Midfields Meadows.

By E. L. F.

Ira Fitzgerald went to Ganado Friday.

Mr. Aaron came over from Ganado this week.

Miss Laura Fitzgerald went to Mr. Hogan’s Tuesday.`

Eugene Branch and Tom Chivers came by here one day this week.

Charley Wiley and Will Queen visited at Mr. Fitzgerald’s Sunday.

Rev. McIver will preach at the Ward school house every fourth Sunday.

Everett Hollingshead and his charming bride were over from Ganado recently.

Misses Eva and Laura Fitzgerald went to church at the Ward school house Sunday.

Misses McIvers visited Miss Frances Queen and also Miss Ethel Wiley and Mrs. Ross Wiley.

Among those who attended the candy pulling at Mr. Fitzgerald’s were Will Queen, Sonnie and Tomie Chivers, and Lela and Johnnie Hogan.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 4, 1903

Midfield Meadows.

By E. L. F.

Hurrah for Midfields! She is going to be the place.

T. H. Chivers came over Thursday to fix the windmill.

John Queen came home Saturday to visit his parents.

Everett Hollingshead has moved his hay outfit home.

J. W. Queen and Charley Wiley came to Midfields Friday.

Sammie Chivers and Ira Fitzgerald went to Ganado Sunday.

Larry Chivers of Edna is visiting his cousin, T. H. Chivers.

F. H. Fitzgerald came to Midfields Thursday of last week.

Miss Eva Fitzgerald and brother came to Midfields Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorman of Buhler visited at F. H. Fitzgerald’s Friday.

Sammie Chivers and John Ellison came by on their way home.

Messrs. Bard and Hails of Midfield came out to F. H. Fitzgerald’s Sunday.

F. H. Fitzgerald and wife were welcome visitors at Mrs. Young’s, at Midfields Monday.

Little Washington Hogan is very sick and has been for a long time, but is getting better.

Miss Laura Fitzgerald and little sister Minnie went to Ganado one day last week to visit friends.

Mr. Bard of Midfields went to Ganado Sunday to bring back a load of Mr. Young’s furniture.

Lee Young has moved his wife and children to Midfields. We are glad to have Mrs. Young over.

Everett Hollingshead and wife were welcome guests at the home of F. H. Fitzgerald Monday and Tuesday.

They say when a young man goes calling and rides a mule it means something. Well, it is quite in style.

Eugene Branch called at F. H. Fitzgerald’s Friday and also came by Saturday. We wonder why he has his horse’s head turned this way so much.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 25, 1903

Midfields Meadows.

By E. L. F.

Mr. Williams has bought two acres at Midfields.

F. H. Fitzgerald went to J. W. Queen’s Tuesday on business.

Mrs. F. H. Fitzgerald came to Midfields to visit Mrs. Young.

Gertrude Young and Dessie Fitzgerald have been on the sick list.

Jas. Fortenberry will soon begin building a residence at Midfields.

Mr. Darnell has gone back to Hamilton Point to begin his haying again.

We are glad to see many people coming out to our flourishing little town.

C. C. Duson and some land buyers called at F. H. Fitzgerald’s Tuesday.

Miss Lela Hogan and brother, Jim visited at F. H. Fitzgerald’s Tuesday.

J. W. Queen and son Will went to El Campo Sunday and returned Tuesday.

Misses Eva and Laura Fitzgerald were pleasant callers at Mrs. Young’s Tuesday.

Misses Eva and Laura Fitzgerald visited their friends, Misses Louise and Sophie Mason.

Peter Rawn was down from Danevang Thursday to see F. H. Fitzgerald on business.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 2, 1903

Midfield Meditations.

By Fly Up-The-Creek.

The hotel is now open and ready for business.

J. P. Spoor and family were visitors at J. M. McGee’s Sunday.

G. W. Owens has erected a cottage and moved his family to Midfields.

Darrell Jordan and sister, Miss Viola, were seen on our streets Friday.

Mrs. Sarah Kuykendall has been real sick, but at this writing she is better.

We are in need of rain in this section of the county, as it is too dry to plant fall gardens.

The Keller store at Midfields is nearing completion. I believe the rafters have been raised.

There is a good opening for a doctor in Midfields, as there isn’t any doctor nearer than Markham.

Farmers in this section have not made good cotton crops as the boll weevil came and did some damage.

W. E. McSparran and wife went to Louise to see their daughter, Mrs. Garner, who has been quite sick.

The artesian well at Midfields keeps plenty of water in Wallace creek, besides the certain portion used in the city.

We hope to have a postoffice at Midfields soon. Now we have to get our mail from Blessing, which is about four miles distant.

Bro. J. W. Hennessee delivered two splendid sermons to the Hawley people Sunday, and I am not sure all who gave their attention to them were benefitted.

Invitations are out for an ice cream social at the residence of F. Cornelius, October 9th. We always have a pleasant time at this home, and I think it will be largely attended.

Mrs. W. T. Blair called on Mrs. W. K. Keller Tuesday. We are glad to know Mrs. Blair is looking as well as ever. Her trip to her old home seems to have done her a great deal of good.

Midfields is rapidly increasing. One going there can see people coming and going in every direction. Who knows otherwise than that Midfields will grow at large as the great London of England? Surely there is plenty of room for it to grow as large.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 9, 1903

Midfields Meditations.

By Fly-Up-The-Creek.

Cattle here are dying from eating acorns.

W. K. Keller was seen on our streets this week.

N. Keller keeps the Midfields hotel supplied with fresh beef.

Miss Nonie Keller visited for several days in Bay City last week.

Mrs. T. E. Partain and Miss Julia Cornelius went to the show in Bay City last week.

Owing to a slight freight train wreck, the passenger train did not arrive until very late Monday night.

George Duson went out duck hunting, but returning with only one duck. Very poor shooting, George; try it again.

Mr. McCoy is building a blacksmith shop here—something we have need of, and I think he will have a good trade.

We were blessed with a good rain last week, which will enable those who wish to plant fall gardens and oats to begin planting.

“John,” let me present you with a nice turkey for Christmas, provided you are one of the number who are going to be married by that time.

The artesian well bored by Messrs. Powell at this place for Mr. Duson, is now flowing. It is only a two inch well, but it has a strong flow.

“John,” I don’t think you or “S. S.” either know Darrell’s range. I heard of him going toward Palacios in a high gallop. Perhaps he was going fishing.

A Hoket, who has been pressing hay for Nolan Keller, T. E. Partain and others, has moved his press to the Cortes rice farm, where he will press rice straw.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 23, 1903

Midfields Meditations.

E. L. F.

Midfields is growing very fast.

Jas. Fortenberry has his building nearly completed.

J. L. Blair now has a nice residence in Midfields.

Miss Eva Fitzgerald is staying in Midfields at present.

We are glad to say that Mrs. W. D. Young is able to be up again.

Jim and Charley Wiley and Will Queen were in town Monday with some fine beef.

W. H. Glenn and Robert Countryman were in town Monday.

W. R. Countryman, Iron Roberts and Jim Wright went to the Colorado one day last week.

Miss Phoebe Platt has returned to her home in the country.

Warner Poole and sister came over from Ganado Saturday.

Otto Bard, Midfield’s young merchant, Sundayed at F. H. Fitzgerald’s.

Jim Fortenberry and wife went to Ganado one day this week.

Hon. C. C. Duson and wife went to Hamilton Point Saturday.

Ira Fitzgerald came to Midfields Sunday.

Miss Eva Fitzgerald visited home folks Sunday.

F. Cornelius and son, Louie, were in town one day this week.

F. H. Fitzgerald was in town one day last week.

Otto Bard went to Ganado last week on business.

Ed Hulquist and Si Howard, both from Ganado, came by Midfields while on their way to Markham.

Dee Young went to A. N. Hoke’s Monday.

Pete Keller will soon have his store completed.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 4, 1903


Mr. H. O. Bard went to Galveston Saturday.

Some nice showers fell here the past week.

J. S. Williams has moved to Midfield with his family.

Mrs. R. P. Ansley of Blessing visited her friend, Mrs. Lund, Saturday.

W. K. Rose is spending a few days in Edna this week with home folks.

Several parties from here spent a few days on the bay fishing this week.

Mrs. N. I. McSparran returned to her home in Wharton after a pleasant visit here.

Miss Frances Brown spent a few days with her aunt, Mrs. D. H. Garner, the past week.

R. E. Coffin and wife moved to Collegeport Saturday where Mr. Coffin will teach this fall.

Mr. N. Blanck and wife of Oklahoma are spending the summer with his brother, Phillip Blanck.

W. H. Glenn passed away Sunday night after suffering for several years of tuberculosis and Bright's disease. His remains were laid to rest at the Hawley cemetery. Deceased was about 45 years of age. He leaves a widow who has the sincere sympathy of the entire community.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 2, 1910


D. H. Garner went to Bay City Wednesday.

D. H. Garner and family returned from a week's visit at Port Lavaca Monday.

W. B. Gaumer returned from a trip through the Brownsville country on Wednesday.

Mrs. J. S. Williams and baby are spending a few days with home folks near Blessing.

The young folk enjoyed a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Jordan Tuesday evening.

Midfield will have a new school house in the near future. When completed it will be quite a nice structure.

Rev. Miller organized a Woman's Home Mission Society on the first Sunday in this month with nine members. The society will hold its next semi-monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Tanquery.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 16, 1910


Mrs. N. Keller of Palacios was a visitor here Wednesday.

Mrs. J. S. Williams and baby returned from Blessing Wednesday.

Mrs. T. E. Partain was the guest of relatives in Bay City Thursday.

Mrs. B. H. Shannon visited Wharton and Edna Tuesday and Wednesday.

D. H. Garner and family returned Tuesday from a visit to Port Lavaca.

Mrs. W. E. McSparran is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. R. E. Coffin, at Collegeport.

Mrs. F. Cornelius and children went to Edna Wednesday for  visit to relatives there.

Mrs. B. H. Shannon and little daughter, Jarraldine, of Madisonville, arrived Thursday for a visit to her aunt, Mrs. J. M. Magee.

The young folks were entertained at the home of D. P. Jordan and wife Monday night with a social in honor of the departure of Miss Ellen Roberts.

Wm. Diggs and family, W. K. Keller and wife, Misses Bertha Larsen and Ellen Roberts and Messrs. Chas. Schroeder and Boerne Limeke went to Bay City Thursday night.

Galveston Daily News, September 25, 1910


J. W. Keller went to Bay City Monday.

Mr. Vogelsang was in town Wednesday.

Mrs. Nolan Keller was up from Palacios Wednesday.

J. J. Fortenberry and Jim Fitzgerald went to Galveston Saturday.

W. K. Rose went to Edna Tuesday to spend a few days with home folks.

Mrs. F. Cornelius and children went to Edna Wednesday where they will visit relatives.

Mrs. Boyd Shannon and little girl came in Thursday to spend a while with her aunt, Mrs. Magee.

Mrs. W. E. McSparran is spending the week in Collegeport with her daughter, Mrs. R. E. Coffin.

Rev. Miller will preach here on the fourth Sunday in this month instead of the 1st Sunday in October.

Arthur Botts has finished threshing his first crop of rice and is well pleased with the way it turned out.

H. O. Bard and family went to Ganado Sunday to spend a few days with Mr. Bard's father at that place.

Rev. Ellis preached here Saturday evening and Sunday morning. He will continue to preach here on the third Sunday of each month.

H. O. Bard has sold his interest in the H. O. Bard & Co. mercantile establishment to F. Cornelius. The business will hereafter be conducted under the name of Midfield Mercantile Co. The store will now be under the able management of Mr. Roy Tanquary. H. O. Bard and family will move to Ganado to live. We regret to see them move from our midst.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 30, 1910


The sand is piled on the ground for the new concrete walks.

The foundation is completed for our new school house and the carpenters will begin work on the building soon.

Dr. C. E. Keller of San Antonio came in Friday on a visit to his mother, Mrs. M. A. McSparran.

G. E. Mullens, who moved away from here last fall, was back again Saturday to see about renting a farm here. Mr. Mullens has decided that this is the best country after all, so will move back to Midfield to stay.

Mrs. N. K. McSparran came in from Wharton Thursday to spend a while with relatives here.

Mrs. W. K. Keller spent Saturday and Sunday in Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and Miss Nellie departed for Illinois last week on their annual visit to their old home.

H. O. Bard was a Houston visitor Wednesday and Thursday.

Miss Essie Shiekels returned to her home at Palacios Monday after a pleasant visit with her friend, Miss Annie Smitt.

The young folks enjoyed an oyster supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Jordan Friday evening.

The W. H. M. S. gave an ice cream supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Williams Wednesday evening. A nice sum was realized.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 14, 1910


N. Keller was up from Palacios Wednesday looking after his interests here.

Mrs. Shroader visited in Bay City several days last week.

Mrs. F. Cornelius and children came home Monday after several week's visit to relatives in Edna.

Alfred Ward spent Tuesday in our City.

Jas. Williams moved from the Young house to the Shannon cottage Friday.

Mrs. Wiley is spending the week with Mrs. Dorrell Jordon.

Lawson Jordon and family spent Sunday in our city.

Wiley Kuykendall and wife spent several days at the T. C. Partain home last week.

Mrs. N. F. Keller and children spent Wednesday and Thursday in Bay City.

F. Cornelius' new warehouse is almost completed.

Oscar Barber and wife spent several days in our city the past week.

Mrs. Tanquary left for Los Angeles Thursday, where she will spend about two months with relatives

J. W. Smith of Blessing will move here and put in a first-class blacksmith shop.

The Well Supply Co. is putting a well down on the Partain place this week.

H. O. Bard and family moved to Ganado Wednesday. Mr. Bard has bought a home at that place. We wish 3 room house on East 10th St., $8.00 takes.

Mr. Leslie Evans and Miss Tillie Shroader were quietly married at the bride's home Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. Only relatives and a few intimate friends of the contracting parties were present. The bride is one of our most popular young ladies and is loved by all who know her. The groom is a steady quiet young man. They have a host of friends who wish them happiness and prosperity all through life.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 28, 1910


Oscar Barber was up from Palacios Monday.

W. K. Rose returned from Edna on Monday.

Mrs. R. P. Ansley and baby are the guests of Mrs. Lend this week.

F. Cornelius and W. E. McSparran each received a carload of cotton seed cake. They will both feed steers for the spring market.

D. H. Garner was a Bay City visitor several days this week.

Mrs. W. E. McSparran and granddaughter Emma Garner visited in Collegeport several days this week.

School opened Monday with a large enrollment and Miss Byrtha Harris of Oakland as teacher. Mrs. Annie Lund of Houston came in last week for a few days visit with relatives here.

Mrs. W. K. Keller was a Bay City visitor Saturday.

A. W. Shaw and wife and daughter returned home last week from their visit to their old home in Illinois.

Ed Cox and family moved to Carancahua last week.

Mrs. Strawbridge and friend Miss Knaver of Blessing were in our city one day last week.

Miss Byrtha Harris went to Bay City Saturday.

W. K. Rose and D. H. Garner went to El Campo Friday.

Mrs. Mullens and Miss Agnes Holland went to Blessing Monday.

Mrs. T. E. Partain was at Bay City Monday.

The ladies of the W. H. M. S. will give a box supper at the church on Wednesday night, November 16th. Everybody is invited to attend.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 11, 1910


Rev. McDonald preached here last Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.

Mr. W. K. Keller went to Bay City Friday.

Mesdames H. Stucker and daughters were here shopping Saturday.

Mr. Chas. Tew of Bay City was here Wednesday.

Ed Yeamans and wife moved to Midfield Saturday; they are occupying the Partain cottage.

Darrell Jordan came in from Francitas Saturday.

Mr. Dupree of Markham has accepted the position as clerk for the Midfield Mercantile Co. He moved his family here last week.

Rev. Chambers of Markham stopped over Monday on his way home from Ashby, where he preached Sunday.

Mr. Williams and family happened to quite an accident last Sunday while on their way to Sunday school. The team became frightened at the train and ran away, throwing Mrs. Mullens and the children out of the wagon. One wheel ran over Willie about the chest and over Addie's wrist; otherwise there was none of the rest seriously hurt.

Mrs. D. H. Garner and daughter were in Blessing one day last week.

Mrs. W. K. Keller and Mrs. Viola Williams shopped in Blessing Saturday.

The contractors started work on the new bank building this week.

The two large Satsuma orange trees that were recently transplanted here have been the center of attraction for the past week or two. The trees are loaded with ripe fruit and are certainly beautiful.

The W. H. M. S. will have their Campaign Entertainment next Sunday at 11 a. m. Everybody is cordially invited to attend.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 16, 1910


Mrs. W. K. Keller visited Bay City Friday.

