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McLennan County Probate Court Minutes (L-Z)
original minute books abstracted and photographed at McLennan County Archives
Lancaster minors No. 476: J R Lancaster, Gdn of Lancaster minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Lee minors – Leonora N, George D, Abijah, Naomi, Brooks, & Priscilla H No. 82: Grisson Lee Guardian of Leonora N Lee, George D Lee, Abijah, Naomi, Brooks & Priscilla H Lee, minors
30 Aug 1858: Guardian appointed
Oct 1858-Jan 1859: cont
28 Feb 1859: Inventory recorded
Mar 1859-Feb 1860: cont
Mar 1860: Citation
Apr 1860: cont
Jul 1862: Cont
Oct 1866: Citation ordered to Brower County
Nov 1866: Only $50 ever received and boarding of minors costing more than estate is worth; case dismissed
Lewis, Mary M No. 37: James D Hays, Gdn of Mary M Lewis
Oct 1866: Dismissed at Sept term
Little minors – Nancy & William No. 114: Levicy R Bennett, Guardian of minors Nancy Little and William Little
31 Oct 1859: Petition of LRB to be appointed Guardian of her minor children - granted
28 Nov 1859: Petition of LRB by her attorney L L Horne that she be allowed to take any of the property for the benefit of said minors
Dec1859-Jun1860: cont
Oct 1866: Gdn ordered to return exhibit
Nov 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Logan, Rob F No. 192: J B Rocke & Ann Logan, Exer of Rob F Logan, decd
Apr 1864: Application for Probate of Will approved
Jun 1864: Lee R Davis, Doct. Murphy & Eli Jones appointed appraisers
27 Jun 1864: Inventory approved
Apr 1866: Petition to sell real and personal estate; petition rejected; continued
Luckey minors of M J – J M No. 238: M J Luckey, Gdn minors of I(J) M Luckey
Oct 1866: E W McLaine, E D Stubblefield & Joseph Nailer appointed Appraisers of Estate of Mrs M J Luckey’s minors; Gdn ordered to return inventory
Jan 1866: Pg 202&203 – M J Luckey appointed Gdn;
Luke, Julia D No. 83: J C Pettigrew Guardian of Julia D Luke
30 Aug 1858: Guardianship granted
Sep –Nov 1858: cont
31 Jan 1859: Case dismissed
Majors minor - Robert M No. 110: William P S Majors, Guardian of Robert M Majors, minor
29 Jun 1859: Petition for guardianship of son, Robert M – granted; bond $5000
Jul 1859-Apr 1860: cont
Jul 1862: cont
Aug 1862: Cont
Oct 1862: Cont
Nov 1862: Cont
23 Feb 1863: On docket
May 1863: Cont
Jun - Aug 1863: On docket
Oct-Mar 1866-67: Cont
Majors, Mattie No. 553: R C Hatch, Gdn of Mattie Majors, et al., minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Manus, Allen No. 184: Samuel Frazell Admr of Estate of Allen Manus/Manness, decd
26 Oct 1863: Admr appointed; bond $1600; with Frank Drinklin? and John Hakey as Securities; Jno Bedwell, Jas Anderson & Thomas Mullins appointed Appraisers
Dec 1863: Inventory approved; portion of Estate to be set aside for widow and orphans $741
Manus, A No. : Elizabeth Manus, Administrator of A Manus
27 Apr 1863: Pg 83 - Letters issued to Elizabeth Manus, wife of dec’d
May 1863: cont
25 May 1863: Appraisers appointed: John Shackleford, Samuel Frazell & Lott Strange
Jun 1863: On docket
27 Jul 1863: Appraisers report to be recorded
Masters, John A No. 252 / No. 217 – A A Masters, Gdn of John A Masters, a minor
Jan 1866:  A A Masters appointed Gdn of John A Masters ,a minor
Jan 1867: Inventory approved; appraisers G H Barron, S M Jenkins, J F Davis; appraisers report entered; Gdn be authorized to sell beef steers to assist in defraying expenses; continued 12 months
McCallister, G W No. 209: D D Eaton Administrator for G W McCallister deceased
Dec 1864: Bond of $2000; A C Townsend, G W Wills & Clay Cobbs appointed appraisers
Mar 1866: Petition for order to sell; granted
Apr 1866: Sale of property approved; continued
May 1866: Report of sale approved
Oct 1866: Admr to obeying order, citation issued requiring him to pay Court fees and make full report of Estate
Nov-Dec 1866: cont
Jan 1867: Admr ordered to make exhibit, if not execution against him and sureties on bond
Feb 1867: cont
Mar 1867: Execution against Admr and securities on bond for payment of fees
McCartney minors – N H & B R No. 222: N S McCartney Gdn N H & B R McCartney, minors
Jan 1866: Appointed Gdn
Nov 1866: Admr may use lumber from estate for benefit of minors
Dec 1866-Mar 1867:cont
McConahie, M No. 72:Thomas D Lennard Admr for M McCanahie
Nov 1865:Petition of L F Puckett for execution by Admr; not represented, cont
Mar 1867: Admr totally failed to appear and answer and from report of L T Leonard no effect in his hands; stricken from docket; previous orders revoked
McDaniel minors – John, Elizabeth, & ? No. 257 – Gdn of John, Elizabeth & ? McDaniel
Mar 1867 vacation term: minors cited to appear to show cause why Gdn should not be appointed; Samuel Green and Mrs Manis(Mavis?) cited to appear as witnesses
Mar 1867: minors failed to appear; new citation to appear required
McDonald minors - Sarah E & James A No. 73:D R Tinsley, Guardian of Sarah E & James A McDonald
28 Dec 1857: Petition of Thales McDonald praying guardian be appointed; Dr D R Tinsley appointed; minors over 14 years; J W Speight, Jas Tinsley & F C Downs appointed Appraisers;
Apr 1858-Feb 1859:Cont
28 Feb 1859: D R Tinsley never came into possession of estate of S E McDonald, she being married soon after his appointment; ordered Tinsley sell on 6-month credit 1 Carryall or Waggon and 1 horse to the best bidder with note and good security; Appraisers of estate of J H McDonald appointed: James F Davis, ?, W W Downs, B D Arnold
Mar 1859: cont
31 Oct 1859: Citation
28 Mar 1860: Report presented on property and money; cited to appear at next term re condition of minors
Jul 1862: cont
Oct 1866: Dr McDonald will make settlement at next term; cont
Nov-Dec 1866: Cont
Jan 1867: Fees ordered to be paid and final account made to Dr. McDonald
Feb 1867: Dr McDonald sick; cont
