Immigrants - Alsace

Immigrants - Alsace
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These are heads of families that immigrated to Medina County, Texas from Alsace.  Linked pages give their spouses, parents, children, spouses of children and in-laws with birth and death dates and places, immigration, naturalization, passport, census and occupation.  All known children are listed even though some may have been deceased at the time of emigration or stayed in Alsace.  An adult child at the time of immigration is listed with her/his parents and also as the head of her/his own family.

Name Born Town or Area State or Region Ship & Date
Ahr, Catherine 1819 Oberentzen Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Ahr, Etienne 1821 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Ahr, Laurent Thomas 1828 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Gironde-1849
Andres, Meinrad 1791 Zimmersheim Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Bader Antoine 1805 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin  
Bader, Joseph Jr 1833 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Bader, Joseph Sr 1801 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Bader, Marie Anne 1823 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Ball, Joseph 1805 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Mountaineer-1852
Bartz, Adam 1813 Mulhouse Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Bartz, Barbe 1825 Mulhouse Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Batot Jean 1806 Mittelwihr Haut Rhin Herratzes-1846
Beck,  Bernhard 1828 Sentheim Haut Rhin  
Beck, Catherine 1829 Sentheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Beck, George Joseph 1802 Sentheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Beck, Marie Anne 1830 Sentheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Belzung, Francois Joseph 1825 Rougemont Belfort Mortimer Livingston-1857
Bendele, Jean Jacques Jr 1829 Niederentzen Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Bendele, Jean Jacques Sr 1800 Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine Haut Rhin Duc deBrabant-1846
Bendele, Joseph 1824 Niederentzen Haut Rhin Arcadia-1852
Biediger, Jean 1807 Falkwiller Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Bihl, Jean Michel 1796 Hirtzfelden Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Bilhartz, Francois Joseph 1800 Falkwiller Haut Rhin Probus-1845
BIippert, Jacques Sr 1800 Mittelwihr Haut Rhin  
Biry, Benjamin 1822 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Biry, Jean Jacques 1816 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Bluntzer, Peter 1805 Oderen Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Bohl, Antoine 1789 Bourbach-le-Bas Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Bohl, Francois Joseph 1796 Bourbach-le-Bas Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Bourquin, Francois 1821 Grosne Belfort  
Braun, Louis 1805 Strasbourg Bas Rhin Norwegian-1845
Brieden, Andre 1808 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Brodhag, Jean Jacques 1784  Blodelsheim Haut Rhin  
Brodhag, Joseph 1810 Blodelsheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Bruchet, Antoine 1804 Bergheim Haut Rhin Jean Key-1843
Bruck, Sebastian 1817 Niederentzen Haut Rhin  
Bulacher, Justin 1793 Bergheim Haut Rhin Jean Key-1843
Burell, Jean Baptiste 1830 Altorf Bas Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Burell, Joseph Jr 1828 Altorf Bas Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Burell, Joseph Sr 1801 Altorf Bas Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Burger, Jean 1810 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Burger, Joseph Jr 1813 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Burger, Joseph Sr 1785 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Carle, Andre 1832 Niederentzen Haut Rhin  
Carle, Francois Joseph 1806 Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine Haut Rhin Regulator-1855
Christilles, Joseph 1769 Lampertsloch Bas Rhin Probus-1845
Christilles, Pierre Georges 1805 Lampertsloch Bas Rhin Probus-1845
Cordier, Jean Francois 1811 Bretten Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Cordier, Remy 1800 Bretten Haut Rhin Jean Key-1843
Courand, Joseph Sr 1821 La Chapelle Belfort  
Daucher, Michel 1827   Bas Rhin Probus-1845
DeSalme, Antoine Jr 1821 Belfort Territoire Heinrich-1844
DeSalme, Antoine 1791 Fribourg Moselle Heinrich-1844
Deckert, Benoit Jacques Sr 1796 Blodelsheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Deckert, Benoit Jr 1825 Blodelsheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Deckert, Jean Baptiste 1818 Blodelsheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Dietemann, Jean 1811 Traubach-le-Haut Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Dietrich, Thiebaud 1806 Thann Haut Rhin  
Dreyer, Catherine 1822 Ranspach Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Dreyer, Martin 1795 Ranspach Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Dreyer, Therese 1818 Ranspach Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Fest, Simon 1826 Hirtzfelden Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Finger, Francois Joseph Sr 1816 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Forst, Francois Joseph 1804 Kutzenhausen Bas Rhin Probus-1845
