;<BR>
KELLEY, Henry O'Neil [H.O.];95;Mt. Pleasant, TX-Comanche,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;<BR>
KENNEDY, Herbert Wayne;69;Dublin, TX-Tyler, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;<BR>
KERBY, D.R. , Dr., [Doc];78;Mills Co., TX- Gatesville, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-27;<BR>
KIGHT,Ruth E., (Shattuck);80;Rochester, MN - McKinney TX; HHerald;1998-12-30<BR>
KINCHELOE, Isa (Flatt);98;FairView, TX-Moline, TX; GWEagle; 1998-8-27;<BR>
KINCHELOE, James V.;63;Hamilton County TX - Longview TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10; <BR>
KLESCHNICK, Velma Hildegard, (Schrank);94;Aleman TX - Hamilton TX; Hherald;1998-12-23<BR>
KOPP, Herman Killian, Sr.;93;Pottsville, TX-Hamilton, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
KOPP, Milton Edwin;69;Hamilton,TX-?; Hherald;1998-11-11;<BR>


LANE, Pauline (Kent);79;Bayfield MA - Goldthwaite TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-17;<BR>
LESTER, W.H.;75;Comanche, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
LISS, Walter, Emil, Rev.;79;Vesper, KS-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;<BR>
LITTLE, Iva (Woodrow);80;Wilmer, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
LITTLE, Ophelia, (Havins);77;Spur, TX-Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-15;<BR>
LOACH, Gerald Eugene;75;Findley, OH>DeLeon, TX;Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;<BR>
LOEFFLER, Florine (Woody);79;Goldthwaite TX - San Antonio TX: GWEagle; 1998-12-17;<BR>
LOFTIS, Ruby Lee (Cummingham);96;Payne Springs, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-15;<BR>
LONER, Russell L.;70;Mexia, TX-Waco, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>

LOVELL, Juanita (Collins);93;Evant, TX>Groves, TX; ; HHerald; 1998-10-08<BR>

LOYD, Cecil Frederick;76;Meridian TX.Hico TX; HHerald;1998-12-09; <BR>

MAHAN, Charlie Elmer;84;Rowden, TX-Hasse, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
MASSINGILL, Clayton Nathan;Rock House TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-30<BR>
MARKS, James. H.; 65; Rogers TX - Jackson TN; GWEagle; 1998-12-17;<BR>
MARTIN, Hattie, A. (Bolton);89;Celeste, TX - Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03; <BR>
MARTINEZ, Erma (Huron);65;Pleasanton, TX-Lubbock, TX: GWEagle; 1998 10-08;<BR>
MARWITZ, Neith (Robinson)[Price];101;Hamilton.TX-San Angelo, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-07;<BR>
MAY, Mary Adelle (Barnett);83;Hamilton County, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>
McGLOTHLIN, Leota, (Trimble);90;Energy TX - Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02; <BR>
McMINN, Joseph S.;82;Ft. Worth, TX-Hamilton, TX: HHerald;1998-11-18;<BR>  
MILES, Sam ()[Sammy];57;? - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-30<BR>
MILLER, Joe Burnett;88;Johnson County OK - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;<BR>
MILLER, Robert L. [Red];65;Goldthwaite, TX-Rosenberg, TX; GWEagle; 1998-10-29;<BR>
MOORE, Bernice Marie;79;Hamilton, TX-Hamilton,TX;GWEagle; 1998-11-12;<BR>
MOORE, Cecil;76;Snyder, TX-Midland, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;<BR>
MORENO, Frances (Proa);57;San Marcos, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
MORGAN, Floyd B. [Salty];79;Ada, OK-Temple, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
MORRISON, A.M. ( ) [Sonny];Comanche, TX-Helmet Valley, CA; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>
MULL, W.L. ( )[Bill];91;Comanche County TX - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24<BR>
NABORS, Opal(Laurence);86;Iredell, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;<BR>
NEAL, Paul Leon;66;Goldthwaite, TX-Bella Vista, AR; GWEagle; 1998-11-26;<BR>
NEELY, Stanley E.;80;Comanche, TX - Dallas, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03; <BR>
NICHOLS, Floy Mae; 94; Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;<BR>NICHTER, Lawrence C.;88;Hamilton County, TX-Arlington, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;<BR>
OLTROGGE, Frank Phillip;83;San Saba, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-26;<BR>
 ORRELL,W.T., Jr.;68;Rochelle,TX-Austin, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;<BR>

