Historic Homes of Matagorda County

Historic Homes of Matagorda County, Texas

National Register Designations  - in blue

Recorded Texas Historical Landmarks - in black


Culver Home

Dale-Rugeley-Sisk House

Fisher-Sargent-Gottschalk House



Cates-Price House

Palacios Preparatory School

Price-Farwell House

Pybus-Koerber House

Yeamans-Stallard Home



A. B. Pierce Home


Bay City

Hensley-Gusman Home

Holman House

Kilbride-Barkley House

D. P. and Louise Moore House

Morton-Salyer Home

M. S. and Cora Alice Perry House


Bay City Landmark Homes

Southside Residential Historic District
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Original Use or Owners Later Use or Owners Year Built Address

A. W. Rugeley Home

Rugeley, Carleton, Opella

1909 2404 Ave D

Ack Barnett/Wheat House

Brooks, Barnett, Wheat

1910 1220 6th

Anderson House


1927 2924 Ave G

Anita Hill Home

Hill, Stripling, Knebel, Hinson

1955 2305 4th

Boney House

Boney, Lewis, McAda

1912 2601 Ave G

Boney/Williams House

Williams, Boney, Luder

1912  2513 Ave G

Brunner Home

Brunner, Matthews, Smith

1909 2408 Ave F

Carrington/Blaylock/Taylor House

Carrington, Blaylock, Taylor

1897 2400 Ave I

Charles Langham House


1910 2501 Matthews

Cleveland/Dearmond Home

Cleveland, McClain, Rakestraw, Harris, Dearmond

1908 2516 Ave I

Daehne House

Garrett, Daehne, Nguyen, Nieto

1940 2801 Ave I

Delano House

Delano, Norris

1912 1313 6th

Hamill/Bell/ House/Norris House

Hamill, Bell, Norris

1911 1317 6th

Harding/Secrest House

Harding, Secrest

1902 2512 Ave G

Hawkins House

Hawkins, Norris

1909 2200 Ave D

Hawkins/Furse House

Hawkins, Furse

1913 2405 Ave G

J. C. Lewis House

Lewis, Pennington

1932 2517 Ave G

Magruder/Burkhart/Evans House

Magruder, Burkhart, Evans

1938 3205 Ave K

P. E. Parker Home

Winsworth, Parker, Hinton, Herring

1902 2301 6th

Porter/Gaspard Home

Garrett, Porter, Gaspard

1941 2500 Ave E

Rugeley/Carrington/Morgan House

Rugeley, Carrington, Morgan

1896 2420 Ave H

Sholars/Secrest/Richardson House

Sholars, Secrest, Richardson

1905 2520 Ave G

Smith/James House

Smith, James

1921 2501 Ave I

Thompson/Hicks/ Echard House

Thompson, Hicks, Echard

1912 1500 6th

W. L. White House

White, Garrett, White, Drenner

1939 2901 Ave H


Bay City


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