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McLennan County Probate Court Minutes (A-K)
original minute books abstracted and photographed at McLennan County Archives

Adams minors -
John, Spencer, & James
No. 71/72: Thomas B Clements, Guardian of heirs of ? Adams - John and Spencer and James Adams
May 1857: Petition for Guardianship granted
Jun 1857: R H Smith, Wm M Hammock & M P Nichols appointed Appraisers
Oct 1857: cont
Apr-Jun 1858: cont
30 Aug 1858: Citation
27 Sep 1858: Guardian ordered to appear and give performance bond
25 Oct 1858: Guardian appeared with sureties James L Horne and B D Arnold; partition which they received from father’s estate in the amount of $8,545.52; I G Sparks, B D Scott, Wm H Cobbs appointed Appraisers of the belongings of heirs bequeathed by grandfather, property being slaves
Nov 1858, Jan 1859: cont
29 Feb 1959: Guardian ordered to appear to give report on condition of estate
29 Mar 1859: Alias Citation
26 Apr 1859: Citation for Guardian to make annual exhibit
30 May 1859: Annual exhibit approved
Jun 1859-Apr 1860; Jul, Aug, Oct 1862: Cont
Jul 1862: cont
Aug 1862: cont
Oct 1862: cont
Nov 1862: cont
Feb 1863: On docket
May 1863: cont
Jun-Aug 1863: on docket
Oct, Nov, Dec 1866: Cont
Jan 1867: Gdn returns new bond, approved; former bond cancelled and securities released
Feb, Mar 1867: Cont
Alexander, Garvis Hebe No. 169: Thomas Alexander, Administrator of the Estate of Garvis Hebe Alexander
31 Mar 1863: Letters of Administration issued upon return of bond
25 May 1863: Continued
Jun 1863: on docket
31 Jul 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Sep 1863: Inventory filed and approved
Alexander, I H No. 226: Wm Alexander Admr I H Alexander decd
Oct 1865: Cont
Alexander, Thomas No. 213 – M B Alexander, Admr of Thomas Alexander, decd
Oct 1866: Alias citation to county where Admr resides to make full exhibit in Nov term
Nov 1866: cont
Dec 1866: Admr ordered to pay fees and court costs
Jan-Mar 1867: cont
Arnett minor - ? No. 102: A H Arnett, Guardian of daughter Virginia Arnett, minor [crossed through]
29 Mar 1859?: Application by Petition of A H Arnett to be appointed guardian of daughter Virginia Arnett
Arnett, V No. 144: P H Roberts, Adminstrator of the Estate of V. Arnett, deceased
Aug 1863: Final report recorded; Roberts discharged and /w B Shead appointed Administrator de bonis non of said estate; bond $5,000
03 Sep 1863: William R Shead filed bond as Administrator de bonis non
Barrett, B T No. 234: J L L McCall Admr B T Barrett decd
Feb 1866: Appointed Admr, bond $10,000; S M Glenn, Richard Coke and L F Puckett appointed appraisers
Mar 1866: Inventory filed, sworn to by R Coke, L F Puckett; approved; Petition for sale of real estate, ordered he sell for cash in US Treasury Notes Lots 1-7, Block 17, and 2acres and ac, all sold separately
Jul 1866: 1866 Jun d - Report of sale presented and rejected; lots ordered to be sold for cash; Claim for $7000 against Estate by note of July 1, 1861 signed by S H Johnson, John McLennan and R T Barrett due A J McGowan and Elisha Floyd, Admr of B J Thomason decd, order by Court to be paid
? 1866: P 180 - Admr gave up Jackson Tucker note for $140 offset by Pucketts account for 2 horses – approved; court fees ordered to be paid
22 Jan 1867: P 180 – Vacation term - Admr failed to pay court fees; citation issued to appear next term to show cause
Feb 1867: p 181 - Annual report approved; petition to sell lands approved
Mar 1867: P 182 – cont
J T Flint, Admr (Index to Probate Docket)
Barrett, James L No. 76: I L L McCall Admr James L Bassett, decd
Dec 1865:Petition that Order of May 1861 be renewed to sell real estate and to sell land for taxes; order to sell lands adjoining residence of John M Scott and the Town of Waco on the NW on 1st Tuesday in Feb 1866 for cash and balance credit of 12 months 10% interest
Feb 1866: Report of sale approved
Barrett, M S No. 322: S L McCall, Admr of M S Barrett, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Beck, T C S No. : Mrs J Emily Beck, Admx of T C S Beck
26 Feb 1867: Inventory filed of community property; homestead of Thad C Beck, dec’d and J E Beck, Lots 3-7 Blk 22 Waco set apart and declared to be absolute property of Mrs Beck and minor children; $2000 from Estate set apart for 1 year’s allowance to widow and five minor children; S M Glenn, Robert J Talley and James DeHays be appointed appraisers of community property
25 Mar 1867: Appraisement returned and approved; indefinitely continued with no further action of Court
Bedwell, John M No. 221: W D Bedwell & Mrs S A Bedwell Admr John M Bedwell
Oct 1865: Bedwell Adr pro tem, bond
Nov 1865: Letters of Administration to W D Bedwell and Mrs S A Bedwell; Adr to sell personal property at public “outcry” at premises of decedent
Dec 1865: Report of personal property approved
29 Oct 1866: ? (partial page)
Jan 1867: Citation ordered to make exhibit
Feb 1867: Report presented & accepted; application to continue for 12 months denied
Bennett minor - Ellender No. 123: William Jackson, Guardian of Ellender [Elleanor?] Bennett, minor
30 Jan 1860: Petition of William Jackson to be appointed Guardian – granted; Appraisers appointed: Gilbert Jackson, William Block, Amossa Smith
Feb 1860: cont
Mar 1860: Appraisers report approved; application to sell negro girl Lillie approved and ordered notice be given in Southern Democrat to be acted upon at April term 1860; cause continued
30 Apr 1860: Sale approved
Oct 1866: Gdn ordered to make exhibit
Nov 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Bible, Sarah No. 199: Adam Bible, admr of Estate of Sarah Bible, decd
Jul 1864: J L P McCall, attorney for Bible, waiving appointment of A Bible; L P Sears appointed, $10,000 bond
Aug 1864: Henry Sikes, John K Sauter and Pettigrew appointed appraisers
Oct 1864: J L Sears, Admr for Sarah Bibles, decd, hasn’t filed inventory so removed from administration for neglect of duty
Dec 1864: Petition for Letters of Administration; granted $10,000 bond; John bibles, John K Sauler and John H Baker appointed appraisers
Billingsley, J C No. 188/No. 203: John R Billingsley, Adr of Estate of J C Billingsley, decd
Dec 1863: Bond $10,000
Aug 1864: Petition for Letters of Administration granted; bond $16,000
Sep 1864: Petition to lower bond; Estate not worth more than $3,000, bond set at $6,000; JRB appointed Admr; S M Jenkins, S M Glenn and P McClellan appointed appraisers
Oct 1864: Inventory approved
29 Oct 1866: Report accepted and recorded [CONSOLIDATED WITH NO. 154]
Billingsley, R M No. 132/154: J C Newlon & J R Billingsley, Administrator of R M Billingsley, deceased
Motion by Mrs H Clay Lewis – chair in possession of J C Newton and John Billingsley be delivered to Mrs. H C Lewis
Feb 1863: Deliver to Mrs Lewis; Newlon and Billingsley be released from the amount of chair appraisal
27 Jul 1863: Administrator to sell 3 lots out of Farm Lot #10 and Lots that was deeded to Kellum by C M Hubby and by Twaddle to Billingsley; sale to take place first Tuesday in September 1863 for cash
Aug 1863: Sale of lots ordered at last term is revoked
29 Aug 1864: Petition to sell personal effects granted, to be sold on a credit of 6 months with good security and 10% interest from maturity
01 Nov 1864: Came Adr by agent S M Jenkins and presented sale bill of personal property, approved; petition for order of sale for lands of said Estate, cont till next term
Nov 1864: Petition to sell property of estate granted
Dec 1864: Sale ordered in Nov Term be amended to require in specie down in payment
Oct 1865: Petition for renewal of Order made at Nov 1865 term for sale of all real estate in city of Waco being 26 town lots – all of Block 29 (14 lots), Lots 5, 6 & 7 in Block 24, Lots 1-3 in Farm Lot 10, Lots 6 & 7 in Block 5, Lots 13 – 1, 3 & 4, 8, 9 & 10 in Block 12 on 1st Tuesday in Dec
No. 154: H C Newlon & John R Billingsley, Admr of R M & J C Billingsley, deceased [same as 132]
Oct 1865: Application for renewal of Order for sale of all real estate (same property withdrawn from sale in Feb 1865; order Admr sell Town lots in Dec on courthouse door
Dec 1865: Report of sale of Waco town lots affirmed; 1st: Lots 1, 2, 3, Blk 29, Waco; 2nd Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, Blk 29, Waco; 3rd Lots 8, 8, 10, 11, Blk 29, Waco; 4th Lots 12, 13, 14, Blk 29, Waco; 5th Lots 5, 6, 7, Blk 24, Waco; 6th Lot 1, 2, 3 Blk 10 (Farming Lot) Waco; 7th Lots 6 & 7, Blk 5, Waco; 8th Lots 1, 8 & 9 in Blk 12, Waco
Dec 1865: Report of sale of town lots affirmed
Mar 1867: P 298 - Petition of Craig & Elliot; Admr placed injunction to stop proceeding on claim; Order for action by District Court
Black, Rufus J No. 147: J J Cartter, Admr Rufus J Black
Feb 1866: Annual exhibit rendered by R. N. Goode; approved; cont.