Mar 1867: Execution for fees
McDonald, Alpha M No. 485: W J Malone, A of Alpha M McDonald, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
McDonald, James A No. 163/168: Thales McDonald, Administrator of the Estate of James A McDonald
30 Mar 1863: Letters of Administration to be issued upon getting bond
25 May 1863: Continued
29 Jun 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Mar 1867: cont
McDonald, Jane No. 88: Allen Maness, Guardian of Jane McDonald, minor
29 Nov 1858: Petition of AM for Guardianship – granted
29 Mar 1859: Citation
26 Apr 1859: Citation
03 May 1859 Citation
30 May 1859: Citation renewed
28 Nov 1859: Alias Citation
26 Mar 1860: Attachment
McDonald, Thales No. 556: Thomas Harrison, Admr of Thales McDonald, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
McGaughy minor – Ella L No. 584: M J McGaughy, Gdn of Ella L McGaughy minor (Index to Probate Docket)
McGee minors of Anthony – Clotilda, Newton, Jasper, Argable, Alphion, Anthony, Josephine No. 107/108: Nancy Ann McGee/Magee, Guardian of minor heirs of Anthony McGee - Clotilda Newton Jasper Argable Alphion Anthony Josephine
25 Apr 1859: Guardian appointed
30 May 1859: Con monthly to Apr 1860
Jun 1859-Mar 1860: cont
Feb 1863: Nancy A McGee - use and interest and benefit of minors; continued 12 months
Apr 1864: Gdn continue to use interest for benefit of minors
Jan 1866: C Varner prays to be released from surety on bond; order Nancy Ann McGee give new bond
Feb 1866 cont
Mar 1866: Cont
Apr 1866: Cont
29 Oct 1866: Final accounting made, no one contesting, Gdn discharged, sureties released
29 Mar 1867: Execution for fees; case fully settled; Gdn discharged
McGee, D C No. 31: Claiborne Varner, Guardian of D. C. McGee
May 1856: Report of condition of Estate received and recorded; case continued continued (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Mar 1857: Annual report presented and recorded continued (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Feb 1858: Annual accounting presented; minor of age, Guardian discharged continued (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Mercer, A E No. 459: A J Caruthers, Admr de bonis non, of A E Mercer, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Miller minors No. 398: T J Davis, Gdn Miller minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Miller, John C No. 41: J. F. Davis, Guardian of John C. Miller
Feb 1855: Exhibit presented by former Guardian
Mar 1855: Citation issued for former guardian to pay over to J. F. Davis its account for the minor
?: Citation issued to Jas. Miller, former Guardian, to appear and to show why settlement has not been made
July 1857: Citation returned “not found” Alias ordered; continued
Aug 1857: cont
25 Oct 1858: Citation
26 Dec 1859: Case dismissed; C J fees not yet paid
Mixon, John B No. 251 / No. 217: Travis Brown, Gdn of John B Mixon
Jan 1866 – John B Mixon minor over age of 14, chose Travis Brown as Gdn; bond $2400 paid
Jan 1867: Inventory approved; Thomas H Barron, S M Jenkins, and J F Davis appointed appraisers; appraisers report approved; Gdn authorized to sell beef steers from time to time for benefit of ward; continued 12 months
Mixon minors No. 253: Margaret A Mixon, Gdn of minors Thomas L, Mary H, Amanda, & Sarah Mixon
M R Mayfield, Gdn of Mixon Minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Jan 1867: Inventory approved; appraisers G H Barron, S M Jenkins, J F Davis; appraisers report entered; Gdn be authorized to sell beef steers to assist in defraying expenses; continued 12 months
Mixon, D C No. 255 – J M Stubblefield, Gdn of D C Mixon
Jan 1866: David C. Mixon, minor over 14, selected James M Stubblefield as Gdn; bond $2500; continued
Jan 1867: Inventory approved; appraisers G H Barron, S M Jenkins, J F Davis; appraisers report entered; Gdn be authorized to sell beef steers to assist in defraying expenses; continued 12 months
Mixon, Margaret O & Semion No. 217: Thadeus C Mixon, Administrator of Margaret O and Semion Mixon decd
Oct 1865: Bond $24,000
Oct 1865: Inventory returned & approved
Nov 1865: Petition for authority to rent lands of estate; granted he “rent out for the cropping year of 1866 the opened or tillable land”
Dec 1865: Admr may proceed to rent cultivatable land for present farming year
Jan 1866: Order of partition granted; I(J?) D Wryte, Isaac Taylor and Wm K Dickinson appointed Commissioners; Margaret R Mixon Petition for Guardianship of minors Thomas L Mixon 9 yrs; Mary Idonson Mixson 7 yrs, Amanda Mixon 5 yrs, Sarah Mixon 2 yrs – approved; A A Masters, Gdn of John A Masters approved
Feb 1866 admr to make final accounting and distribute to heirs
Mar 1866: Commissioners report approved; ordered Admr sell portion of property returned by Commissioners as not divisible at public sale; distribute all apportioned
Apr 1866: Report of sale approved; continued
May 1866: Cont
? 1866: Distribution; Admr discharged
Moore minors – Susan, Rebecca, Willie Ann & William Thomas No. 115: Almarinda Flowers, Guardian of minor Susan, Rebecca, Willie Ann, & William Thomas Moore, issue of William H Moore, deceased
31 Oct 1859: Guardian appointed
Nov 1859-Apr 1860: cont
Aug 1862: Ordered that Gdn appear at next term and show cause why she should not give new security on bond
Oct 1862: on docket
Nov 1862: cont
May-Aug 1863: On docket
Mar 1866: Guardian represented by her husband as agent; presented annual report; approved; ordered cultivation of land and sale of all timber, large cedar trees excepted, be appropriated for support of the minor children
Oct 1866: Gdn reports freeing Negro boy, requests inventory be credited; application for use of improved land and dead timber to support heirs approved
Nov 1866: Gdn to have use of land and dead timber; case continued 12 months or until oldest child becomes of age or marries
