In March 1918, Texas women were granted the right to vote in party primaries. The law would not go into effect for 90 days, which left only 17 days for women to register to vote in the July 26, 1918 , Democratic primary. Statewide, more than 386,000 women registered to vote. By July 15, 1918 , Matagorda County had 997 registered women voters.

            On June 28, 1919 , Texas became the ninth state to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which took effect on August 26, 1920 , giving women the right to vote in all elections.

            A detailed history of woman suffrage is on the following website of the Handbook of Texas Online: Woman Suffrage

The Daily Tribune
, June 14, 1918 :

 Blank To Be Signed By Women When Registering as Voters

             After changing his opinion three or four times, the attorney general has decided that the safest plan for women who desire to avail themselves of the limited franchise given them by the legislature, is to register, from all precincts, large and small. Registration is necessary to insure the privilege of the ballot and women in the country as well as in the cities must register.

            The attorney general in the latest official announcement relating to the bill giving women the privilege of voting in the July primaries, admits that “there may be a shadow of a doubt” and says to make themselves sure of having their ballots accepted and counted by the election judges, all women would better register with the tax collector of their respective counties.

            Herewith the Tribune prints the form of blank to be filled out and signed by every woman seeking to exercise the franchise. This form must be made out and signed by each and every woman without help or suggestion from any source, according to the provisions of the law. The collector is permitted, if he wishes to do so, to take these certificates at other places to be designated by him, within the limits of his county, and so save the women the possible inconvenience and trouble of going to the county seat.

            Remember, registration is to begin June 26 and will close July 12, fifteen days later. To become a qualified voter a woman must have lived in Texas at least one year. She must have lived the six months previous to her registration in that county, or if a resident of an incorporated city, three months in that city. Blanks will be found with each tax collector during the fifteen days following June 26. After each woman has filled her blank her voting precinct will be filled and the certificate will be officially signed by the county collector or an authorized deputy.


The Daily Tribune
, June 25, 1918 :


  Bay City , Texas , June 21, 1918

Woman’s Hobby Club of Bay City, Bay City , Texas

 Dear friends:

            We are not bringing you a message on “woman suffrage,” but on “woman’s opportunity for service,” for whatever have been our convictions on woman suffrage before, they are necessarily eliminated now. It is no longer a question of suffrage, but how well we are going to meet this new duty. We are sure that it will be met with the same degree of efficiency that has characterized the work of women previously, and that we will acquit ourselves as patriotic citizens.

            The paramount issue just now is the one hundred per cent registration of our eligible women. It is unfortunate that the law requires that the woman registrant shall personally appear in the office of the tax collector at the county seat, so we must comply with the letter of the law and eliminate any contest later, and thus show ourselves masters of this first difficulty.

            Each woman registering will be given a “certificate of registration.” This must be carefully preserved, as it will be your “pass word” when you present yourself at the poles to vote. It will this year serve as a pole [sic] tax receipt.

            July Holland’s Magazine contains the article, “Doubling the State’s Voting Strength,” which should be read carefully by each woman. It is very informing,—and very explicitly explains the “how” and “Why” of voting.

            We would suggest that you set a date early as possible in the registration period when it will be most convenient for your women, and have your committee on registration assist every woman to get to Bay City on that date to register. If you will kindly notify us we will be happy to render you every assistance possible. The Bay City club will have ladies at the court house to greet you, and the W. C. T. U. rest room will be open for your comfort. If those who expect to come by train will notify Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth, she will see that they are met.

            Voting is so new to us that a great many women will feel all at sea as to whom they should vote for. If you will select several of your best informed women who will meet in conjunction with a committee from the men’s Hobby Club and make out an indorsed ticket you will render great service to them. Let us elect a Hobby ticket throughout, so as to render him the greatest support in his work as governor. And by all means name Judge Nelson Phillips and Greenwood for the Supreme Court, for we can no less ill afford to have Mr. Ferguson dominate our Supreme Court than our State politics.

            In all our work we must be aggressive and thorough, yet tactful and patient, and always remembering that our slogan is “One hundred per cent registration for our women” and our motto is “Hobby for governor.”

            We shall be interested to know the degree of enthusiasm you have, and what per cent of your eligible women will register to vote for Hobby.

Yours to command,

Mrs. Paris Smith, County Chairman

Miss Cara Garrett, Vice County Chairman

Miss Mary Rugeley, Secretary


Matagorda County Tribune, June 28, 1918 :


             It is fitting on this, the day on which the primary suffrage law of Texas goes into effect, ninety days after the 27th day of March, that all good citizens should reread the cogent reasons advanced by the president of the United States for suffrage for women.

 “The White House, Washington, D. C.

 To the Memorialists of France , Great Britain , Belgium , Italy and Portugal :

            I have read your message with the deepest interest and I welcome the opportunity to say that I agree without reservation that the full and sincere democratic reconstruction of the world for which we are striving, and which we are determined to bring about at any cost, will not have been completely or adequately attained until women are admitted to the suffrage, and only by that action can the nations of the world realize for the benefit of future generations the full ideal force of opinion or the full humane forces of action.

            The services of women during this supreme crisis of the world’s history have been of the most signal usefulness and distinction. The war could not have been fought without them, or its sacrifices endured. It is high time that some part of our debt of gratitude to them should be acknowledged and paid, and the only acknowledgement they ask is their admission to the suffrage. Can we justly refuse it?

            As for America , it is my earnest hope that the senate of the United States will give an unmistakable answer to this question by passing the suffrage amendment to our Federal constitution before the end of this session

Cordially and sincerely,

Woodrow Wilson.”

Matagorda County Tribune, June 28, 1918 :


Tax Collector’s Office Kept Busy Issuing Certificates


             Tax Collector T. H. Castleton’s office was swamped yesterday with lady voters and the whole day was taken up in issuing certificates of registration.

            One hundred and seventy-two registered on the first day, quite a number from neighboring towns being included.

            Following is a list of the names of the first registrants:

Mrs. Mussetta Holland

Mrs. Ethel Peareson Huston

Miss Corrinne Millican

Miss Tommie Lowe

Mrs. Ola Lee Gaudet

Miss Katie Vaughan

Miss Nena Bailey

Mrs. Addie Foster

Mrs. Louise Amos

Mrs. Asa McCrosky

Mrs. Rosie L. Davis

Mrs. Mary H. Brooks

Mrs. Bertha Duncan

Mrs. Effie Dickey

Mrs. Alice Hogan

Mrs. Alice G. Poage

Mrs. Fern L. Beckman

Mrs. Anna Morgan

Mrs. Jennie Yancy

Mrs. Sadie Blum

Mrs. Mabel Bailey

Mrs. Leta Belle Huebner

Mrs. Effie C. Battaile

Mrs. Myrtle Rittenhouse

Mrs. Lorena Miller

Mrs. Ada Phillips

Miss Lilly Miller

Mrs. Margaret L. Nance

Mrs. Julia Wheeler

Mrs. Mary Savill

Mrs. Mary Vanslych

Mrs. Hattie LeTulle

Mrs. Laura McCain

Mrs. Lizzie Deming

Mrs. Mary E. Rogers

Mrs. Janie Lewis

Mrs. Maggie McLendon

Mrs. Mary H. McDonald

Miss Valeria Sweeney

Miss Lucile Savage

Mrs. Mishie Follis

Mrs. Hannah Ogden

Mrs. Hattie Belcher

Mrs. Maggie Millican

Mrs. Alta Hafer

Mrs. Maude Gustafson

Mrs. Florence Young

Mrs. Gertrude Bond

Mrs. Minnie Lee

Miss Ivy Arnold

Mrs. Emma Bandy

Mrs. Mellie Leckie

Miss Tenie Holmes

Mrs. Beulah Cartwright

Mrs. Carrie Erickson

Mrs. Beulah Eidman

Mrs. Lottie de St. Aubin

Mrs. Esther Gray

Mrs. Eula Moreland

Mrs. Gertrude Richards

Mrs. Nellie Beavers

Mrs. Tempie Broughton

Mrs. Mary Agnes Eidman

Mrs. Alice Preddy

Mrs. Arie D. Sweeney

Mrs. Maggie S. Harrison

Mrs. Bertha C. Harris

Mrs. Belle Gilliam

Mrs. Maggie L. Anderson

Mrs. Ibbie Bonds

Mrs. Maude Pack

Mrs. Mary Watkins

Mrs. Allie Lee Sisk

Mrs. Elizabeth Branch

Mrs. Lena Truitt

Mrs. Georgie Shoultz

Mrs. Minnie Wright

Mrs. Emma Benge

Mrs. Trannie J. DeLano

Mrs. Julia Prickett

Mrs. Emily Williams

Mrs. Pinkie Bond

Mrs. Della Gilmore

Mrs. Myrtle Ryman

Mrs. Winnie Thompson

Mrs. Jeennie Claybourn

Mrs. Sophia McCown

Mrs. Martha Cloninger

Miss Lola McKelvy

Mrs. Mary Porche

Mrs. Bertha Bennett

Mrs. Louisiana Bowie

Mrs. Fannie Ziegenhals

Mrs. Nannie Harper

Mrs. Genevieve Morton

Mrs. V. E. Eidman

Miss Eunice Gordon

Mrs. A. S. L. Jones

Miss Eva Anderson

Miss Ola Anderson

Mrs. Alice Stagg

Mrs. Ada Garrett

Mrs. Clara Hoffhines

Miss Cara Garrett

Miss Susie LeTulle Stewart

Mrs. Vera Eidman

Mrs. Eliza Jane Smith

Mrs. Martin Thompson

Mrs. Ack Barnett

Mrs. Paris Smith

Mrs. W. D. Wilson

Miss Bettie M. Hart

Miss Betty McLendon

Mrs. Paul Jecklin

Miss Nell Moll

Mrs. J. W. Conger

Mrs. Lenora Gibson

Miss Anita Hill

Miss Shirley Carter

Mrs. R. E. Bickley

Mrs. R. O. Kiser

Mrs. W. H. Head

Mrs. Alice Head

Mrs. W. R. Jeter

Mrs. A. D. Fisher

Mrs. J. B. Lee

Mrs. C. W. Bashaw

Miss Mabel Kennedy

Mrs. Lula R. Parker

Mrs. J. Payne

Miss Berta Thompson

Mrs. G. M. Reed

Mrs. C. A. Curry

Mrs. P. E. Lee

Mrs. Mae Lavston

Mrs. Elmore Haralson

Mrs. Allen Stinnett

Miss Viola Middlebrook

Miss Elizabeth B. Vest

Mrs. Jewel A. Lynd

Mrs. H. L. Russel

Mrs. Norma Cleveland

Mrs. Mary Cleveland

Miss Ethel Johnson

Mrs. Grover Moore

Mrs. Helen S. Holsworth

Miss Margaret Holsworth

Mrs. Burton D. Hurd

Miss Elizabeth Williams

Miss Linnie Stone

Mrs. Ada Bowie

Mrs. Carter Williamson

Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth

Mrs. Louise Holman

Miss Williamson

Mrs. B. L. Livengood

Mrs. A. L. Woods

Miss Mary V. Lowe

Mrs. Irby Steele Stinnett

Mrs. Hally Bryan Perry

Mrs. Neppie Savage

Mrs. Mildred F. Walters

Mrs. Oscar Barber

Mrs. Clara Altenburg

Mrs. Bessie Brumnelt

Mrs. Alice J. Keller

Mrs. Virginia Wynne

Mrs. Cornelia K. Garnett

Mrs. Nettie Wainner

Mrs. Margaret Powell.



The Daily Tribune
, June 28, 1918 :


Ignorance of the Law Cannot Be Pleaded.

Re-Registration a Debated Question.

             An amusing situation has been developed over the first day’s registration of ladies who sought voters’ qualifications, and the list shows that 26 of the 172 who registered the first day are disqualified, among whom is the chairman of the county.

            These 26 used their husband’s name or initials and therefore cannot be entered as qualified voters. The majority, however, registered in proper form and under the law, as it exists, can exercise their power of franchise in the July primaries.

            In legal matters when the husband and wife are concerned the law does not recognize the husband’s initials or name as the wife’s initials or name. For instance, John Smith and Ellen Smith enter into a legal transaction. John is required to sign his name and be known in the transaction as “John” and the law requires Ellen to be known as “Ellen” and not as “Mrs. John Smith.”

            The ladies who registered, using their husband’s name, cannot vote legally and will violate the law if they do so vote, for their husband’s name is not their name, except in a purely social way; and this is one case where society will cut no figure.

            The predicament is intensified by the fact that ignorance, in the eyes of the law, is no excuse, and cannot be pleaded. Nor does the law propose to rectify mistakes.

            There is nothing serious about this except in that it is a huge and first-class joke. It may be regarded as serious if the tax collectors track the law and refuse to re-open the registration for the benefit of those who made the mistake, but if the law is followed in this as it is in other matters pertaining to election matters the only conclusion that can be formed is to the effect that the 26 ladies referred to have, of course innocently, and unwittingly forfeited their right to participate in the coming primaries.

            There’s no doubt but that some method out of the muddle will be found, but just how it will be done remains to be seen.   

            Registration may be found to be not essential or necessary, in which event the whole matter is at once simplified; or, the attorney general may add to his numerous opinions on this question and rule almost any way, but most assuredly in favor of the ladies, as he has proven to be quite a ladies’ man, decidedly feministically inclined and very accommodating on questions of a delicate nature.


The Daily Tribune
, June 29, 1918 :



Total Now is Two Hundred and Seventy-Seven for the County

One hundred and five names have been added to the registration by the women of the county, which brings the total up to 277.

            Following appear the names of those who have registered since last report:

Mrs. Lizzie Ruley

Miss Estelle Lucille Sutherland

Mrs. Maggie R. McKelvy

Mrs. Nettie Vandiver

Miss Minnie Serrill

Miss Hettie Arona Pyle

Mrs. Blanche K. Smith

Mrs. Catherine D. Keller

Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Poole

Mrs. Francis Burke

Mrs. Annie Laura Trousdale

Mrs. Maggie Hansen

Mrs. C. C. Hansen

Miss Caroline Carrington

Mrs. S. L. Matthews

Mrs. Ida Thompson Anderson

Mrs. Fannie Watkins

Mrs. Bird L. Thompson

Mrs. Mamie Klein

Mrs. Dovie Hoffinger

Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Kilbride

Mrs. Nancy Duncan Corbett

Miss Mary Kathryn Poole

Mrs. Rachel Cates Cole

Mrs. Margaret Coates

Mrs. Grace Keller Davant

Mrs. Ruby D. Hawkins

Mrs. Pearl E. Freeman

Miss Josephine Moore

Miss Myrtle Darby

Mrs. Louisa L. Gove

Mrs. Addie Baxter

Mrs. Mary Imhauser

Mrs. Annetta Pattison

Mrs. M. J. Hughes

Mrs. Amanda Jane Hughes

Mrs. Gertrude Beaks

Mrs. Genora Reed

Mrs. Sallie Allen

Mrs. Seraphina E. Selkirk

Mrs. A. J. Lee

Mrs. Susie Rogers Wood

Mrs. Della Arnold

Mrs. Verle Curtis

Mrs. Alpho Curtis

Mrs. Ida V. Carr

Mrs. Ida M. Carr

Mrs. Simmie Phillips

Mrs. Lorena Gaines

Mrs. Lena Brandon

Mrs. Alice M. Trumbull

Mrs. Ellen L. Gregory

Mrs. Lizzie McMahon

Mrs. Kate S. Rugeley

Mrs. Isabel C. Johnson

Mrs. Annie Rugeley

Mrs. Annie Aycock

Mrs. Ellen Cherry

Mrs. Hattie Carr

Miss Elfie M. Carr

Mrs. Lela E. Carr

Mrs. Floy Rochefort

Mrs. Annie Laurie Lee

Mrs. Carrie G. Hotchkiss

Mrs. Laura L. Davis

Mrs. Vera M. Johnson

Mrs. Mattie McCrosky

Miss Emma Kuykendall

Mrs. Martha Mallory

Mrs. Cora B. Moore

Mrs. Mary Payne Tew

Mrs. Eleanor Louderback

Mrs. Ora M. Cash

Mrs. Emma S. Hamlin

Mrs. Emma R. Baldwin

Mrs. Gladys Cobb

Mrs. Alice Howard

Mrs. Annie L. Lowe

Mrs. Matilda Bacon

Mrs. Almonte Hughes

Mrs. Nettie Baker

Mrs. Rose Duller

Mrs. Lorena O. Jordan

Mrs. Katie A. Walker

Mrs. Helen M. Holt

Mrs. Mittie D. Hanson

Mrs. Maggie Kelley

Mrs. Edith Woods Wadsworth

Mrs. Clara Lowe

Mrs. Beulah Goodall

Mrs. Mattie Seerden

Mrs. Eva Hamill

Mrs. Minnie Hellums

Mrs. Fay Hurley

Mrs. Nellie Matthews

Mrs. Willie Isabel Wallace

Mrs. Rosena Curtis

Mrs. Lula May Slater

Mrs. Victoria May Ferguson

Mrs. Lizzie Dickinson

Mrs. Ethel Hoopingarner

Mrs. Clara Watkins

Mrs. Bell Shaw

Mrs. Perry Cummings

Mrs. Mary Vella.


The Daily Tribune
, July 5, 1918 :


Many Out-of-Town Ladies Were in the City Wednesday to Qualify as Voters.