A. D. Botts and wife left recently for their new home at Billings, Ok.

Mrs. Lillian Moore arrived Thursday on a holiday visit to her father's family.

J. M. Magee and wife returned Saturday from a visit to relatives at Thomaston.

Miss Annie Smith returned Wednesday from a three week' visit to Bay City friends.

Mrs. J. L. Jordan and little daughter, Estelle, of Blessing, were visitors here last week.

Mrs. D. H. Garner and daughter, Emma, went to Collegeport Friday for a brief visit to her sister, Mrs. R. E. Coffin.

Galveston Daily News, December 18, 1910

Midfield Minutes
January 12, 1911

J. J. Fortenberry and R. E. Yeamans went to Bay City Friday on business.

J. L. Jordan and family, of Blessing, were visitors here Sunday and Monday.

Mrs. J. L. Williams and baby have been visiting relatives at Blessing this week.

W. E. McSparran and son, Eugene, made a business trip to Bay City yesterday.

Little Jimmy Jay Fortenberry has been quite sick the past few days, but is some better at this writing. Dr. Flickwir of Blessing has been attending him.

J. W. Keller went to Bay City Monday.

Rev. McDonald filled his appointment here Sunday. Good congregations greeted him at both morning and evening services.

Our Sunday school is growing; has increased to seventy members, and we hope to see it continue growing.

Mrs. G?. E. Partain has just bought two residence lots here and will have a neat cottage erected on them at once for rent purposes.

Work on our brick bank has been going steadily forward, and the walls are nearly completed, at this writing.

The ladies of the W. H. M. Society served dinner in the Cornelius building Saturday to the voters. The menu consisted of nearly every thing one could wish for and cost only 25 cents. Quite a neat sum was realized.

L. B. Cox of Palacios, who is one of the contractors on our bank building, is sufficiently encouraged with Midfield's future development, to invest in two good lots.

There will be an oyster supper tonight in the Cornelius building given under the auspices of the Women's Home Mission Society. This is quite a little band of workers, and they are growing and doing things too.

F. P. Lund left Monday morning for College Station to take a two weeks course in the Agricultural college there.

That long talked of road to Danevang is actually "in sight" now. W. B. Gaumer is having it graded and the work is being rushed to completion.

We are glad to be able to report that Midfield will soon add another improvement to those which have recently have made. W. B. Gaumer states that he has made arrangements to have a cotton gin put in here, in plenty of time for next year's crop of cotton.

Palacios Beacon, January 13, 1911

Midfield Minutes

B. W. Trull of Kansas arrived Saturday. Mr. Trull will be cashier in our new bank here as soon as it is open for business, which will be about February 1st.

Miss Lois Allen of Bay City, has accepted a position as stenographer for W. B. Gaumer and came to assume her duties.

Mrs. E. J. Robertson and baby of Wharton, spent several days here last week visiting relatives.

The Sunday School here has changed its hour for meeting from three p. m. to ten a. m. every Sunday. The attendance was large again last Sunday.

The oyster supper Thursday night was not very largely attended, consequently the net proceeds were not as much as expected.

C. M. Hocker of San Antonio made a brief business visit here Friday, and shook hands with old friends.

Little Ida Gray Dupree stuck a nail in her foot about a week ago, and it has given her considerable trouble since. Dr. Flickwir of Blessing, had to be called Saturday night to lance it, but it is better now.

The ladies of the Home Mission Society are having an old fashioned quilting bee at the home of Mrs. W. E. McSparran today.

Palacios Beacon, January 20, 1911

A New Gin For Midfield

Mr. W. B. Gaumer, of Midfield, was in Bay City yesterday and told us he was now engaged in erecting perhaps what will prove to be the best gin in Matagorda county. He said there was a great increase in cotton acreage this year over that of last year and that the Danish people near Midfield were all increasing their cotton acreage largely. The gin will be located in Midfield and Mr. Conger expects to make a good showing with it this season.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 24, 1911

Come to Midfield the Growing Town of the Midcoast

Come to the growing town of Midfield, which within four months has built a bank, a cotton gin, a lumber yard, cement walks and several new residences. It also has many other new enterprises under construction.

Build you a home where lots are cheap.

Where they will grow to value and make you money while you sleep.

Do you know that Midfield has doubled in population, in number of buildings, and value of real estate within twelve months?

Come and investigate.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 2, 1911


Miss Lois Allen is visiting in Bay City.

D. P. Jordan and wife visited relatives in Bay City Monday and Tuesday.

Miss Rachel Cates of Palacios visited relatives and friends here last week.

The Ladies' Aid Society met with Mrs. I. M. Fortenberry Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Murray Huddleston and children of Palacios are visiting relatives here.

Miss Olive Dierlam of Port Lavaca is here, the guest of Miss Norma Brunson.

Miss Bertha Harris has closed her school here and left Saturday for Bay City.

Miss Frances Poole of Bay City is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. M. A. McSparran.

Mrs. R. E. Coffin and baby Lois came up from Collegeport Monday for a visit to relatives.

Misses Brunson entertained their young friends with an ice cream social Friday evening.

Mrs. Richard Adcock and baby left Monday for Thomaston after a visit with her parents, J. M. Magee and wife.

Mrs. E. Rooth and baby and Miss Agnes Holling of Hill are here the guests of G. M. Mullens and family.

Galveston Daily News, June 18, 1911

Midfield Notes

Mrs. Ellen I. Partain was in Bay City Monday.

Mr. W. B. Gaumer has returned from a rather extended trip through Northern Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Mr. John Kuhn has been on the sick list this week.

A prohibition rally was held at the church house last Saturday night. The main features of the program were lectures given by Rev. A. A. Kidd and Judge John W. Gaines, of Bay City, and a reading by Mr. B. W. Trull. A large crowd was in attendance.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Milburn's baby is quite sick this week.

The Methodist meeting began last Sunday, conducted by Rev. J. P. Chambers, who expects to be assisted later in the week by Rev. A. A. Kidd of Bay City. The meeting was to have begun sooner, but owing to the illness of Rev. Chambers it had to be postponed until Sunday night.

Mr. Geo. E. Smith went to Palacios Saturday.

Mr. F. E. Madden, who is living at the oil fields, has purchased lots in Midfield and will begin the erection of a residence in a few days.

Mr. Wm. P. Davis has bought lots in Midfield and was here Tuesday completing arrangements to begin the erection of a building to be used for restaurant and boarding house.

A Mr. Mundo was in town this week from San Antonio. While here, he purchased a section of land lying abut three miles North of Midfield.

Mr. H. Hogensen has been enjoying a visit from his father from Wisconsin. He returned to his home Monday but expects to locate permanently here next fall.

The new residence of Mr. N. C. Krag is nearing completion.

Mr. J. J. Fortenberry made a trip to Bay City Wednesday to get a load of fire brick to be used in ___ing the setting of the boiler for the gin.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 30 1911

Midfield Notes

Mr. W. B. Gaumer reports the sale of 1500 acres of land adjoining the townsite on the West to some Kansas people who will subdivide it and sell it out in smaller tracts.

Mr. M. S. Scott, of Edna, and Mr. Levi Paul, of El Campo, were in town on business Monday.

Quite a heavy shower of rain fell Monday about noon.

The little baby of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Milburn died last Friday. It was buried at Hawley.

The parsonage for the Methodist church is being built this week. Rev. Chambers will move here from Markham and occupy it as soon as completed.

Mr. W. B. Gaumer was in Bay City Thursday on business.

Mrs. W. K. Keller and Miss Bertha Larson went to Blessing last Saturday.

Mrs. W. K. Rose spent a few days with his folks at Edna, Texas, coming back Tuesday.

Mr. R. Cornelius has not been very well for a few days.

Mr. B. W. Trull and Mr. D. C. Dyer went to Palacios Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Fortenberry were among our Midfield visitors at Palacios on the 4th.

Miss Lois Allen was in Bay City Thursday.

Miss Alta Gaumer arrived in Midfield from Kansas last Friday for an extended visit with her brother, Mr. W. B. Gaumer.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 17, 1911

Midfield Minutes
July 20, 1911

Miss Lois Allen spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City.

Chas. Gilmore and wife went to Matagorda Sunday for a few days visit to Mrs. Gilmore's parents.

W. K. Keller and wife, B. W. Trull and D. C. Dyer visited Palacios Friday afternoon.

Mrs. D. H. Garner and daughter, Emma, went to Collegeport Friday for a few days visit to her sister, Mrs. R. E. Coffin.

The Ladies Aid Society held a call meeting Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs.. W. B. Gaumer.

Mrs. H. O. Bard and children, of Ganado, are here visiting relatives and friends.

W. E. McSparran and wife returned Wednesday from an extended visit to Uvalde and San Antonio.

The Christian Endeavor Society held it s semi-annual election of officers last Sunday night as follows: Pres. B. W. Trull; vice-pres. Mrs. W. K. Keller; Sec. Miss Anna Smith; Treas. Mrs. J. S. Williams; Organist, Miss Annie Mullins. The society is holding quite interesting meetings, and all the services are well attended.

Drs. Simons and Foote of Bay City, came over Wednesday night to the rally and addressed us on the prohibition question, which we all appreciated very much. They were accompanied by Mrs. Simons and Mrs. Foote and S. Kennedy and wife.

Mrs. John Kuhn shopped in Bay City Tuesday.

Gus Lemche left Sunday for Brenham where he went to take unto himself a wife, the lady being a stranger to us. The happy couple are expected to arrive today, the groom having prepared a home for his bride here. We offer hearty congratulations.

B. H. Shannon is making arrangements to build a handsome bungalow here at once to be occupied by himself and family.

Miss Alta Gaumer has introduced the game of lawn tennis here and it is becoming quite the thing among some of the young folks in the afternoons.

Palacios Beacon, July 21, 1911

Midfield Minutes
Aug. 17, 1911

Cotton pickers are in demand here and the gin is getting busy.

The Ladies Aid Society met at Mrs. W. B. Gaumer's Tuesday afternoon.

W. E. and N. K. McSparran were Bay City visitors today.

Miss Annie Smith visited Palacios Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Chas. Gilmore returned last week from a two weeks visit at Matagorda.

Miss Wayne Singleton of Wharton, spent Saturday and Sunday here the guest of her friend Miss Verdie Dupree.

N. K. McSparran and wife, of El Campo, are visitors here this week.

J. W. Smith, of Blessing, has begun the erection of a building on Juanita Ave., which he will occupy as a barbershop in one-end and harness repair shop in the other.

A quiet wedding occurred here Sunday afternoon at four o'clock; Miss Norman Brunson and Mr. Frank Raynor being the contracting parties, with Rev. McDonald officiating. The happy couple left on Monday morning for Livingston, their future home. We wish them much joy.

The Hotel Midfield caught fire last Thursday morning from a gasoline stove in the kitchen, but was discovered and put out before much damage was done.

The Home Mission Society met the church Thursday afternoon. Several new members were added to the roll.

W. B. Gaumer and family returned Sunday from their trip to Houston and Galveston.

Our Sunday School keeps on growing, the roll now numbers ninety members, and there are several organized classes among the young folks.

J. R. Dupree and family are moving today into the cottage just vacated by Rev. Chambers.

Palacios Beacon, August 18, 1911

Midfield Notes

Mr. B. W. Trull left here for Kansas on the 13th of the month where he will visit with friends and relatives. While away, Mr. Trull will be married to Miss Florence Robertson. They will make their home in Midfield.

Mr. T. B. Hillmon left on the 20th of the month for Sioux City, Iowa, where he will spend the winter with his sister, Mrs. Harry Lahr.

Mrs. Boyd Shannon's sister and two little children are here visiting with relatives.

Mr. W. B. Gaumer made a business trip to Houston Tuesday, returning to Midfield Thursday morning.

The new hotel has now opened and prospects for a good patronage are good.

Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Keller, Mrs. W. B. Gaumer, Mrs. E. C. Trull and Miss Alta Gaumer went to Bay City Tuesday.

Miss Byrtha Harris was here Saturday and Sunday. Miss Harris is one of the teachers employed here this year.

Mr. Heywood Cobb, while going out home yesterday afternoon, lost control of his machine and ran into a barb wire fence and into the railroad ditch. Mr. Cobb sustained several cuts about the face and neck. He had to have a doctor from Bay City to come over and sew the cuts up. His machine was damaged considerably.

The Methodist ladies of Midfield gave a box supper at the Hotel Midfield last Friday night. Every one who attended reported a nice time.

Mr. Fitzgerald has begun the erection of a very nice little cottage, which, when completed, will be occupied by Mr. B. W. Trull.

Mr. D. C. Dyer went to Blessing Sunday to see his parents.

Mr. G. E. Smith went to Palacios Saturday afternoon.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 29, 1911

Midfield Notes

Attorney E. E. Bateman of Palacios was in Midfield on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week on legal business. Mr. Bateman is candidate for the legislature and spent a part of his time hustling for votes.

Mr. Burton D. Hurd made a short call in Midfield on Wednesday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Milo E. Wilson went to Galveston Saturday.

Mr. J. R. Green, who is interested in the ownership and sales of land near Midfield, has been in town this week.

Mr. D. M. Curtis and Mr. A. E. Anderson went to Palacios one the excursion Tuesday night.

Miss Lois Allen visited her mother, Mrs. B. B. Jessup, in Bay City Saturday and Sunday.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 19, 1916

Midfield Minutes

F. P. Lund returned Thursday from Dallas and reports a very large attendance at the W. O. W. convention with great enthusiasm among the members.

Rev. J. J. Rice filled his appointment at the church here Sunday morning and evening, preaching to very good congregation. At the morning service four new members by certificate were received into the Baptist church.

Mrs. Emma Ilbery went to Bay City Sunday and remained till Tuesday visiting friends.

T. H. Skinner returned Sunday from a few days business visit at Corpus Christi.

Miss Lois Allen went to Bay City Friday and remained ill Sunday visiting her mother.

Mrs. J. W. Smith visited her daughter, Mrs. Stanley Baxter, at Blessing Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Byrtha Harris spent Saturday and Sunday visiting friends in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hammond arrived last Friday from Broken Bow, Neb., on a visit with Mr. Hammond's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Hammond. They are accompanied by Mr. Sheffield also of Broken Bow, who is Mrs. Hammond's father. This is their first visit to this part of the country and they are charmed with everything but the "Norther" which came Saturday.

J. F. Wilson returned Sunday from a week's business visit to Dallas and vicinity.

The entertainment given by the Christian Endeavor Society Monday night at the parsonage was a success. The double parlors were thrown together and decorated with graceful festoons of white and green crepe paper and card board Shamrocks, presenting a very dainty appearance. "Pat and Patricia," two typical Irish folks, represented by J. W. Smith and Mrs. S. H. Yockey, received the guests, assisted by the maid, Bridget O'Flannigan, in the person of Miss Ona Smith. A program consisting of Irish songs and games was very much enjoyed by all, as well as the refreshments which followed, composed of lettuce sandwiches tied with green ribbon, potato salad and pickles. The action song, "The Froggies" by four little boys, and "Mr. Riley" by eight little Irish Colleens, deserve special mention on account of being so well rendered after so little practice. Everybody reported a fine time and judging from the sounds of merriment heard during the evening we feel sure they did.

Mrs. E. Harris visited Bay City Tuesday.

The ladies aid met with Mrs. J. J. Fortenberry Tuesday afternoon. Quite a number of ladies were present.

E. L. Allen and family who arrived here Monday from the western part of the state have rented and moved into the Isley cottage and will make Midfield their home.

Mrs. C. N. Austin shopped in Bay City Tuesday.

Palacios Beacon, March 21, 1913

Midfield Minutes

J. W. Keller paid Bay City a visit Thursday.

Mrs. Bernice Cates and family drove up from Palacios Saturday in their auto and spent the afternoon visiting relatives.

Miss Vera Yockey was the honoree of a surprise party last Friday evening, given by her mother in honor of her twelfth birthday. A large number of her girl friends were present and all had a nice time.

Miss Byrtha Harris shopped in Bay City Saturday.

H. L. Fortenberry and wife entertained with a dance at her home Saturday night.

Jno. Renshawe has purchased the Ed Yeamans cottage and is adding several rooms to it, this week; also other improvements. When completed it will be occupied by himself and family.

M. E. Wilson visited Palacios Friday.

Mrs. McFaddin visited Bay City Saturday.

Hallie Anderson of Markham was a visitor here Thursday night.

W. K. Keller and wife moved into their new home Thursday.

Palacios Beacon, March 28, 1913

Midfield Minutes

J. J. Fortenberry paid Bay City a business visit Thursday.

Mrs. A. Brinkley and daughter were up from Blessing Wednesday visiting friends.