PAINTER, Clinton Elmo;85;DeLeon, TX.DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;<BR>

PATTY, O. C.; 82;Jones Co., TX-DeLeon,TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;<BR>
PENNINGTON, Earl E.; 76;Decatur, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;<BR>
PERKINS, Gavin Aaron;3;Ft Worth, TX-Ft. Worth, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;<BR>

PERKINS, James;68;Brownwood TX - Abilene TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31<BR>
PETERS, J.L.;83;Comanche TX - Bonham TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31<BR>
PETTIT, Mary F., (Ash);79;Athens TX - Dublin TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31<BR>

PHILLEY, D.R., [Rev.];87;Hamby, TX-Brownwood, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;<BR>
PIEL, Lillie (Henkes);80;Taylor TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-10; <BR>

PIERSON, Thomas F.;67;Junction, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;<BR>
PORTER, Sam E.;93;Gorman, TX-Lometa, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;<BR>
POSOISIL, M. W. Jessie;82;Walburg, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-26;<BR>
POYNER, Maxine  (Edinburgh) [Johnson];81;Leon County, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;<BR>
PRESTON, Ewell, Alford;89;Sidney, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>



RALL, Donna Jean ( ); 70;Dodge City, KS-Dodge City, KS; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>
RANDALL, Jimmie Don;54;Comanche, TX-Dallas, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-01;<BR>
RAMIREZ, Robert;25;Sanmiguel, Mexico-Hamilton, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;<BR>
RASBURY, Elzie Hester, Jr.;81;Beaverton,AL; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>

RATLIFF, Lois Helen (Reed);77;Mullin, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-08;<BR>
RICE, Mary Alma (Miller);94;Proctor, TX-Bellevue, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
RIPLEY, Curtis Delton;53;Goldthwaite, TX-Gatesville, TX; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-6;<BR>
ROE, Wayne E.;76;Hamilton TX - Odessa TX; HHerald;1998-12-09; <BR>
ROSS, Mauda Lee (Farris); 97;NewBurg, TX - Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;<BR>
ROUNDTREE, Lucille Alice (Cadenhead);92;Comanche County TX - DeLeon TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-10; <BR>

SANDERS, Lloyd E., Sr.;73;Somerton AZ - Waco TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;<BR>
SAVOY, Matt Stephenson [Essie];88;Mullin, TX-Stephenville, TX;GWEagle; 1998-10-29;<BR>
SCHULZ, Melvin Otto;74;Pottsville,TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-18;<BR>
SCHUNKE, Margaret (Park);59;Tulsa, OK-Temple, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-26;<BR>
SELLERS, Dewey Mayhon;85;Coryell County TX - Hamilton TX; HHerald;1998-12-09; <BR>
SHAFER, Dorothy (Cole);71;Dublin TX - Stephenville TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-10; <BR>
SHARP, Terril, Dr.;76;Deleon, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;<BR>

SHELTON, Amos K.;91;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX;GWEagle; 1998-11-05;<BR>
SHORT, Rita Aline (Isham);79;? - DeLeon TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-24<BR>
SMITH, Arlice;78;Hamilton County, TX-Gatesville, TX;HHerald;1998-10-21;<BR>
SMITH,Elizabeth (Zedar);90;Washington County PA - Cresson TX; HHerald;1998-12-09; <BR>

SMILEY, Norma Jean(Pedro);69;Honolulu, HI-Monterrey, CA; Goldthwaite Eagle; 1998-8-13;<BR>
SMITH, Estelle, 95; Comanche, TX- Garland, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;<BR>
SMITH, Arlice;78;Hamilton County, TX-Gatesville, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;<BR>

SPINKS, Virgie Estalene, (Swindle);81;Priddy, TX-Mullin, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-22;<BR>
SPRUILL, Lottie Fay, (Chupp);77;DeLeon, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;<BR>
STAPP, Delmar E.;69;Comanche, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-12;<BR>
STANFORD, Berry Loyd;92;Stanford Valley, TX-Azle, TX; HHerald; 1998-09-30;<BR>
STEELE,Edna, (Crews);74;Comanche County, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;<BR>