Moore, Sam No. 581: M R Carroll, Gdn of Sam Moore minors (Index to Probate Docket)
May 1859 Citation
Moorehead, Elizabeth No. 205: J N Smith Gdn of Elizabeth Moorehead
Sep 1864: Application for letters of gdn for minor Elizabeth Moorehead approved, bond $10,000
Oct 1866: Gdn reports loss of negroes from inventory
Nov 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Murdock, W A No. 181: W S Clinton Gdn of W A Murdock
Oct 1865: Cont
Nov 1865: Petition of W S Clinton to be released from Gdnship of W R Murdock; granted as soon as he turns over all effects of the estate and paying all probate fees
Jan 1866: Petition to be discharged as Gdn approved; case continued
Murdock, William A R No. 164/180: State of Texas re William A R Murdock
31 Mar 1863: William A R Murdock, sun [sic] of Julie Murdock, deceased, represented to be 14 years by W C Coates and W P Robinson, makes application that W C Coates be appointed Guardian; so ordered
25 May 1863: Continued
May 1863: W C Coates, Gdn, presented report of estate, approved
June 1863: on docket
31 Jul 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Sep 1863: Wm R Murdock, a minor over the age of 14 years, chose Wm S Clinton as Guardian
Newlon, J C No. 201: Catherine Newlon, Adx of estate of J C Newlon, decd
Jul 1864: Surviving wife of J C Newlon; bond of $5,000; Seth Miller, A Webster and D Kirkland appointed appraisers
Aug 1864: Inventory and appraisement filed and approved; whole of estate not value of a homestead so whole of property turned over to widow and children at appraisement value in lieu of homestead and 1 year support; Adx dismissed
Mar 1867: Tract of land in Bosque County set aside to widow as her absolute property; case dismissed
Newell, George V No. 233 R J Tally Admr of G V Newell, decd
Feb 1866 Final accounting approved and Admr discharged
Feb 1866 Mary Newell Appointed Admr
Apr 1866 Admr did not appear or give bond so discharged; R J Talley appointed Admr; B F Harris, R J Richey, and Jacob Lang appointed appraisers
R J Tally Admr
Apr 1866 Admr petitioned to sell land; approved
May 1866 cont
Nowlin, J W No. 161: B D Arnold, Administrator of J W Nowlin [Nowlon]
Jul 1862: Order that Admr sell notes and accounts in payment of debts
Nov 1862: J L Sears, J C Johnson & J S Fitzhugh appointed appraisers
Feb 1863: on docket
Feb 1863: Letters of Adm to be issued, bond $70,000
25 May 1863: continued
Jun 1863: on docket
31 Jul 1863
Aug 1863: on docket
Sep 1863: Appraisers listed approved, consisting of 2 tracts of property in Bosque County; Appraisal bill approved
Nov 1863: Cont
Dec 1863: Report of property accepted
No. 189: J W Speights, Admr of Estate of J W Nowlin, decd
Dec 1863: Application for Letters; cont; Annual report submitted and approved
02 Jan 1864 vacation term: Application for Withdrawal of petition - granted
Dec 1865: Petition for order of sale of Law Library and personal effects of Estate and also to sell real estate known as Nowlin’s law office and 319 ac of land in Bosque County being the Geo W Hinson Headright; order to sell anything under $10 for cash and over $10 12 months credit; law office & 319 acres in Bosque County to be sold 1st Tuesday in February 1865; J W Speight, Thomas ? and J McDonald appointed appraisers
Jan 1866: Report of condition of estate approved
Feb 1866: Petition of Mrs L Nowlin for 1 year’s support; $600 to be set apart as allowanced;
Mar 1866: S G Bryan petition for sale of homestead to satisfy lien; continued to next term
Apr 1866: B D Arnold present with attorney and Lavinia Nowlin, widow, present by attorney J W Speight; Admr released from the rents and that he pay over to widow and homestead to her
Apr 1866: S G O’Bryan petition to sell homestead for payment of claim against purchase money, granted to amend petition;
09 Apr 1866 Vacation Term: Admr sell on 1st Tuesday in May all personal and perishable property, also land mentioned in Will for payment of debts; April sale failed due to high water prevented Admr from getting to Waco on that day
May 1866: Report sale of 319 acres in Bosque County affirmed; metes and bounds land description; ordered to make deed to M D Herring; Col A McGahey presenting claim against estate for $220 with lien against Lot 7 Block 1 Waco, prior order vacated, Adr to sell lot 1st Tuesday in June 1866 for balance owned
May 1866: Admr asked Mrs. Lavonia Nowlin be cited to show how much she has received of the claims due J W Nowlin decd in Tennessee; petition of S G OBryan for order of real estate cont
1866 Jun - Sale of lot approved to Janet Sneed; petition to sell wheat for 1865 and 1866 and hay; Petition for sale of 17 acres out of Lobar #133 patent to P F Car?; 417 ac Matias Silva tract on east side of Hog Creek; 51 ac known as the ___; so ordered
Jun 1866 ordered Admr make deed 30 acres to Janet Sneed
Jul 1866: Petition to sell wheat and hay granted
O’Hara minors of Wm E – James H & Georgia S No. 246: George W Hayden (Dr), Gdn of James H & Georgia S O’Hara, minors of Wm E O’Hara, deceased
Jul 1866: Petition for Guardianship granted; bond [amount not given]
Oct 1866:cont
Nov 1866: citation to be served upon Miss G S O’Hara who desires Gdnship; Gdn appointed; bond $6000
Jan 1867: Gdn ordered to take transcript to Alabama for collection of money due wards
Feb 1867: cont
Mar 1867: J M Jenkins, security on Gdn bond, asks to be released- approved; Gdn ordered to present new bond
Mar 1867 vacation term: Petition of T J Selman to be released from bond approved
Oakes, Charles Houston & Francis Marion No. 77: Wm E Oakes, Guardian of Charles Houston Oakes & Francis Marion Oakes
Feb 1858: Guardianship granted; John R Harris, R P Dean, & James C Johnson appointed Appraisers
Apr-Jun 1858: cont
30 Aug 1858: Citation
Sep 1858: cont
25 Oct 1858: Citation
Nov 1858-Jan 1859: cont
28 Feb 1859: Citation
Mar 1859-Feb 1860: cont.
