Post Oak Island Beaukiss Lodge

Post Oak Island Beaukiss Lodge No. 181

Samuel Moore Slaughter is credited for establishing Beaukiss and he is buried in the Lawhon Springs Cemetery.  Marmaduke Gardner from South Carolina is credited for having established Siloam and he is buried in the Lawhon-Gardner Family Cemetery about 2 miles away on the “Down Home Ranch” property. The railroad missed the town of Post Oak Island, causing  Post Oak Island Lodge No. 181, chartered in 1856 in Williamson County to move their building to the one acre school grounds on the Bartholomew Westbrook place in 1878.  It stands to reason the building was not moved whole, but reassembled on the one acre and later divided into two buildings, a school (lower floor) which remained and the upper portion moved to Beaukiss which is still  used  as a lodge today.  It was here that the tradition of using the lodge to serve the community as a school and a meeting place originated.  My grandfather, Hode Hobbs, an early student, recalled in later years how he as a young boy watched as the building was torn down leaving the lower floor in place for a school and the lumber from the upper half used to construct the new lodge building at Beaukiss.  

We do know that a Mr. John Cummings helped repair the building when it changed from a two-story to a one-story school in the 1890’s.  It was a plank lumber building with two rooms located on Bartholomew Westbrook’s land east of the springs. This school had double doors in the east end and two single doors on the north side and the first windows were wooden shutters.  This school was moved across the road (now F.M. 619) by James Julius Fagg’s oxen in about 1916 using logs as rollers to the present school site.  The same building then was torn down in about 1920.  The enrollment for 1897/1898 was 92 pupils, and 85 pupils in 1901/1902.  Mrs Elizabeth Hill Westbrook died in 1887.  In 1890, three years later, Bartholomew Westbrook sold his 200 acre tract in the Albert Nantz League to John C. Lawhon and David B. Lawhon.  Bartholomew died in 1896, having owned his land for about 36 years.
A deed record of Williamson County located in Lee County Deed Records names J.W. Lawhon worshipful master, J.W. Barber senior warden, and J.W. Spencer junior warden of Post Oak Island Lodge No. 181 of  Beaukiss, Texas deeded  to W.J. L. Cornell, and J.J. Fagg school trustees of Lawhon Springs School Community, one acre for $10.00, to be held in trust for church and school purposes with the understanding that the Christian, Baptist, Methodist and Universalist Churches each to have one day in each month .This one acre has its beginning on the west boundary line of the B.B. Westbrook survey.  Witnessed at Beaukiss, Texas on the 22nd day of July 1905 by J.W. Lawhon worshipful master, J.W. Barber senior warden, and J.W. Spencer junior warden   -Audrey Rother 2004.

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