Frey, Jacques 1805 Berrwiller Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Fricker, Joseph 1801 Niederentzen Haut Rhin  
Fricker, Pierre 1796 Soppe-le-Haut Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Fritz, Louis Sr 1802 Bretten Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Gallat, Francois Xavier 1812 Sentheim Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Garteiser, Jean Baptiste 1800 Niederentzen Haut Rhin  
Goettleman, Jean Baptiste 1813 Saint-Hippolyte Haut Rhin Jean Key-1843
Golly, Antoine 1798 Oderen Haut Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Grimsinger, Jean Baptiste 1800 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin  
Groff, Michel 1821 Munwiller Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Gross, Roman Georges 1805 Gundolsheim Haut Rhin  
Grunewald, Joseph Francois 1814 Urbes Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Gsell, Antoine 1799 Pfaffenheim Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Gsell, Jean Michel 1807 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Gully, Valentine 1830 Husseren-Wesserling Haut Rhin  
Gully, Valentine 1815 Mitzach Haut Rhin  
Haby, Andre 1826 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Haby, Francois Joseph Jr 1820 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Haby, Francois Joseph Sr 1793 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Duc deBrabant-1846
Haby, Jacques Zacharie 1823 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Haby, Jean Jacques 1795 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Haby, Nicolas 1821 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Haegelin, Joseph Sr 1816 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Jean Key-1843
Hagenmueller, Jean 1818 Oberhergheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Haller, Antoine Francois 1795 Ranspach Haut Rhin Queen Victoria-1846
Haller, Christome 1823 Saint-Amarin Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Haller, Jean 1805 Fellering Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Haller, Paul 1831 Fellering Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Halty, Joseph Leonard (Swiss) 1806 Saint-Amarin Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Hans, Leonard Jean 1812 Oderen Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Hartmann, Peter Mulhouse ? Haut Rhin
Hillenmeyer,. Joseph 1809   Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Hoog, Joseph Hussard 1809 Rixheim Haut Rhin  
Huegele, Joseph 1820 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Charlemange-1850 
Huegele, Pierre 1816 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Huesser, Joseph 1837 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin  
Hutzler, Augustin Sr 1808 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Hutzler, Jean Michel 1794 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Iltis, Jean Ambroise 1798 Sewen Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Jaegly, Catherine 1831     Zanon-1851
Jagge, Phillipe Charles 1833  Strasbourg Bas Rhin  
Jai, Jean Claude 1812 Anjoutey Belfort Heinrich-1844
Jung, Francois Xavier 1803 Offendorf Bas Rhin Jean Key-1843
Kachler, Catherine 1820 Guewenheim Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Karm, Francois Antoine 1833 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Sea Queen-1853 
Karm, Georges 1820 Oberentzen Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Karrer, Phillipe 1824 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Holyoke-1850
Kauffmann, Jacques 1816 Heiteren Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Kauffmann, Michael Nicolas 1835 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Keller, Andre 1824 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Keller, Francois Joseph 1807 Niederhergheim Haut Rhin  
Keller, Marie Anne 1825 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Kempf, Antoine 1813 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Kempf, Antoine Marie 1775 Meyenheim Haut Rhin  
Kempf, Cecilia 1797 Niederentzen Haut Rhin Jersey-1850
Kempf, Francois Joseph 1820 Niederentzen Haut Rhin Fides-1850
Kempf, Joseph 1809 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Kempf, Marie Therese 1799 Niederentzen Haut Rhin Wurtemberg-1855 
Kempf, Therese 1817 Niederentzen Haut Rhin Wurtemberg-1855
Kieffer, Blaise 1825 Obernai Bas Rhin Globe-1853 
Koenig, Francois Joseph 1822 Berrwiller Haut Rhin  
Koenig, Francois Xavier 1826 Berrwiller Haut Rhin  
Koenig, Joseph 1793 Berrwiller Haut Rhin  
Krust, Joseph Andre 1817 Cernay Haut Rhin Queen Victoria-1846
Langfeld, Georges 1838   Haut Rhin H Von Gagern-1859
Lebold, Jean 1821 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Robert Pacher-1846
Letscher, Michel 1818 Berrwiller Haut Rhin Narrangaset-1849
Lieber, Dominique 1817 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Lieber, Joseph Michael 1785 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Lorentz, Francois Joseph 1810 Sentheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Ludwig, Francois Antoine 1808 Husseren-Wesserling Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846 
