1860 Mortality Schedule

1860 Mortality Schedule
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Transcribed by Renee Smelley August 15, 2002

I have transcribed this from the 1860 Mortality Schedule and it only contains one page.  Some entries were very difficult to read and I am sure that there are errors in this transcription.

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Schedule 3. Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1860, in ____________

County of Medina State of Texas, enumerated by me, _____________ Asst. Marshall


Column Descriptions

1 - Name of every person who died during the year ending 1st June, 1860, whose usual Place of Abode at the time of his death was in his family.

2 - age

3 - sex

4 - Color {white black or mulatto

5 - Free or Slave

6 - Married or Widowed

7 - Place of Birth. Naming the state, territory, or country.

8 - The month in which the person died.

9 - Profession, Occupation or Trade.

10 - Disease or cause of death

11 - Number of days ill.

Line # Name Age Sex Color F/S M/W Birth State Month Profession Disease days
1 Vincent Bithany 19 M       France March Laborer Killed by Indians  
2 Jean Anson Meyer 8/12 M       Texas June   Cramps 7
3 Fr. Jos. Gruenewald 44 M     M France August Laborer Apoplexy  
4 Francis Reichenzer 2/12 M       Texas January   General Weakness 30
5 Veronica Menny 1 F       Texas October   do 14
6 Margaretha Vonfly 79 F     M France April   Old age 14
7 Josephine Biry 10/12 F       Texas June   Teething 6
8 Cath. Peterich 1/12 F       Texas November   General Weakness 1
9 Mary Becker 38 F     M France May   Weakness of the Stomach 150
10 Joseph Burger 75 M     M France May Mason Old age 365
11 Dominique Miesch 52 M       France May Farmer Cancer 1 1/2
12 Xavier Wagner 54 M     M France March Cooper Delirium Tremons 15
13 Rosalie Abin ? 4/12 F       Texas March   General Weakness 40
14 Jacob Conrad 1/12 M       Texas September   do 12
15 Ignaz Schnieder 64 M       Bavaria June Laborer Sunstroke 5
16 Francis Morell 38 M     M Switzerland August Doctor Delirium tremens 3
17 J. Peter Pfeifer 27 M       Prusia June Farm laborer Unknown Sudden
18 Alex. Hoffman 38 M       Bohemia March Stock Raiser Killed by Indians  
19 Sebastian Wolf 20 M     M France March Farmer do  
20 W. B. C. Dorn 20 M       Mississippi December Stock Raiser Neuralogy 12
21 Emily E. Macomb 7 F       Texas December   Typhis 14
22 Joseph McMartn 22 M       Mississippi August Teacher Struck by lightning  
23 Kate 3 F B S   Texas August   Lock  
24 Mathilde White 30 F       B(sic) April Housekeeper Congestion of the lungs 2
25 Jacob Meyer 76 M       France March Mast. mason ? Exhaustion few
26 Ricksti Balsen 59 F       Hanover February Housekeeper Consumption 160
27 Henry Hair 1 M       Texas January   Dropsy of Heart 425
28 Simon 47 F     M France December Housekeeper Burned to death by accident  
29 Nichol Ingmann 20 M       Prussia March Laborer Killed by Indians  

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