Blacker minors -
Emma & Andrew
No. 575: Anthony Hamilton, Gdn of Emma and Andrew Blacker minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Blair, E J K No. 91: C A Blair, Administrator of the Estate of E J K Blair
23 Feb 1863: Make final settlement
Apr 1863: Final report of Administrators be recorded; to keep in charge the effects of the estate until a guardian is appointed for the minor heirs (Pg 83)
May 1863: Cont
Jun 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Blankenship, D & Precious No. 103: J Blankenship, admr for D & Presious Blankenship
Dec 1866: Cont
Jan 1867: Report of sale of store house and lot – sale set aside & Admr ordered to readvertise; Pg 256 J Blankenship Admr for D & Presious Blankenship – appear next term and show cause why distribution of homestead should not be made
Feb 1867: Petition to survey homestead into small tracts and sell them to pay debts is ordered; citation to A A Blankenship, Lewis Blankenship, George Blankenship, Burwell Blankenship, J J Blankenship, and Mrs Cassiday (wife of Lang Cassaday), heirs to appear and show cause (p. 256)
Mar 1867: Report of sale of storehouse to Alex McGahey confirmed (p. 256); claims of McCall and Norris for attorney fees $200; transferred to new docket for April term (p. 258)
Blankenship, Daniel No. 148: John J Blankinship, Guardian of David/Daniel Blankenship
23 Feb 1860: Came before Court
Jul 1862: Cont
Aug 1862: cont
Oct 1862: cont
Nov 1862: cont
Feb 1863: On docket
25 May 1863: Continued
29 Jun 1863: cont
Aug 1863: On docket
Blocker, Francis A J C Blocker, Guardian of Francis A Blocker
27 Jul 1863: $500 per year allowed Guardian for support of minor Francis A Blocker out of estate of Francis A Blocker
No. 137 Jessee C Blocker, Gdn of F A Blocker
Oct 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Bowen, Elizabeth No. : William Bowen, surviving husband of Elizabeth Bowen, deceased
Dec 1862: Pg 66 - Inventory filed; appraisers appointed: B F Ritchy, F Britton & L B White
30 Dec 1862: Pg 67 – L Britton & L B White returned with list of community property: 26 acres @$126, 60 head cows @ $300, 25 head hogs @ $150, 5 head horses @ $400
No. 167: Wm Bowen, Gdn of E Bowen, minor
Oct 1867: case dismissed upon payment of court fees as secured by L B White, Esq. [struck through]
Nov 1867: above order is erroneous; L B White failing to give note to pay fee; execution against securities on Gdn bond for court fees; Gdn resident of Brazil so execution can’t reach him; execution ordered against property of Gdn and securities on Gdn bond
Brown, C M No. 190: Sarah E Brown, Exer of C M Brown, decd
Feb 1864: Application for Probate of Will of C M Brown, decd; cont
Mar 1864: Will proven
Bryant minors - Elbert, Letitian, Allen H & Elihu R No. 112: Allen Bryant – then W D Bidwell - Guardian of minors Elbert, Letitia, Allen H & Elihu R Bryant
29 Aug 1859: Petition of AB for Letters of Guardianship – granted
Sep 1859-Feb 1860: cont
26/27 Mar 1860: Annual report approved
29 Aug 1859: Petition for disposition of land in Kaufman County
26-28 Mar 1860: Dismissed
Nov 1862: Commissioners ordered to partition and make more and more complete report, Commissioners J H Merrill & H Sparks absent from county and J W Smith & L O Powell appointed Commissioners in their places
Dec 1862: Attorney of Markham presented report whereupon attorney of J M Renfrow presented remonstrance against report setting forth that slaves Dock, Julia & Moses were the separate property of Joseph Johnson, deceased and asked for subpoena for witnesses to appear at next term
Feb 1863: Report of Commissioners is illegal; widow is entitled to 1/2 community property and 1/3 of the separate property; ordered to make new report at next term and divide the notes of said estate if practicable between the legatees
29 Jun 1863: Commissioners order to make a full return next term
Aug 1863: W D Bidwell appointed guardian; bond $9200
Sep 1863: Patition made, divided for each heir; ordered George C Renfro deliver to James Renfrow, Gdn of J E Johnson, one of said heirs, the negro Julia, also deeds and papers
Oct 1866: court fees to be charged against securities on Gdn’s bond and case dismissed
Buys, J G No. 516: G W Scarborough and Ed Buys, Admr of J G Buys, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Carden, Elizabeth No. 18: Joseph Nichols, Guardian of Elizabeth Carden
Oct 1854: Report of condition of Estate received and recorded
Oct 1855: Expenses allowed Jan 1856: Expenses allowed
Jul 1857: Annual report presented and approved
26 Apr 1858: Annual report received and reported
26 Apr 1859: Citation
May 1859 Citation
Carter minor of Sarah Catherine - Mary Champ No. 149: E H Carter, Gdn of Mary Champ Carter
12 Jan 1867 Gdn approved; Champ McCullouch, ? Carter, and H G Bostic appointed appraisers; report returned and approved; Gdn approved to sell lands in Ellis County to Mary E Keesee for $1250
Feb 1867: sale confirmed
Case, Shearman No. 182/No. 184: Peter McClelland, Admr of Estate of Shearman Case, deceased
08 Oct 1863: Case died Sep 1863 in Waco; no will; Peter McClelland appointed Administrator pro tem, $500 bond; J M Jenkins, J F Shigog, & M Yell appointed appraisers
Oct 1863: Inventory approved; case cont
Nov 1863: Bond $6400 with S M Jenkins and J W Wheeler securities
30 Nov 1863: $250 set apart for household and kitchen furniture and $2000 Confederate money to widow and children; partition to sell estate for cash Confederate money
27 Jun 1864: Petition for discharge, no exhibit, cont
Jul 1864: Cont
Aug 1864: Cont
Sep 1864: Cont
Oct 1864: Cont