Mar 1860: Execution for cash; dismissed
Oakes, Francis No. 152: Lee R Davis, Gdn of Francis Oakes
Oct-Nov 1866: cont
Dec 1866: dismissed from docket upon payment of court fees
Oakes, Pleasant J & T A No. 36: William Coates, Guardian of Pleasant J. Oakes and T. A. Oakes
Jun 1856: Guardian appointed; estate to be transferred from Tennessee
Jul 1856: Receipt in full given by minor and ordered to be recorded
Jan 1858: P. J. Oakes presented full receipt and Guardian discharged
Oakes, Susan No. 51: Susan Oakes, Will
Jun 1866: On application of M D Herring (Horning?) & others, Will to be recorded
Ogden, Moses E No. 239: Mary A Ogden – Community property – Moses E Ogden decd
Apr 1866: Inventory of community property approved; continued
Nov 1866: Case dismissed
Orman, John No.166: L D Orman, Adm of John Orman, deceased
23 Feb 1863: Letters of Administration; bond $16,000; “loose property in shop of John Orman, deceased, tools, etc., and other things liable to go to waste sold at door of shop on public square, Saturday, 7 Mar 1863”
25 May 1863: Continued
Jun 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Jun 1864: Annual report, Sale Bill, List of Notes presented and approved
Feb 1866: Petition to sell estate; ordered to sell on 12 months credit with good security, 2% interest
Padgett minors of W T - No. 582: John Beatty, Gdn of W T Padgett minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Patilla minors of A & J - No. 552: T V & J W Blackwell, Gdn of A & J Pattilla minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Paul, Elizabeth No. 471: W D Parnell, Admr Elizabeth Paul, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Peters minors of Conrad - No. 532: Amelia Smitty, Gdn of Conrad Peters minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Peters, Hutson No. 178 – S M Jenkins, Admr of Estate of Hutson Peters, decd
Aug 1863:  Peters died 02 Sep 1863 in Waco, was Assessor and Collector of Taxes for McLennan County; Admr appointed; $10,000 bond
Sep 1863: Jos H Carter, J L S McCall & Thales McDonald appraisers; Jenkins issued Letters of Administration
Oct 1864: Inventory of credit approved
May 1866: Petition to dispose of stock cattle and brand - granted
Pool minor of Caroline – Thomas No. 43: L H Scrutchfield, Guardian of Thomas M Pool, Minor (minor heirs of Caroline Pool, deceased)
Oct 1855: Exhibit of Sale ordered at previous term, presented and approved; sale on 12 months credit
Oct 1857: Annual accounting and Exhibit presented and approved
23 Oct 1858: Annual accounting and Exhibit presented and approved
31 Dec 1859: Annual accounting and Exhibit presented and approved
23 Feb 1863: on docket
Dec 1865: Annual accounting presented and approved
Oct 1866: Gdn ordered to make exhibit and citation ordered to Bosque County
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Exhibit approved; cont for 12 months
Ragsdale, John M No. 175: W C Berry, Administrator of the Estate of John M Ragsdale
May 1863: Letters of Administration upon return of bond
08 Jun 1863: Appraisers appointed: W A Fort, Jerome Woods, Lecomptre
29 Jun 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Sep 1863: Inventory approved
Nov 1863: Petition to sell property to pay debts of estate, cattle, trunk, cloth coat
Reed, Charles E No. 222/No. 227: Albert Chalmers, Admr Charles E Reed, decd
Oct 1865: Bond $16,000 filed; W R Kellum & Peter McClelland securities
Dec 1865: Chalmers asks E A McKenney be appointed Admr; $6000 bondJ L L McCall, J F Shegag & J D Wallace appointed appraisers
E A McKenney [McKinney] Admr of Charles E Reed decd
26 Dec 1865: S M Glenn appointed Admr; B F Norris, W M Anderson, & J C Pettigrew appointed Appraisers; Sureties P McClelland and George Barnard
31 Dec 1866: P 140 – Claims against estate may be made within 12 months from Sep 1866; report approved; order to sell 2 town lots 8 and 9, Blk 22, Waco, 1st Tuesday in Feb 1867 for claims against estate
Jan 1867: Petition of Geo B Erath approved; Admr to return additional inventory; O C Downs, W O Campbell & W B Trice appointed appraisers of additional inventory
Feb 1867: Additional inventory presented and approved; appraisement approved; settlement with claim of Lee R Davis against Estate approved
Mar 1867: Erath claim approved; Erath & Burney present claim; ordered sale of Lots 8 & 9 Block 13 the 1st Tuesday in June 1867; claim from D R Tinsley; A Chalmers [claim owed to estate?]; report if claim has been paid and if so how amount was arrived at
09 Apr 1867: P 254 – Vacation Term - Transcript of proceedings necessary for District Court whenever called for by Admr
Rice, Jno No. 578: A T & M P Rice, Exec of Jno Rice, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Richardson minors of A No. 46: Isaac Richardson, Gdn of A Richardson minors
Oct 1866: Gdn petitions for sale of tract on Bosque River, no other property to support minors; approved
Nov 1866: Inventory and appraisement recorded; petition to sell 463 acres on North Bosque, Gdn to given notice and sell
Jan 1867: sale of 463 acres to James E Harrison confirmed; security John ? and Robert Richey
Richey, Josiah No. 112 - B F Richey, Adm of Josiah Johnson
31 Jul 1863: W D Bedwell vs Allen H and Elizabeth R Bryant
Aug 1863: GC Markham/Johnson on docket; Bidwell appointed Guardian of Allen & Elisha R Bryant; Bond of $9200
Sep 1863: Partition having been made by Commissioners, ordered George C Markham deliver to James Renfrow, Gdn of J E Johnson the negro woman Julia and all titles and deeds and papers belonging to him
Richey, Willie Ann No. 251:  B F Richey, Gdn of Willie Ann Richey
Jan 1867: Benjamin F Richey filed petition for Gdnship of Willie Ann Richey, age 11, only child of William A. and Doucilla Richey, both deceased, whole estate less than $2000; Gdn confirmed; bond $4000
? Abernathy, Robert Richey, and W M Anderson appointed appraisers; transcript to be made to enable Gdn to procure funds of Ward in Tennessee
Feb-Mar 1867: cont
Robinson minors - No. 135:  John Robinson, Gdn of Robinson Minors
Oct 1866-Mar 1867: cont.
No. 135:  Levi Robinson, Gdn of Robinson Minors
Oct 1866-Mar 1867: cont.