J. W. Keller went to Bay City Tuesday.

Mrs. W. K. Keller went to Palacios Saturday and remained till Tuesday visiting friends.

D. H. Garner and wife were up from Blessing Thursday.

Mrs. Nina Singleton and daughters shopped in Bay City Tuesday.

We had a good rain Thursday night, which was badly needed. It was accompanied by considerable lightning, which killed a mule belonging to H. Fortenberry.

Mrs. Geo. Trull left Tuesday for her home in Kirwin, Kans., after a month's visit to her son, B. W. Trull and wife.

The young people's Sunday school class gave a social at the home of W. K. Keller and wife, Friday evening. Twenty-five young people were present and games were indulged in till midnight. Punch and wafers were served for refreshments.

Rev. Yockey is at Markham this week holding a revival meeting.

Preparations are being made here to observe Children's Day on June 2. The program committee is drilling the children on a very nice program.

F. Cornelius spent several days last week at Garrison on business.

Sam McIntyre, of Uvalde, who lived here a good many years ago, is here visiting his cousin; W. E. McSparran.

Palacios Beacon, May 23, 1913

Midfield Items.


The teachers and pupils of the Midfield public schools are anxious awaiting the finishing of the school building so they can commence.


E. B. Simpson was taken suddenly ill a few weeks ago while on a pleasure [trip] and was taken to Galveston, where an operation was performed, which proved fatal. The deceased leaves a wife and family. Mrs. Simpson and family left for their old home in Oklahoma Tuesday.


Mrs. Elmer Johnson has moved here from Dunbar in order that her children can have the advantage of our good schools.


Mr. and Mrs. Going arrived Monday to make this place their home. Mrs. Going is one of the teachers in our public schools having the third and fourth grades.


Miss Byrtha Harris returned from Bay City Saturday and took up her school duties Monday.


Scott Bros., who arrived last week with their immigrant car, are building a nice four room residence on their farm one and one half miles west of town.


C. T. Gaumer is making arrangements to begin work at once on a residence in the north part of town to be occupied by himself and wife. They are temporarily domiciled with F. C. Kent and wife.


There is a crying need for rent houses in Midfield. Every kind of a shack is bringing a good price and there are demands for houses every day.


F. H. Fitzgerald is building a residence on his ten-acre tract east of town, which will be occupied by Ernest Valdegard and wife.

The Matagorda News & Midcoast Farmer, Matagorda, Texas, November 24, 1913


Midfield Minutes

F. P. Lund visited Bay City Monday.

Mrs. W. K. Keller visited at Palacios Friday night.

Mrs. F. P. Lund and two sons, Harry and Einer, left Thursday morning for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to visit Mrs. Lund's aged parents.

Mrs. B. W. Trull entertained the Missionary Society at her home Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. John Kuhn visited friends in Bay City Tuesday and Wednesday and attended the Strickland lecture Tuesday night.

Misses Elsie Linder and Jackelin, of Blessing were visitors here Tuesday.

L. R. Haggard and family left Wednesday for their old home in Missouri, having sold out their live stock and household effects at public sale the day before.

The young people enjoyed a social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Brown Friday night.

Thos. H. Lewis, of Bay City was here Saturday calling on the voters.

Mrs. W. B. Gaumer entertained the Missionary Society Tuesday afternoon of last week.

Mrs. J. M. Magee is recovering after quite a long spell of sickness.

W. B. Gaumer and wife attended the Christian Science lecture in Bay City last week.

B. W. Trull's Sunday school class is planning to give a concert entertainment before long.

J. R. Gaumer returned last week from Wallis, where he has been the past month looking after the shipping of store fixtures, which the Sun Land Co. purchased there and are having installed in their new brick store building here, preparatory to stocking it up with a general line of merchandise.

Miss Byrtha Harris, who teaches the 1st and 2nd grades in our public school gave a public entertainment at the school house Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The little folks rendered a very nice program in a most creditable manner, and the proceeds netted about $16.

Palacios Beacon, February 27, 1914

Midfield Maneuvers

Everybody seems to enjoy the fireside these days as the weather is considerably colder than usual.


The truckmen of this section are endeavoring to plant in quantities sufficient to ship in car lots. While we do not want to discourage them in this undertaking, we feel that a little advice and a few suggestions from one who has had some experience might help them to some extent. Instead of raising truck to ship in car lots over the railroads thereby letting the railroads reap most (if not all) of the profits of their labor, plant and raise such crops as can be canned and held until the prices suit. There is not any use of us in this section trying to raise watermelons, cucumbers, canteloupes, etc., in competition with the lower Brownsville country as we can only hope to play second fiddle as they are about two weeks ahead of us and get the cream while we can only get next best. We have splendid room, steam pressure and everything necessary (except a vat or tank) at the gin here and Mr. McFadden has gladly given his consent to the proposition and will do all in his power to help the enterprise along. I think we should plant nothing for the market that is not suitable for canning purposes. Of course, if we can get part of it on the market at a profit, all well and good but for the balance we can and are sure to get a profit out of it as we can hold it until the prices are right. Take cabbage for example. We can raise them, we can krout them and we can can the krout and get 40c per gallon for it. Does that look like anything to you? If so just lend us your assistance and help us to convert the unused room and other advantages of the gin into a first class canning factory, which will enable us to raise truck at a profit all the year round instead of only a few weeks in the year.


We learn that Prof. F. P. Lund procured tickets for his wife and two sons to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We wish them success and continued pleasure while away.


Quite an acreage is in readiness for planting to corn and cotton in this section which is a stamp of prosperity and means that the farmers are getting down to business. We would suggest that instead of letting the corn field grow up in weeds and grass, to plow or break the land as soon as possible after gathering the corn and sow it to oats for pasturage, cow peas of some other crop. That will be a benefit to the land and farmer. The weeds and grass only makes a harbor for insects, are a detriment to the land and a disgrace to the farmer. The successful farmer wages war at all times against the weeds, insects, etc., and it is not necessary to go into his barn, granary, pens or storehouses to pick him out, but you can tell him as far as you can see his land. So let's be up and doing at the right time and the results will pay for all time and trouble.

Matagorda County News & Midcoast Farmer, Matagorda, Texas, Friday, February 27, 1914


Midfield Maneuvers

J. R. Gaumer has transferred his fixtures and merchandise from the Fitzgerald building to the new brick where he is preparing to do business, having brought a stock of goods from Wallis.


The Midfield Grain Company will occupy the Fitzgerald building.


Rev. Alkire conducted funeral services near the oil field today, deceased being a daughter of Mr. Hawk. Diptheria was the cause of death.


Rev. Alkire will hold a protracted meeting in Blessing in place of Bro. Moran who is unable to be present on account of illness of his wife.


There will be a Sunday school rally at Midfield the fifth Sunday of this month under the auspices of the Methodist Church, South--comprising Markham, Dunbar and other Sunday schools. Everybody earnestly solicited to attend.


We are glad to note that several are interested in the canning plant at the gin and feel satisfied that the enterprise will be a paying proposition for all who take part in it.


Mr. Thomas Barnes has a new daughter at his home, both mother and babe are doing nicely.


The Girls' Tomato Club is commencing to do things. Miss Ona Smith has over 500 plants in cold frames awaiting the proper time for planting in the open.


Miss Scelia Weeks visited at Mr. Smith's a few days last week.


Miss Helen Roberts had a birthday party Tuesday, it being her sixth birthday. Quite a number of schoolmates and friends were present and report a splendid time.


Felix Reid attended I. O. O. F. lodge at Palacios Tuesday night.


Religious services at Midfield church are as follows:

First Sunday morning and night, Rev. Alkire.

Second Sunday, morning and night, Rev. Alkire.

Third Sunday, morning and night, Rev. Rice.

Fifth Sunday, morning and night, Rev. Alkire.

Sunday school every Sunday at 10 o'clock a. m.

Christian Endeavor every Sunday night at 7 o'clock p. m.

Prayer meeting Wednesday night at 7 p. m. Choir practice following.

All are cordially invited to attend.


Mr. J. R. Green has gone up State in the interest of the Sun Land Company's colonization plans.


The weather was first-class last week for killing hogs and several of our people availed themselves of the opportunity.


The J. B. Arping dredge that passed near here a few days ago is at work near the oil fields, doing some work on irrigating ditches.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City, Friday, March 6, 1914


Midfield Maneuvers

The Midfield Literary Society held their regular meeting on Tuesday night, rendering a good program to a good audience. Meetings are held every two weeks.

Mr. McFadden was having some carpenter work done by Mr. Smith the first of the week.

Mr. Smith is now putting shelves, counters, etc., in the new brick store for Mr. J. R. Gaumer, who will put in groceries and other supplies.

Mr. Cornelius is quite sick at present.

Grandma McSparran is also quite sick at Mr. Will Keller's, her grandson.

Mrs. Pearl Baxter is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith.

Better put up those cows.

Rev. T. A. Alkire returned home Monday having closed protracted meeting at Blessing.

Mr. D. H. Garner was in our city looking after cattle belonging to him and Branch Bros. the first of the week.

The grader has commenced work again. Hope that the weather will continue good so the road work can progress.

Mr. Cornelius is having several cars of hay loaded and shipped.

Remember the Sunday School convention at Midfield next Sunday and come with a basket of grub.

Following is the program of the Sunday school rally at Midfield next Sunday, to be participated in by the Sunday schools of Midfield, Markham and Dunbar:

9:45--Study of Lesson.
10:34--Closing of School.
10:55--Song by Midfield School.
11:00--Address, "The Graded Sunday School"--F. P. Lund, Midfield.
11:15--Address, "The Organized School"--Mrs. J. H. Barber, Markham.
11:40--Address, "The Organized Class"--F. C. Kent, Midfield.
Song--Markham School.
12:00--Basket Dinner.
1:45--Address, "The Home Department"--Rev. L. A. Alkire, Midfield.
2:00--Address, "The Equipment of the School"--J. W. Smith, Midfield.
Song by the Dunbar School
2:15--Address, "Essential Qualities of the Teacher"--Mrs. M. M. Johnson, Dunbar.
2:30--Round Table (two-minute-discussions). Use of Library; Class Promotion--When? How? Music; How Induce Study of the Lesson"
3:15--Address, "Should Teacher Be Promoted with the Class?"--B. W. Trull, Midfield.
3:30--Address, "Length of Opening and Closing Exercise, and Should Business Be in the Main School or in Council Meeting?"--J. H. Barber, Supt. of Markham School.
Children's Song.
3:45--Address, "The Best Way to Teach the Lesson"--J. W. Spencer, Dunbar.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, March 27, 1914

Midfield Maneuvers

G. P. Wilburn, (alias Brown), is again holding down the office of express agent here having been away on account of illness and death of his father at Ganado. J. G. Cones who filled his place while he was away seemed anxious for him to return as he wanted to go back to Markham. But we notice he was here in our midst Sunday night and seemed to enjoy the Midfield company.

Mr. Shuman of Palacios stopped at Mrs. Smith's boarding house Tuesday night. He is one of the Ward Cattle Company's men who are looking after stock in Wharton county and reports that they have about 150 head of cattle taken up and the expenses are running into dollars pretty fast.

Prof. Lund and J. W. Smith were taking the grade level of main street Monday which will be graded right away.

W. T. Roberts and Walter Magee went to Blessing Tuesday after two autos for J. W. Smith.

J. W. Smith has sold or traded his ten acres at Blessing to J. W. Bowers our county commissioner.

J. W. Smith was working for the Sun Land Co., the first of the week. He says he will make a tractor out of one of his cars as soon as possible.

The work on the road near Juanita is progressing nicely.

Garden stuff is growing nicely now.

We are sorry to learn that the doctor has advised a change of climate for the health of Rev. Alkire's oldest son on account of Bronchial trouble.

Mrs. McSparran is quite low but is resting better at the present then several days.

Mr. Smith overhauled and cleaned an organ for Fred Wilson last week.

W. F. Keller's little boy Ludwin cut his foot quite bad while playing the other day.

Warren and Ona Smith have both been on the sick list but are able to attend school again.

The Literary Society is practicing for an interesting program for the next week.

The Box Supper held at the school house was quite a success, $26, being raised to buy a canning outfit for the school.

Necessary steps are being taken to buy new seats for the church.

The Fifth Sunday S. S. Rally

The Sunday School Institute held at Midfield March 29th was a great success. Between 250 and 300 people were present, several recitations, songs and "round the table' discussions were enjoyed by all. A bountiful basket dinner was spread and the people enjoyed themselves very much. Markham S. S. was well represented and did some very fine singing, but Dunbar failed to come. Several addresses were made on stated subjects which I wish to give in part. Prof. F. P. Lund of Midfield gave a fine talk on "The Graded Sunday School." He said that the Sunday School was a necessity of modern times especially in America for the Bible is taught as it is not in the day school. The watchword of a good Sunday School is efficiency. Separate boys and girls because each had different problems. Grade each of the primary, intermediate, young people, and Bible classes in to two different grades. He also made an address on "How to teach the lesson," Properly prepare the lesson by use of all the helps possible and master the thoughts of same so you can hold attention of the class, use blackboards and above all pray much and love to teach the lesson. Mrs. J. H. Barber of Markham in her address on "The Organized Sunday School" told us that the work of the school was to mold the character of the pupils for good. God will not take care of the Sunday School unless we are in attitude to be used by him. Let us use the best material we have for officers and teachers, consecration and efficiency the needful qualifications. Certain laws and rules are needful in Sunday School work as in the business world. Common sense, practical standards are absolutely required. Mr. F. C. Kent of Midfield in his address on "The Organized Class" told us in the adult depts. the O. C. was more practical because the pupils were more mature. It is a force to work rather than a field to work. Organized classes place individual responsibility and thus develops same and also declass loyalty (our class not the class) each member have something to do. B. W. Trull of Midfield spoke on "Should the teacher be promoted with the class." He said the most important thing to do in the world was to properly teach a Sunday School class. The basis of promotion should be age rather than intellect, the past training and surroundings of the child should be considered. Get and hold attention of the class. Different classes have different needs and so demand teachers with knowledge and experience of their needs which could not be if teachers were promoted with the class. The qualifications of a good teacher should be, Christ-like in character, and spirit, preparation, natural teaching ability, willing to sacrifice for good of the class, visit the sick and help the needy and know each member of the class needs. J. W. Smith of Midfield spoke as follows on "The Equipment of the Sunday School." The school needs a proper building for the whole school to be gathered in opening exercises and suitable class rooms for each class for study of lesson. Proper amusements must be furnished the pupils, develop love and loyalty for our country by having the Stars and Stripes as well as Sunday school flags. Have teachers' council meetings to study needs of equipment of each class. The blackboard for object teaching as needful as knives and forks to properly eat with. We must adopt our equipment to the needs of the children of the present rather than those of the past. The people were carried away by the eloquent talk by Mr. J. H. Barker of Markham the Sunday School on "Length of opening and closing exercises and should business be in main session or council meeting?" favoring the latter.

At 4 p. m. the convention sang the closing song "Blest Be The Tie" and were dismissed by Rev. Alkire.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 3, 1914


The employees of the Ward Cattle and Pasture Co., are getting to be quite bold in law breaking, cutting fences and taking their cattle away from people who have under the law taken them up. Even they compelled an old man who was guarding some cattle, to give up his gun and ammunition to them (by getting the drop on him with a six-shooter) and then retreated on double quick while they took the cattle. It seems that the county of Matagorda has plenty of law abiding citizens who should be willing to enforce the law and should be empowered to protect themselves and their rights against such open day hold-ups and outrages.

Get things in shape for Midfield cannery will be in operation as soon as necessary.

Mr. Elmer Bridges, our section foreman, took a few days lay off last week and returned to his station bringing with him a wife which he married while away. We extend to them our congratulations and wish for them much success and happiness in their married life.

Our people are rejoicing over the timely rain which was much needed on corn and cotton. This surely is an ideal country as the crops seem to grow regardless of rain as was noted last year. While it has seemed too dry of late to even sprout the seed yet farmers report excellent stands and say they do not see how the seed found moisture enough to germinate. The secret is easily explained; plow thoroughly and moderately deep in the fall and early winter, rebed (and don’t be afraid of working the ground too much) then cultivate shallow and often and you are sure to raise good crops.

The road work is progressing nicely and many miles of excellent road is already put up and with favorable weather many more miles will be put up in the near future.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson visited at Palacios the last of the week.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, April 24, 1914

Midfield Maneuvers
(Unavoidably crowded out last issue)

Mrs. Smith visited her daughter at Palacios Saturday and Sunday, returning Monday morning.