Miss Pearl Love

Mrs. Mary Wilbur

Mrs. Dorothy Murray

Mrs. Nellie Kenedy Gray

Mrs. Anna C. Boyd

Mrs. Emily Margerum

Mrs. Mattie Clement

Mrs. Edith Clement

Mrs. Rourna Clement

Mrs. Elma Clement

Mrs. Marie Engle Johnson

Mrs. Mary C. Renfroe

Mrs. Mary Ritenhouse

Mrs. Jess Billings

Miss Myrtle Williams

Mrs. Flora E. Williamson

Miss Hazel Hall

Miss Mabel Harpe

Miss Josie A. Bussell

Miss Lalla M. Burton

Miss Alpha Blanche Bussell

Miss C. O. Graham

Miss Bernie Cates

Mrs. Mary Etta Craymer

Miss Madge Clement

Mrs. Lillie Jones

Mrs. Ida B. James

Mrs. Eleanor Church

Mrs. Nena Gardner

Mrs. Lula Johns

Mrs. Manila Halliday

Mrs. Rosalie Daziel

Mrs. Prue Houston

Mrs. Georgia Key

Mrs. Minnie E. Ranch

Mrs. A. M. Harrison

Mrs. Liska McKruger

Mrs. Ira Hanes

Mrs. Rosa Lee Hockey

Mrs. Ella V. Evans

Mrs. Dora Hockey

Mrs. Ray Foley

Mrs. Belle Smith

Mrs. Hattie Best

Mrs. Olivia Best

Mrs. Mary Ayers Elliott

Mrs. Roberta Richards

Mrs. Jennie Sherman

Mrs. Olive Doxtater

Mrs. Matilada Fox

Mrs. Nancy E. Moffet

Mrs. Eliza Thomas

Mrs. Olga Matchett

Mrs. Ethel B. Lewis

Mrs. Mary Barber

Mrs. Nella Jesse

Mrs. Idena Mersfelder

Mrs. Comet Dixon

Mrs. Kate Bonner Hudson

Mrs. Bertha Nave

Mrs. Zorada Segrest

Mrs. Zelma Pepper

Mrs. Edna Bryant

Mrs. Alice Gussom

Mrs. Francis E. Green

Mrs. Myrte Bailey

Mrs. Maud Sermon

Mrs. Appa Gideon

Mrs. Mary Seerden

Mrs. Etta Carson

Mrs. Alice Hatchcock

Miss Lettie Ryman

Mrs. Cora E. Brown

Mrs. Flossie Kelley

Mrs. Carrie Rugeley

Mrs. Martha Parker

Mrs. Nora Watkins

Mrs. Minnie McCauley

Mrs. Amanda McGlaun

Mrs. Sunshine Ryman

Mrs. Winnie E. Smith

Mrs. Jennie Ryman
Miss Jo Sargent


Miss Jo Sargent

Miss Mary Gilmore

Mrs. Carrie Hillery

Mrs. Sarah Smith

Mrs. Mary Lyman

Mrs. Rachel Lyman

Mrs. Minnie McRee

Mrs. Beatrice McRee

Mrs. Janie Crouch

Mrs. Martha Ryman

Miss Zelma Lowe

Mrs. Emma Lewis Carleton

Miss Adele Moore

Mrs. Edna Reynolds

Mrs. Lucile Eidman

Mrs. Clara Kelley

Mrs. Lena Viets

Mrs. Emma C. Johnson

Mrs. Mildred Johnson

Mrs. Georgia Alice Hill

Mrs. Ora Secrest

Mrs. Margaret Hout

Mrs. Ada Alice Fondon

Mrs. Eva Gill

Mrs. Mary Reed

Mrs. Nannie White

Miss Beatrice Fowler

Mrs. Alma Watkins

Mrs. Adelaide Hall

Miss Lena J. Corse

Mrs. Minnie E. Lucas

Mrs. Sophia Woodruff

Mrs. Edith W. Law

Mrs. Matilda Ryman

Miss Maggie Ryman

Mrs. Annie E. Simons

Miss Maggie Bell

Mrs. Flora Agnew

Mrs. Margaret Brum

Mrs. Mary Williford

Mrs. Lillie Culver

Mrs. Pearl H. Shuey

Mrs. Mary E. Isaac

Miss Mollie Logan

Mrs. Kate Wheler

Mrs. Martha Williams

Miss Fannie Nolte

Mrs. Rose Southwell Sterne

Mrs. Gent Brashear McNabb

Mrs. Pauline Fondren

Mrs. Annie Morris

Mrs. Katherine Tetts

Mrs. Maude Warner

Mrs. Lizzie McCullough

Mrs. Josephine Williams

Mrs. Louise Van Ness Clapp

Mrs. Minnie L. Corse

Mrs. Amanda D. Van Ness

Mrs. Mollie Lewis

Mrs. Cecile Williams

Miss Eura Cloar

Miss June Lockwood

Miss Ida Yeager

Miss Matie Brewer

Mrs. Emily S. O. Conner

Mrs. Mabel Williams

Mrs. Mabel Foster

Mrs. Callie C. Heck

Mrs. Bertha Inglehart

Miss Fannie Burns

Mrs. Bessie R. Baker

Mrs. Blanche F. Berg

Mrs. Ivy Lorino

Mrs. Kate Calhoun

Mrs. Nellie Raching

Mrs. Lula Walker Ryman

Mrs. Jennie Pyle

Mrs. Sadie South

Miss Minnie Harper

Mrs. Agnes E. Liggett

Mrs. Alma Brown

Miss Muta Catherine Serrill

Mrs. Nora Payne


Mrs. Mary Frances Doss

Mrs. Susie Payne Tew

Mrs. Theresa Robertson

Mrs. Elma Fairey

Mrs. Mattie I. Brady

Mrs. M. Arvilla Love

Mrs. Nellis Phillips

Mrs. Laura Yeager

Mrs. Lena Hoffman

Mrs. Edna L. Ratliff

Mrs. Olive May Lewis

Mrs. Carrie E. Matchett

Mrs. Della Darby

Mrs. Sarah D. Perry

Mrs. Lou Moore

Mrs. Eugenia V. Dantzler

Mrs. Annie Sanborne

Mrs. Annie Lewis

Mrs. Kate Powell

Mrs. Ella Hawkins Taylor

Mrs. Lela Miller

Mrs. Hattie Cates

Mrs. Louise Gaddis

Mrs. Rose Miriam Harty

Mrs. Kate Withers

Mrs. Emma Barr

Miss Alice Barr

Miss Susie Darnell

Miss Evy Hart

Miss Emma Ramey

Miss Beulah Bowden

Miss Caroline Sartwell

Miss Helen Amanda Sartwell

Mrs. Mary Stewart Misner

Mrs. Flora Sanders

Miss Bessie Sanders

Miss Elsie Sanders

Mrs. Kate McCarty

Mrs. Martha Ellis

Miss Billy Young

Mrs. Jenny Patton

Mrs. Mary C. Miller

Mrs. D. W. Clinkscales

Mrs. K. S. Magee

Mrs. Emma Willis

Mrs. Addie P. Traylor

Mrs. Ellen Harriman

Mrs. Estella Harriman

Miss Dora Belle Clinscales

Mrs. Gertrude LaGree

Mrs. Aseneth Wilderman

Mrs. Emma Crawford

Mrs. Elizabeth McGlothlin

Miss Nannie McGehee

Mrs. Mary H. Elder

Mrs. Sadie Bryant

Mrs. Laura Phillips

Mrs. Eliza Mosley

Mrs. Jennie Gillespie

Mrs. Edna Sisson

Mrs. Hanah Travis

Mrs. Ava Massenberg

Mrs. Margaret Hayes

Mrs. Annie McKinnon

Mrs. Amy Hall

Mrs. Linna Rogers

Mrs. Gertrude Berger

Mrs. Lela Skinner

Mrs. Amanda Blair

Mrs. Alice Taylor

Miss Francisca Taylor

Mrs. Jennie Salsbury

Mrs. Eva Cairnes

Mrs. Susie Henny

Miss Ora Henry

Mrs. Elizabeth Brant

Mrs. Ella Hillyer

Mrs. Belle Robinson

Mrs. Grace Moore

Mrs. Edna Miller

Mrs. Mamie Evans

Mrs. Cora Miller.



The Daily Tribune
, July 6, 1918 :


(Hally Bryan Perry)

Be Hobby, be happy.

             It has been asserted so often that women do not want the ballot, that some might consider it still a mooted question, but it would appear that the women of Matagorda County not only desire but intend to vote for W. P. Hobby to succeed himself as governor of Texas.

            On Wednesday of this week 127 women of the Palacios Club motored thirty miles to record that desire, and a considerable number from the same town, had preceded this party by some days, bringing the number to 143. These figures may be understated, but there have been this number at least. Friday was Midfields day, and more than 27 are known to have carried the filled registrations from the court house to be carefully retained until the day of voting. Something cheering and uplifting seems to emanate from the little pink papers, and many women will probably be inclined to treasure the memento, in case the law permit its retention.

            Bay City records over 300 registrations in her list; and the total for the nine days, through yesterday, reaches 650 as minimum, with five more days for registration, including today.

            Attention is called to the fact that it will be safety first to register not later than Thursday, the 11th, inasmuch as the late ruling of the attorney general on the question of registration on the 12th indicates that, as the primary suffrage law requires that women register not less than 15 days before the date of the primary election, that “the 12th instant is the fifteenth day before.” This leaves a possible construction that the legal time for registration expires on the 11th. While the attorney general thinks that the courts would interpret the 12th as a legal day for registration, in view of the fact that the object of the law is to provide the vote for woman, rather than exclude the privilege, it is well known that the law has many opponents, who would be cordially included toward an effort to retard its success. It is therefore earnestly advised that all women shall consider Thursday, July 11, as the last day for registration.

            The women’s Hobby club will meet in the court house at 5 o’clock on Monday, July 8.

The Daily Tribune
, July 6, 1918 :


Mrs. Calylie Holland, Pledger

Mrs. Lucille Hodge, Pledger

Mrs. Phebe Anderson, Bay City

Mrs. Lucy F. Anderson, Bay City

Miss Fay Golightly, Palacios

Mrs. Alice Golightly, Palacios

Mrs. Naomi Z. Rogers

Mrs. Laura Taylor, Palacios

Mrs. Fannie Sisk, Bay City

Mrs. Clara Mason, Markham

Mrs. Bertha Mallard, Bay City

Mrs. Susie Moore, Bay City

Miss Helen Schwartz, Bay City

Mrs. Lucille Huston Foote, Bay City

Miss Dollie Huddleston, Markham

Mrs. Bettie Huddleston, Markham

Miss Pauline Huebner, Bay City

Miss Marguerite Huebner, Bay City

Mrs. Mary Louise Huebner, Bay City

Miss Marguerite Hamilton, Matagorda

Mrs. Fannie Putson Hamilton, Matagorda

Mrs. Annie Jay Sholars, Bay City

Mrs. Jane A. Sargent, Bay City

Mrs. Ella G. Burks, Bay City

Miss Louise Lindley, Bay City

Miss Lark Kirby Lindley, Bay City

Mrs. Mittie Harris, Bay City

Mrs. Lizzie Reeves, Midfields

Mrs. Loulu Cornelius, Midfields

Mrs. Lennie L. Roberts, Midfields

Mrs. Alice Skinner, Midfields

Mrs. Lettie Keller, Midfields

Mrs. Theresa Burns, Midfields

Mrs. Mary E. Wilson, Midfields

Mrs. Mary L. Hammond, Midfields

Mrs. Nellie Nygard, Midfields

Mrs. Florence R. Trull, Midfields

Mrs. A. C. Mullens, Midfields

Mrs. Ludie Dobson, Midfields

Mrs. Kate Jordans, Midfields

Mrs. Viola Williams, Midfields

Mrs. Tillie Evans, Midfields

Mrs. Theresa Schroeder, Midfields

Mrs. Jennie Magee, Midfields

Mrs. Alice Stading, Midfields

Mrs. Fredonia Fortenberry, Midfields

Emma Woodson, Midfields

Minnie Midgett, Midfields

Nellie Bennett Maynard, Bay City

Blanch Kirk, Bay City

Lizzie Kirk, Bay City

Miss Callie M. Metzger, Bay City

Mrs. Mary Naomie Davant, Bay City

Miss Bertha Harris, Bay City

Mrs. Fannie Hawkins, Matagorda

Mrs. Bertha Bruce, Matagorda

Mrs. Louise Mayfield, Van Vleck

Mrs. Mary J. Branstetter, Wadsworth


The Daily Tribune
, Tuesday, July 9, 1918 :


(Hally Bryan Perry)

Be Hobby, be happy.

            The regular meeting of the women’s Hobby club Monday afternoon was devoted to routine reports, enlivened by the interesting and amusing experiences of the committees in pursuance of their duties. But, be it noted, that should a corresponding number of men be interviewed on a subject, even one so well-known to them as politics, there would result an equivalent amount of humorous data without doubt. As witness the anecdotes of men’s politics for lo, these many years. So the liege lords may well be temperate in criticism of their novice daughters and wives.

            A subject engaging the attention and bringing forth lively argument was that of the eligibility of paupers, the blind and colored women as voters. Light is still desired on this matter. Will the wiser sex furnish information, if they know.

            The registrations of Saturday and Monday are appended.


Mrs. Mary McDonald, Bay City

Mrs. Margaret C. Gannon, Bay City

Mrs. Olivia May Thurston, Markham

Mrs. Jessie L. Watkins, El Maton.

