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Lake House

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Hawkins Lake Home Over a Century Old
By Mrs. G. C. (Stella) McElrath

The Hawkins Lake Home is a structure of rare, architectural beauty from its ground floor to the look-out or widow's walk.

The palatial home is over a century old. Construction was begun in 1852 and completed in 1854.

Colonel Hawkins, the man who built the three-story structure, engaged an architect from New York City.

This man not only planned for beauty but for strength as well. He did not know the meaning of concealing some defect by covering up a bad piece of timber with a nice-looking surface.

His work stands today as positive proof of the honesty and pride manifested in his skill.

View of Prairies

When the Lake House was completed it commanded a view of broad prairies with to timber growing near. The look-out afforded a scene where sunbeams danced upon the shimmering waters of Lake Austin.

The man of the house often mounted the stairs to this special place where he observed weather conditions or watched for expected boats.

The mistress of this newly-built prairie home decided that it needed shade trees so she had a grove of oaks set out.

There they are today gnarled and rugged as only an oak can be after a century of growth.

Their limbs reach up and out to entwine in a massive shade that sprawls over the lawn in summer making the front veranda an inviting place of retreat to those who wish to seek its sanctuary.

Orange trees are growing there also and rank right along with the oaks in age.

On occasion they have been frozen down but they always come back, and this year they produced an abundance of golden fruit.

The Hawkins Lake Home is an outstanding landmark of Matagorda County. It has weathered the elements--including several hurricanes--in the years it has stood.

The descendants of Colonel Hawkins have loved this house and kept it through a century of progress, a memorial of their dedication and to the Golden Gulf Coast.

The Bay City Herald, March 29, 1956



Hawkins Family

Hawkins Family Cemetery

Original Hawkins Family Home

Rugeley-Hawkins Family Cemetery



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