Redfern Genealogical Research Center


The Redfern Genealogical Research Center of the Midland County Public Library’s collection has been consistently recognized by genealogists as one of the best in the nation.

Much of this can be attributed to a generous endowment fund set up by our beloved benefactor, Rosalind Redfern and her family. Also, the Friends of the Library, Midland Genealogical Society, Local Lineage Organizations and many caring patrons have contributed to the continued success of this genealogy collection.

Over the years, the holdings of the Research Center’s collection have grown as the result of generous donations both monetarily and of rare and unique materials. The Redfern Genealogical Research Center continues to welcome such gifts in order to enhance the research value of its collection.

Donations mean future generations will have the same opportunity to research their ancestors as you have today.


The Midland County Public Library Foundation has set up a Genealogy fund which will help to assist in procuring special publications and programming at the Redfern Genealogical Research Center. When making a donation, please make a note of your preference for “genealogy”

Donations of Books/Yearbooks

The Redfern Genealogical Research Center accepts donations of gently-used genealogy books and Midland yearbooks--Catoico, Rebelee and Hornet. Donations of materials are accepted and are reviewed the Division Supervisor for possible inclusion into the collection. These gifts will be added to our collection as new titles or replacement copies. If they are not needed in the collection, they may be passed on to other genealogy libraries. It is important to understand that any material donated to the Redfern collection legally and physically becomes the permanent property of the Library. Because it is so expensive to store, preserve and provide access to archival material, we can only afford to do so for collections we actually own.


The Redfern Genealogical Research Center welcomes volunteers!

Our volunteers handle many different tasks
  • Greeting visitors
  • Shelf reading
  • Filing
  • Scanning historic documents
  • Transcribing historic documents

We welcome anyone with an interest in genealogy or local history and a willingness to work. All new volunteers must submit to a background check.

To volunteer in the Genealogy Section, please email us at