Mrs. Pauline O’Neal, Palacios

Mrs. Mary A. Bell, Palacios

Mrs. Lina Greene, Palacios

Mrs. Kate E. Hill, Palacios

Miss Bessie Belknap, Palacios

Mrs. Emiline Pasal, Palacios

Mrs. Rose Hatchett, Wadsworth

Carolyne Early, Bay City

Mrs. Terese B. Robbins, Bay City

Mrs. Dollie Sanford, Blessing

Mrs. Urma M. Dow, Blessing

Mrs. Lena Harne, Blessing

Mrs. Louise Dixon, Blessing

Miss Catharine Arnold, Bay City

Mrs. Catharine Inglehart, Matagorda

Mrs. Imogene Taylor, Matagorda

Mrs. Kate Lillian Arnold, Bay City

Mrs. Edith L. Minick, Blessing

Mrs. Lillian B. Parkins, Blessing

Mrs. Lela Gest, Bay City

Mrs. Minnie L. Lowe, Bay City

Mrs. Ruth Cornelius, Markham

Mrs. Ruby Jones, Markham

Mrs. Clyde Johnson, Clemville

Mrs. Jim Haggard, Clemville

Mrs. Rose B. Williams, Bay City

Mrs. Florence Boney, Bay City

Mrs. Annie Schumaker, Bay City

Miss Bertha Jepson, Bay City

Mrs. May Armstrong, Markham

Miss Edith Armstrong, Markham

Mrs. Ida E. Dorsey, Bay City

Lettie Robertson, Bay City

Carrie Jenkins, Bay City

Maria Anderson, Bay City

Laura Jones, Bay City

Mabel Jones, Bay City



Mrs. Ella Millard, Blessing

Miss Mayme Burkett, Blessing

Miss Agnes G. Kirkwald, Blessing

Mrs. J. A. Barnett, Markham

Mrs. Franklyn Taylor Roddy, El Maton

Mrs. Sarah A. Burke, Palacios

Miss Virginia Pardon, Palacios

Mrs. Belle Dodson, Palacios

Mrs. Minerva Pardon, Palacios

Mrs. Fannie Partain, Palacios

Mrs. Martha Dantzler Langham, Bay City

Mrs. Hannah Thompson, Bay City

Mrs. Vera Moore Clement, Bay City

Mrs. Camilla Estlinbaum, Bay City

Miss Kate Burkhart, Matagorda

Mrs. May C. Wheeler, Wadsworth

Mrs. Mary Bell, Wadsworth

Miss Mary Ethel Johnson, Van Vleck

Miss Bonnie Yeager, Bay City

Mrs. Hibbs Penny, Bay City

Mrs. Maud C. Arnold, Bay City .

Mrs. Rebecca Maxwell, Markham

Mrs. Ethel Sutherland, Bay City

Mrs. Florence Creech, Bay City

Miss Carrie Ryman, Wadsworth

Miss Bessie Sledge, Bay City

Mrs. Ida Penny, Bay City

Mrs. Nannie Fondon, Wadsworth

Mrs. Mary Lewis, Wadsworth

Mrs. Susie Sledge, Bay City

Mrs. H. M. Ulmer, Van Vleck

Mrs. Blance Bowers, Markham

Mrs. A. E. Baxter, Matagorda

Mrs. Lyda Moberley, Matagorda

Mrs. Jennie McNabb, Matagorda

Mrs. Minnie Harper, Markham

Mrs. Ida Morehead, Clemville

Mrs. Allene Phillips, Wadsworth

Mrs. Emily V. Hawkins, Bay City

Mrs. Jessie Lee Bingaman, Palacios

Mrs. Bell Taylor, Van Vleck

Miss Nannie King, Bay City

Mrs. S. J. Lunday, Buckeye

Mrs. Allee Orchard, Wadsworth

Mrs. Agnes McNeal, Bay City

Mrs. Ida Green, Bay City

Mrs. S. E. Davidson, Bay City

Mrs. Maude Sweeny, Bay City

Mrs. Emma Klahn, Pledger

Mrs. Octavia Scoggin, Van Vleck

Mrs. M. E. Lawson, Matagorda

Mrs. Mary J. Lawson, Matagorda

The Daily Tribune
, July 10, 1918 :

Registrations for Tuesday, July 9.

Mrs. Nona Barber, Bay City

Mrs. Jimmie Day (col), Bay City

Mrs. Mary Keller, Palacios

Mrs. Ida Wygodsky, Bay City

Mrs. Omega McIntosh, Markham

Mrs. Matilda Eikenburg, Blessing

Mrs. M. D. Walker, Blessing

Mrs. Orpha Brown, Blessing

Mrs. Lela Verser, Bay City

Mrs. Emma Benedict, Bay City

Mrs. Mary McKissick, Citrus Grove

Miss Janie Hawkins, Bay City

Miss Elmore Hawkins, Bay City

Mrs. Meta Hawkins Lewis, Bay City

Mrs. Virginia Phillips, Matagorda

Mrs. Maud D. Walker, Blessing

Mrs. Josephine Longuet, Markham

Mrs. Ella Wilde, Bay City

Mrs. Yohana Sabrsula, Bay City

Mrs. May E. Isham, Buckeye

Mrs. Mary Viola Isham, Buckeye

Mrs. Lena Harrison, Palacios

Mrs. Lula Calahan, Palacios

Mrs. Cora B. Markham, Palacios

Mrs. Daisy Byron Lewis, Bay City

Miss Katie Neber, Cedar Lane

Mrs. Lou Ellis, Matagorda

Mrs. Margaret Williams, Matagorda

Mrs. Marie Waldrop, Wadsworth

Mrs. Mary B. Parris, Matagorda

Mrs. Amanda F. Douglass, Citrus Grove

Mrs. Oce Moore Fullingim, Bay City

Mrs. Minnie Culver, Matagorda

Mrs. Flora Hill, Markham

Mrs. Dale Miller, Bay City

Mrs. Cora C. Sanford, Bay City

Mrs. Ola Price, Cedar Lane

Mrs. Kattie M. Combs, Bay City

Mrs. Josie Alexander, Cedar Lane

Mrs. Julia Kemp (col), Ashwood

Mrs. Lula E. Kemp (col), Ashwood

Mrs. Grace M. Barnett, Palacios

Miss Lilla Mae Barnett, Palacios

Mrs. Susan B. Feather, Palacios

Mrs. Cora Bell Perry, Bay City

Mrs. Essie Bell Fate, Midfield

Mrs. Sallie T. Bell, Midfield

Miss Rosa Page, Bay City

Mrs. E. F. Strait, Bay City

Mrs. Alice E. Richardson, Bay City

Mrs. Effie A. Foster, Van Vleck

Mrs. Lula Foster, Van Vleck

Mrs. Tessie Graham, Bay City

Mrs. Alice Ellingston, Bay City

Mrs. Ada Thompson, Bay City

Mrs. Margaret B. Smith, Bay City

Mrs. Carrie G. Switzer, Bay City

Mrs. Dora E. Harper, Bay City

Mrs. Nellie Knowles, Markham

Mrs. Cordie Reed, Bay City

Mrs. Annie Fields, Bay City

Mrs. Bess McDaniel, Bay City

Mrs. E. A. Davidson, Bay City



The Daily Tribune
, Friday, July 12, 1918 :

Thursday’s Registrants.

Henrietta Kemp (col), Pledger

Melvina Amy (col), Pledger

Mrs. Lydia Malone, Bay City

Mrs. Mattie Gillett, Bay City

Mrs. Anna Janes, Bay City

Miss Ione Winn, Bay City

Mrs. Gertrude Nash, Bay City

Mrs. Maggie E. Winter, Bay City

Mrs. Pheby Reid, Wadsworth

Mrs. Maud I. Bond, Bay City

Mrs. Jessie M. Curry, Bay City

Mrs. Minnie Abbott, Bay City

Miss Madge Matthews, Bay City

Miss Mary Love Bates, Caney

Miss Willie Blair, Bay City

Mrs. Olive Yeamans, Clemville

Miss Blake Terry, Blessing

Mrs. Mary Spencer Foulks, Bay City


Mrs. Myrtle Vogelsang, Bay City

Mrs. Anna Corporan, Citrus Grove

Mrs. Mattie Pybus, Palacios

Miss Laurilie Moore, Bay City

Mrs. Hallie Bruce, Palacios

Mrs. Belle Thompson, Palacios

Mrs. Amanda Potter, Bay City

Mrs. Daisy Holmes, Palacios

Mrs. Mattie V. Wheeler, Blessing

Miss Gladys Bickley, Bay City

Mrs. Ethelyn Jensen, Palacios

Mrs. Nellie B. Hailey, Palacios

Mrs. Opal Deane Price, Palacios

Mrs. Clara C. Trego, Palacios

Mrs. Nannie A. Davis, Palacios

Mrs. Lyda Gay Huddleston, Palacios

Mrs. Emma J. Dunbar, Ashby


Mrs. Mattie Ammons, Ashby

Mrs. Jane Thomas, Palacios
Mrs. William Neil, Palacios

Mrs. Minnie Bedford, Matagorda

Mrs. Lula Harwell, Palacios

Mrs. Nora A. Freeman, Sargent

Mrs. Ethel Milstead, Bay City

Miss Laura Phillips, Sargent

Miss Olivia Phillips, Sargent

Mrs. Addie Anderson, Wadsworth

Mrs. Willie Salley, Markham

Mrs. Emma L. Billingsley, Matagorda

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Murphy, Bay City

Mrs. Rosa Freeman, Bay City

Mrs. Mary Chatwell, Bay City

Mrs. Bessie Chatwell, Bay City

Mrs. May O’Briant, Bay City


The Daily Tribune
, July 13, 1918 :


(Hally Bryan Perry)

Be Hobby, be happy.