Nov 1864: Petition for dismissal, no exhibit presented, petition rejected; application to sell personal property granted
Feb 1866: Report of sales filed; affirmed
Mar 1867: Amount lots sold for not sufficient; agreement made by parties; Admr ordered to make settlement with M D Fleming once a year and report to court
Chatham, Perry Letter to County Court from Dept of Public Welfare dated 08 Feb 1939 presenting case for application in county home
Born April 27, 1876, Gatesville, TX; moved to Waco with family at 3 years; 2 brothers (1 dead and 1 he believes lives in Mineral Wells, TX; father was carpenter and contractor; at 19 apprenticed in photography under W T Jackson; had his own business for 27 years until 1-1/2 years ago at 113-1/2 South 4th St; never married; parents died in 1927 and 1928;  closed business when couldn’t pay rent, etc.; tried to be self-supporting; applied for WPA work but “we feel sure that he is not able to work.” Living in basement at 508 North 5th Mrs. Laines; before this sleeping on grass at a friend’s house; not strong, honest, hardworking
Clayton, E A No. 236: C Varner Administrator E A [A E] Clayton, decd
Mar 1866: Varner appointed Admr upon giving bond and security; J H Nichols, N M Park, M R Carroll appointed appraisers; bond given and approved
Apr 1866: Inventory filed; approved; ordered that M A Baker(?) be appointed GAL for heirs: S Ida, J, Leana, O & E A Clayton; ordered $600 be used as allowance for minors for 1 year
May 1866: Inventory approved
Oct 1866: note dated May 11, 1865 coming due for $406 and 12% interest; Admr to pay debt; sale of horse approved; order to proceed to sell stock set apart to M A Bates, GAL, for children for 1 year and give Bates proceeds for benefit of children; reported 175 acres, but not sufficient to pay debts of estate; estate insolvent; Admr ordered to sell land and pay pro rata share and former order to rent land is revoked
Nov 1866: Report of sale of personal property; ordered to sell mare
Dec 1866: Report of sale of homestead (175 acres) $7 per acre to James Skinner – confirmed; filly and few head of cattle not sold, ordered to sell
Jan 1867: cont
Feb 1867: Sale of filly and stock approved
Mar 1867: Cont
Clements minors - No. 537: Martha Clements, Gdn of Clements minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Cloyes, Albert No. 42: Nancy E. Cloyes, Guardian of minors of Albert Cloyes, dec’d
Apr 1855: Guardian appointed; Since which time no action appears to be recorded
Oct 1855: Struck from docket
Coates minor - James C No. 186: Moses T Coates, Gdn of James C Coates, minor
05 Dec 1863: James C Coates, minor heir of Wm C Coates, decd over the age of 14 years, makes choice of Moses P Coats as Guardian; bond of $4,000; bond filed
Oct 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Coates, William C No. 185: Moses P Coates Admr of the Estate of Wm C Coates, decd
Nov 1863: Bond ordered of $40,000 with good securities
05 Dec 1863: Bond filed
Nov 1863: Moses T Coates vs Heirs of Wm C Coates, decd; applied for guardianship; objections filed; refused appointment; appointed F M Pitts gdn of Elizabeth O Coates and Eliza M Coates, minors; bond $8000
18 Dec 1863 vacation term: Mark Donoho, Crockett Vaughn & H W Hood Jr appointed appraisers
Dec 1863: Appraisal and Inventory approved
Jan 1864: Supplemental inventory approved; ordered expenditure of money for provisions for hands at plantation
Aug 1864: Petition for sale of all personal property except negroes
Sep 1864: Petition to distribute negroes; all parties present or thru guardian except W J Coates, the negroes of said estate Lessie age 56, Coleman 45 years, Garnett 22; Green 14 yrs, Reia 13 yrs, Sam 12 yrs, Solomon 9 yrs, Dick 15 yrs, Tennessee 11? Yrs, B___ 4 yrs, Cely 40 yrs, Child Bob 2 yrs, Elizabeth 18 yrs, Mary 16 yrs, Char__ 13 yrs, Harriett 11 yrs, Rone 6 yrs, Elisa __ yrs per Will of Wm C Coates, decd, and Thales McDonald, W D Bedwell & D C Vaughn be appointed commissioners to partition land and negroes
Oct 1864: Commissioners report approved
Nov 1864: Distribution approved
Nov 1864: F M Pitts, Gdn of E A & E M Coates – minor heirs entitled to negroes Mary, Solomon, Liz, and Reed; order to hire out negroes granted
Oct 1865: Application for Settlement; cont
27 Dec 1865: Petition of Admr through his attorney Ernest? Davis for partition of effects of estate - granted
Feb 1866: Petition for distribution filed; Admr to collect debts and pay Moses P Coates $300 to legal heirs; continued to June 1866
Collins, L P Mrs L A Collins, Gdn of L P Collins
Oct 1866: Gdn presents final account and asks Commissioners to partition property; Seth Miller, John Miller, and Jacob Clauson appointed Commissioners
Nov-Dec 1866: cont
Jan 1867: Citaiton to Gdn to show cause why final settlement was not made
Feb 1867: Commissioners report to be approved in everything; Gdn ordered to turn over to heirs their shares of horses and cattle
Collins, Sibley No. 97 John M Harris, Gdn of Sibley/Sibila Collins
Jul 1862: cont
Oct 1862 cont
Nov 1862: cont
Feb 1863 on docket
May 1863: on docket
Jun 1863: on docket
Aug 1863: on docket
Cooper, B F No. 249: P B Kinkade, Gdn of B F Cooper
Dec 1866: B F Cooper over age of 14; Gdn approved; $500 bond; Gdn failed to qualify and case dismissed
Dismuke, S C No. : Benjamin Richey Administrator pro tem of Estate of S C Dismuke, deceased
10 Sep 1859: Sent by Benjamin Richy to County Court R L Travis C S Lewis __ honor of the claims of the Admr proper in Tennessee and the several as well as total amount as mailed by the said Ricky to the said Lewis on the 10th Sept AD 1859 to wit: etc.
