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How to Study Your Math

  1. Sharpen about five pencils.
  2. Sit down with math book, pencils and paper in front of you.
  3. Read over the problem.
  4. Glance around the room once and fix your gaze on the candy dish.
  5. Turn over a page in the math book.
  6. Wonder what the picture show is about tonight.
  7. Wonder when the next football game will be, and if you will get to see it.
  8. Turn attention back to your math book and gaze at the problem, thinking all the while about the next dance.
  9. Draw pictures of pretty girls until you break the points on two of your pencils.
10. Try to sharpen your pencil and cut your finger. Cuss.
11. Turn attention back to math book.
12. Decide to wait until tomorrow to get your math, close your book with a snap, and then throw it at the cat for getting mixed up with it.

The Matagorda County Tribune, November 23, 1928

Superintendents And Principals Meet

The following teachers were present at the superintendent's and principals' meeting which was held by County Supt. Claire F. Pollard in the courthouse, Saturday, Jan. 7, 1933. Mr. T. P. White, Miss Dorothy Franzen, Miss Beryl Bell and Mr. Frank Balusek of the Collegeport school; Miss Louise Walter of the Citrus Grove School; Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Herrington and Mr. J. T. Bertrand, Jr. of Midfield school; Mr. A. D. Thompson and Mrs. Eva Einkauf of the Van Vleck school; Mr. B. P. Riddle and Miss Mary Elizabeth Cash of Cedar Lane school; Miss Dorothy Thompson of Lukefahr school; Mrs. Vades Richardson of Hasima school; Miss Mary Alleen Elliott of Prairie Center school; Miss Mary P. Wolf of Turtle Bay school; Mrs. J. O. Watkins of Pledger school; T. P. Hale of Wadsworth school and Mr. Oliver McNeil of Ashby school.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, January 12, 1933


Ohio Colony

Ohio Colony

The Ohio colony section just south of Blessing has been made a common school district and numbered 21. The trustees appointed by county superintendent Lewis were: G. D Garber, J. F. Klinghiel, and J. H. McNees. As soon as possible the citizens of that rapidly growing section will hold an election and vote several thousand dollars worth of bonds for the purpose of building and equipping a school house. Their term of pay-school that has been on successful under the instruction of Mrs. C. Cole, will be closed today.—Blessing News.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 7, 1911



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