            The following tabulation of women registrants from the several voting precincts of Matagorda County gives visual evidence of their attitude toward the sentiment that women hold opinions, and that voting is merely a legal and public expression of that opinion.

            It is to be noted that every precinct was represented, with no figure lower than 8 at any one, which is not a low minimum in the circumstances of this being the first year of enactment, and that the suffragants made the trip to the county seat for the purpose of registering. Some of the precincts made remarkably large records.

            Many incidents of a nature to lighten the tedium of the hostess committees occurred, and indeed the duty was found to be of such interest that daily local women other than those serving spent considerable time at the court house, and many assisted by bringing registrants from the shops, in addition to the membership and registration committees, who were constantly on the job of motoring women from their home to the square.

            One applicant who inquired to the reason for registration, upon being told that it this year stood in the place of the poll tax receipt; remarked: “So we are voting on credit this year, in appreciation of the privilege granted by our State.” And, be it added by the Hobby allies, with credit.

            A second woman heard the deputy administer the oath to another at the table and queried: “Oh, do we have to swear to this.” “Certainly,” responded the deputy, who declares that the registrant made an erasure, with the number 30 appearing thereafter on the age line. How human are most of us!

            Perhaps the most significant political happening was that of a rural woman who said that her husband was not a Hobby man, and that she was the more determined that his vote should not count. When she had been handed her pink slip, she asked: “How much do I owe you?” On being informed that registration was freely bestowed by the law, she added: “Why, my husband told me that it would cost me $10.00; and I told him that I did not care if it cost me $20.00, I was going to register.” This was the wife of a farmer.

            As far as is known the registrant holding the record as eldest progressive patriot is Mrs. A. S. L. Jones, with over 85 years on her calendar, while Mesdames J. F. Holt and Eugenia Dantzler follow closely with 78 and 77 years.

 Number of women registrants in Matagorda County :

Precinct 1— Bay City 472

Precinct 2—Matagorda 53

Precinct 3—Palacios 196

Precinct 4—Blessing 50

Precinct 5—Van Vleck 26

Precinct 6—Hawkinsville 12

Precinct 7—Collegeport 15

Precinct 8— Markham 60

Precinct 9—Pledger 8

Precinct 10—Caney 8

Precinct 11— Wadsworth 36

Precinct 12—Citrus Grove 8

Precinct 13—Ashby 9

Precinct 14—Prairie Center 8

Precinct 15—Discontinued

Precinct 16—Midfields 25

Precinct 17—Clemville 10

Total 997

 The following were the latest registrants:

Miss Georgia Greene, Bay City

Miss Ethel Stulting, Bay City

Mrs. Esther Harris, Blessing

Mrs. M. Anna White, Bay City

Mrs. Mary Estelle Lukefahr, Bay City

Mrs. M. L. Milner, Bay City

Mrs. Estella Kalka, Clemville

Mrs. Ima Smith, Markham

Mrs. Mary Wendt, Markham

Mrs. Jennie Ryman, Bay City

Mrs. Nena Mahavier, Matagorda

Mrs. Belle Saunders, Markham

Mrs. Belle Smott, Bay City

Mrs. Mary Cable, Bay City

Mrs. Minnie Woolsey, Bay City

Miss Tommie Elizabeth Woolsey, Bay City

Mrs. Azalea W. Lloyd, Bay City

Mrs. Hylda Gunn, Bay City

Mrs. Carrie Jo T. Tatson, Palacios

Mrs. Maide Moore, Palacios

Mrs. Lucy Box, Palacios

Miss Florence Stinnett, Bay City

Mrs. Lula E. Garrett, Palacios

Miss Lula May Garrett, Palacios

Mrs. Hyenthia M. Griffin, Palacios

Mrs. Mabel May Ruthven, Palacios

Mrs. Sarah Sikes, Buckeye

Mrs. Anna Glasser, Buckeye

Mrs. Lula Hunt, Buckeye

Mrs. Fannie Knowles, Buckeye

Mrs. Dora P. Rogers, Buckeye

Mrs. Myra M. Glover, Buckeye

Miss Ethel Spence, Buckeye

Mrs. Lillie Phillips, Matagorda

Mrs. Myrtle Watson, Matagorda

Mrs. Delia Layton, Matagorda

Mrs. Lillian Stewart, Matagorda

Mrs. Myra J. Wise, Bay City

Mrs. Lucy Belle Mann, Bay City

Mrs. Agnes Howard, Buckeye

Mrs. Ethaile Stayton, Blessing

Mrs. Willie E. Bomers, Blessing

Mrs. Hattie Roach, Blessing

Mrs. Mary Murphy, Blessing

Mrs. Edna D. Killam, Blessing

Mrs. Nellie Tatem, Blessing

Mrs. Ophelia Fowler Moses, Blessing

Mrs. Lizzie Dawdy, Blessing

Mrs. Mary Smith, Blessing

Mrs. Agnes Howard, Blessing

Mrs. Ida Ellis, Blessing

Mrs. Lucile H. Harter, Blessing

Mrs. Bertha Dannels, Blessing

Mrs. Ella C. Eades, El Maton

Winnie Batchelder, Citrus Grove

Della V. Braden, Citrus Grove

Mrs. Lucille McGinley, Bay City


Mrs. Alma Sanders, Bay City

Mrs. Ida O. Cloar, Bay City

Mrs. Pruddie Orear, Bay City

Miss Daisy Dommerman, Bay City

Ella Jones (col), Ashwood

Mrs. Nancy Ray (col), Bay City

Mrs. Annie Ryman, Wadsworth

Mrs. Mary C. Gilmore, Wadsworth

Mrs. Matie B. Ridinger, Markham

Mrs. Mannie Northington (col), Bay City

Mrs. Emma I. Foster, Palacios

Mrs. Mabel Billings, Palacios

Mrs. Elizabeth Russell, Palacios

Mrs. Katie Tolleson, Palacios

Mrs. Hannah Aikin, Blessing

Mrs. Ada Irene Hurst, Buckeye

Mrs. Edith Bruce, Palacios

Mrs. Lillia Craymer, Palacios

Mrs. Minnie Parker, Palacios

Mrs. Betsy C. Williams, Bay City

Mrs. Bess Guynn, Bay City

Mrs. Terrisa Snodgras, Palacios

Mrs. Jennie Cotton, Palacios

Mrs. Ora Ham, Beadle

Mrs. Martha Evers, Bay City

Mrs. L. L. Waits, Bay City

Mrs. Cora Long, Bay City

Mrs. Mary L. Parker, Collegeport

Mrs. Luella Heisey, Collegeport

Mrs. Laurena Travis, Collegeport

Mrs. Carrie Nelson, Collegeport

Mrs. Mamie C. Bonnett, Collegeport

Mrs. Ollinger B. Roberts, Collegeport

Mrs. Viola M. Shank, Buckeye

Mrs. Julia Gaedcke, Buckeye

Mrs. Peare Dudley, Buckeye

Mrs. Cralie Barnes, Buckeye

Mrs. Amy Mann, Buckeye

Mrs. Alice Huffman, Buckeye

Mrs. Ben Sweeny, Bay City

Mrs. Gertrude Matthews, Bay City

Mrs. Clara Black, Buckeye

Mrs. Jennie Fitzpatrick, Buckeye

Mrs. Lelia Landrum, Buckeye

Mrs. Doborah Tripp, Buckeye

Mrs. Sarah Smith, Clemville

Mrs. Mildred Hagan, Buckeye

Mrs. Lucy Powell, Buckeye

Mrs. Allie Scoggin, Van Vleck

Mrs. Epsie Crawford, Buckeye

Mrs. Sterling Landers, Blessing

Miss Ola Jackson, Bay City

Mrs. Ina Suladie, Buckeye

Mrs. Minnie Cowger, Buckeye

Miss Lerie Yorke, Buckeye

Alfrada Smith, Bay City

Mrs. Belle H. Keller, Bay City


The Daily Tribune
, Monday, July 15, 1918 :


             In spite of the fact that a certain Houston paper in its exuberance over the prospects of a heavy vote of the women of the State, allowed its wish or imagination to outdistance the facts and placed the number of women registrants in this county at 2,000, the facts obtained from Tax Collector T. H. Castleton’s office will not, under any circumstances or any kind of figuring, give up the names of more than 997.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 16, 1919 :


 Petition of the Women to the Voters of the State.