Downes, Alice Josie No. 560: R P Parrott, Gdn of Alice Josie Downes (Index to Probate Docket)
Downs minor No. 139:  W A Fort Gdn of Downs minor
Oct 1866-Nov 1866: cont
Dec 1866: Petition of W W Downs, security on Gdn bond, asking to be released; new Gdn Mrs V A Taylor [sic] ordered to give new bond
Jan 1867: Order re new bond rescinded as Mrs Downs never appointed Gdn, just Admr
Jan 1867: because of freeing of negroes, bond to be reduced to $20,000
Feb-Mar 1867: cont
Downs, F C No. 165: W A Fort and Mrs V A Downs, Administrators of the Estate of F C Downs, deceased
Feb 1863: Administrators approved; Commissioners appointed: J W Tinsley, John Robertson & W B Trice
01 Apr 1863: Virginia A Downs, wife of said F C Downs, deceased, must give bond in amount of $60,000 for duties regarding community property; W A Fort and V A Downs, Administrators of the Estate of F C Downs, deceased, Letters of Administration ordered in February Term being repealed
Apr 1863 Vacation Term: Virginia A Downs filed full inventory of community property and must give bond of $60,000
Aug 1863: Will proven by affidavits of witnesses J H Mullings & F P Mad____; Fort appointed executor and guardian; appraisers James W Tinsley, John Robinson, James H Ginley, W B Trice
Sep 1863: Inventory approved
27 Dec 1865: Admr by attorney I H Farmer, Guardian of Dona, Ella & Jemmie Dick Downs; assets of firm of W W Downs & Son be transferred to W W Downs for $30,000 bond against payment of debts & transferring $7,653 to Virginia as the share of herself & children in assets of said firm
Feb 1867: P 177 - Wm A Taylor, Admr de bonis non, for F C Downs –E H Carter, ? Trice, John L Dobbs, ? Sears and R B Wilson appointed appraisers; Taylor to settle with former Admx
Mar 1867: P 177 - Admr sick, case cont
Downs, Martha L No. 177: Wm A Fort vs Martha L Downs, decd
Aug 1863: Will proven by Affidavits of J H Mullins & F P Madelon, Tho Salisbury, witness; Wm A Fort appointed Executor and Guardian; Appraisers: Jas W Tinsley, John Robinson, Jas H Gurley & W B Trice
Sep 1863: Inventory submitted and approved
Mar 1864: Presented report of Guardianship of minor heirs of Wm P Downs, decd, and Martha L Downs, decd & inventory and first settlement; all approved
Jan 1866: Annual report approved
Drew minors of George Wand Jackey Eliza – Texann, ?, George E, and Alphoretta No. 255 - Jasper N RasberryGdn of Texanna, NInse? Leate, George Elliott & Alphoretta Drew
Oct 1866: application for letters postponed
Nov-Dec 1866: cont
Jan 1867:  Texanna and Ninse over 14; Gdn approved; $20,000 bond
05 Feb 1867 vacation term: Jno McCauer asked to be released from Gdn bond approved; new bond required; Gdn suspended until new bond approved
Feb-Mar 1867: cont
Earhart, Benjamin D No. 86: Seth Miller, Guardian of Benjamin D Earhart, minor
25 Oct 1858: Petition of Guardianship - granted
26 Mar 1860: Citation
Jul 1862: cont
Aug 1862: Cont
Oct 1862: Cont
Nov 1862: cont
Feb 1863: cont
May-Aug 1863: On docket
Oct 1866: Alias Citation to Georgia
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Receipt from Earhart acknowledging receipt of all property held – approved; Gdn discharged
Edrington, E H No. 142: W W Slaughter [Slauter], Admr of E H Edrington, decd
Oct 1863: Cont
Nov 1863: Application to Resign granted
Jan 1864: Application for sale disposed of for the present
27 Sep 1864: Admr presented resignation, but never filed final exhibit or inventory, ordered Slauter be removed for neglect of duty
Oct 1864: C B Way Adr, Bond $10,000
C B Way, Admr E H Edrington
Oct 1865: Sell corn and wheat for cash and apply proceeds 1st to payment of expenses of estate and taxes; Way asks authority to employ attorneys to represent the Estate in several suits in McLennan and 2 suits in Coryell County, Admr states difficult litigation that Edington had begun; granted
26 Nov 1865: Sale of corn and wheat affirmed; Citation to W W Slaughter to appear at January 1866 Court to make report of what effects ever came into his hand and their disposition; 2nd transfer Judgment in Justice Court against W L Horne and L L Horne rendered March 2 1861 for $73 to L L Horne in payment of demands heretofore allowed him; 3rd Admr sell for cash in US currency the 2 lots in Marlin to raise funds to pay US direct tax; 4th Admr to rent the improved land near Waco to Elisha Si--- for 1866 for 1/3 of crops grown; 5th Admr to use all proper diligence to ascertain whereabouts of claims report of Ad—Farmer as belong to the estate; 6th Admr is allowed $50 for extra services of estate
Feb 1866: Report of sale of Nos. 13 & 14, Marlin, Falls County on 6 Feb 1866 per Dec 1865 term; sale affirmed
Edwards, James M No 86.: Seth Miller Execr of James M Edwards
May 1863: Report of Extr received
Jun 1863: on docket
Eichelberger, William No. 218: Lee R Davis Admr Wm Eichelberger decd
Oct 1865: Petition for Letters of Administration approved, bond $4,000
Nov 1865: Thomas Adamson pray that Lee R Davis Admr be required to make title to certain land set for in his petition; granted; appraisers report entered
Dec 1865: Cont
29 Oct 1866: Annual report
Jan 1867: Order to make exhibit and pay court fees
Mar 1867: Citation to show cause at next term why case shall not be finally settled
Elliott minors No. 66: Minors of Humphrey Elliott, deceased
April 1857: Ordered that notice be given of appointment of guardian next term
Elliott, Humphrey No. 65: J R Harris, Administrator of Humphrey Elliott, decd
06 Dec 1862: Ordered Admr hire out negro Cotty for 12 months
27 Jul 1863: Admr received and approved
Aug 1863: On docket
Dec 1863: Order to hire out negro Lotty for period of 1 year
13 Dec 1864: Hire out for from Dec 25 for 12 months negro Lotty, good note and security for payment of hire and clothing for Lotty
Jul 1864: Annual report approved
Evans, William No. 204: W S Gill, Administrator of Estate of William Evans, deceased
Aug 1864: Cynthia R Evans, widow, by her attorney, J L L McCall, applied for probate and Executor; Wm S Gill appointed, $40,000 bond; W C Walker, B F Richie & F S, Sparks appointed appraisers
Aug 1864: Petition for Sale of Personal Property; corn, wheat, fodder, oats, hay, horses, cattle, hogs, and cotton – cotton and wheat for cash, balance upon 12 month credit; widow entitled to yearly allowance; Wm Walker, B F Richey & S F Sparks appointed Commissioners to appointed to widow
Jan 1866: Annual report and petition to be discharged - granted; claim of $67.19 to stand as claim against estate
Feb 1866: Final report approved, Admr discharged
Apr 1866: S M Glenn, successor to Gill; bond $3000
May 1866: Cont
Nov 1866: Order to return inventory in Dec
Dec 1866: Asks for more time, granted
Jan 1867: Ordered to return inventory in Feb term and W C Walker, J A Cobbs and Joe Guiten appointed appraisers; order to pay court fees
Feb 1867: Allowed till next term to return inventory
Mar 1867: List of claims returned
Ewell, J B No. 219: Martha Ewell Exec for J B Ewell, decd
Oct 1865: J L S McCall atty for Martha Ewell, petition by Norris that Will be probated & Letter be issued without bond
Ewing, S L No . ?: Marey E Ewing, Administratrix of the Estate of S L Ewing, deceased
May 1863: Letters of Administration upon return of bond
29 Jun 1863: On docket
Faulkner, B F No. 223: Peter McClelland, Admr B F Faulkner decd
Oct 1865: Bond $3500, Wiley James and R B Wilson securities; appraisers W B Trice, E A Sturgis & S A Owens
Nov 1865: Inventory and Appraisement presented and approved
Jan 1866: 1866 Jan 7 - Petition to sell property of Estate approved
30 Oct 1866: [partial page] sale of 2 tracts at public auction
Dec 1866: Sale includes brick yard and 10 acres – believes damaging representations about land caused land not to sell for true amount, sale set aside and ordered to be sold again
Jan 1867: New sale ordered
Mar 1867: New sale made and approved
Foster, Samuel No. 248: Estate of Samuel Foster, Inventory by Mrs Elizabeth Foster
30 Jul 1866: Elizabeth Foster, widow; Inventory entered of 321 ac land in McLennan County ($300), 30 horses ($900), @65 Cattle ($260), wagon ($75) all community property – approved; appraisers Lewis Wiebush, N S McCarney & J F Wood
Freeman minors No. 400: I C Freeman, Gdn of Freemand minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Frew, C L No. 178: S H ` Admr of C L Frew?