The Palacios High School boys came up and played ball with Midfield school Tuesday evening. Score 16 to 8 in favor of Palacios. It is always easy to find excuses for the losing team, and easy to say that if this and that had not happened they would have beat, but not so with me. The Palacios boys had the goods and delivered them in good shape, and our boys did exceedingly well considering their opponents who were all able bodied players and I feel sure as soon as our boys can get three or four matured men to take the place of those of 12 to 15 years old they will be willing and anxious to try to again.

Mr. Smith has his auto tractor almost ready for work.

J. J. Fortenberry is preparing to send his men and teams to Palacios vicinity to finish a contract.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 1, 1914

Midfield Maneuvers

Now is the time to locate and drain the low places, as much depends on proper drainage.

We are not bothered much with stock running at large of late, and surely appreciate the opportunity to plant trees, etc., along the streets, and are in hopes that many will try to put out at least a few for shade.

Mr. Smith is building shelves on the south side of the brick store which is to be occupied after the first of the month as a general store.

Mr. N. F. Keller is having his store painted, Mr. Reid doing the work.

The Methodist will hold a protracted meeting next month.

It seems we have had more rain than was needed, but no one in this vicinity has suffered on account of rain to any great extent, and as the ground is thoroughly soaked we are in hopes of a good hay crop, some of which will be cut in the near future.

A wind storm or cyclone struck between here and the oil field, blowing down and entirely destroying a house on Mr. Shaw's place besides damaging the barn and other buildings, also do damage to others in the settlement. No loss of life is reported.

The lighting struck and killed a mule for Roy Buchanan Monday.

The ball game between Blessing and Midfield Sunday resulted in favor of Midfield.

Truck and other stuff is growing nicely where there is proper drainage.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 1, 1914


A four and one-half inch rain fell here last Tuesday night which will make the fresh-graded roads almost impassable. We are not complaining but could have done nicely with an half inch of rain to moisten the crust, so we are more than satisfied.

Mr. Ashton, who was working with Mr. Knott, is now working for the Scott Bros.

Mr. Knott's son-in-law arrived from Tampico, Mexico, last week, having sent his wife and children to the States some time ago. He was staying to look after his ranch property, but decided the country could get along without him for a while, so he came here to join his wife and family. He and his wife left for San Antonio where he expects to find employment.

Mrs. Illbey, who has been quite sick, is getting along nicely.

Grandma McSparran slipped from a bottle that was lying on the floor and fell, injuring her quite badly. As she is past 90 years old, she can not take a fall like a child.

Protracted meetings are still in progress, much interest being shown. There has been two conversions and it is hoped many more will follow.

Mrs. Pearl Baxter was visiting homefolks here, but returned to Palacios, accompanied by her sister, Miss Ona Smith.

Mrs. Moore has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, returning to Palacios Monday.

The Sun Mercantile Company is having a warehouse built, Mr. Smith doing the work.

Our streets are in bad shape on account of having them partly graded when the rain came.

Mr. Will McSparran took his mother out to his ranch Saturday.

Walter Magee left for Lake Charles, La., Monday.

Mrs. Aikin, mother of our pastor, is here, attending and helping in the meeting.

Ball game between Collegeport and Midfield here on our diamond; results, 9 to 10 in favor of Collegeport.

Ball game between Midfield and Blessing Sunday on Blessing diamond--15 to 4; favor Midfield.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 15, 1914


Plenty of rain at present.

Mr. C. E. Gilbert, editor of the Matagorda County News, was in our midst a few days last week in the interest of his paper and acquainting himself with our farmers and their interests.

On account of so much rain the road work is at a comparative standstill.

The Midfield Grain Co. is having a good substantial store built which will add much to the looks of our town. Mr. J. E. Davis is doing the work.

The Sun Mercantile Co. has a new warehouse and other appurtenances to the store in fine shape and are prepared to conduct a regular mercantile business.

Mrs. Alkire left here Monday for Palacios where she will join her husband who is doing carpenter work at that place.

The protracted meeting closed Sunday night. While there were less than a dozen conversions there was much good done. There were five people who joined the Baptist church and two joined the Methodist church.

Rev. Rice of Palacios attended services here Sunday.

Mrs. W. E. Singleton and daughter was in Bay City a few days this week.

A ball game between Midfield and Markham on our diamond resulted in a score of three to five in favor of Markham. Our pitcher struck out the first 3 men to bat with nine balls. Not so bad is it?

Mr. Glen Hammonds visited Wharton Saturday and Sunday.

Messrs. Burl Davis, Walter Huffaker, and Glen Hammonds left Monday for Houston and Galveston for a few days. Mr. Hammonds will continue his journey to Jennings, La., to visit friends and relatives.

The Ladies Aid met this week at Mrs. Brown's reporting a nice time.

The Missionary Society will meet with Mrs. J. W. Smith Thursday May 21st.

Mr. Alfred Illbry visited in Palacios Sunday returning Monday morning.

Mr. Walter Magee returned from Lake Charles, La., Monday where he bought a house pattern of fine lumber which arrived Tuesday. He expects to commence a residence, barn and other buildings as soon as possible for his father and mother. J. W. Smith is expected to do the work of building.

The G.H. & S.A. R'y will operate a motor car from Palacios to Wharton on schedule time arriving at Midfield 12:27 p.m. returning 10:25 p.m.

Mr. Darrel Dyer relieved W. K. Keller at the lumber yard Monday while Mr. Keller attended county court in Bay City.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 22, 1914


(Too Late For Last Issue)

We are enjoying some fine weather now and the road work is in progress again.

We have organized a Junior League at the church here with an enrollment of 51 ranging in ages from 3 to 15. The idea of the organization is to teach the Bible and other things of interest to the members and to give them something to do and somewhere to go on Sunday afternoon instead of running around the street and other places.

Mrs. Pearl Baxter and baby came up from Palacios to spend a few days with her parents.

Mr. Ed Cox is building a barn on his lot east of the church.

Mr. J. W. Knott's daughter and husband returned to Midfield from San Antonio and other places.

All our farmers are busy with their crops at present.

There will be an Ice cream supper at the home of J. W. Smith Monday night given by the Methodist Ladies. Also one at Mr. Davis' Friday night given by the Baptist Ladies. Everybody invited to attend and help in the good cause.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, June 5, 1914


(Too Late For Last Issue)

Midfield is still on the map, and everything moving nicely now.

Many of our truck farmers are preparing to can the crops while others are shipping.

Col. F. Cornelius, B. W. Trull, J. J. Fortenberry, Darel and Cecil Jordon and J. W. Smith went to Bay City Monday.

Mr. Philix Reed returned Monday to Caney to make hay.

All teams and men are busy making roads again.

J. W. Smith gave an interesting talk and some demonstrations, and blackboard work at the Church Sunday night in behalf of the Christian Endeavor.

J. S. Williams and family spent from Saturday till Monday with relatives at Blessing.

Dr. Wagner of Palacios was called last week to see little Carl Azkirk, who was quite sick again. He is all right now.

Miss Marshall of Palacios, was the guest of the Misses Davis Friday and Saturday.

Some of the young ladies met last week and organized a "Sewing Club." The charter members were Misses Ina Davis, Lillie Davis, Jessie Davis, Nina Hoffhines, Ona Smith, Celia Weeks, Mollie Reed, Minnie Fitzgerald and Miss Lennie Roberts. The club will meet on Tuesday afternoons, the initial meeting being held with Mrs. Roberts.

W. Lawrence and family arrived last week from Bonham and rented the two story dwelling owned by W. K. Keller. They will make this their future home.

The Ladies Aid Society gave an ice cream [supper] at the home of J. T. Davis and family Friday night; about $13 was realized.

The prayer meeting will be conducted at the Church on Wednesday evenings henceforth instead of the different homes. The Friday night cottage meetings will still be continued till the Baptist revival services commence.

J. J. Kuhn transacted business in Bay City Monday.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, June 19, 1914

Midfield Minutes

J. W. Keller went to Bay City Monday on a few days business visit.

Mrs. Willie Harris left Thursday for Palacios, where she will engage in the millinery and dress making business.

Mrs. Ed Lunn of Houston, T. J. Poole and family, and Mrs. G. R. Burke, of Bay City, returned to their homes Thursday morning, having come over to be present at the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs. M. A. McSparran.

A girl arrived at the home of F. C. Kent and wife Saturday Dec. 5th.

B. W. Trull transacted business in Bay City Thursday.

Rev. Alkire filled his regular appointment at the church here Sunday.

Cleve Laughlin is enjoying an extended visit from his mother whose home is in Iowa, it being six years since he had seen her.

Mr. and Mrs. N. Keller and Mrs. Bennie Oats came up from Palacios Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Keller's mother. They returned home Thursday afternoon.

The Ladies Aid Society met with Mrs. S. Magee Friday afternoon. Quite a large number of ladies attended the meeting.

Frank Dunn and wife have recently moved into the rooms over his store which was formerly occupied by Robt. Russell and family.

J. J. Fortenberry and family moved last week in to the house which he recently purchased from Mrs. Willie E. Harris.

Frank Hale has bought the blacksmith shop here and will operate it hence forth.

The Christian Endeavor Society has just been reorganized, with the following officers. President, Miss Nina Huffhines; Vice Pres. Miss Pearl Hale; Secretary, Ralph Hoffhines; Treasurer, Allison Howmand. We are glad to see the young people taking hold of it and hope it will be a success.

J. C. McSparran and wife came in Tuesday from Wharton in response to a telegram announcing the death of his mother which occurred that morning. They returned home Thursday morning.

Miss Veneta Brown has gone to Oklahoma to make their home with her father.

H. L. Fortenberry and family have moved out on a farm one mile southwest of town, where they will live next year.

Palacios Beacon, December 11, 1914


Professor Brown, the principal of the Midfield school, has been called home on account of his father's illness.

The Midfield members of the Matagorda County Diversification and Marketing Association will meet Saturday afternoon at the school house.

Quite a few of the farmers have commenced to plant corn, especially those having lighter soil. Some of the black hogwallow land is still too wet for planting.

Mr. F. C. Kent was home from Houston this week to see the folks.

The Coffey Merc. Co. is preparing to move their stock to Victoria.

Miss Hoffhines left Thursday for Houston where she is to take a position at the Telephone exchange.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, February 19, 1915


A baby boy has come to stay with F. Cornelius. We congratulate.

The school gave a program in honor of Washington's birthday Friday afternoon. Several visitors enjoyed the speaking.

Rev. Rice from Palacios filled his usual appointment at Midfield Sunday.

The public school gave the children a holiday on the 22nd--Washington's birthday.

Mr. McFaddin, the ginman, is busy taking down his gin. He intends to move to some place in East Texas.

Ralph Hoffines and Dwite Sarchet left Monday for Kansas.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, February 23, 1915


Mrs. W. Keller and Mr. Anderson will leave Sunday for Fort Worth, to attend the annual meeting of the Woodmen of the World and the Woodmen Circle.

Mrs. Henry Norgoard went over to Bay City Thursday, to spend a couple of days with her mother.

The Midfield young people have Library meetings once a week, at the school house.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, March 9, 1915

Midfields Locals.

The Midfields school had a picnic and Easter egg hunt Saturday in the Keller ranch forest. Everybody had a good time.

The young people of Midfields have literary meetings once a week at the school house.

Most of the corn crop in the Midfields is now planted. Some of it is up. The last frost does not seem to have done much damage.

Many of the farmers had their stock vaccinated against charbon by County Demonstrator Persons last Friday.

Strawberries are now beginning to be part of the menu at many homes.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City , Tuesday, April 6, 1915

Midfields Locals

The young people of Midfields had an oyster supper at Mr. Anderson's home Wednesday night. There was quite a crowd out.

Mr. W. R. Gaumer has returned from Houston and will spend a few days at home.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, April 9, 1915


Last Thursday afternoon the Ladies Missionary Society of the Methodist church was the guest of the Methodist Church Society of Blessing. Several interesting papers were read. Light refreshments were served.

Last Friday afternoon, while riding after some cattle, Mr. Milo Wilson had a narrow escape. His horse fell with him and he received several bruises. Saturday Mr. Wilson was, however, again in town although he walked very carefully.

Mrs. Kent gave an all-day party last Friday for some of her friends. Present were Mesdames J. R. Green, W. B. Gaumer, Chester Gaumer, B. W. Trull, M. M. Barclay, C. F. Hammond and F. L. Lund. A fine dinner was served in which nice fresh strawberries held a conspicuous place. Fine Japanese place-cards were used and the ladies had lots of fun hunting their places at the dinner table.

Mr. K. M. Aiken from Blessing neighborhood was in town Saturday selling strawberries.

Mr. M. M. Barclay has been raising some very fine heads of cauliflower. Any one trying them will admit that this section is well suited for such crop.

Road work has been going on last week after a long rest. Hope more bonds can be sold soon, as lots more work is needed.

Next Friday evening at 8 o'clock, Rev. O. B. Falls of Bay City will give an illustrated lecture on Mission fields at the church. Everybody invited. Admission free.

Mr. Edgar Hammond went down to Palacios with Mr. Idle Fortenberry to help with roadwork on Mr. Fortenberry's contract. Mr. Alvin Allen also went to work for Mr. Fortenberry in Palacios.

The young people had a party at Mr. Garnett's home Saturday night.

Mr. Fitzgerald brought back some fine fish and oysters from his trip to Oyster Lake. Old Fitz surely knows how to catch 'em.

County Agent W. R. Persons will be in Midfields, April 16th, to vaccinate stock for charbon.

What is the matter lately with the old folks' attendance at our Sunday school? Parents, don't send your children, please bring them. Some people seem to think that Sunday school attendance is not necessary when there is no preaching after Sunday school, while Sunday school work in reality is the most important.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, April 13, 1915

Midfield Locals

Mr. F. C. Kent is visiting his family.

The Missionary Society will hold their meeting Thursday afternoon at Mrs. B. W. Trull's.

The Texas Aid Society will meet Friday afternoon at Mrs. Jim Fortenberry's.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, April 20, 1915

Midfield News

Next Thursday night a strawberry supper will be given under the auspices of the Ladies' Missionary Society at Mrs. W. B. Gaumer's.

Quite a crowd from Midfields celebrated the San Jacinto Battle day in Bay City.

Mr. Walter Magee shipped the last of his hogs this week.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, April 23, 1915


The strawberry supper by the Ladies' Missionary Society set for Friday will be put off to the 4th of May on account of the heavy rains, and will be held at Mrs. W. B. Gaumer's residence.

The heavy rains last week have damaged the crops to a considerable extent. The Juanita Creek is almost as high as in 1909 and lots of cultivated land is flooded.

The town of Midfields was dry and nice the day after the heavy rains.

Mr. C. F. Hammond received a telegram Sunday that his mother is very ill. He left for Clay City, Illinois, where his mother lives, via the Brownsville train Monday morning.

Mr. B. W. Trull was a business visitor in San Antonio last week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. McSparran intend to move to Blessing where Mr. McSparran has accepted a position.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, April 27, 1915

Midfield Locals

Friday afternoon the ball team of the Blessing school played the Midfield school team at Midfield. Midfield carried the laurels.

The Blessing first team and the Midfield first team played a game after the school match was over. The score was 10 to 3 in favor of Midfield. Quite a crowd was out watching the two games.

There was a kid party at B. W. Trull's last Friday night. The young people had lots of fun.

A large audience listened to Rev. Alkire's sermon Sunday.

The Ladies' Missionary Society will hold a meeting at the church next Thursday afternoon. An interesting program is prepared.

The Methodist church will observe next Sunday as the Children's Day. An interesting program will be carried out by the little folks.

A large crowd of young and old attended Sunday school. Keep that up and good results will be sure to follow, results that will benefit our whole community.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 7, 1915


Mr. Chester Gaumer is the happy father of a big boy.

The Children's Day at the church was postponed on account of bad weather last week, which made it impossible for the children to come to practice.

The Midfield school team played the Blessing high school team Friday last week at Blessing. The score was 10 to 12 in favor of Blessing.

At the meeting of the W.O.W. Lodge last Friday night, Mr. Franx [Frank?] Dunn surprised the boys with serving a nice lunch after the business was dispensed with.

The public school will close next Friday afternoon.

The bridge over the Trespalacios creek on the Bay City road is again passable.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 14, 1915

Midfield Locals

The Consul Commander, Clerk and three other members of the Blessing Camp W. O. W. visited the Midfield Camp at its meeting last Tuesday night. The meeting was enjoyed by all present.

The protracted meeting announced some time ago at the Methodist Church commenced on Tuesday night. If everybody will attend much good can be accomplished.

The public school had an interesting program Thursday and Friday nights. There was a large attendance both nights, and the little folks certainly carried the day.

Friday afternoon the Midfield school boys played the Blessing school team at Blessing. The score stood 10 to 15 in favor of Midfield.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 21, 1915

Midfield Minutes

Miss Ina Davis left Saturday for Houston where she will enter Draughn's Business College.