            We, the undersigned women of Bay City , Texas , ask you to vote yes on the suffrage amendment on May 24:

            At the suggestion of the state and county officers, the local suffrage organization made a canvas of Bay City housekeepers with the petition below printed. Not all of the women were seen for the reason that they were not at home when the committee called. Any woman whose name fails to be in the following list, and she wants it there, will ring Mrs. W. D. Wilson, Mrs. Martin Thompson or Mrs. G. A. Moore and the name will be added to the list. These signatures do not in every case mean that the signer declares herself as being anxious to vote on all question, but in every cause it means that the signer wants the right to vote if she cares to. There were not 25 women who were interviewed out of all the city who are not in favor of the amendment—and nearly every one of these women did not sign because her husband was opposed. Not every woman will vote when she has the right to so do, but shall the women who do care for the ballot be denied the right because a number—large or small—think differently? Do all men use the privilege—do all men vote? The following list speaks for the women of Bay City —or those who were met by the committee:

Mrs. W. Y. Scott

Miss Alberta Poage

Laura Bowman

Mrs. Oscar Kennedy

Pansy Walden

Mary Murray

Mamie Gusman

Ida Yeager

Ivie Yancey

Tenie Holmes

Ina Joy Nowlin

Mrs. B. F. Pelhps

Helen Bagnall

Mrs. B. J. Smith

Mrs. J. H. Davis

Shirley Carter

Mrs. William White

Mrs. W. F. Pack

Mrs. G. A. Wainner

Mrs. R. L. Chaney

Mrs. W. S. Holman

Mrs. T. J. Poole

Miss Kathryn Poole

Mrs. E. E. Scott

Mrs. J. E. Thompson

Mrs. Terese B. Robbins

Mrs. W. D. Wilson

Mrs. Thos. H. Lewis

Mrs. Alice McSparran

Mrs. Wm. Cash

Mrs. A. D. Hensley

Mrs. Tom Poole, Jr.

Mrs. Mollie Logan

Mrs. A. Harris

Mrs. W. F. O’Briant

Miss Euro Cloar

Miss Bess Cloar

Miss Lera Cloar

Mrs. Z. Payne

Susie Payne Tew

Mrs. Sophia McCown

Mrs. E. A. Thompson

Mrs. C. C. Williamson

Mrs. E. L. Henderson

Mrs. R. Gibson

Mrs. J. M. Lee

Mrs. Wm. Walker

Mrs. Wm. Walker, Jr.

Mrs. Mildred Carr

Mrs. Ford Penny

Mrs. H. W. Haefer

Mrs. R. E. Slater

Mrs. R. E. Britt

Mrs. Bessie Brummett

Mrs. Ethel Langley

Mrs. Lula R. Parker

Mrs. Fred Carleton, Jr.

Mrs. E. E. Ruley

Mrs. W. Y. Scott

Mrs. L. Roig

Mrs. T. F. Anderson

Mrs. L. Watkins

Mrs. C. F. Catchings

Mrs. I. C. Watkins

Mrs. B. L. Livengood

Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth

Mrs. R. L. Anderson

Mrs. W. N. Anderson

Mrs. Ada M. Phillips

Mrs. Kate Moore

Mrs. J. E. Clements

Mrs. Mattie Langham

Mrs. Eugene V. Dantzler

Mrs. John Sutherland

Miss Estella Sutherland

Mrs. Lovie May Payne

Mrs. J. E. Large

Mrs. E. O. Taulbee

Mrs. Kate Rugeley

Mrs. J. A. Sargent

Mrs. B. F. Powell

Hattie M. Belcher

Bertha Clark

Mrs. Leta Belle Taylor Huebner

Belle Shaw

Mrs. Lela Grover Miller

Mrs. Perry Cummings

Mrs. A. B. Hatchett

Mrs. C. S. Eidman

Mrs. F. H. Jones

Mrs. George Custer

Mrs. Nettie Baker

Mrs. Earl Johnston

Mrs. Jessie Allen

Mrs. H. K. Ogden

Nannie Truitt

Mrs. Roy Schoultz

Mrs. John Branch

Willie Blair

Mrs. W. C. Lloyd

Mrs. M. Whitfield

Mrs. J. E. Linn

Mrs. Oscar Kennedy

Mrs. Linn Yeamans

Mrs. W. R. Horn, Jr.