Oct 1865: R I Tally, judgment creditor of estate by judgment obtained in his lifetime, believes Renick has enough to pay judgment of $56.48, asked Renick make exhibit at next term to show condition of Estate; citation issued
Garber, Charles No. 523: J L Ryan, Admr of Charles Garber, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Gill minors – Sarah T, Mordecai Jr, Louisa A C & T C No. 220: Mordicai Gill, gdn of Sarah T Gill, Mordecai Gill Jr, Louisa A C and T C Gill minors
Oct 1865: Gdn came by attorney J F Davis Sr approved
Oct 1865: W G Embry filed agreement with Estate as arbitrated by Josiah Taylor and R GB Smith for rescinded sale of property, approved
Nov 1865: W B Trice, S M Glenn and B F Harris appointed appraisers
Mar 1866: Inventory approved; continued 12 months
Gill, W S No. 252: Mrs Solinah H Gill, Admr of Estate of W S Gill, dec’d
Jan 1867: wife of dec’d ordered to show why note in favor of estate should not be paid or why Letters of Administration not be issued
Jan 1867: W A Fort, Gdn of minor heirs of ? P Downs, dec’d filed petition that Mrs Gill, widow of W S Gill, be cited to answer complaint that minors are holders of note made by J B McReynold, W S Gill & Doctor Pierce
Feb 1867: Cont
Mar 1867: Mrs Solinah H Hill granted Letter, bond $500; W Scott, Frank Sparks, B F Richey appointed appraisers
Glasson minors No. 489: David H Haulett, Gdn of Glasson minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Gossett, John W No. 176: E B Rennau [Renau, Renaw], Administrator of John W Gossett, deceased
27 Jul 1863: Letters of Administration to be issued upon giving bond [amount not listed]; appraisers appointed: Adam Bible, John Bible, and William Ferguson
Aug 1863: On docket
Nov 1863: Affidavit of Admr that surviving wife appointed Admx by Chief Justice of Brown? County; Reneau ordered discharged from responsibility as Admr
Graham minors No. 258: M A Graham, Gdn of F H Graham minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Graham, F H No. 249: Mrs Mary A Graham admx F H Graham
Nov 1866: P 230 - Surviving spouse of Frank H Graham approved as Admx; George W Prather, Jno A Cobbs and Wm Walker appointed appraisers
19 Dec 1866: P 230 - Inventory returned, approved
Jan 1867: Cont
Granbury, H B No. 247: E J Gurley, admr H B Granbury
Oct 1866: P 224 - Because of absence of Admr in the Legislature, ordered Admr qualify and return inventory at next term
Nov 1866: P 224 - Bond approved
Dec 1866: P 224 - Report of Admr approved; application for further time to present Inventory approved
Petition to sell horses granted; Admx to appropriate proceeds for herself . . .
Jan 1867: P 224 - Admr still unable to return Inventory; ordered to return inventory next term
Mar 1867: P 224 - Admr still unable to return Inventory; ordered to return inventory next term
Gurley, ? No. : ? B Gurley, Admr of ? Gurley, dec’d
1866: Admx to return inventory
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Sale of horses ordered, Admx to reserve proceeds as her portion
Hancock, James H No. 247: Wm B Trice (succeeded by H M Payne) Admr for James H Hancock
Jun 1866: Admr appointed with $1400 bond
Oct 1866: Petition to sell tract of land to pay tax lien and expenses – granted
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Land failed to sell; Admr ordered to report actions
Jan 1867: Admr to report next term
Feb 1867: Vacation term - Admr asked to resign – ordered recorded
Feb 1867: Admr received no money due estate and reasons are good, ordered that H M Payne be appointed Admr; Thos Bramlett and S M Jenkins appointed appraisers; Trice allowed $1500? For his services; Letters issued for Payne
Mar 1867: Trice reported settled up claim before turning over Adminstration and now appearing no further need to qualify Admr, it is ordered -
Hanna minor of Samuel - Robert No. ? - James R Hanna, Gdn of Robert Hanna, minor
Feb 1867: Gdn approved per Will of Samuel
Hanna, Samuel No. 253: James R Hanna, Exr & Gdn, Samuel? Hanna
Feb 1867: Will presented and proven by H W Riggs, one of the witnesses; Letters issued; H W Riggs, S M Glenn, Jno Shackleford appointed appraisers
25 Feb 1867: Appraisement approved, list of claims and currency on hand, no further action needed, case dismissed
Hardin minors No. 416: Mrs E S Flint, Gdn of Hardin minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Hardwick, G B No. 157: Sarah A Hardwick, adm of G B Hardwick decd
Jul 1862: Order that Executrix sell timber off 10 acres at courthouse door, make report, and make more complete return, and that appraisers be appointed
23 Feb 1863: Petition of Smith Kellum & W W Olds that Sarah present a new and additional Inventory at next term
Mar 1863: Land ordered out of Hardwick into Menefee
Apr 1863: because of Kellum & Olds petition case continued till next term
01 Apr 1863: Pg 79 - Menafee vs. Sarah Hardwick, Executrix of G B Hardwick, deceased This day this case coming on to be heard and the Court being sufficiently advised, adjudged and decreed by the Court that all the right, title and interest of the Sarah G B Hardwick in and to the land mentioned in Plaintiff’s petition be and the same is hereby devised out of the said Hardwick our his legal representative and the same be vested in the said Menefee, plaintiff herein and the defendant is hereby required to make a title to the plaintiff in this case in accordance with this decree and report the same to this Court at which time this cause is continued. Signed July 19 1867 by A. Chalmers, Clerk; Case of Kellum & Olds continued
29 Jun 1863: Smith Kellum introduced to Court that a full inventory omitted a certain lot of hogs worth $250, 1 horse, mule, 2 head young horses, supposed to be community property; new inventory ordered
27 Jul 1863: Continued
Aug 1863: On docket
Hardwick, Sarah A No. 202: R D McCary, Extr Sarah A Hardwick, decd
Aug 1864: Cont
Sep 1864: John S Bell, witness to Will appeared; Will admitted to probate; McCary appointed Admr and Gdn of minor children, no bond; W G Wortham, B Anderson & __ Crabtree appointed appraisers
29 Oct 1866: Citation to return exhibit at Nov term
Jan 1867: Alias citation ordered
Hargrove, B M No. 259: J W & J F Hargrove Exr for B M Hargrove
Jan 1867: J M Speight, J M Brandon & S D Har—appointed appraisers
Mar 1867: Allowed to present return next month
Harriman, S & J No. 230: Edward Morrell Administrator J & S Harriman deceased
Jan 1866 Edwrd Merrill granted letters; George Bird discharged
Jan 1866: Petitioner through attorney J L L McCall for Letters of Administration; approved as Admr; John Miller, B F Harris & Seth Miller appointed appraisers; Geo Bird be discharged upon paying costs
Feb 1866: continued
Mar 1866: Inventory presented and approved; ordered Admr sell personal property for cash in US currency or specie