Mrs. Will Anderson and children of Markham visited relatives here Sunday night.

Mrs. Edith Laughlin and Mrs. A. W. Ilbery visited Bay City Saturday.

Miss Pearl Hale returned Monday from Commerce, where she has been attending Normal school for the past three months.

E. D. Yeatts visited Bay City Monday on business.

D. P. Jordan, C. T. Gaumer, F. H. Fitzgerald, J. S. Williams, C. C. Jordan, Joe Richardson, H. G. Tolleson, Lee Martin and T. Lockaby have all gone to Texas City since the past few days, to get work.

Mrs. J. L. Jordan and children of Blessing visited here Monday and Tuesday.

Guy Brinkley and family, of Ganado, came down Sunday for a few days visit with relatives.

Little Miss Rena Williams is visiting her grandparents at Blessing this week.

Miss Minnie Fitzgerald returned Saturday from a several week's visit with her sister, Mrs. H. O. Bard, at Ganado.

Mrs. Oscar Barber and little daughter returned to their home at Bay City Monday after a several days visit here. She was accompanied home by her mother, Mrs. N. Keller, who will visit her a few days.

The Junior Epworth League gave an ice cream social at the home of Mrs. J. W. Smith Tuesday evening, and realized $7.00 profits, which they will use in buying League supplies.

C. N. Austin of Palacios was a business visitor here Saturday.

Mrs. D. P. Jordan and children went to Palacios Monday for a few days visit with friends.

Palacios Beacon, September 3, 1915

Midfield Minutes

B. W. Trull and Harold Huffhines went to Bay City Monday.

Victor Kuhn came up from Palacios Saturday morning to spend the week end with home folks.

Jas. Maloney left Wednesday for his home in Wisconsin after spending several weeks here looking after property interests. He was accompanied by Ernest Bridges.

Misses Evelyn Linder and Irene Moser of Blessing were week end guests of Mrs. A. W. Ilbery.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brown of Blessing spent the day here Thursday at the Hoffhines home.

Wm. and Frank Hale, accompanied by the Mesdames Hale, visited El Campo Thursday.

The Ladies Aid Society met with Mrs. N. F. Keller Friday afternoon.

Mrs. Emory Magee has been quite ill for several days, but is better at this writing. Dr. Putnam of Blessing has been attending her.

Mrs. May Kyle, our new County Demonstration Agent, in company with Mrs. Daisy Frazier, of Austin, District Agent, and J. W. Elliot, the County Farm Agent, were in town Friday and visited our school for the purpose of interesting young folks in club work. A canning club of ten girls was organized.

Mrs. H. S. Goodenough and two children went to Blessing Wednesday to visit friends while Bro. Goodenough is in attendance at District Conference at Nixon, where he went yesterday morning.

The school at this place will give a concert entertainment Friday night for the benefit of the school. Admission 25 and 15 cents.

Misses Pearl and Vada Hale, Violet and Grace Aikin, accompanied by Dean Aikin, attended a chicken supper at Carancahua Thursday night.

Palacios Beacon, March 2, 1917

Midfield Items

The Baptist Ladies Aid Society met on Monday afternoon with Mrs. Guy Brinkley.

Miss Beulah Price spent the week-end in Palacios with her parents, returning Monday morning to resume her school duties.

Mrs. Harry D. Ward and children have rented the Skinner house, and moved in town to be convenient to the school. Mr. Ward is still on the farm.

Mr. F. Cornelius' many friends will be glad to learn that he is much improved after a long spell of very serious illness and every one hopes to see him out soon.

Mrs. Mattie Fitzgerald has moved back to her old home here after living in Alvin for the past few years, and is having some improvements made on her residence.

Miss Clifford Brinkley gave a party at her home on Saturday evening in honor of her birthday. A large number of her young friends were present, and had a happy time.

Rev. Crail, the new Methodist pastor for this work, arrived Sunday morning by auto, from Yoakum, after quite a strenuous time on some of the bad roads between here and there, and will begin his pastoral duties at once. His wife is in Colorado and will not join him until spring.

The Parent-Teacher Association meeting was rained out last Friday, so an attempt will be made to hold the meeting next Friday, at which time "Parents Day" for visiting school, will be observed.

Mr. and Mrs. Ves Hale, of Ingram, have been here the past week on a visit to their parents They returned home Tuesday accompanied by Mrs. Hannah Aiken, Mrs. Hale's mother, who will visit them some time.

W. T. Roberts and family are enjoying a visit from his mother, who resides at Hereford, Texas, and whom he had not seen for ten years. Mrs. Roberts is accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Ada Minich, of Ozona, Tex. Both ladies expect to remain some time.

We learn from reliable authority, that C. O. Graham, of Palacios, has purchased the Miller farm which has been occupied for several years by G. M. Mullens and family, and will move here soon and put in a large acreage in watermelons. We will be glad to have this splendid family move among us, and the growing of watermelons on a large scale will receive a decided impetus, also. The next year promises to be a very active one among the farmers, of Midfield vicinity, as every bit of available farm land is being engaged for some kind of a crop; cotton, corn and some rice being the principle crops now in view.

Palacios Beacon, November 24, 1922

Midfield Mirror

This balmy weather has brought some reflections to your old scribe.

Rev. Crail, of the M. E. church here, reports his town and country household survey of Midfield and Blessing charges complete and is ready for Markham and Francitas.

Glad there is no sickness to report. F. Cornelius, who has been so near death's door for so long, is able to come to our little city again, which gladdens the hearts of his many friends.

If we could get that almighty dollar prized loose and start it rolling, what a great relief it would be to our people. Lying idle, it does no good and fails in the mission for which it was created.

Our public school is progressing nicely under the efficient supervision of Prof. R. E. Coffin, principal, and his very able assistants. Prof. Coffin certainly knows how to impart knowledge, is the verdict of the patrons.

There is some indication that commerce, which has so long been held in the grip of pessimism, is being slightly released, as cattle buyers are venturing out. Mr. Tripp, of Hallettsville, recently made a purchase of some yearlings from G. M. Brinkley and Mr. Woodson.

Ernest Anderson, our genial postmaster has just returned from Houston, where he spent a few days visiting and sightseeing. His sister, Mrs. J. I. Curry, who resides there, returned with him and will spend a week or more visiting her brothers, and her many friends of bygone days.

The mother of W. T. Roberts, from Hereford, Texas, almost the coldest corner of the globe, who is here visiting her son, seems to be enjoying life immensely in this balmy clime. We really believe if the public generally realized what a wonderful climate is here, there would not be standing room.

Palacios Beacon, January 19, 1923

Midfield Mirror

Mrs. W. R. Roberts, of Houston, is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. T. Roberts.

J. B. Westmoreland, our railroad agent, has been transferred to Pledger, Tex.

Mr. James Hale is recovering from an attack of appendicitis, and is able to be on our streets again.

There will be a pie supper at the school house Saturday night for the benefit of the basket ball team. Every one come.

Mrs. J. I. Curry, sister of the Anderson brothers, who spent several days visiting here, has returned to her home in Houston.

John Poteet has moved his improvements out on his acreage tract, and will become a competitor with the army of producers.

Our new agent, Miss N. E. Keyes, of Goliad, is not in charge of the railroad station. She seems to be perfectly at home in her office, and we trust to our genial young people to make her feel at home in our midst.

This splendid weather, for which our climate is noted still holds good with it bountiful showers, balmy breeze and beautiful sunshine, regenerating and bringing new life to all vegetable kingdom, stirs our lives into activity.

Our basket ball team was very much disappointed that weather conditions were such that the Palacios team was prevented from meeting them last Friday, in a contest. However they might have been worse disappointed had they come.

Palacios Beacon, February 2, 1923


Jim Fitzgerald and wife have a new girl in their home, who arrived last week.

Mrs. R. E. Yeamans and children returned Saturday to their home in Pasadena, after a several weeks visit to relatives here.

Mrs. W. T. Roberts was hostess to the Missionary Society last Thursday afternoon. Ice cream and cake were served as refreshments.

Rev. Broome of Bay City, pastor of the local Baptist church, preached here Saturday evening, Sunday morning and night, to very good congregations.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McSparran, of Pierce, accompanied by their three grandchildren, Emma Jo, Elmer and Jackson Taylor, of Houston, were visitors here on Thursday of last week.

Quarterly Conference of the Methodist Church will be held here next Sunday evening, by the Presiding Elder, Rev. J. Fisher Simpson of Cuero, followed by preaching services.

Mrs. Hackworth and small son are here from McDade, Texas, on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Larsen. Mrs. G. M. Morrow, of Houston, who is a sister to Mrs. Larsen, came in last week for a visit also.

B. W. Trull is having a large hay barn constructed just south of the railroad switch lines here. It is 50x90 feet, we have been told, and is a frame building covered with sheet iron. N. F Keller is doing the work.

W. K. Keller and wife, who spent the past two months in Texas City, have returned here to their home to live. Mrs. Keller will open her music class in Bay City next week, and will also have a few pupils at this place.

We are glad to report that Mrs. Allison Hammond, who has been in the hospital at Bay City for the past week, and who underwent a very serious operation, is getting along nicely at this writing. Mrs. Hammond was in a very critical condition when taken over there, and we are all so glad to know of her improvement.

It is very dry here and has been all summer. The hay men would like to have a good soaking rain, but cotton pickers prefer to wait another week or so. We are glad to say that the cotton crop is quite good in this community, in spite of the dry season, and other drawbacks, and every available man, woman and child are employed at present gathering in the fleecy staple while the sun shines.

Palacios Beacon, August 31, 1923


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hale were in Bay City Saturday shopping.

B. W. Trull was in Port Arthur last week looking after business interests there.

Miss Ruth Jordan has gone to Collegeport to stay with her uncle there and attend school.

J. L. Jordan and wife, of Blessing, spent Monday here with their daughter, Mrs. J. S. Williams and family.

A pie supper was given Saturday night at the school building for the benefit of the school. $19.65 was realized from the sale of pies.

A number of the young people here chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius went to Gulf Sunday for a day's outing and picnic lunch.

M. M. Barclay and son Niel, and daughter Kate, have returned from a two month automobile trip through Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. We are glad to have them at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bowers came over from Bay City and took their mother, Mrs. Schroeder over to visit them, while she is recovering from a broken ankle, which she sustained recently.

Tom Hale, who graduated at Palacios last year, and who is one of our most promising young men, has gone to assume his school duties in Wharton County, a country school about twenty miles from here. We wish him success in unlimited measure.

G. M. Muleens and family expect to move this week to their new home near Blessing. We will miss them very much in our community. Mr. Mullens has been our Sunday school superintendent for about six years, and was always found working at his job, a faithful leader.

Efforts are being made to reorganize the Christian Endeavor Society here, and we hope it will be successful. There is quite a number of young people in Midfield, and the Christian Endeavor is a splendid opportunity to receive training in Christian work, but it is necessary or every one to share the responsibility, to make it a success This is true in any work--every one must do his part, to get the greatest good out of it.

Palacios Beacon, October 5, 1923


Mrs. Eric Rooth visited in Bay City Monday.

A baby girl arrived in the B. W. Trull home Sunday morning.

H. G. Ward went to El Campo last Friday to have some dental work done.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Keller of Bay City were visitors here Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Fred Cornelius and children and Mrs. Hannah Aikin were shopping in Bay City Saturday.

Prof. and Mrs. Jones and son, Gatewood, and Miss Alice Sou Keller paid Bay City a visit last Saturday.

Mr. F. Cornelius has been in Houston for several days on business. His daughter, Miss Juanita, accompanied him.

Hammond Brothers are busy this week threshing out their rice, which is turning out quite well and we hope will bring a good price.

The weather lately has been fine for cotton picking, and everyone available has been in the fields. With a few more days of this dry weather the crop will be about all gathered. Some of our progressive farmers are already through picking cotton and have commenced to plow the ground for next year's crop.

Rev. Grail preached here Sunday morning and evening, his last appointment here before Conference meets. He does not expect to return for another year, hence the service was a farewell one. A good many names have been added to the church roll under Bro. Grail's administration, and we fell that good has been accomplished and we hope success will follow him.

Palacios Beacon, October 12, 1923


Mrs. C. O. Graham has recently returned from a month's visit to relatives in Kansas.

Miss Daisy Hale, who is teaching school at Wadsworth Ranch, was home for the week-end.

Rev. Crail left Tuesday for Annual Conference which is in session at Gonzales this week.

Jeff Nichols and family moved here last week from Citrus Grove community and are occupying one of Mr. Cornelius' houses.

The school here is busy getting up an entertainment for Hallowe'en night just to get the community together for a good time, as far as I can learn.

Quite a number of Midfield folks were out pecaning last Sunday, making a day of it. We won't call any names, tho' and maybe they won't break the Sabbath this way again soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Evans expect to move to Sinton quite soon and as a farewell to their young friends here, they entertained with a social at their home on Tuesday evening. A good crowd was in attendance.

Lee Schroeder was here last week from Sinton, on a visit to his aunt, Mrs. Leslie Evans. This is the first visit Lee has paid here since he left here about eight years ago, and it was hard for old friends to recognize him in the tall, fine looking man that he has become. Time passes so rapidly.

The Sunday School here has been supplied with a hundred new song books, and it is hoped that the interest in the attendance as well as the singing will pick up. Officers and teachers for the new year have been appointed, and there is no reason why our Sunday School should not grow and prosper, if the people will just pull together.

Palacios Beacon, October 26, 1923


Eter Tolleson and family arrived Tuesday to make this place their home again, after spending the last two years in Fannin County.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McSparran visited in Bay City Wednesday.

G. L. Evans and family are leaving this week for their new home at Sinton.

The new Methodist pastor, Rev. E. A. Potts, and family were the recipients of an old-fashioned pounding at the parsonage. A large crowd of both old and young folks gathered and spent a pleasant evening.

Thanksgiving will be observed here with the usual community get-together all day program. In the morning there will be religious services conducted by the pastor, followed by a barbecue dinner and sports.

Mrs. C. T. Hammond was hostess Thursday afternoon to the Missionary Society. Al the members were present, and all spent a very pleasant afternoon.

Mrs. E. A. Woodson is enjoying a visit from her brother, Mr. Wiggler, and family from Bonham.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 30, 1923


Rev. and Mrs. Potts visited Bay City Friday morning.

Miss Clifford Brinkley went to Ganado Friday and remained over until Monday with relatives.

Preaching services by Brother Potts last Sunday were well attended, both morning and night.

Miss Katie Hammond, who is attending school in Bay City, spent the week end at home here.

Miss Rena Williams went to Blessing Friday to visit her friend, Miss Gertie Dobson until Sunday.

G. M. Mullens and wife were here from here from Blessing Monday visiting relatives and friends for the day.

Mrs. Frank Bhrlik has resigned her position in B. W. Trull's office here and gone to join her husband on their farm near here.

Mrs. Theresa Schroeder returned last Friday from Sinton, where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. G. L. Evans, for several months.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius and little children left Saturday morning by auto for Orange, to visit Mrs. Cornelius' parents for a week.

Mrs. W. K. Keller spent the day in Palacios Friday in company with Mrs. Fred Carleton and little son of Bay City, and Mesdames C. B. Fisher and T. J. Walker, of Markham.

Mrs. C. O. Graham has been in Bay City several days this week with her daughter, Mrs. Harold Barber of Markham, who underwent an operation for appendicitis there last Friday.

Mrs. Roy Wilkerson and baby are joining Mr. Wilkerson here this week in their new new home, having rented a house from W. K. Keller. Mr. Wilkerson is the new depot agent at this place, and has been here some two weeks.

The School election passed off very quietly here last Saturday, there only being four candidates in the race for Trustee. It was necessary to elect two trustees, and Mrs. Jas. Williams (re-elected) and B. W. Trull were chosen for the place.

The Baptist church were held a Rally on last Tuesday night in the interest of "The Seventy-Five Million Dollar Campaign." Rev. W N. Smith, Associational Missionary, Rev. Echols, Palacios, Rev. Jocelyn, Bay City, and Rev. Orrith, of El Campo were all present, and each delivered a short address, which were all helpful and inspiring.

Palacios Beacon, April 10, 1924

Midfield School

Midfield school held the closing exercises Friday night. The school auditorium was crowded beyond its seating capacity for the school play, “The Path Over the Hill,” which was given by the high school pupils. At the close of the program diplomas were awarded the pupils who had completed the tenth grade work.

Mary Paulsen, now Mrs. W. E. Wolfe, who has endeared herself to many of the patrons and to the pupils this year, will not teach next year, she has promoted herself to the higher profession of home-making.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 6 1927


Mr. and Mrs. Dean Aikin of Sinton spent the week end with relatives.