Ludwig, Zacharie 1813 Husseren-Wesserling Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Luttenbacher, Francois Joseph 1817 Fellering Haut Rhin  
Luttenschlager, Leger 1811   Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Lutz, Francois Antoine 1832 Urbes Haut Rhin R L Gilchrist-1857
Lutz, Jean Baptiste 1829 Urbes Haut Rhin Ferriere-1854
Mangold, Georges Sr 1811 Kutzenheim Bas Rhin Probus-1845
Mann, Emerence Anne 1828 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Cornelia-1851
Mann, Francois Joseph 1830 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Brunswick-1851
Mann, Jean Louis 1826 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Duc deBrabant-1846
Mann, Louis 1821 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Arcadia-1852
Marty, Sebastian Joseph 1831 Niederhergheim Haut Rhin Regulator-1855
Mechler, Augustin 1826 Berrwiller Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Mechler, Francois Joseph Jr 1825 Berrwiller Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Mechler, Francois Joseph Sr (Swiss) 1797 Berrwiller Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Mechler, Jean Jacques 1829 Berrwiller Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Mehr, Joseph Sr 1821 Staffelfelden Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Meny, Jean Thiebaud 1819 Fellering Haut Rhin Belle Assize-1854
Merian, Jean Baptiste 1817 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Gironde-1849
Meuret, Frederick Jerome 1800 Rouffach Haut Rhin Samuel Dyer-1851
Meyer, Arbogast 1829 Oberentzen Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Meyer, Bartholome 1801 Spericher?   Schanunga-1846
Meyer, Blaise Jr 1830 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Meyer, Francois Joseph 1803 Bourbach-le-Bas Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Meyer, Francoise 1824 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Meyer, Jean Baptiste 1828 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Maid of Orleans-1852
Meyer, Jean Jacques 1784 Oberentzen Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Meyer, Joseph Etienne 1801 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Meyer, Joseph Jr 1825 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Miesch Dominique 1807 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Medomak-1850
Monier, Jacques 1802 LaChapelle Belfort Probus-1845
Moritz Michel 1812   Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Mueller, Francois Joseph Jr 1829 Berwiller Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Mueller, Joseph 1806 Berrwiller Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Naegelin, Jean Michel Sr 1809 Hirtzfelden Haut Rhin  
Nehr, Francois Joseph 1798 Saint-Amarin Haut Rhin Atala-1851
Nehr, Jean 1827 Husseren-Wesserling Haut Rhin  
Nester, Martin 1819 Rixheim Haut Rhin Talisman-1846
Notter, Francois Joseph 1804 Rixheim Haut Rhin Sharon-1852
Oge, Adolphe 1791 Preuschdorf Bas Rhin Probus-1845
Pingenot, Jean Nicolas 1805 Bretten Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Pingenot, Pierre Francois 1810 Bretten Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Preissler, Jean    Sentheim Haut Rhin  
Reitzer, Ambroise Jr 1832 Niederbruck Haut Rhin  
Reitzer, Ambroise Sr 1804 Niederbruck Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Rembold, Apollonie 1826 Rougemont Belfort Mortimer Livingston-1857
Rembold, Celestin 1835 Rougemont Belfort Mortimer Livingston-1857
Rembold, Francois 1805 Rougemont Belfort Mortimer Livingston-1857
Rembold, Pierre 1835 Rougemont Belfort  
Rembold, Virginie 1832 Rougemont Belfort Mortimer Livingston-1857
Rich, Jean Baptiste 1832 Oberentzen Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Rieber, Francois Joseph 1820 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Rieber, Jean 1818 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Rieden, Francois Jean 1810 Zillisheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Riff, Jacques 1811 Soppe-le-Bas Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Rihn, Cyriac 1823 Altorf Bas Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Rihn, Laurent Sr 1790 Innenheim Bas Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Rihn, Rosalie 1820 Altorf Bas Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Rohrbach, Jean 1812 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Roth, Anne Marie 1793 Sentheim Haut Rhin  
Rudinger, Jean Baptiste 1828 Heiteren Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Rudinger, Jean Joseph Sr 1797 Heiteren Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Rudinger, Joseph Jr 1815 Blodelsheim Haut Rhin  
Rudinger, Marie Anne 1821 Blodelsheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Sauter, Denis 1783 Riedesheim Haut Rhin Jean Key-1843
Scherrer, Jacques 1811 Thann Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Schmerber, Jacques   Hochstatt Haut Rhin    
Schmerber, Joseph 1793 Hochstatt Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Schmidt, Catherine 1827 Neuwiller Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Schmidt, Jean Martin 1818 Neuwiller Haut Rhin Narraganset-1845