Mrs. Uceby Reid

Mrs. R. C. Stafford

Mrs. Roy Duncan

Mrs. Sarah O. Duncan

Mrs. Mary Cable

Mrs. Eliza Smith

Mrs. Maggie Harrison

Mrs. Lillie Lee

Mrs. E. E. Ruse

Mrs. S. A. Bernard

Mrs. K. E. Martin

Mrs. L. H. Williams

Mrs. I. D. Lewis

Mrs. C. C. McDaniel

Mrs. L. Z. Moreland

Mrs. W. E. Davant

Mrs. H. B. Richards

Mrs. S. A. Foote

Mrs. R. H. Jordan

Mrs. Kate A. Switzer

Mrs. J. W. Conger

Mrs. W. P. Palmer

Mrs. Berry Watkins

Mrs. Mabel Bailey

Mrs. O. E. George

Mrs. E. L. Ham

Mrs. Elona Jinks

Mrs. R. O. Middlebrook

Mrs. Geo. J. Graham

Mrs. T. L. Lewis

Mrs. L. H. Burks

Mrs. C. LeSage

Mrs. A. S. Lanier

Mrs. M. S. Perry

Mrs. D. R. Hibbetts

Mrs. S. A. Wood

Mrs. Abbie Caverley

Mrs. Ora Barber

Mrs. J. A. Bruce

Mrs. Chas. Nolte

Mrs. G. R. Burke

Mrs. H. H. Loos

Mrs. F. A. Verser

Mrs. A. H. Millican

Leona Manuel

Mrs. W. F. Tetts

Mrs. W. J. Warner

Mrs. H. Anderson

Mrs. J. B. McCain

Mrs. J. C. Carrington

Mrs. W. A. Arnold

Mrs. Hattie E. Carr

Mrs. Lela E. Carr

Mrs. C. J. Green

Miss Bess Storey

Mrs. Dora Dienst

Mrs. D. O. Dodd

Cara M. Garrett

Mrs. W. B. Garrett

Mrs. Frank Harrison

Mrs. W. B. Martin

Mrs. S. H. Baker

Mrs. Carris Hillery

Mrs. Elizabeth Vest

Mrs. Harry Osborn

Mrs. M. H. McDonald

Mrs. Margaret Powell

Mrs. A. B. Morris

Mrs. R. T. Woolsey

Mrs. K. A. Cutis

Mrs. J. J. Trick

Mrs. J. E. Simons

Mrs. R. E. Baker

Mrs. Helen Beadle Moore

Mrs. O. T. Hotchkiss

Mrs. J. P. Gilliam

Mrs. G. A. Moore

Mrs. A. S. Collins

Mrs. V. L. LeTulle

Mrs. A. S. Morton

Mrs. Henry Rugeley

Mrs. Louis LeTulle

Mrs. C. M. Mills

Mrs. C. J. Steves

Mrs. T. K. McCrosky

Mrs. F. B. Fields

Mrs. W. O. Boney

Mrs. J. A. Williams

Mrs. P. R. Hamill

Mrs. W. H. Vaughan

Mrs. P. G. Secrest

Mrs. Sallie Sims

Mrs. Lois Moore O’Brian

Mrs. Maggis Harrison

Mrs. Vera Eidman

Mrs. E. N. Gustafson

Mrs. E. A. Kilbride

Mrs. H. K. Cates

Mrs. N. D. Corbett

Mrs. N. B. Savage

Mrs. W. T. Cox

Mrs. R. M. Harty

Mrs. W. C. Sanders

Mrs. Doris K. Gordon

Mrs. Mildred F. Walters

Miss A. Louise Royer

Mrs. R. M. Wynne

Miss Linnie Stone

Mrs. Pat Thompson

Mrs. Frank Thompson

Mrs. D. P. Moore

Mrs. Frank Carr

Miss Fay Carr

Mrs. J. F. Perry

Mrs. W. H. Poole

Mrs. Byron Moore

Miss Grace Williams

Mrs. J. H. Mallard

Mrs. J. P. Keller

Mrs. S. C. Creech

Mrs. D. M Curtis

Mrs. R. L. Patton

Mrs. Annie Rowlett

Mrs. E. A. Gaudet

Mrs. Lola Brown


Mrs. Filmore Harper

Mrs. E. B. Reddoch

Mrs. W. E. Kelly

Mrs. L. A. Berry

Mrs. P. K. Conch

Mrs. Fred Gest

Mrs. Albert Gest

Mrs. Clara Altenberg

Mrs. Paul Wilde

Mrs. R. A. Sledge

Mrs. Joe Mangum

Mrs. W. H. Head

Mrs. Lucy B. Mann

Mrs. J. E. Miller

Mrs. F. A. Hurley

Mrs. R. A. Garnett

Mrs. Mellie Leckie

Mrs. O. W. Ziegenhals

Miss Mollie Morris

Mrs. A. A. George

Mrs. J. M. Imauser

Mrs. W. H. Broughton

Mrs. Daisy Jeter

Mrs. Pinkie Bond

Mrs. Alice Hogans

Allie Adams

Mrs. R. H. Jarrell

Mrs. Augusta Lenard

Mrs. Fannie Harkey

Mrs. Zelma Lowe

Mrs. Means

Mrs. W. S. Webb

Mrs. M. Pitts

Mrs. Maggie Kelly

Mrs. C. C. Barnett

Mrs. T. A. Walker

Mrs. Birdie Pollard

Mrs. Max Baron

Mrs. Alice Kuesel

Mrs. Bedie Nance

Mrs. Maggie McLendon

Mrs. Hettie Campbell

Mrs. J. A. James

Mrs. Emily Williams

Mrs. K. E. Talbott

Mrs. J. W. McKelvy

Mrs. W. B. Vandiver

Mrs. Dora Harper

Bettie R. McLendon

Mrs. Poage

Mrs. J. B. Lee

Mrs. A. D. Fisher

Mrs. C. A Curry

Mrs. M. J. Beckman

Mrs. W. N. Cartwright

Mrs. G. W. Kelly

Mrs. L. M. Reed

Mrs. J. S. Wise

Mrs. J. S. Brady

Mrs. J. C. Buford

Mrs. S. E. Bandy

Mrs. Chas. C. Linn

Mrs. A. C. Potter

Mrs. J. M. Vandiver

Mrs. L. __. Hilbert

Mrs. Jennie Ryman

Mrs. C. W. Lee

Mrs. Bertha Farthing

Mrs. C. M. Amos

Mrs. W. P. Underwood

Mrs. Bert Carr

Mrs. Amos Lee

Mrs. M. L. Belk

Mrs. G. B. Truitt

Mrs. Ack Barnett

Mrs. Martin Thompson

Mrs. Paris Smith

Mrs. E. L. Hawkins

Mrs. S. O. Eidman

Mrs. E. A. Davidson

Mrs. Cleveland Guynn

Mrs. U. S. Eidman

Mrs. C. G. Hamill

Mrs. E. C. Smith

Mrs. John Crawford

Mrs. M. G. Klein

Mrs. Mae Brunner

Matie Brewer

Mrs. T. C. Brooks

Mrs. C. L. de St. Aubin

Mrs. W. F. Arlitt

Mrs. H. A. Phillips

Mrs. A. Swearingen

Miss Wymer Craft

Fay Golightly

Mrs. B. Golightly

Mrs. Feinberg

Mrs. Annie Lowe

Mrs. Dick B. Taylor

Mrs. J. S. Mearns

Mrs. J. T. Bond

Mrs. C. A. Farthing

Mrs. Mack Landrum

Mrs. Frank Bruno

Mrs. J. M. Pettit

Mrs. P. G. Huston

Mrs. M. S. McCullough

Mrs. E. M. Hill

Mrs. Z. W. DeLano

Mrs. C. M. Ratliff

Mrs. M. C. Stinnett

Florence Stinnett

Irby Steele Stinnett

Mrs. Myrtle Harris

Mrs. Anna White


Matagorda County Tribune, May 16, 1919 :


            Following is a list of Markham ladies who signed a recently circulated petition, asking men to vote for equal suffrage:

Mrs. E. J. Robertson

Mrs. J. A. Bryant

Mrs. G. W. Secrest

Mrs. W. Ridinger

Mrs. Alice J. Keller

Mrs. G. S. Gideon

Mrs. J. F. Hudson

Mrs. W. J. Luder

Mrs. B. J. Jones

Mrs. W. D. Cornelius

Mrs. R. A. Fairy

Mrs. C. C. Mason

Mrs. W. C. Mersefelder

Mrs. I. D. Bashaw

Mrs. A. J. Maxwell

Mrs. C. H. Hayhurst

Mrs. L. R. Smith


Mrs. G. W. Uave

Miss Lila Smith

Mrs. R. D. Sirmon

Mrs. L. D. Cone

Mrs. J. L. Robin

Mrs. J. R. Laslie

Mrs. O. J. Longuet

Mrs. Charlie Herndon

Mrs. Robert Dixon

Mrs. Albert Johnson

Mrs. Algia Longuet

Mrs. A. C. Grissom

Mrs. M. L. Bailey

Mrs. S. H. Salley

Miss Dollie Huddleston

Mrs. Ada Bankhead

Mrs. N. Husslestone


Mrs. G. A. Armstrong

Mrs. G. W. Whiddon

Mrs. G. M. Johnson

Mrs. Susie Peterson

Mrs. Adela Wilson

Mrs. J. W. Fate

Mrs. J. L. Perry

Mrs. W. G. Porter

Mrs. W. F. Jesse

Mrs. Mary E. Cabaniss

Mrs. Julia Cabaniss

Mrs. N. Thompson

Mrs. E. E. Fancher

Mrs. L. E. _____  

Mrs. W. K. Keller,
Chairman Markham Suffrage Society


Matagorda County Tribune, Friday, August 6, 1920 :


             The Matagorda County Democratic Convention will meet at Bay City on Saturday, July 31, at 10 o’clock a.m. , for the purpose of selecting delegates to attend the Democratic State Convention at Dallas , which will draft the democratic State platform, and for other purposes.

            The names of the delegates from the other precincts of the county have not yet been received, but the following is the list of delegates from this precinct:

V. L. LeTulle

Wm. Cash

Dr. E. E. Scott

Dr. J. E. Simons

Mrs. Bert Carr

Mrs. I. N. Barber

Mrs. Zach Payne,

Mrs. Chas. Tew


Mrs. Frank Carr

Mrs. Wm. Cash

Mrs. A. D. Hensley

Mrs. W. D. Wilson

C. M. Gaines

G. A. Moore

Frank Carr

W. D. Wilson

John W. Gaines

John Sutherland

A. D. Hensley

Capt. J. Floyd Lewis

Judge G. B. Robertson

A. H. Wadsworth and

J. R. Whittaker.



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