Miss Eunice Willis visited her friend Ada Brown at Ganado over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and family were Saturday visitors at Francitas.

Oscar Michna, who is attending school at Bay City, spent the weekend at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilkerson and children visited with home folk in Palacios Saturday night.

Mrs. Hannah Aikin went to San Marcos Thursday to spend a few weeks with her daughter.

Miss Thelma Smith spent the weekend with home folks at Clemville. Miss Vivian accompanied her.

Mrs. W. K. Keller of Markham has organized a music class here. She gives Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Rev. Deckert, of Markham, will preach Sunday morning and evening. This will be the last service here until after the M. E. Conference.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Cornelius, Mrs. Melburg and daughter, Irene, Mr. and Mrs. Harbison attended the M. E. quarterly conference at Clemville Sunday P. M.

Rev. Smith of Markham preached at the church Sunday night. We are sorry it is necessary to let Mr. Smith leave the Baptist pastorate here. Hope that a church interest can be worked up here again and another pastor installed.

Friday night the annual reception was held for the school faculty. The welcome was given by Mrs. T. Cornelius, response by Prof. Harbison, after which the P. T. A. folk urged 100% membership this year. The rest of the evening was spent in a social hour ending with refreshments of punch and cake. Everyone had a good time and departed wishing the school a very prosperous year.

Palacios Beacon, September 29, 1927


Several new things were added in way of equipment Monday.

Mr. Pete Michna was a business visitor in Victoria Saturday.

Rev. Deckert preached his last sermon before Conference Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Graham were Palacios visitors Monday.

Mrs. Frank Berlich is spending a few days vacationing at the farm this week.

Missionary Society will meet with Mrs. W. E McSparran Thursday P. M.

All of our teachers attended the teachers' meeting at Bay City Saturday.

Misses Gladis, Ermine and Alline Harbison spent the week end with Mrs. W. G. Samuel of Blessing.

School is progressing fine with a bunch of new pupils each Monday. We have nearly 100 enrolled and hope to pass that mark.

P. T. A. met Tuesday evening at 4 P. M. with a very enjoyable and profitable meeting. Rain prevented a great many from attending.

There has been quite a number of people in town this week looking at farms. We understand about 10 new families will soon move in.

The 5th, 6th and 7th grades with Mrs. Harbison and Miss Vivian chaperoning had a picnic at Juanita Creek Tuesday noon. A good time was reported if it did shower.

The school will give a pie social Friday night to buy play ground material. A cake will be sold for the Popular girl, and a lemon pie for the homeliest man. Everybody bring a pie and men their purses. Everybody come.

Palacios Beacon, October 6, 1927


Mr. Elzie Wolf visited his father, near Palacios Sunday.

Miss Adele Vivian spent the week end with Miss Lillian Vivian.

Mr. Harbison and family visited Mr. Harbison’s father at Turtle Bay Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sedlacek went to San Antonio Sunday for a few days visit.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson were business visitors at Bay City Tuesday night.

Miss Eunice Willis was an overnight visitor at the Brown home at White Hall Tuesday night.

Mr. Troutman is tearing down the house on the Aikin farm. Mrs. Aikin will have her house in town remodeled and enlarged with the lumber.

Miss Thelma Smith was called to Clemville Thursday by the death of her cousin. Miss Smith has the sympathy of the community. Mrs. Harbison taught her room during her absence.

Rev. Brooster of El Campo and Rev. Deckert of Markham met with the S. S. Board Tuesday at 3 p. m. and checked up the years’ work. We are pleased to note the Sunday School is improving.

The Pie Social held Friday night was well attended and the stunts were enjoyed by all. The cake went to Miss Olga Tabola and pie to Mr. Nygard. Both pie and cake were closely contested for and the friendly rivalry gave the crowd a good time. About $40. was cleared for school ground material.

Palacios Beacon, October 13, 1927


Mrs. Bures and Mrs. Berlich were in Bay City shopping Tuesday.

Several from Midfield attended the Trades day at Markham Saturday.

Mrs. Melbourne entertained Miss Thelma Smith and Miss Adele Vivian Sunday at dinner.

Mrs. Pollard and Miss Mayfield, Co. Nurse, visited our school Tuesday, and examined the pupils.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson, Mrs. Sedlacek and Helen Roberts attended the show at Bay City Monday nite.

Mr. Lamar and family of Sealy moved to the Hammond farm, West of town, where they will farm this year.

Mr. Michlas of Odem, is building a new house and barn on his farm north of town. Mr. Michlas will rent this farm this year.

P. T. A. meets at the school house Nov. 1st. We want a full attendance as we expect Mrs. McBride of Galveston to speak to us.

Midfield basketball girls and boys went to Clemville Friday and played the Clemville team. We got defeated but came home determined to defeat next time.

Mrs. Hannah Aikin, who has been visiting her daughter at San Marcos, and son at Sinton, for the past month, returned home Friday.

Mrs. Alice Fields and son and Mrs. Chas. Wilkerson, Misses Ruby and Lizzie Wilkerson, were Sunday guests at the R. C. Wilkerson home.

Palacios Beacon, October 27, 1927


Mr. Horace Troutman is building an addition on Mrs. Aikin’s house.

The school is buying a supply of desks from Gulf to accommodate our new pupils.

Quite a number from Midfield went to Bay City Monday and Tuesday to see “Ben Hur.”

J. M. Harbison of Palacios is spending a couple of weeks with his son, J. J. Harbison and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius, of Houston, are spending their vacation with friends and relatives.

Rev. J. A. Calloway, of Francitas, was in Midfield Tuesday looking after the Parsonage and making arrangements to move here. He will preach at the church Sunday.

The school celebrated Hallowe’en Friday afternoon in each of the grade rooms, and Friday night Mr. Harbison and Miss Vivian gave a party for the high school at the W. K. Keller house. Everyone had a big time and wished Hallowe’en came oftener.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bures entertained the old friends of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius of Houston Monday night to a delicious dinner, afterwards games were played and the radio gave us some fine music. At a late hour the guests departed thanking Mrs. Bures for such a delightful time.

P. T. A. held its regular meeting Tuesday, 3:30 p. m. at the school house. The membership contest came to a close and the losing side will give the winners an entertainment in the near future. It was decided to send Mrs. Harbison to Houston as a delegate to the State Convention. Mrs. Dan McBride of Galveston, 4th District chairman, was present and gave us a talk.

Palacios Beacon, November 3, 1927


Mr. Callaway will move into the parsonage this week.

Mr. Vacek of Schulenburg, moved into the hotel last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Hallie Anderson were Houston visitors last week.

Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Trull were in Houston the first of the week.

Miss Eunice Willis spent the week end with home folks at DeCosta.

Miss Opal Fortenberry of Bay City spent the week end with relatives.

Miss Margaret Bolling, of Palacios, spent the week end with Jean Trull.

Mr. Edgar Hammond moved into the Tom Cornelius property Monday.

Mrs. R. H. Church, of Palacios, visited her brother, J. J. Harbison, Thursday.

Rev. J. A. Callaway of Francitas, preached Sunday morning at the church.

Mrs. Woodson, Sr., and Mrs. Manuel Woodson were Bay City visitors Tuesday.

Mrs. Hannah Aiken and Mrs. Frank Burlich [Brhlik?] were Sunday dinner guests at Mr. Brown’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Michna went to Woodboro Saturday to visit relatives a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Knight, of Needville, Texas, visited Mrs. Knight’s sister, Mrs. Joe Bures Sunday.

Miss Augusta Berlich [Brhlik?] who is nursing at Needville, Texas, is taking a vacation with her mother and friends.

Clemville school came over Friday and gave us another whipping but our girls gained some __ to 13 for Clemville. All right maybe we’ll win someday.

The Clemville Epworth League came to Midfield Sunday night and gave a League Program. After the program Mr. Taylor helped the Midfield young people organize a League. Mr. Harbison was chosen Sponsor, Miss Adelade Callaway, President; Florence Fortenberry, Secretary. We appreciate Mr. Taylor and his young people in their efforts to help us and invite them to come again.

Palacios Beacon, November 10, 1927

Midfield Items

Miss Lillian Michna is visiting at Woodsboro, Texas, this week.

Miss Eunice Willis spent her vacation with home folks at Decosta.

Mrs. W. K. Keller of Markham, was in Midfield Monday giving her music lessons.

Miss Ida Mae Yates visited her sister at Nursery, Texas, Thanksgiving vacation.

Mr. B. W. Trull and family spent Thanksgiving at the Nester home in Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. Bures visited Mr. Bures’ brother at Sublime, Texas, for Thanksgiving.

Miss Adele Vivian and Miss Thelma Smith attended the State Teachers’ Meet at Houston.

Mr. J. M. Harbison returned to Palacios Monday, after a week’s visit with his son and family.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison and daughters visited in Houston and attended the State Teacher’s meeting.

The Missionary Society will have an all-day meeting at Mrs. Trull’s Dec. 8. The Prayer week program will be given.

Mr. and Mrs. Ves Hale of San Marcos arrived at Midfield Sunday to make their home this winter with Mrs. Hale’s mother, Mrs. Aikin.

Mr. and Mrs. Adcock, of Victoria, and Mr. and Mrs. Emery McGee of Buckeye, ate Thanksgiving dinner with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. McGee at Midfield.

Mrs. Aikin, Mrs. Frank Berlich [Brhlik] and Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Woodson, visited the Midget family at Nursery and relatives at Sinton and San Marcos during vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berlich [Brhlik] entertained a few friends Monday night at supper in honor of Mr. Stewart’s birthday. We wish Mr. Stewart many more happy birthdays.

Rev. Ratliff of Cuero will preach at the church Sunday morning, Dec. 11 at 11 a. m. Everyone is invited to attend and bring a basket dinner and stay to the afternoon service.

The young people’s society recently organized meets at the church. Afterwards a basket dinner was enjoyed by those present, after dinner a social and program hour was spent. Everyone enjoyed the day.

The P. T. A. had a called meeting Tuesday evening after school and it was decided to have a pie social Friday night, Dec. 2nd, and use the proceeds for the records for the music memory contest. Everybody is invited to come and bring a pie.

Palacios Beacon, December 1, 1927


Mrs. Frontman and baby visited with Mrs. Aikin Tuesday.

Mrs. Burlich [Brhlik], Sr., is visiting her daughters at Needville this week.

Mr. Jean Petilla of Wadsworth, spent Sunday night at the Aikin home.

P. T. A. met Tuesday night, not a very large crowd was present as it rained.

The Missionary meeting will be with Mrs. Trull Thursday in an all day meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Keller moved from Markham into their home property here.

Mr. Harbison and family visited his father in Palacios, who has been seriously ill, Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. S. P. Myers and S. A. Myers of Forddran, Texas, visited Saturday, with their mother, Mrs. Myers and sister, Mrs. J. A. Callaway.

Mrs. Emery McGee, of Buckeye, came last week and cared for Mrs. McGee, Sr., who was quite ill. We are glad to report Mrs. McGee much improved.

Rev. Ratliff will preach at the church Sunday morning, dinner at noon, Conference afternoon also a sermon with young peoples’ meeting at 6:30 and another preaching service following. We cordially invite everybody to come and bring your lunch basket and enjoy the good things we will hear.

One of the most enjoyable get-to-gether socials of the year was the pie social given Friday night for the benefit of the Music Memory record fund. Only about $10. was taken in but the extemporaneous program and the contest for the Cherry pie which was a close contest between about 10 men and won by Mr. Will Roberts gave everyone such a good time that every one is asking for another.

Sunday was Mr. F. C. Cornelius’ 77th birthday. The Sunday School sang him “A Happy Birthday Dear Leader,” as he is our S. S. Supt. At the family home the children and grand children who live near Midfield with Mr. Leon and Miss Juanita Cornelius of Houston, Mr. Cornelius, a nephew also of Houston, Mrs. Moeller of New Braunfels and Mr. Stewart of Midfield at the birthday dinner. We all wish Mr. Cornelius many more happy birthdays.

Palacios Beacon, December 8, 1927


Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Graham are visiting their daughter in West Texas.

Mrs. Myers, who has been with her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Callaway, left for home Monday.

Miss Lillian Michna went to Palacios Sunday, where she will work in the Nester Drug Store.

School children are working hard on a Christmas program to be given Friday, December 23rd.

Mrs. Aikin, Mrs. Fitzgerald, and Mr. and Mrs. Callaway attended the District Missionary meeting of the M. E. Church at Markham Wednesday.

Mr. J. W. Sedlacek purchased the Francitas gin. He and Mrs. Sedlacek moved over there last week. Mr. Sedlacek is a very capable gin man and we wish him success in his new undertaking.

Rev. Ratliff preached at the church Sunday at 11 a. m. and 2 p. m., also conducted Quarterly Conference. The weather was so bad the crowd was small, but those who took lunch and spent the day had a very enjoyable day.

Palacios Beacon, December 15, 1927


B. W. Trull was a Bay City business visitor Monday.

Mrs. Will Anderson is visiting relatives in Midfield.

Miss Jean and Mr. Bob and Carl Trull spent the week end in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Sedlacek of Francitas visited friends at Midfield Thursday P. M.

Mrs. Larson went to McDade, Tex., Sunday to spend Christmas with her mother.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson visited their parents at Palacios Saturday night.

Rev. J. A. Callaway went to Blessing Sunday morning to fill his appointment there.

The school is preparing a Christmas program to be given Friday night also will have a Christmas tree.

Mr. and Mrs. Graham returned home Wednesday from Mountain Home, where they visited their daughter.

The Sunday School expects to have a short program and a Christmas address given afterwards. We hope we can have good weather and a good crowd.

Mr. J. C. Boyd of Port Lavaca, Sheriff of Calhoun County, and W. F. Schwind of Francitas were business visitors in Midfield one day last week.

Mrs. Pollard, County Superintendent and Mr. Eilers of Austin, the State School Inspector, visited our school Thursday and helped us out financially.

Palacios Beacon, December 22, 1927


Miss Lillian Michna of Palacios, came home for Christmas dinner.

Miss Thelma Smith is spending her vacation at her home in Clemville.

Miss Josephine Callaway came home from Blessing to spend her vacation.

Cecil and Carlee Brinkley went to Bay City Tuesday for a few days visit.

Miss Eunice Willis went to DeCosta Saturday to spend the Xmas vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and family were Xmas visitors with relatives in Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Woodson left Friday for Fannin County to visit Mr. Woodson’s old home.

Miss Ruby Castle Church of Palacios is spending the week with her cousin, Alline Harbison.

Miss Adele Vivian left Thursday night for San Antonio to visit her parents through the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Krueger of Houston, visited Mrs. Krueger’s mother, Mrs. Curry during vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson attended the family reunion at the home of the father of Mrs. Wilkerson, over Christmas.

Mary Janette McGee, who has been with her grandparents this winter, went home to Buckeye, where she will go to school the rest of the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Michna from Palacios and Mr. and Mrs. Sedlacek from Francitas, attended the program at the school house Friday night and visited relatives over Xmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Burris have as Christmas guests Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pokluda from Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Amel Burris of Ganado, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Burris from Louise, and Mr. and Mrs. Nemec of Midfield.

Miss Ida Mae Yates who has been with her sister, Mrs. Hammond, and going to school, left Saturday for her home in Del Rio. We will all miss Ida Mae as she numbered her friends by her acquaintances.

Robert Kopecky, son  of Mrs. Frances Kopecky died Tuesday morning at the family home. Robert had been an invalid all his life but was happy and cheerful. The sympathy of the neighborhood goes to Mrs. Kopecky and family in the hour of their sadness. Funeral services will be at Hawley, where he will be buried Wednesday P. M.

Palacios Beacon, December 29, 1927


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burlick [Brhlik] were Sunday guests at the Fitzgerald home.

Miss Cecil Brinkley has been out of school this week on account of sickness.

Mr. R. C. Wilkerson and family were Saturday evening visitors at the C. O. Graham home.

Mrs. Willie Calloway of Sugarland, came Friday for a few weeks visit with Rev. Callaway and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Bucannon and children and Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and girls were Sunday callers at the F. Cornelius home.

The Music Memory records have been purchased and the class has begun work. We are glad to see so many take an interest in this good music.

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Woodson returned Saturday from points in North Texas and Oklahoma, where they visited Mr. Woodson’s old home. They report a fine visit but Oh, such cold weather.

The Young People’s Society are going to start a hill top drive and we want every one to come Sunday night and enlist  in one of the sides. The young folk expect to have a social soon and we want every young person in the neighborhood to join us and help in our good times.