Schmidt, Nicolas 1793 Neuwiller Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Schmitt, Francois Joseph Jr 1834 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Regulator-1855
Schmitt, Francois Joseph Sr 1803 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Wurtemberg-1855
Schmitt, Nicolas 1831 Oberentzen Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Schneider, Francois Antoine 1823 Hettenschlag Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Schott, Dominique 1833 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin  
Schott, Francois Antoine 1773 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Schott, Francois Antoine 1831 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Schott, Michel 1810 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Pyramid-1850
Schreiber, Jean Michel 1802 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Schwalen, Francois 1825 Etueffont Belfort Heinrich-1844
Schwalen, Nicolas 1826 Etueffont Belfort Heinrich-1844
Schwendeman, Andre 1801 Sentheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Selscher, Michel        
Sengele, Theobald 1825   Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Simon, Michel 1813 Husseren-Wesserling Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Sittre Joseph 1806 Bretten Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Soehnlen, Louis 1820 Michelbach Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Soltner, Joseph 1813 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Zanon-1851
Sperisser, Francoise 1795 Saint-Amarin Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Spettel, Jean Baptiste 1825 Heiteren Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Stein, Etienne 1787 Friesen Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Stephan, Jean 1814 Fellering Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Stoecklen, Pierre 1812   Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Strohmeyer, Francois Joseph 1791 Burnhaupt-le-Haut Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Strosser, Francois Antoine 1826 Hirtzfelden Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Strosser, Jean Paul 1812 Hirtzfelden Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Studer, Georges 1804 Oberhergheim Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Tautsch, Francois Eugene 1820   Bas Rhin Probus-1845
Tondre, Nicolas 1811 Bretten Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Trawalter, Francois Joseph Jr 1827 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Trawalter, Francois Joseph Sr 1797 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  
Trawalter, Marie Agathe 1807 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Cornelia-1851
Trawalter, Nicolas 1829 Oberentzen Haut Rhin Gironde-1849
Tschane, Jean 1788 Soppe-le-Bas Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Tschirhart, Nicolas 1814 Soppe-le-Haut Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Uffholtz, Andre 1808   Haut Rhin Norwegian-1845
Villemain, Michel 1828   Belfort  
Vonflie, Francois Henri Sr 1786 Gundolsheim Haut Rhin Gironde-1849
Vonflie, Henri Jr 1816 Gundolsheim Haut Rhin Gironde-1849
Wagner, Francois Xavier 1805 Rouffach Haut Rhin Schanung-1846 
Wantz, Ignace 1796 Offendorf Bas Rhin Probus-1845
Weber Augustin 1823 Mitzach Haut Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Weber, Basil        
Weber, Jean Pierre Jr 1807 Ranspach Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Weber, Jean Pierre Sr 1779 Mitzach Haut Rhin Jeanette Marie-1844
Weber, Joseph 1804 Ranspach Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Welker, Jean Georges 1811 Mittelwihr Haut Rhin  
Welker, Joseph 1812 Malmerspach Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Wernette, Jean Baptist Sr 1813 Wittelsheim Haut Rhin Probus-1845
Wipff, Francois Joseph 1820 Niederentzen Haut Rhin  
Wipff, Maurus 1830 Niederentzen Haut Rhin  
Wipff, Sebastian 1828 Niederentzen Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Wolff, Jacques 1832 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Maid of Orleans-1852
Wolff, Joseph 1830 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Maid of Orleans-1852
Wolff, Xavier Jr 1808 Meyenheim Haut Rhin Maid of Orleans-1852
Zeibler, Jean 1796 Munwiller Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846 ?
Zerr, Augustin 1827 Mittelwihr Haut Rhin  
Zerr, Jean Baptiste 1825 Mittelwihr Haut Rhin John Hancock-1854
Zerr, Johann Baptista 1803 Mittelwihr Haut Rhin Schanunga-1846
Zimmermann, Ambroise 1826 Fellering Haut Rhin  
Zimmermann, Francois Joseph 1822 Fellering Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Zimmermann, Joseph 1796 Fellering Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Zimmermann, Thiebaud 1824 Fellering Haut Rhin Ocean-1844
Zinsmeister, Hubert 1815 Bilzheim Haut Rhin  
Zinsmeyer, Etienne 1794 Rixheim Haut Rhin Sharon-1852
Zinsmeyer, Therese 1823 Rixheim Haut Rhin Jean Key -1843
Zoeller, Michel 1835      
Zurcher, Francois Joseph 1815 Oberentzen Haut Rhin State of Maine-1851
Zurcher, Jean Ulrich 1797 Mulhouse Haut Rhin Heinrich-1844
Zurcher, Leopold 1821 Oberentzen Haut Rhin  

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