Roseman minors – Spartana M, Cornelia Eliza, Williametta & Samuel MIlton No. 256 – Mrs Mary J Roseman, Gdn of Spartana M. & Cornelia Eliza & Williametta & Samuel Milton
Feb 1867: her own minor children; bond $5000; W L Powell, A L Rose and Thomas Gallaway appointed appraisers
Mar 1867: cont
Rosson, E B No. 246: B F Richey, Administrator of E B Rosson, deceased
29 Oct 1866: Pg 220 - Admr appointed, bond $300; appraisers F S Sparks, J H Sparks Jr and J H Abernathy; inventory approved
Nov 1866: Petition to sell perishable property, notice to be given in Coryell and McLennan Counties
Nov-Dec 1867: Pg 221 – Report of sale confirmed except gold watch; Admr ordered to sell watch
Mar 1867: Pg 222 – sale confirmed
Russell, J T No. 162: ? Russell, Administrator of J T Russell, deceased
Jul 1862: Cont
Aug 1862: Cont
Oct 1862: cont
Nov 1862: cont
Feb 1863: docket
Apr 1863: cont
May 1863: cont
Jun 1863: on docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Ryan, E D No. 163: M K Ryan, Administrator of the Estate of E D Ryan, deceased
Oct 1862: cont
Nov 1862: cont
Dec 1862: Letters issued to Ryan, bond $70,000; Josiah Taylor, L F Puckett, George Barnard, George N Carter and John W Winn appointed appraisers
Feb 1863: on docket
Feb 1863: W K Ryan, Adm of E D Ryan, deceased; Sherley & Carrington, Adm of E D Ryan, deceased, $70,000 bond
Apr 1863: Application filed to give bond for administration of the Estate is ordered repealed
No. 224: E A McKinney Administrator of E D Ryan, deceased
Apr 1863: M K Ryan Admr failed to give bond; order repealed
Oct 1865: Petition for final Letters of Administration, bond $40,000 & good security; Peter McClelland, Jno A Winn and S A Sturgis appointed appraisers
Apr 1866: F L Denison brought claim against estate, approved, verified by E A Sturgis, 31 Dec 1861
May 1866: Claim of $3936.08 of ? M Wiley, Assr of Bayer & Co, accepted by Estate, approved by Court
Sandifer minors - No. 402: A J Pierce, Gdn of Sandifer minors (Index to Probate Docket, pg 23)
Scott, John M No. 228: S M Glenn Administrator of John M Scott decd
26 Dec 1865: Appointed Admr; B F Harris, W M Anderson & J C Pettigrew appointed appraisers; bond $8000, sureties P. McClelland & Geo Barnard
Jan 1866: Inventory approved
Feb 1866: Continued to next term
30 Oct 1866: Sale of 2-horse wagon approved; sale of Town Lot 3 in Block 4 to A McGahey approved
Nov 1866: Pg 185 - Lot 14 Block 3 sole to B F Harris approved; sale of Lot 13 Block 3 to S M Jenkins approved; sale of Lot 1 Block 14 & part of Lot 2 Block 14 to M R Holladay approved
Dec 1866: Pg 130 – Household kitchen furniture, cow and calf set aside for widow and daughter
Mar 1867: cont
Shackleford minors of Angeline – Henry, Cora, May & Jane No. 99: John Shackleford, Guardian of Angeline Shackelford, deceased – minors Henry, Cora, May [Mary?] & Jane
Feb 1863: Guardian approved; Appraisers appointed: W C Coates, W S Clinton & J M Bedwell
25 May 1863: Continued
Jun 1863: On docket
27 Jul 1863: Report received and recorded; Administrator to report of effect of the amounts due
Aug 1863: On docket
Sharpe, Margaret (heir of Evans) No. 207: Wm S Gill, Gdn of Margt Sharpe, minor heir of Estate of Wm Evans, decd
Oct 1864: Being over 14, chose Wm S Gill gdn of her person and estate, bond $8,000; Frank Richey, S F Sparks & J M Spadden appointed appraisers
Dec 1864: Admr to hire out negroes belonging to his ward
Dec 1865: Petition by Gdn’s agent I L L McCall that Gdn be discharged from guardianship – approved; report of condition of property examined and approved
Shipp, William No. 197: R B & Sophie Smith, Administrators of Wm Shipp [Schip], deceased
July 1864: Will presented for probate; only witness, J Thomason out of state; will hand-written, two witnesses E A Sturgess and L H Russick sworn to testify to handwriting; Will entered into probate
Jan 1866: Letters Testamentary with Will annexed ordered to be recorded July 8 1866
Feb 1866: Bond filed; Letters of Administration ordered; E A Sturgis, J S Forsgard and E H Carter appointed appraisers
Mar 1866: Inventory approved;
Smith minors of Wm A – H & J No. 124: R H Majors, Guardian minor heirs of Wm A Smith, decd -- H & J Smith
30 Mar 1863: Annual report approved; continued for 12 months
25 May 1863: Continued
Mar 1864: Annual report approved
Mar 1866: Annual report approved & ordered May 1865 report be recorded
Oct 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Smith, J M No. 229: Mrs Amanda A Smith Administrator of Maj J M Smith decd
27 Dec 1865: Appointed Admr with $15,000 bond, sureties R C Word, E H Hardin and J L L McCall; I M Brandon, E A Strugis & E M B Sawyer appointed appraisers \
Jan 1866: cont
Feb 1866: Continued
Apr 1866: Admx failed to return Inventory, ordered she be dismissed and pay all costs accrued
29 Oct 1866: Ordered Admx return inventory
Nov? 1866: Letters of Administration be issued, bond $6000; R B Smith, S D Horne and C B Way appointed appraisers
Smith, William E No. 195: M Yell, Admr pro tem for Estate of Wm E Smith, decd
20 Jun 1864 vacation term: Admr pro tem appointed; ordered to take into his possession all money, etc.; Jno Fleming, Dr Pollard & ? Sparks appointed appraisers
23 Jun 1864: Admr to secure funds to purchase home for heir, a Confederate soldier; Admr to sell for specie all personal property and effects of estate
Jun 1864: Admr pro tem continue to act; cont
Jul 1864: Yell appointed Admr, $6600; report and sale bill approved
Steele, Thomas No. 363: J D Wallace, Admr of Thomas Steele (Index to Probate Docket)
Stephens minors – John and William No. 247: R Cunningham, Gdn of B J Stephens minors
01 Nov 1866:  John over 14, William less than 14, Gdn appointed; M W Corbell and Z Pettigrew and Nero Smith appointed appraisers
Dec 1866: appraisement and inventory recorded
Jan-Mar 1867: cont
Stephens, B F & minors No. 156: Richard Simpson, Gdn of B F Stephens, a lunatic, and of his minor children 3 in number
Jul 1862: Final account received; Gdn discharged
Stephens, Elizabeth J, Robert E & James M No. 37: Jno. M. Stephen, Guardian of Elizabeth J., Robert E., & Jas. M. Stephen
Jan 1855: Guardian appointed (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Feb 1855: Bond given but no inventory (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Aug 1855: Citation ordered (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Sep 1856: Guardian cited to appear (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Mar 1857: Guardian cited to appear to make report of condition of estate (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Apr 1857: Annual statement presented and approved (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Jun 1858: Alias Citation