The Church Missionary Society met with their new President, Mrs. W. K. Keller Thursday P. M. The lesson was lead by Mrs. Callaway and was very helpful and interesting. This is Jubilee Year and the first program was on what had been accomplished in the last seven Sabbaths of Years. Mrs. Bucannon was appointed Missionary Voice agent and she wishes all to give her their subscription. The next meeting will be Feb. 9 at the Parsonage.

Palacios Beacon, January 12, 1928


Miss Adele Vivian was a week end visitor in Palacios.

Mrs. Graham was a Monday visitor with Mrs. Callaway.

Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Trull were Houston visitors last week.

Miss Smith spent the week end with home folks at Clemville.

Mr. and Mrs. Hallie Anderson were Palacios visitors Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. I. T. Taylor, of Clemville, was a business caller around Midfield Friday.

Miss Eunice Willis was Sunday guest at the Brown home at White Hall.

Mr. Harbison and family Sundayed with Mr. Harbison’s father at Palacios who is sick.

Mr. Walter Magee of Bay City, is visiting at her father-in-law’s, Mr. J. M. Magee.

Miss Augusta Burlich [Brhlik] of Bay City is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bures and brother, Mr. Frank Burlick [Brhlik].

Mrs. Burlick [Brhlik], Sr., returned Saturday from an extended visit with her children at different places in the state.

Oh, Boy, those mid-term exams are over with, only Cecil and Gene were absent and they will have them when they return.

Dr. Wagner was called to the F. Cornelius home Friday to see Gene, who has inflammatory rheumatism. We are glad to report he is some better.

The social at the school house Friday night was well attended considering the weather and everyone had a good time. There was several tables of 42 and other games and music kept the crowd entertained until refreshments of cake, sandwiches, cocoa and coffee were serviced. We all hope we can have another next month.

Palacios Beacon, January 19, 1928


Miss Helen Roberts sprained her arm Monday afternoon at the Skating rink.

Our youngsters are enjoying life at the new skating rink in the Keller building.

Blessing Senior and Junior basketball teams will play Midfield Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fabrygel moved from Robstown to their farm north of Midfield.

Miss Ida Mae Yates of Bay City, spent the week end with her sister, Mrs. Hammond.

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Bosak and sister, Mrs. Sitta of Needville, spent the week end at the Bures home.

Mrs. Myers, of Houston, came Tuesday to spend a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Callaway.

Mr. Slaughter and family who were rooming at Mr. Ed. Hammond's moved to the section house Monday.

Mrs. G. I. Curry and daughter, Mrs. Crugel of Houston, spent the week end with her brother, Ernest Anderson.

Oscar Michna, who is attending school at Bay City and Miss Lillian Michna of Palacios spent the week end with home folks.

The Epworth League expect to go to Markham Saturday. We want all the young folks to be at the church early and go with us. Also come to League Sunday night at 7 p. m. We have a good program and special music

Palacios Beacon, January 26, 1928


(Too Late For Last Week)

Miss Eunice Willis visited her mother at DeCosta Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Woodson were in Bay City Tuesday afternoon.

Misses Adele Vivian and Thelma Smith were week end visitors in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Allinson Hammond of Buckeye called at the Graham and Aikin homes Sunday.

Born to Mrs. Chance, Jan. 30, a fine baby boy. Mrs. Chance is at Palacios at her father’s, Mr. Wolf.

Mrs. W. K. Keller and Mrs. J. J. Harbison were guests at the Markham Mother’s Club Wednesday.

Mr. N. W. Gainer, of Edna, was shaking hands with old friends at Midfield Saturday and Sunday.

Midfield was well represented at the Markham Epworth League Convention and 17 attended from here.

Mr. N. K. McSparren and F. J. Brhlik left Thursday morning for Comfort, Texas, with a truck load of horses.

We are sorry to report Mrs. Pete Michna is on the sick list, also quite a number of pupils are absent from school owing to sickness.

Blessing came Thursday and played the Senior boys and girls a game of basket ball. The Midfield girls won and Blessing boys won the boys game.

Palacios Beacon, February 9, 1928


The Baptist Minister of Palacios preached at Midfield Church Tuesday night.

Mrs. M. A. Fitzgerald of Alvin, Texas, is visiting her son and daughters, of Midfield.

Mr. J. F. Harbison of Houston left for home Wednesday after attending the funeral of his cousin, J. M. Harbison in Palacios.

Each room of the Midfield school enjoyed a Valentine box Tuesday p. m. The High School were invited into the Intermediate room, their teacher being absent.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison and family of Midfield have been attending the illness and death of their father and grandfather, Mr. J. M. Harbison of Palacios.

Palacios Beacon, February 11, 1928


Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Hale are moving to Palacios this week.

Mrs. Joe Bures took Mrs. Nemic [Nemec] to Bay City Tuesday to see little Joe Nemec.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Frank Brhlik are all having a siege of the flu.

Little Leslie Lee Fortenberry who has been quite ill the past week is improving.

Mrs. Wilkerson Sr., and family of Palacios called at the R. C. Wilkerson home Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilkerson and Miss Eunice Willis motored to El Campo Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bentler, of Palacios, spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson.

The March meeting of the P. T. A. will be at the school house at 4 P. M. Tuesday, the 6th. Everybody come.

We are planning on having our school tryout in Declamation, Music Memory, and Spelling Monday night.

The Missionary Society meets with Mrs. Hammond, Sr., March 8th. We would love to have all the ladies present.

Mr. Harbison, Miss Vivian, Miss Willis and Miss Smith attended the Teachers’ Association at Bay City, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sedlacek are the proud parents of a fine son which came to make his home with them February 27th.

Mrs. Aikin, Mr. and Mrs. Larson, Miss Ida Mae Yates, and Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Hale were Sunday dinner guests at the Woodson home.

Our Sunday School Supt., Mr. Cornelius was absent Sunday for his post of duty owing to a severe tooth ache. We miss Mr. Cornelius when he is absent as he rarely ever misses.

Little Joe Nemec, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nemec, was operated on at the Loos Hospital in Bay City Sunday night. We are glad to report he is improving as he was in a very serious condition.

Saturday night about 50 of the neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Larson gave them a farewell surprise. Games, popping corn and chatter entertained the crowd until a late hour, when refreshments were served. We departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Larson success in their new home near Telferner. We will all miss these good people but our loss will be some ones gain.

Palacios Beacon, March 1, 1928

(Too last for last week.)

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson were Palacios callers Sunday.

Miss Thelma Smith visited homefolks at Clemville Sunday.

Mrs. Pete Michna and Miss Eunice Willis were week end visitors at DeCosta.

Miss Elizabeth Ruthven of Palacios was over night guest with Jean Trull Tuesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and daughter called at the Hurta and Woodson homes Sunday

Mr. Myers of Wharton, visited his mother, Mrs.. Myers and sister, Mrs. Callaway Friday.

Mrs. Brinkley was called to San Antonio Saturday night by the serious illness of her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins of Telferner, Texas, arrived at Midfield Thursday to make their home. Mr. Hopkins will be section foreman.

Mr. Leon Cornelius and sister, Miss Juanita Cornelius of Houston were over Sunday visitors with their father, Mr. I. Cornelius and family.

Mr. Arnold of Bay City visited with his sister-in-law, Ida May Yates between trains Sunday and took his little daughter home, who has been visiting her aunts, near Ganado.

P. T. A. met Tuesday at 4 p. m. with a small attendance, as it was rainy. A good short program was enjoyed. Mrs. Harbison was elected as delegate to the Federation.

The Declamation try-out was held at the school auditorium Tuesday nite and the following get to go to Gulf; Anna Cornelius, in Senior Girls; Marian Callaway in Junior Girls; Carl Trull, Junior Boys. Mr. Taylor of Clemville, brought his Junior Girls over and Laura Larson won.

Palacios Beacon, March 15, 1928


Miss Augusta Brhlik, of Bay City, was a Midfield visitor Sunday.

Mr. Barber and family of Markham were Sunday guests at the Graham home.

A crowd of forty-five enjoyed a fish dinner at the P. M. Michna home Sunday.

Mr. Joe Hurta and sister, Mary, of Francitas, called at the Harbison home Sunday.

Mr. Emery McGee and family of Buckeye, visited Mr. McGee's parents Sunday.

Mrs. J. A. Callaway went to Sugarland Tuesday to spend a few days with her son.

Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Hale of Palacios called at the Aikin home Sunday evening.

Miss Eunice Willis visited the Brown home near Ganado Saturday and SUnday.

Mr. and Mrs. Antone Bosak of Needville, were week end visitors with relatives and friends at Midfield.

Mrs. Brinkley returned from San Antonio Saturday, where she was called by the illness of her daughter. We are glad to report her daughter is much improved.

The Midfield M. E. Missionary Society will entertain the Zone Missionary Meeting MArch 22nd. We wish to invite all the M. E. Missionary ladies from our zone to be present.

Palacios Beacon, March 15, 1928


The Sunday School is preparing a short Easter program.

Rev. Callaway and Mrs. Harbison of Midfield, Mrs. Keller and Miss Dixon of Markham attended the M. E. Church Zone Meeting at Palacios Monday.

Miss Helen Roberts went to Houston Monday for a few weeks visit.

Mrs. Fitzgerald, Sr., of Alvin, is visiting her daughters and sons at Midfield.

Mr. Harbison and family visited relatives at Palacios Saturday night and Sunday.

Mrs. Anthony Mullens and children drove up from the Valley Tuesday to visit relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius of Houston visited relatives and friends at Midfield over Sunday.

Mrs. Fleeman of De Costa is spending the week with Mrs. P. M. Michna and Miss Eunice Willis.

The Epworth League will give their Anniversary program Sunday night. Everyone cordially invited.

Miss Ida Mae Yates spent the week end with her sister, Mrs. Hammond, near the Carancahua River.

Mrs. C. O. Graham went to Mt. Home, Texas, Wednesday to care for her grandchildren who have the measles.

We are glad to see Mr. Stewart out again after being confined at his home for several weeks with rheumatism.

42 neighbors and friends gathered at the home of C. O. Graham Saturday night and enjoyed a fish fry. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius of Houston were honor guests.

Quite a number of school patrons, teachers and pupils went to Bay City to the County Meet. We are proud of our pupils for if they all did not bring home firsts, they did well. Marian Callaway won first in Girls Junior Declamation; Carl Trull, second, Boys Junior Declamation and our Junior baseball girls won a first place.

Palacios Beacon, March 22, 1928


Mr. Pete Michna went to Kenedy Friday to visit his father.

Mr. and Mrs. Willson were Sunday dinner guests at the F. Cornelius home.

Mrs. V. O. Hale and children of Palacios, visited her mother, Mrs. Aikin Tuesday.

Mrs. Cruger and Miss Louise Singleton of Houston are visiting their mother, Mrs. Cherry.

Mr. Willie Callaway and family of Sugarland visited several days last week with his father, J. A. Callaway.

Mr. J. J. Fortenberry and family drove to Victoria Sunday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Larsen.

Mrs. Charles Luther of Palacios and Miss Josephine Callaway of Blessing spent Sunday with home folks, J. A. Callaways.

Mr. Harold Barber and family of Markham and Mr. J. J. Harbison and family of Midfield Sundayed at the C. O. Graham home.

Mr. and Mrs. Bentler, Sr., of Palacios and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bentler of Houston, visited at the R. C. Wilkerson home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Faubion and Mrs.. B. W. Trull of Kansas are visiting B. W. Trull and family. They drove through in an auto. They report a fine trip with good roads.

The M. E. Missionary Society of this Zone met at the Midfield Church Thursday, March 22, with the following program:
Devotional, Mrs. W. K. Keller
Song, Coronation
Prayer, Rev. Callaway
Song, Lord Speaks To Me
Scripture, John 15:1-20, Mrs. Maggie Nixon
Stewardship, by Mrs. Barber, Markham
Instrumental Music, Mrs. Keller
Talk, "Social Service, Mrs. Clark, Palacios
Talk, "Our Young People," Mrs. Tucker, El Campo
Vocal Solo, Mrs. Trousdale, El Campo
Song, Jesus Calls Us
Original Poem, "Our Jubilee Year," Mrs. J. A. Callaway, Midfield
Roundtable Discussions led by Mrs. Magee of Nixon
   1. Most Vital Problems of Our Auxiliaries
   2. How We Have Kept Up Interest in Our Auxiliary, Mrs. Glass, Louise
   3. Standard of Excellence, Mrs. Traylor, Palacios
   4. How We Can Be Better Officers
   5. How Shall We Meet Our Financial Obligations--Several ladies spoke on these subjects
Mrs. Callaway was elected Zone Poet.
The Zone was named "Lone Star Zion"

This was a very helpful meeting and every one was glad they came. The next meeting will be at Louise probably in June. Let's all go and receive the great blessings these meetings have for us.

Those present were four ladies from Palacios, five from Markham, twelve from El Campo, two from Louise and 16 from Midfield.

Palacios Beacon, March 29, 1928


Mr. Joe Bures went to LaGrange Monday on business.

Mr. Sam Hale was a business visitor in Austin Monday.

Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Joe Bures went to Victoria Thurs. on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown had as Sunday dinner guests, Rev. Callaway and family.

Miss Helen Roberts returned home from Houston Monday where she visited several weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis of Houston are spending several days with their daughter, Mrs. Tom Cornelius.

Mrs. Guy Brinkley was taken very seriously sick Sunday night, but we are glad to report her much better.

Mr. E. C. Harbison and family and Mr. Ellis Jensen and family of Palacios Sundayed at the Harbison home.

Miss Ida Mae Yates visited Sunday night with her sisters, Miss Clara Harris and Mrs. Katie Hammond near the Carancahua river.

Mr. B. W. Trull and family and mother, Mrs. G. W. Trull and sister, Mrs. Taugion and husband, of Kansas, went to Galveston and Houston for a week end pleasure trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Mca? Ingram of Mississippi, visited Mrs. Ingram's uncle, Mr. Stewart. While here Mr. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Brhlik and Mr. Pete Michna and family went to Palacios for a sight seeing trip.

Saturday night Mrs. Aikin and Mrs. Harbison entertained the League to a April Fool Party. The guests were met at the door by April Fool Clowns and given dunce caps if they had no umbrellas. Various games provided the evening's entertainment. After an April Fool luncheon was served the guests departed, wishing April Fool would come again soon.

Sunday night about 7:30 while Bill Dluhos and Louis Popek were going south from Midfield their car went off the bridge just south of Mr. Tabolas, pinning Mr. Dluhos under it in the water. Help had to come from Midfield and Mr. Dluhos was unconscious when taken from the wreck. Dr. Wagner was called from Palacios and brought him to. Both men were badly bruised and the car a real wreck.

Palacios Beacon, April 5, 1928


Oscar Michna, of Bay City, spent the week end with his parents.

Miss Ida Mae Yates spent Saturday night with Mrs. Bessie Chance.

Mr. and Mrs. Woody Callaway, of San Antonio, are visiting at the Parsonage.

We are glad to see Mr. C. O. Graham able to be about after a short sick spell.

Mr. Roy Buchannan and Mr. Jos. Zapalac were elected trustees at the election Saturday.

Miss Willis and Miss Smith gave their rooms an Easter egg hunt on the lawn at Mrs. W. K. Keller's Friday. The children enjoyed the hunt very much.

Mr. and Mrs. Ingram, of Mississippi, who have been visiting Mrs. Ingram's uncle, Mr. Stewart, left Sunday. Mr. Ingram is agent for rat and mouse exterminator.

Those who enjoyed the Easter hunt at Mr. Tom Cornelius' Sunday were: Mr. Nygard and family, Mrs. Melborn and daughters, Mrs. W. T. Roberts and daughter, Willie, Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson and children, Mr. Perry McNeill and Gladis Harbison.

The Missionary Society met Thursday p. m. with Mrs.. Harbison, with Mrs. W. K. Keller as leader. This Mission study was on Japan. After the study and business session the hostess served delicious refreshments of sandwiches, salad, cake and cocoa.

Those who enjoyed the Easter dinner at Mr. Horace Troutman's Sunday was Mr. Gene Petillo, Wadsworth; Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Hale, of Palacios; Mrs. Aikin, Mrs. Woodson, Sr., Mr. F. Brhlik and family, Mr. Manuel Woodson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Mr. Harbison and family.

The Epworth League finished the Hill Top Race Sunday night with the White side winning. The Blues were good losers however and will give the winning side a part Saturday night. Everyone come Sunday night to League at 7:30. Willie Michna, leader and we will also choose sides again for another race.

P. T. A. met Tuesday at 4 p. m., with a small attendance owing to bad weather. It was decided to hold meetings all summer to keep up interest. Officers were elected as follows: Mrs. Aikin, President; Miss Smith, 1st Vice President; Mrs. Michna, 2nd Vice President; Mrs. Bures, 3rd Vice President; Miss Willis, Secretary; Mrs. Laura McSparran, Treasurer. A pie social was given Friday night and about $18 was raised to buy new curtains for the auditorium

Palacios Beacon, April 12, 1928


Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wilkerson were in Palacios Tuesday afternoon.