Apr 1866: Report of sale approved
Nov 1866: Report next term
Dec 1866: Citation ordered to report next term and to report on sale in Sept term; order to pay court fees
Jan 1867: Citation ordered to report result of sale and make exhibit
Feb 1867: Annual exhibit presented and approved
Mar 1867: Cont
Harris & Collins minors – Sybilla, Abigail, Elizabeth, Missouri, Abner No. 97: John M Harris, Guardian of Sybililla (Sibley) Abigail, Elizabeth Missouri, & Abner Collins, minors over 16 years
31 Jan 1859: Minors appeared and selected Harris as guardian
28 Feb 1959: Ordered Clerk make out Certificate of Guardianship
29 Aug 1859: Ordered to send to Tennessee proof that appointment of guardian was in accordance with Texas law
26 Mar 1860: Report presented; continued for 12 months
Aug 1862: Cont
Oct 1862: Cont
Nov 1862: Cont
23 Feb 1863: Harris, Guardian of Sibley Collins Estate – on docket
May 1863: Cont
29 Jun 1863: “Guardian of Sibly Collins Estate” – cont
July - Aug 1863: On docket
Feb 1866: Annual report approved – cause continued for 12 months
Oct 1866: Gdn ordered to return exhibit
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Gdn failed to render exhibit; citation issued
Jan 1867: Citation ordered
Feb 1867: Cont
Mar 1867: Cont
Harris minors No. 336: D McFaddin, Gdn of Franklin Harris minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Harris, James F No. 194: Lucinda Harris, Adx of James F Harris, decd
May 1864: Petition to probate estate granted
16 Jun 1864: Adam Bibles, D Barnett & Henry Sikeg? Appointed appraisers
Jul 1864: Application for 4 years supplies for herself and child and her separate property set aside for her use; ordered $400 set aside for her use for 1 year’s support and her separate property bound over to her
Aug 1864: Presented final statement; Admx discharged
Harris, W T & D S No. 28: F. M. Harris, Guardian of W. T. and D. S. Harris
Feb 1856: Reported Guardian had not received Ward’s property; case continued (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Jun 1858: Alias Citation
30 Aug 1858: Citation
25 Oct 1858: Citation
28 Feb 1859: Citation
26-28 Mar 1860: Alias Citation to Harris & Security
Harrison, James E No. 517: J H Harrison, Exec of James E Harrison, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Harrison, Jno T No. 566: Thomas Harrison, Gdn of Jno T Harrison (Index to Probate Docket)
Holder minors – Leonard P, Francis D, Richard P, Eudocia C, Elizabeth C No. 81 (See also 87 & 99 & 100): Peter Decherd, Guardian of Leonard P Holder, Francis D Holder, Richard P Holder, Eudocia C Holder, Elizabeth C Holder, minors
29 Mar 1859: Guardian cited to appear and file report with respect to minors Francis, Elizabeth & Leonidas
29 Nov 1859: Resignation of P S Decherd accepted; per request of Eudocia C Holder minor over 14, Benjamin Decherd granted guardianship of Eucodia C & John H Decherd appointed guardian over Francis; C Varner, Jos Nichols, C H Clayton appointed appraisers to divide property of heirs of Richard P Holder deceased: Eudocia C & Francis C & pro rata share of Lee R Holder, other heir
Jan-Feb 1860: cont
26-28 Mar 1860: Peter Decherd, Guardian of Richard P Holder & Elizabeth C Holder, minors, cited
30 Apr 1860: Continued
Jan 1864: W S Gill, Guardian of Elizabeth Holder; Annual report approved; fees paid
Holder, Eudocia C No. 100 (see also 81 & 87 & 99): Benjamin Decherd, Guardian of Eudocia C Holder
Feb-Mar 1859: continued
26 Apr 1859: Citation
30 May 1859: Ben Decherd came and filed his [nothing else written]
Jun-Aug 1859: cont
21 Sep 1859: Citation
31 Oct 1859: Citation
28 Nov 1859: Alias citation
Dec 1859-Feb1860: cont
26-28 Mar 1860: Citation to show condition of estate
Apr 1860: cont
Holder, Frances C No. 99 (see also 81 & 87 & 100): John H Decherd, Guardian of Frances C Holder
28 Feb 1859: Guardian appointed Nov term; bond required at this time; case continued
Mar-Sep 1859: cont
31 Oct 1859: Citation
28 Nov 1859: Alias Citation
Dec 1859-Feb 1860: cont
26 Mar 1860: Citation to show condition of estate; report received and recorded
Apr 1860: cont
Holder, Leonidas P No. 87 (see also 81 & 99 & 100): William H Cobbs, Guardian of Estate of Leonidas P Holder, minor
25 Oct 1858: Leonidas P Holder selected Cobbs as guardian
25 Nov 1858: Cobbs refused to serve; case dismissed
Holmes minors – Aloira A Holmes, Roselba C & Robert H No. 248: Robert Holmes, Gdn of Holmes Minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Nov 1866: Gdn approved; $3000 bond; G B Dutton, ? Bailey, and W B Trice appointed appraisers
Dec 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Holt, Lee & Molly No. 210: Guardianship of Lee & Molly Holt
Dec 1864: Cont
Aug 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Holt, Peyton No. 200: Carrie A Holt & S H Renick Adr of Peyton Holt, decd
Jul 1864: Widow petitions for letters of administration, granted, bond $18,000
Sep 1864: Widow asked that Renick be associated with her in administering the estate; granted; $16,000 bond; J M Tinsley, William Fort and J H Gurley appointed appraisers
Oct 1864: Petition to set aside widow’s portion of estate and to sell all perishable property; no inventory filed, cont
Nov 1864:  Inventory and appraisement approved; $500 set apart from support of widow and children for 1 year;
Also set apart for widow and children 200 acres, household and kitchen furniture not to exceed $200, farming utensils not to exceed $50; 5 cows, 20 hogs, 1 horse, 1 yoke oxen; petition to sell personal and perishable property granted; Petition to hire and rent farm and negroes granted; ordered to add $300 to support of widow and children
Aug 1866: Docketed on page 94
Feb 1867: Claim in favor of W E Oakes in hands of J W Hill for $10; ordered over 12 months ago to be paid with interest from 01 Jan 1864 at 8%; ordered Adm report state of land of estate
Mar 1867: Cont
Hood, H M No. 254: Robert T Lyon, Admr pro tem, H M Hood
Mar 1867: Admr appointed, bond $5000; failed to qualify; case dismissed
J F Davis, Admr (Index to Probate Docket)
Hooks, Francis H No. 158: Thomas A Hooks, Administrator of Francis H Hooks
Jul 1862: cont
24 Dec 1862: In chambers – attorney-in-fact of W H Cobbs proceed to hire out for 1863 the slaves: woman Samaria and her son Sam
May 1863: cont
Jun 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
29 Feb 1864: Agent for Admr, Wm H. Cobb, presented annual report, approved
Dec 1864: Admr hire out negroes
Horne minors of James L - James & Victoria William L Horne, Gdn of Jams & Victoria Horne
Oct 1866: Gdn approved; James under 14, Victoria over 14; J D Wallace, J C Jenkins and James Jenkins appointed appraisers; Admr to pay to Gdn $600 due to minors from estate for their support for 1 year
Horne, J L No. 244: Jno (John) T Flint Admr of J L Horne [Wm L Horne?]