STEPHENS, Dalohone O'Dell (Elliott);69;Brownwood, TX-Stephenville, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
STEPHENS, Jeremy Brandon;Dublin, TX-Dallas,TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR>
STEWART, Beulah Roberta, (Anderson);77;Ada, OK-Kileen, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>

STRICKLIN, Lola Elizabeth (Word)[Peggy];79;Clarendon,TX-Beeville, TX; HHerald;1998-11-11;<BR> 
STEWART, Macy P. (Parrot);95;Waco TX - Comanche TX: Comanche Chief;1998-12-10; <BR>
STEWART, Thomas Willliam;79;Purves, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald; 1998-10-21;<BR>
STEWART, Thomas Willliam;79;Purvis, TX-Temple, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
STRALEY, Virginia Frances,(Dennard);80;Mills County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-12;<BR>
SUMMERS, Dean; 75;Bib, TX>Abilene, TX- Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27<BR>
SUTTON, Shannon Dale;28;Hamilton, TX-Temple, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;<BR>

TANKERSLEY, Kenneth;72;Tahoka TX - Comanche TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-10; <BR>
THOMPSON, Mrs. Clyde I. [Dickie];80;Comanche, TX-Waco, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-27<BR>
THOMPSON, Dalton Leroy;53;Hamilton, TX-Killeen, TX: HHerald; 1998-09-30;<BR>
THORTON, J. T.;79;Hamilton County TX - Abilene TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-17;<BR>

TROTTER, Gloria Christina (Gunderland);68;Corpus Christi, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-22;<BR>
TURLEY, George N.;74;?-Proctor, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;<BR>

VANDERPOOL, Floyd Harland;89;Comanche County, TX-Dublin, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-10-08;<BR>

WATSON, Hermance E ( ).; 97;? - DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-12-03; <BR>
WEEKS, John Calvin (Buddy);92Comyn, TX- San Antonio, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-06;<BR>WELLER, Sue Helen, (Bradshaw);71;Abilene TX - Stephenville TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-31<BR>
WELLS, Elmer Floyd;79;Comanche, OK - Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-12-02; <BR>
WELLS, Gillie Lewis;78; Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-7-30;<BR>
WILKINS, Rachel (Johnson);87;San Saba, TX-Austin, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-03;<BR>
WILLIAMS, Clyde; 72; Floydada, TX-Fort Worth, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;<BR>
WILLIAMS, Dora Ann [Doodle];82;Comanche, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-8-13;<BR>
WILLIAMS, Herbert L.;87;Hamilton TX - McAlester OK; HHerald;1998-12-16;<BR>
WILLIAMS, Loreta Agnes, (Miller);93;San Saba County, TX-Goldthwaite, TX; GWEagle; 1998 10-22;<BR>
WILLIAMS, Margaret Elizabeth (Dinks);67;Mills County, TX-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-9-17;<BR>
WESTFALL, Wilmer,Jr. ()[Dub];63; Comanche County TX - Waco TX; Comanche Chief; 1998-12-31<BR>WITZCHE, Flora Bertha Louise, (Menzdorf);89;Hamilton County TX - Eustace TX; HHerald;1998-12-23<BR>
WETZEL, Mo; 88;Comanche, TX-Comanche, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-19;<BR>
WITTE,Bertha Hulda, (Seider);91;Indain Gap, TX-Hamilton, TX; HHerald;1998-11-25;<BR>
WITTE,Bertha Hulda, (Seider);91;Indain Gap, TX - Hamilton, TX; GWEagle; 1998-12-03; <BR>
WRIGHT, Russell Calvert;80;Providence, RI-Brownwood, TX; GWEagle; 1998-11-05;<BR>
<H3><STRONG><EM>X, Y, & Z</EM></STRONG></H3><BR>
YAZELL, Richard [Tex];69;Lampasas, TX-Comanche, TX;Comanche Chief; 1998-11-05;<BR>

YBARRA, Filomena (Gauna);73;Yancey, TX-DeLeon, TX; Comanche Chief;1998-11-12;<BR>
ZEISS, Tillie, (Sohm);97;Evant TX - Hamilton TX: HHerald;1998-12-16;<BR>

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