30 Aug 1858: Citation
25 Oct 1858: Citation
28 Feb 1859: Petition to remove to Erath; continued through 26 Sep 1859
Stevens, B F No. 160: M W Corbell, Adm of B F Stevens, deceased
Jul 1862: Order to sell personal property of estate for cash & hire out negroes at private hiring because negro woman’s health is delicate & not be for advantage of estate to hire out at public outcry; cont
Aug 1862: Ordered that sale bill be recorded and money paid to officers for accrued costs
Nov 1862: Cont
Feb 1863: Cont
Jun 1863: On docket
May 1863: continued
27 Jul 1863: Report recorded
Aug 1863: On docket
Stone, R A No. 145: William Stone, Administrator of R A Stone, deceased
Feb 1863: continued till next term
30 Mar 1863: Final accounting approved; Administrator discharged
Stone, William No. 208: Catherine B Stone & Thales McDonald, Adr Pro Tem of Wm Stone, decd
Nov 1864 vacation term: 10 Nov 1864; Surviving widow; $10,000 bond
Nov 1864: Cont
Dec 1864: Admr to sell surplus corn and wheat after clearing sufficiency to support the place for the next year; Mrs. Stone withdrawing from application for Letters of Administration and Thales McDonald appointed Admr with bond 41,000; John Roibnson, J W Tinsley and W B Trice appointed appraisers
Oct 1865: Admr to sell corn & wheat, mules, horses, colts, cattle, thresher & reaper, household & kitchen furnishings; rent the farm and town property all for cash
Nov 1865: Application to sell property, also mules, horse, colt, cattle, thresher & reaper, household & kitchen furnishings; rent the farm and town property all for cash, with plough & rent farm and town property – all for cash
Jan 1866: Petition of John M Stone to partition; heirs to be cited by publication in Waco Register to show cause
Thales McDonald Admr of William Slone, decd
Feb 1866: Petition of John Stone for partition and distribution of Estate; R P Stone gdn of minor children Richard, Catherine, Mary & ____ Stone, residents of McLennan County, Texas; that N F & Vowles and Mary S Vowles (formerly Stone) and M F Verdier, H M Verdier, and William Verdier, minors and children of Margaret Verdier (formerly Stone), all residents of Missouri, have been cited by publication in Waco Register for 4 weeks; entitled to shares: John M Stone, Richard Stone’s minor children – Catherine, Mary & ? Stone, N J Vowels and Mary F Vowels, H M Verdier, Mary Verdier, Wm Verdier; Charles B Way, Esq appointed GAL of minor children of Margaret Verdier and attorney-at-law of Vowels; Estate consists of: homestead place of 355 acres, 900 ac of land in the prairie on Bullhide Creek, 70 ac in Cedar Brake and Bosque Bottom, 2 unimproved & 2 improved lots in Waco, money & claims divisiable among heirs; William B Trice and N T Sneed appointed commissioners to apportion Estate; 1st assume $600-$800 to pay claims against Charles Stone and children of Wm Stone who died after his father; 2nd already received and to be charged against from distribution: Verdier $2250, Vowels $225.00, heirs of Richard $4100, John $975; 3rd remember interest of several heirs; if estate can’t be divided with justice to heirs, report to court next term
Mar 1866: Report of sale made on 17 Nov 1865; affirmed; Re amount of sale of corn, wheat and other personal effects sold 12 Mar 1866 was presented; approved; report of Commissioners approved; all Gdns Executors and Admrs to appear at next term to answer questions re estate
Apr 1866: Commissioners report disapproved; John A Cobbs, William Walker and Louis Regan, Neill McLennan Jr and J W Speight be appointed to partition estate and report at next term
May 1866: Cont:
Oct 1866: Ordered Admr make final exhibit for settlement at next term; 2 sets of commissioners failed to divide land
Nov 1866: Admr’s petition to resign accepted; must pay fees due in case #145 to Wm Stone, admr of R A Stone estate; petition of G W O’Connor or L McLeonard to be allows to pay note due estate; facts proven by J C West, attorney; account of J L L McCall for attorneys services to estate ordered to be filed; account of Norris & McCall
Dec 1866: Admr presented report for final settlement, accepted; account of W D Chambers approved; Admr discharged; Jno M Stone approved, bond $8000; George E Burney, W B Trice appointed appraisers
Jno M Stone, Adm de bonis non of William Stone, decd
Dec 1866: Admr ordered to sell homestead and other tracts, together with town lots; Admr authorized to settle with Dr L McDonald the former Admr
Feb 1867: Inventory approved; Admr ordered to advertise sale of land
Feb 1867: Cont
Mar 1867: Sale of Lot 6, Blk 2 bought by Wilson Swain confirmed; 318 acres homestead sold to Dr J H Mullins confirmed; sale of lots 5-7 Blk 27 to Mrs H A Jenkins confirmed; sale of 10 acres to E G Wiebusch confirmed; sale of 12 acres by Elias Linkenhogen confirmed; sale of Lot 12, Blk 3 to N S McCartney confirmed; sale of 12 acres to J T Morrison confirmed; sale of 960 acres on waters of Bull Hide Creek by Dr. Fraiser? Confirmed; cont
Later Note:  This sale was confirmed in error
Report of sale of 960 acres on Bull Hide Creek by Dr. Frasier confirmed
Strange, Lott No. 206: Margt Strange, Admr of Lott. Strange, decd
Sep 1864: A Barry waived right of Admr and recommended Mgt Strange, widow of dec’d, approved, bond $4,000; T L Slater, J Frazell and John Harkey appointed appraisers
31 Oct 1864: Filed Inventory
Nov 1864: Inventory approved; $500 be set apart for support of widow and children for 1 year; exempt from forced sale – homestead not to exceed 200 acres, household and kitchen furniture up to $200, farming interests up to $50, 5 cows, 20 hogs, 1 horse, 1 yoke oxen; petition for order of sale for personal and perishable property granted, cotton and pork for cash, balance on 6 mos credit
Dec 1864: File report approved (except with relation to the land in Navarro County which is laid over for further action); property confirmed to use of widow and children
Oct 1866: Alias citation ordered – Admr to report condition of estate at next term of court
Strange, O E M No. 187: Cecilia Strange, Admr of O E M Strange, decd
Nov 1863: Bond $1500, Sam Frazell and Thos Slater as securities; J Mullins, Thos Slater and Sam Frazell appointed appraisers
Dec 1863: Inventory approved; petitioned for sufficiency for 1 year’s support for herself and children; entire estate set aside for widow and children and case dismissed for cost
Thompson, Burwell J No. 146: A J McGowan & Elisha Floyd, Administrators of the Estate of Burwell J Thompson, decd