Jun 1866: Admr accepted; W W Denman?, J W Speight, N M Goode and Davis R Gurley appointed appraisers
Jul 1866 Admr ordered to pay Guardian of Victoria Horne and Janet/James Horn, minor heirs of James D Horne, decd $300 for their years support; Inventory approved
Nov 1866: P 236 - Admr ordered to pay fees due by J L Horne, Admr of Wm Horne decd
12 Dec 1866: P 236 – Vacation Term – Portable engine, saw and grist mill and fixtures belonging to estate are almost worthless; Admr ordered to sell at private sale
20 Dec 1866: P 236 - Petition asked Admr to show cause why claim of C M Hubby should not be paid
Jan 1867: P 237 – Admr granted further time to make report of sale and rent
11 Feb 1867: P 237 – claim of W W Anderson for coffin being made; ordered to pay the $55
Feb 1867: P 237 – report of renting homestead in Waco at $20 per month; report of renting plantation is confirmed
Feb 1867: P238 – sale of mules, sawmill, etc., confirmed; sale of hogs to J C Jenkins approved; sale of old engine and saw mill (portable) confirmed
Mar 1867: Cont
Horne, L L No. 245: J C Jenkins Admr L L Horne, decd
Jul 1866: J Cicero Jenkins appointed Adr;  John T Flint, C B Way, and S M Glenn be appointed appraisers
Horne, William No. : W O Campbell Adm pro Tem for Wm Horne, dec’d
Dec 1866: Campbell appointed, bond $100; ordered to settle estate with J T Flint, ADmr of J L Horme decd who was Admr of Wm Horne
Jan 1867: Cont
Feb 1867: Campbell cannot settle with former Admr; Campbell ordered Admr with bond $500; George E Burney, L F Puckett and O J Downs, W B Trice and R B Wilson appointed appraisers
Mar 1867: Admr ordered to settle with Campbell
Houston minors No. 583: Thomas Moore, Gdn of Houston minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Houston, A M No. 240: S M Glenn Administrator W Evans, decd
Apr 1866: Petition for Letters of Administration approved; bond $2000 paid
May 1866: Cont
Jun 1866: Petition of D H Evans for Letters of Guardianship of W ? Evans, non compos mentis; rejected
Jul 1866: Inventory approved
Dec 1866: Admr failed to get up horses for sale and it will cost a great deal to get up horses in this season, ordered that sale be postponed till Admr can gather horses at lower cost
Jan 1867: Cont
Feb 1867: Cont
Mar 1867: Cont
Howard, Nancy E & Leander No. 32: W. F. Stephen, Guardian of Nancy E. and Leander Howard
Mar 1855: Inventory presented and approved; case continued (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Aug 1856: Petition received and refused for errors, Guardian to present correct statement at next term of court (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Sep 1856: cont
Oct 1856: Annual exhibit and accounting presented and approved; Guardian received letter of Administration from Erath County, case to be transferred to Erath County (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Hubby minor – Delia No. 339: G B Erath, Gdn of Delia G Hubby minor (Index to Probate Docket)
Hubby, C M No. 128: George B Erath Administrator of C M Hubby decd
25 Sep 1865: Petition to file additional inventory; all claims be passed over to Albert Chalmers for settlement
Oct 1865: Admr asking to file additional inventory; granted claims in inventory given to Albert Chalmers for settlement
Apr 1866: Petition of G B Erath through his agent A Chad estate is owner of 2/3 interest in 15 shares of stock in Houston and Texas Railway Company worthless, prays to transfer stock to new company who bought out old company; petition granted
Ingraham, Jacob No. 252: Mrs Jane Ingraham, admr for Jacob Ingraham
12 Jan 1867: Vacation term – Petition of George E burney complaining Admx has failed to pay his claim, citation ordered requiring Admx to appear and show cause
Jan 1867: Answer by attorneys McKenny and Resnick, Admr give bond for $1000; John M Stone, Elias Linkenhogen and N T Sneed appointed appraisers
Feb 1867: Cont
Mar 1867: Admx failed to qualify; case dismissed
Ish minors – Letitia & Frank No. 586: Mrs Isabella Ish, Gdn of Letitia and Frank Ish minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Jayroe minor – Martha No. 101: Robert W Jayroe, Guardian of Martha Jayroe, minor
29 Mar 1859: Petition by Martha, minor over 14 years, for Robert Jayroe as guardian – granted
30 Apr 1860: Continued
Jenkins, Hutsen No. 178: S M Jenkins, Administrator of Estate of Hutsen Peters, deceased
03 Sep 1863: H Peters died 02 Sep 1863; assessor and collector of taxes; Chief Justice Cobb appointed S M Jenkins Administrator pro tem of estate; ordered to make full inventory and enter bond of $10,000;
03 Sep 1863 Vacation term: Chief Justice appointed James H Carter, L S McCall & Thales McDonald as Appraisers of Estate of Hutsen Peters
Sep 1863: Petition approved to sell personal property at public auction 10 Oct 1863 for Confederate money
03 Oct 1863: Property sold
Oct 1864: Inventory approved
May 1866: Petition to dispose of stock cattle and brand of estate at sale; approved
Johnson minors - Sarah Martha & M M No. 80: B J Thompson, Guardian of Sarah Martha & M M Johnson, minors
31 May 1858: Minors petition granted; Guardian ordered to obtain bond
28 Jun 1858: Guardian presents bond
25 Oct 1858: Citation
28 Feb 1859: Citation for exhibit of condition of estate
Dec 1862  Commissioners report presented; attorney of J M Renfrow presented remonstrance against report setting forth that slaves Dack, Julia & Moses were separate property of Joseph Johnson and asked for subpoenas for witnesses; so ordered
Oct 1866: Ordered court fees paid and Gdn dismissed
Feb 1863: report of commissioners (cont.)