Aug 1862: Petition for order to sell corn granted; Petition for order to sell negroes for cash to satisfy debts granted
Oct 1862: on docket
Oct 1862: Report of sale – boy Lott $1700 and boy Jim $1375 sold to J B Crane; boy Allen $2000 to James Floyd; girl Martha $1100; boys Dan and Dick $1340 to JH Thompson; girl Margaret $1121 to J C Evans; land to J H Thompson, T Johnson; Mrs. A A Blankenship; buggy and corn for cash – sales confirmed; iron safe to be sold at courthouse door; land in Travis County and patented to John C Payne be sold 1st Tues in Jan 1863 for cash to satisfy lien of John R Harris, Admr of H Elliott, decd
Nov 1862 cont
Feb 1863: Cont
May 1863: Cont; report of sale of iron safe be received from S H Renick
25 May 1863: Ordered Administrators sell at courthouse door the first Tuesday in July 1863 (1) Negro boy Clint to the highest bidder (2) 400 acres in Harmon League on credit over 12 months (3) of league on Tiwakney Creek of the Harmon League on credit over 12 months (4) undivided 1/3 of league on Tiwakna Creek (original grantee not known)
Jun 1863: on docket
29 Jun 1863: Order to sell given in May term made to read first Tuesday in August
Aug 1863: On docket
Dec 1863: Cont
Jan 1864: Report of sale; cont
Feb 1864: Report presented; cont
Mar 1864: Report presented, cont
Apr 1864: Cont
May 1864: Annual report approved; Report of Sale made
27 Jun 1864: Report of Sale of May 1863 made and disapproved, sale set aside
25 Jul 1864: Petition to sell negroes granted
Sep 1864: Sale of negroes, Peter 60 yrs, Louisa Ann @20 yrs, her child @2 yrs, a boy Amandy @ 18 yrs; her girl child about 2 yrs old, Priss @25 yrs old and her girl child Kitty @ 4 or 5 yrs old and her boy child about 2 yrs old, Nanny @ 20 yrs, Eliza @ 20 yrs, Elain @ 18 yrs, Reuben 22 yrs, Dick @ 22 yrs, Samira @ 20 yrs & Dela @ 17 yrs, to be sold to meet indebtedness; W R Johnson by attorney asked sale be quashed as injunction had been granted him by District Judge of 19th Dist enjoining Admr from selling negroes at July term; granted; Pltff asked for appear to District Court; granted
May 1866: James Wilde Jr, F S Kirt?, John S Wilde, and Joseph Wilde vs A J McGowan & Elisha Floyd re Estate of Burwell J Thompson; petition that Admr be required to return full exhibit re condition of estate, particularly hire of negroes
Thompson, John No. 149: Mrs A Thompson, Gdn of John Thompson, minor
Oct 1866: citation to make exhibit
Nov 1866-Mar 1867: cont
Thompson, Peter No. 520: Samuel Thompson, Exec of Peter Thompson, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Tinsley, D R No. 216: Tinsley & Ross, Exr D R Tinsley decd
Nov 1865: Application of J W Tinsley, Sarah A Tinsley & L S Ross for probate of Will; genuine Will filed May 8, 1865; executor named in Will James W Tinsley, Sarah A Tinsley and L S Ross
Dec 1865: Continued
Tinsley, J W No. 437: F M Pitts, Extr of J W Tinsley, Decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Toland minors - No. 521: J F W Toland, Gdn of Toland minors (Index to Probate Docket)
Tuttle, A K No. 191: G B Dutton, Executor of A K Tuttle, decd
Feb 1864: Application for Probate of Will approved
Twaddle, A E No. 250: B J C Hill & N T Sneed, Admrs of A E Twaddle, dec’d
31 Dec 1866: P 246 – Petition for Administration of Estate of Alfered E Twaddle granted with $4,000 bond; W D Chambers, B F Harris and S M Glenn appointed Appraisers and ordered to carry on the farm of dec’d for 1867and as fences are in bad condition ordered to repair fences, costs to be paid out of crop (rest page torn off)
Jan 1867: P 247. . . support of widow and child for 1 year and $1,000 out of first funds they get
Feb 1867: P 248 - All property exempt be set apart for widow and child; homestead set apart for widow and child
Mar 1867: P 248 - Admr ordered to pay fees due court
Wagner, William No. 179: Eli Jones, Administrator of the Estate of William Wagner
Sep 1863: Application to probate Will; case continued
01 Oct 1863: Affidavit of S H Renick, witness to Will; probate entered; Jones executor
09 Oct 1863: Eli Jones, by agent A Jones, order Jones hire out slaves of said estate on 19 Oct 1863 until 25 Dec 1863; Appraisers appointed: Lee R Davis, Wm Echelberger and Joel Parks
Nov 1863: Appraisal approved; Report of hire of Negroes recorded
Jun 1866: Petition to sell 40 head of stock cattle and horses for cash on July 14
Walker heirs of Jacob No. 112: John V Walker vs Heirs of Jacob Walker & others
Feb 1863: on docket as B F Ricky, Admr for Josiah Johnson
29 Aug 1859: Petition for dis____ of law in Kaufman County; received and recorded
Sep 1859-Feb 1860
26 Mar 1860: Dismissed
Walker, Jno V No. 62: Sarah A Walker, Guardian of John/Jno V/B Walker, non compos mentis
Dec 1856: Letters of Guardianship granted; appraisers appointed [not named]
Mar 1857: Appraisal approved; petition for partition granted Erath – Robert Lyons and Charles Warren appear to Commissioners to partition; continued
May 1857: Continued upon application of Wm Nowlin; report of Commissioners approved
Apr-May 1858: cont
Jun 1858: citation
Sep 1858-Mar 1859: cont
26 Apr 1859: Citation
May 1859 Citation
May 1859-Jul 1860: cont
Jul 1862: Cont
23 Feb 1863: Cont
Jan 1864: Annual report approved
Jan 1866: Annual report approved
Oct, Nov, Dec 1866 & Jan 1867: Cont
Feb 1867: Gdn ordered to proceed to sell land in Kaufman County; proceeds to benefit land belonging to ward in McLennan County
Waters minors of B C – John, Felix, Sarah, Lucinda & Clarinda No. 57: Mrs Nancy Waters, Guardian of John, Felix, Sarah, Lucinda, and Clarinda Walters, heirs of B C Waters
Jun 1855: Guardian appointed; minors under 14 years
Oct 1856: Guardian cited to appear and make return of inventory
Nov 1856: Lee Davis, Bloodworth & Will Eichelberger [no explanation]
Mar 1857: Bloodworth, Barnett & Boland Smith appointed Appraisers
Apr –Jun 1858: cont
30 Aug 1858: Citation
25 Apr 1859: I (or J) Sears, F F Bloodworth, Jno A McMurrray appointed Appraisers
27 Jun 1859: Inventory approved
Jun 1859 – Apr 1960: cont
30 Mar 1863: Petition to distribute – citation issued to heirs to appear at next term and give reason not to grant petition
May 1863 – on docket
May 1863: Cont
27 Jul 1863: Heirs John F, Sarah L, Clarinda Watters to appear next term and show cause why a distribution of the property should not be made
30 Nov 1863: Distribution to Lucinda Waters, Sarah Jane Morgan, & Clardina Waters of 1/3 each; estate also consists of 2 negroes, Ann and Andy; J L Seares F F Bloodworth & J A McMurry appointed Commrs to partition & distribute said estate
Oct 1866: Court fees ordered to Bosque County
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Dec
Jan 1867: Citation ordered to Bosque County
Feb 1867: Gdn failed to answer for several years, execution issue against him and sureties on his bond for court fees
Mar 1867: Cont
Waters, Tilman & Pleasant No. 61: Mrs Nancy Waters, Guardian of Tilman and Pleasant Walters
Aug 1856: Minors appeared in open court and chose Nancy Walters as guardian; guardianship granted; appraisers appointed [not named]
Oct 1856: Gdn cited to appear next term and make return of Inventory
Mar 1857: New appraisers appointed – Bloodworth, Barnet and B Smith
Apr, May, Jun 1858: cont
30 Aug 1858: Citation
Sep, Oct, Nov 1858: cont
31 Jan 1859: Pleasant attained majority, acknowledges receipt of his part of estate from Guardian; Guardian dismissed as guardian of Pleasant; annual exhibit accepted
Jan-Apr 1859: cont
Apr 1863: cont
Jun 1863: On docket
May 1863: on docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Webb, Newton P No. 234/No. 235: Charles B Pearce Admr pro tem Newton P Webb decd
22 Feb 1866 Vacation term: John T Flint willing to take charge of estate; letter pro tem to Charles P Pearce, bond $10,000
Mar 1866: Petition for final letters, approved upon giving bond & security; bond given; S M Glenn, W B Trice and Peter McClelland appointed appraisers
Jun 1866: Inventory approved; order for Admr to sell personal property of Estate on credit of 6 months; John Robinson, John C West and John Wood by appointed appraisers
Jul 1866: Appraisal approved
Whitaker, Clinton & C H No. 33: Henry H. Rogers & H. C. Rogers, Guardian of Clinton and C. H. Whitaker
Feb 1856: Annual exhibit presented and approved (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Mar 1857: Annual exhibit presented and ordered to be recorded (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
Feb 1858: Annual exhibit presented; error in calculations, corrected accepted (Probate Docket 1856-1859)
31 Jan 1859: Annual report approved; continued to Jan 1860
30/31 Jan 1860: Annual report approved; continued until 1861
Jul 1862: cont
Apr 1864: Annual reports of 1862 and 1863 approved
Feb 1866: Annual report and exhibit presented and approved, cont 12 months
Oct 1866: Cont
Nov 1866: Cont
Dec 1866: Cont
Jan 1867: Gdn reports one of wards became of age for $954.15, paid
Feb 1867: Annual report approved
Mar 1867: Cont
White, V Fry No. 196: J F Davis, GAL for V Fry. White
Jun 1864: Petition to “fund” C S Treas note; approved
White, Henry No. 162: S B White, Administrator, Henry White, deceased
Oct 1862: on docket
Oct 1862: Letters of Administration issued to Mrs S B White, bond $12,000; J M Smith, W W Downs, Josiah Taylor and L F Puckett & J B Ewell appointed appraisers
Nov 1862: John C West, JH Carter and George Barnard additional appraisers; J M Smith, W W Downs & J B Ewell absent or excused; admr be permitted to sell cotton; $500 be set apart for widow for one year
23 Feb 1863: docket
01 Apr 1863: Mrs S W White allowed $75 traveling expenses and $50 attorneys fees; as surviving spouse of Henry White entitled to 1/3 of estate and the Mrs. S M Ship, Mrs. B Sturgis and Av[Ov/Ar]letine F White entitled to remainder; Commissioners appointed: J Thompson, R B Wilson & James A Carter
Apr 1863: Appointed to partition estate: Capt J M Smith, Jesiah Teylor, T Thomason, I H Laster, L F Puckett; I H Davis, Guardian ad Litem for V Iry White, heir of the Estate (absent from the Court); widow: S B White; report from Nov term that sale resulting in $500 for support of widow rescinded and revoked (pg 65)
Vac Apr 1863: R B Wilson & W G Ombry appointed Commissioners in place of J M Smith and L F Puckett (pg 65)
01 Apr 1863: Partition approved; Admx discharged; J F Davis, Guardian ad Litem of V Fry White, one of the heirs of H White is order to sell cotton “now in his hands belonging to said V Fry White”
Vac term Apr 1863: Commissioners appointed: R B Wilson, W G Ombrey in place of J M Smith, & L F Puckett
25 May 1863: continued
Jun 1863: On docket
Aug 1863: On docket
Whitman, D No. 125: D H Evans —Successor to J P Daniels Admr D Whitman, decd
Apr 1866: Petition for Letters of Administration as successor of Z P Daniels late admr; approved with bond and security; bond filed
May 1866: Cont
Williams, Erastus No. 193: Mary J Williams, Adx of Erastus Williams, decd
06 Jun 1864: John K Lauler, J H Baker & F M McCary appointed appraisers
Oct 1864: Petition to barter “certain lot of horses for a negro woman, representing that it would be greatly to the interest of the Estate as said lot of horses were in danger of being stolen by Indians”; cont. Adx also presented inventory, approved
Nov 1864: Application for order to sell or trade lot of horses, granted to sell or barter them for negro property
Dec 1866: P240 – homestead of 160 acres and 25 acres in Coryell County to be set aside for widow
P242 – 1/3 of estate to widow and 2/3 to minor heirs
P 244 – Adx be discharged upon compliance with orders; pay J H Baker, J ? Saddler & W Freeman $2 each for being Commissioners; appointed Gdn of minor heirs with $3000 bond
Williams, Samuel W No. 215: William R Kellum, Gdn at Litem of S W Williams
Nov 1866: Samuel W Williams of Chickasaw County, MS, appoints Kellum attorney-in-fact to demand and sue for money due from former Gdn W R Kellum that came into his hands from estate of grandfather Edward Kellum, decd
Willis, J M No. 40 – Morrison vs J M Willis (County Court)
08 Oct 1867: dismissed at Plaintiff’s motion
Wilson minors – M A & N A No. 67: R B & M A Wilson, Guardians of M A & N A Wilson, Minors
April 1857: R B & A Wilson’s petition received; appraisers G W Prather, W W Downs & J W Speight appointed
May 1857: bond ordered
Jun, Jul 1857: cont
Oct 1857: Inventory and Appraisement approved
Dec 1857: cont
Apr, May, Jun 1858: cont
30 Aug 1858: Citation
Sep 1858 & Mar 1860: cont
Apr 1860: Citation
May-Jul: cont
29 Oct 1866: Petition for final settlement approved, appears that ward Mrs. N A Warren is indebted to Gdn for $305.99 overpayment and $1062.35 for Commissions as Gdn & $62.21 for court fees; Gdn discharged
Winn minors - No. 378: J W England, Gdn Winn minors (Index to Probate Docket)
12 Feb 18_4_ Will (Index to Probate Docket)
S L Winn, Gdn (Index to Probate Docket)
J M Morris, Gnd (Index to Probate Docket)
Winn, Alice No. 551: J M Reviere, Admr of Alice Winn, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Wood, G B No. 270: E A Jones, Admr of G B Wood, decd (Index to Probate Docket)
Woodland minors of Edward No. 465: Mrs W R Woodland, Gdn of Edward Woodland minors (Index to Probate Docket)
  Elijah Calk, Admr
May 1859 - Attachment
  T N Skaggs, Admr
May 1859 - Citation