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Cont
Jan 1867: dismissed
Johnson, Edward No. 111: James M Renfro, Guardian of Edward Johnson, minor
25 Jul 1859: Ordered notice be given
29 Aug 1859: Appraisers appointed: Thos Sparks, P A Jenkins, William B Harper, bond at $5,000
Sep 1859-Feb 1860: cont
16 Mar 1860: Citation to show condition of Estate
Apr-Jul 1860: cont
Oct 1866: Report approved
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866?: Final accounting presented; minor agreeing fully; Gdn discharged; case dismissed
Johnson, J C No. 225: Isham F Johnson Admr pro tem J C Johnson, decd
Oct 1865: Bond $2,000; J J Riddle, S F Sparks and L G Obrian appraisers
Nov 1865: Inventory and Appraisement presented and approved; widow to select out of the appraised property for her support
25 Dec 1865: Mrs Johnson , widow of J C Johnson applies for 1 year allowed for her and Ophelia & Joseph F Johnson, minors; $600 granted
Jan 1866: Amanda Johnson, widow, by attorney M D Horning, asked for homestead to be set apart for her and Marshall, Ophelia & Joseph F Johnson, minors, 200 acres and improvements and that A M Sears holding the homestead under lease and heirs come and show cause why petition not be approved; Neill McLennan Jr, F F Bloodworth and A W Sears appointed commissioners; Admr to proceed to sell lot situated in Waco and part of Farm Lot 14 on 1st Tuesday in March next for cash; Adr sell 1-1/4 acres in Waco, part of Farm Lot 14 at public auction; 1866 Jan 7 - Mrs Aradora Johnson prays homestead be set apart; A W Sears, F F Bloodworth and Neill McLennan Jr appointed Commissioners to set apart the homestead
1866 Jan 7 - Report of sale of personal effects approved; allowed to deduct $20 from sale; report of goods and effected of Widow $416.55 approved; Mrs Araadora Johnson widow of James C Johnson – homestead set apart to her subject to lease made by James C Johnson in his lifetime to William Manning and transferred to A W Sears; homestead situated in North Bosque about 20 miles from Waco, 200 acres
Feb 1866 Report of Sale approved; petition to be relived of amount of wagon – deduction allowed;
Mar 1866: Report of sale presented; confirmed
Apr 1866: Annual report approved; ordered $49.50 for his fees and $20 attorneys fees and $50 for extra service
Johnson, James No. 112 G C Markham, Guardian of James Johnson heir
Nov 1862: Commissioners to make new more complete report, present report set aside, two commissioners J H Merrill and H Sparks are absent from county and J W Smith and L A Powell are appointed in their places
Dec 1862  Commissioners report presented; attorney of J M Renfrow presented remonstrance against report setting forth that slaves Dack, Julia & Moses were separate property of Joseph Johnson and asked for subpoenas for witnesses; so ordered
May 1863: on docket
Jun 1863: Commissioners commanded to make full return at next term
Aug 1863: on docket
Application for Guardian by G M Markham granted; Court Commissioners appointed to partition and divide effects of estate amongst representatives; W H Cobbs, H Rogers, L A Powerll, __ Smith & __ Whatley – commission report accepted
Oct 1866: citation to Gdn to return exhibit
Jan 1867: citation ordered
25 Feb 1867:  Judge found several notes payable to the Estate and delivered them to Gdn
Johnson, Joseph No. 112 B F Richey Admr of Joseph Johnson, decd –
Mar 1863 (cont) re Feb division not legal that widow entitled to 1/2 community property and 1/3 of separate property; ordered to make new report and divide the notes of said estate between legatees (pg 68)
Jun 1863 – Commissioners ordered to make full return; Commissioners W H Cobbs, L A Powell, J M Smith & W B Whatley
Jul 1863 – Application for partition and distribution of Estate and application for Gdn by G W Markham; granted; Commissioners W H Cobbs, H Rogers, L A Powell, ? Smith & Whatley
Sep 1863 – partition made and approved; Geo C Markham ordered to deliver to James Renfro, Gdn of J E Johnson, one of said heirs, negro woman named Julia, also all deeds due Johnson as distributed
Johnson, Joseph F No. 231: W H Johnson Gdn Joseph F Johnson minor
26 Dec 1865: Appointed Gdn; bond $500
Johnson, Ophelia No. 232: Isham F Johnson Gdn of Ophelia Johnson, minor
26 Dec 1865: Ophelia minor over 14 approves Gdn
Johnson, Sam Houston No . : A A Blankinship, Guardian pro tem of Sam Houston Johnson
13 Jul 1863 vacation term: Blankinship appointed GAL upon return of $10,000 bond to take into custody the property belonging to S H Johnson and make inventory
Jones minors -  Malinda S & George E No. 45: Burwell J Lewis, Guardian of Malinda S & George E (A?) Jones
Oct 1855: Appraisement presented and approved; case continued
Oct 1856: Citation for Guardian to appear next term and present Exhibit and Annual Accounting
Mar 1857: Ordered Alias Citation be issued for Guardian to appear next term
Apr 1857: Citation returned executed
30 Aug 1858: Citation
25 Oct 1858: Attachment
28 Feb 1859: Citation
29 Mar 1859: Attachment – no return
26 Apr 1859: Attachment – no return
03 May 1859 Attachment
28 Mar 1860: Attachment
30 Apr 1860: Citation to Guardian and Sureties on bond
26 Dec 1860: Annual Exhibit presented and approved
Oct 1866: Gdn dismissed
Jones, George No. 183: E M B Sawyers v Estate George Jones, decd
26 Oct 1863: EMBS appointed Admr of Estate; $1500 bond
13 Nov 1863: Filed bond with F M H? and S P Ross as Securities
Jones, R M No. 214: J B Crain Admr Richard M Jones, decd
Dec 1865: Came Admr by agent I L L McCall for order to sell all the estate and personal property; ordered personal property sold for cash, real estate to be sold by public outcry at Courthouse door in Waco 1st Tuesday in Feb 1866 with credit of 12 months, 10% interest
Mar 1866: J L L McCall presents report of sale; affirmed
Oct 1866: Admr failed to make exhibit; citation issued
Nov-Dec 1866: cont
Jan 1867: Admr ordered to accept all claims up to 01 Sep 1867
Kee minors – J D & M F No. 558: P A Kee, Gdn of J D & M F Kee minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Kell , James No. 555: Narcisse Crow, Gdn of James Kell, et al., minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Kellum, Edward No. 175: W R Kellum, Administrator of Edward Kellum, deceased [also Kellern]
May 1863: Letters of Administration upon return of bond
Jun 1863: on docket
08 Jun 1863: Administrator to sell to best advantage for cash for full market value portion of crop; Appraisers appointed: F M Hood, Robert Lyons, W C Coates – to make report in 60 days
27 Jul 1863: Report of appraisers to be recorded
Aug 1863: On docket
03 Sep 1863: Nancy M Robison, Polly Ann Kirkland & Edmond[?] S Williams are ___ of the State of Texas; Appraisers appointed: John Robinson, Guardian ad Litem for the absent heirs of Edwin Kellum, deceased; W R Kellum ordered to pay to Elizabeth _____berson, William R Kellum, Thomas S Kellum, Edward Kellum Jr, Lydia M Brown, Emily E Puckett their respective interests in said amount of Confederate money and state warrants and to be over to the said John Robinson the amount going to the said Nancy M Robinson, Polly Ann Kirkland, & Edward S Williams and taking receipts for the same
Nov 1863: Polly Ann Kirkland applied to her portion of $665 to be paid to her; approve
Jan 1864: Admr order to distribute pro rata all funds now on hand to heirs; John Robinson appointed Guardian ad Litem of shares of Sarah Williams and Nancy Robinson
Apr 1864: John Robinson petitioned to be discharged as GAL; Wm R Kellum appointed GAL
May 1864: Order to distribute to all heirs all surplus funds
Jun 1864: Annual report approved
Sep 1864: Petition for order of sale – corn fodder, C&C, granted to sell at private sale
Dec 1864: Petition for partition of perishable property and negroes for surviving widow; H M Hood, Robt Lyon & J H Davis appointed to partition estate, dividing the negroes between the heirs after the widow has selected her portion; Adr to sell perishable property except widow’s portion
Nov 1865: Report approved; W R Kellum, Gdn of Nancy McRherson and Samuel Williams presented report and asked to be released of Gdnship of Nanacy McPherson; granted
Jan 1867: Sale of Oct 1866 be confirmed; report of sale of 160 acres examined by B F Richey and C C Varner, County Commissioners acting as CountyJudge; land bounding by Lewis V Greer, R N Goode, Emile C PUcket6t and W R Kellum, east of Brazos
25 Feb 1867: W E Oakes purchased land, sale confirmed; continued
Mar 1867: cont
Knowles, R P No. 547: J P Knowles, Exec of R P Knowles, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Knuckles, George T No. 576: W G Boyd, Admr of George T Knuckles, Decd (Index to Probate Docket)