Several from Midfield saw “Ben Hur” at Palacios Tuesday night.

Miss Eunice Willis was supper guest at the Melbourn home Tuesday night.

Misses Vivian and Smith were Sunday dinner visitors at the F. Cornelius home.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodson visited their daughter, Mrs. Avon Harter, near Hawley, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and daughters were Sunday guests at the J. J. Fortenberry home.

The High School play was given Friday night to a full house and every one declared it fine.

Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Hale, of Palacios, called on Mrs. Hale’s mother, Mrs. Aikin Monday p. m.

Mr. and Mrs. Sedaleck [Sedlacek] of Francitas were week end visitors with Mrs. Sedaleck’s [Sedlacek’s] mother, Mrs. Hurta.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bures and Mrs. Brhlik, Sr. were in Needville Monday and Tuesday visiting and attending to business.

Mr. Hopkins, our section foreman, with his family, left Saturday for a section down in the Valley. This section has not been given a permanent foreman yet.

Mr. and Mrs. Trull and son, Carl, and Marion Callaway went to Houston Thursday for the District Interscholastic Meet. We are proud of our youngsters, they brought home third and fourth places.

The Grades will give their closing program Thursday night at the auditorium. Friday will be the all day school picnic on the creek at Mr. Woodson’s. Sunday at 2:30 Rev. Derrick of Palacios will preach the Baccalaureate Sermon at the Methodist Church. Monday night at 8 o’clock the graduating exercises will be at the High School auditorium.

Palacios Beacon, April 19, 1928

Midfield School Concert

Midfield grammar grades gave a school concert last night Thursday, April 29. The program was made up of drills, songs, readings and other plays. The numbers were all creditably given, worthy of special mention was the spring drill given by sixteen boys and girls. A difficult number, it was given with skill and precision by the young folks who were dressed to represent flowers, the sun, snow, etc.

Mr. Davidson and his splendid orchestra of high school boys and girls furnished music for the occasion, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

Midfield has not been able to maintain a nine-months school term because of local conditions, but she has done splendid work. Principal J. J. Harbison and his corps of assistants are to be congratulated on the character of work the school has maintained, despite the hindrances that have been met.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 20, 1928


Mr. Frank Brhlik went to Houston Monday.

Mr. J. M. Hensley of Goliad, was in Midfield Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison were in Palacios on business Tuesday.

Miss Ida Mae Yates went to Bay City Friday to make her home.

Mrs. Avon Harter was taken to the Bay City hospital Sunday for treatment.

Marion Callaway is visiting with relatives in Palacios while her parents are away.

Rev. and Mrs. Callaway are at Nixon this week, attending Conference Meeting.

Mrs. Illberry of Houston is nursing Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McGee through a sick spell.

Mrs. Adcock of Nursery, is here this week caring for her parents, Mr. and Mrs. McGee.

Jimmie Jay Fortenberry, who is working at a garage in Bay City, Sundayed with home folks.

Mary Jeanette MaGee went to her home at Buckeye Monday. She had been attending school here.

Miss Lillian Michna, of Houston, and Mr. Oscar Michna, of Bay City, are visiting their parents this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mullens moved into the section house last week. Mr. Mullens is the new foreman here.

Mrs. Susie Harbison and children who have been visiting the J. J. Harbison home, returned to Palacios Tuesday.

Palacios Beacon, May 10, 1928


Mrs. Ilberry of Houston is visiting friends around Midfield.

Gladis Harbison is spending the week with relatives at Turtle Bay.

Mrs. F. J. Brhlik and daughter are in Houston this week on a pleasure trip.

Miss Lilian Michna returned to Houston Friday night where she is attending college.

Mr. Joe Bures and family returned Saturday night from a weeks business and pleasure trip at Weimer, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Cornelius had as Sunday dinner guests Mr. J. J. Harbison and family of Midfield and Mrs. Harbison and children of Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. MaGee went to Tomalson Sunday to live with their daughter, Mrs. Adcock. We will miss these dear old people but hope their health improves in their new home.

There was no League Sunday night because of rain but we want to decide on a social to make money to send our delegate to Kerrville. Lesson topic will be “Playing the Game,” leader, Gladis Harbison.

The Missionary Society met with Mrs. F. Cornelius Thursday with Mrs. Aikin as lesson leader. Mrs. Edith Fitzgerald was elected Pres. To fill Mrs. Keller’s term. After the business hour delicious refreshments of ice cream and cake were served by the hostess.

Those who helped to make Mother’s Day delightful for mother Aikin were Mr. Dean Aikin of Sinton, Mr. and Mrs. Woodson, Mr. and Mrs. Brhlik, Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Hale and family of Palacios, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hammond of Buckeye and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hale from West Texas.

Palacios Beacon, May 17, 1928


Mr. B. W. Trull was a Houston business visitor this week.

Mr. Joe Bures went to Missouri City Tuesday morning on business.

Mr. Harbison and family were Sunday guests at the Hammond home.

Mrs. Jim Sedlacek of Francitas is spending a few days with Mrs. Roy Wilkerson.

Mr. Ward and Mr. Logan of Palacios were guests of C. O. Graham Wednesday.

Mrs. Hannah Aikin was a Saturday night guests with her daughter, Mrs. V. O. Hale of Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Cornelius and sons, Foncie and Gene, went to Houston Monday for a day’s visit.

Rev. Webb, of Palacios, was a week end guest at the Tom Cornelius home and preached at the church Sunday.

Mr. Byres returned from East Texas Sunday with his family, they will live with Mr. Sellers on the Magee place.

Dr. Stone, of Palacios and Elder Speck of Abilene, Texas, held a week’s services at the high school auditorium. They expect to begin Thursday nite and preach for several nights this week.

Tuesday being Mr. Macha’s natal day, his friends planned a surprise for him. About fifty of the neighbors gathered at his home in the evening and a good time was had by all. Refreshments of cake and coffee were served.

Palacios Beacon, May 31, 1928


Little Wilma Brhlik and Elsie Bures are entertaining the measles this week.

Mrs. Avon Harter, of Hawley, is spending the week with her mother, Mrs. Woodson.

Dr. Stone and Elder Felix Speck closed a series of meetings at the High School Auditorium Tuesday night.

There will be a Revival Meeting start at the M. E. Church Sunday. We hope every one will attend and make this a great meeting.

Mr. Woodson purchased three dozen White Leghorn hens from Mr. Harbison this week. Mr. Woodson is building up quite a chicken ranch.


Carroll Harbison Receives Horned Toads

Carroll Harbison, carrier boy for the Daily Journal and student in the high school, received a box containing four horned toads from his uncle in Texas yesterday. The toads are very odd looking and are the first of the kind ever seen by many Eldorado people. Carroll has taken them to the high school where the biology students are making a study of them. All four of the toads were living, having made the trip from Texas in fine shape.--Eldorado, (Kans.) Daily Journal.

These horned toads were caught by the Midfield school pupils and kept in captivity for several weeks. They refused to eat but were in good condition when sent by parcel post.

Palacios Beacon, June 7, 1928

Midfield Happenings

I. G. Tabola [Tobola] and S. Kindel made a business trip to Houston, Tuesday.

Miss Dorothy Milbourn has gone to Houston to spend the Fourth of July.

Miss Vess Hale of Oklahoma, arrived Tuesday to spend a few weeks with her mother, Mrs. Aiken and other relatives.

Lillian Michna and Emma Kuba, who work at Dr. Loos’ hospital, are visiting San Antonio, Kerrville and other places of interest in West Texas while on their vacation.

Palacios Beacon, July 4, 1929

Midfield School House Destroyed By Fire Thursday
Practically New, Five-Room Building Totally Destroyed

The Midfield school building, a practically new, five room structure, was totally destroyed by fire Thursday night.

The loss was complete as the building was burned to the ground with equipment. The origin of the fire is unknown, the general opinion being that a defective flue was the cause.

Immediate steps will be taken toward rebuilding, as the Midfield district is quite a large one. It was one of the best schools in the county, which accommodates quite a number of students.—Bay City Tribune.

Palacios Beacon, November 28, 1929


MIDFIELD. Dec. 4.—J. B. Bures has just finished a nice double garage on his place here.

Mrs. B. W. Trull and children spent the day in Palacios Thursday and had Thanksgiving dinner with relatives.

Miss Anna Cornelius came home Wednesday evening from Palacios, where she is attending school, and remained with her parents until Sunday.

Jas. S. Williams and wife, of Blessing, and their daughter, Mrs. Clarence Plant and husband, of Magnet, spent the day here Friday, with Mrs. Williams’ sister, Mrs. W. K. Keller.

Misses Cecil Brinkley, Florence Fortenberry and Irene Melbourne came in Thanksgiving day to be with the home folks, and returned to their school duties Monday morning, at Bay City.

Mrs. G. M. Mullens returned Thursday from a visit to her daughters, at Bay City and Buckeye She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Eugene Spoor and baby of Buckeye, who spent Thursday and Friday here.

J. J. Kuhn and wife and two sons, Victor and Milford, of Houston, were here to attend the funeral of Mr. M. E. Wilson last Friday, as they had been neighbors for many years before the Kuhns moved to Houston.

The Midfield Methodist Church has been given a pastor, a Rev. Floyd, of Alabama, who will soon arrive and begin his duties. He will reside in the parsonage at Markham, with his family, and preach at Markham, Clemville, and Midfield, as has been the custom heretofore.

School reopened here Tuesday morning, after a holiday for the past week on account of the loss of our school house by fire. The two store buildings owned by F. Cornelius were kindly loaned to the school, and have been fitted up to serve as a school house for the balance of the term. Of course the school work will be very much hampered by lack of facilities and equipment, but everybody is doing his best to help carry on, and we all appreciate the kindness of Mr. Cornelius in letting the free use of his buildings.

Our community was saddened on Thanksgiving day in the passing of one of our oldest citizens, Mr. Milo E. Wilson, whose death occurred about ten o’clock in the morning, after only a short illness. Mr. Wilson had been failing for some time, but his condition was not known to be serious for but a few days, and his death came rather suddenly, from heart disease. The funeral took place Friday afternoon, at the home, with Rev. Charles Founze conducting the services, and the body was laid to rest in the private cemetery of Mr. F. Cornelius, on his ranch near here. Mr. Wilson moved to Midfield with his wife in 1911, from Ohio, and have resided here ever since. His wife survives him, also a niece, Miss Ollie Burden, who has made her home with them for several years, besides a sister and a brother, who live in Ohio. Mr. Wilson was a member of the Methodist Church in Midfield, a good neighbor and friend, and will be missed in the community.

Palacios Beacon, December 5, 1929


MIDFIELD, Tex., Dec. 11.—Mrs. W. K. Keller was a Bay City visitor Fri.

F. Cornelius and wife were visitors to Bay City Friday.

Wm. F. Schwind of Francitas was here Friday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Trull went to Houston Wednesday of last week, returning Thursday afternoon.

Ludwin Keller returned Monday night from San Antonio, where he had been for several days on business.

Mrs. D. H. Garner and little daughter, Cleo, came over Friday and spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McSparran.

The usual Community Christmas tree and program will be given in the church here this year, as there is no school house. The committees are at work, and hope to have a nice program, but will be limited of course on account of lack of room.

Victor and Milford Kuhn of Houston have been here the past few days doing some repair work for Mrs. M. E. Wilson. The home had to be moved back some time ago, to give more room for the right-of-way for Highway No. 71, so Mrs. Wilson had a new roof put on and other repairs made to the house.

Mrs. W. K. Keller was hostess to the Home Mission Society last Thursday afternoon, serving in Mrs. W. R. Roberts place. Only a few members were present, but a pleasant hour was spent, and plans made for the new year’s work. Refreshments of chicken salad, wafers and tea was served by the hostess.

Rev. M. C. Stearns of Palacios very kindly came up Sunday afternoon and preached for the Midfield folks, which was very much appreciated, as we had not had any preaching service for over a month. Rev. Floyd, the new Methodist pastor has arrived, however, and will be here to preach the first Sunday in January, which is the regular day for this appointment.

Palacios Beacon, December 12, 1929


Frank Brhlik went to Houston Monday for a brief business visit.

Mrs. Hannah Aikin is having a new roof put on her residence here in town.

Mrs. W. C. Melbourn and daughters visited relatives near El Campo last week.

R. E. Coffin and wife and daughter spent Sunday at Collegeport with friends.

Foncie Cornelius went to Houston last week to spend the holidays with his sister and brothers there.

H. L. Fortenberry and family are moving this week out to the Milam Flourney farm six miles west of town.

Miss Florence Moore and mother spent the Christmas holidays in Houston with relatives, returning home last Saturday.

J. B. Bures and family and F. J. Trojcak and family returned Thursday from Weimer where they spent Christmas with relatives.

Since the sun has been shining for a few days, work has been started again on Highway No. 71, which has livened up things a little here.

The young folks enjoyed a New Year’s party at the McSparran home Tuesday night, but the new year was ushered in very quietly.

Messrs. J. C. Koerth of San Antonio and Walter Etinit, of Brady, came in Tuesday and spent Wednesday here, guests at the H. Honys home.

Fred Cornelius and family came in from Houston Sunday morning for a brief holiday visit with relatives and friends, returning home Monday.

Mr. Vacek is having a new porch built on his residence here in town, which will add very much to the comfort as well as the looks of the place.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Woodson, Manuel Woodson and wife and daughter and Bedford Warren and family spent Christmas day with the Avon Harter family in Blessing community.

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Brown were out to Sunday School again last Sunday, the first time for two months, one account of Mr. Brown’s long continued illness. Mr. Brown is looking quite well again.

The gin here is still operating occasionally, when ever some one needs cotton ginned. Something over seventy-five bales have been ginned to date, which is really better than was expected on account of the almost total failure of crops here as in other parts of the county.

J. D. Jordan and wife, J. L., Jr., of Blessing, spent Christmas day here at the home of W. K. Keller and wife. Other guests for the day at the Keller home were Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Bolling of Palacios, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Plan of Magnet, and Jas. S. Williams of Blessing.

J. J. Fortenberry and family left Saturday morning before Christmas by auto for Phoenix, Ariz., to make a visit to Mrs. Fortenberry’s parents and other relatives. They were joined at Bay City by M. I. Fortenberry and family, who made the trip with them. They all expect to return next Sunday.

The new Methodist pastor, Rev. Floyd, preached his first sermon here last Sunday morning, and will be here both morning and evening next Sunday to conduct services. Mr. Floyd made a very favorable impression with our people, as he seemed to be very earnest and intelligent speaker, with a pleasing personality also.

Palacios Beacon, January 2, 1930


Louis Burke and Willie Roberts were out driving Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Keller attended movies at Bay City Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Hangs visited with Mr. and Mrs. Nimic [Nemec] Sunday.

The Midfield School is getting ready for the County Meet at Bay City Friday and Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Burris visited a while with Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Sunday evening.

Palacios Beacon, March 20, 1930


Miss Tenie Holmes of Bay City was calling on voters here Monday evening.

Foncie Cornelius has gone to Houston to be associated with his brothers in business there.

Mesdames W. K. and N. F. Keller spent the day with friend Mrs. Frank Hale at Bay City recently.

Dr. Stone of Palacios held service here Sunday morning for the congregation of the Christian faith.

Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Keller attended the Musical Program at the Methodist church in Bay City Sunday eve.

Messrs. W. T. Roberts, R. C. Wilkerson, John Hale, Hank Fortenberry and Claude Brinkley drove to Houston Sunday and witnessed the great Ballgame between New York and Houston, and saw Babe Ruth.

M. A. Hanys was the recipient of a surprise party on the twenty-sixth, which was his birthday. A large number of his friends came in bringing “eats” with them, which they served with the assistance of Mrs. Hanys, after everybody had enjoyed an evening of forty-two and other games.

The women of the Home Mission Society will serve lunch at the schoolhouse Saturday to the voters and others who may come in. The lunch will consist of sandwiches, pie, doughnuts, coffee and cocoa, served cafeteria style, at popular prices. The funds derived from the lunch will go toward screening the church here.

Midfield School came out very well in the County Meet, winner First place in Tennis, and Relay Races, Second in High School spelling, and Third in Senior Girls and Junior Boy’s Declamation. On account of lack of equipment we were debarred from many of the entrys, so we are proud of our youngsters, and if we get our new school house and all equipped, we hope to do better next year.

At the School election next Saturday Midfield voters will decide whether we will issue bonds for rebuilding our school house which burned last November. If the bonds carry, a larger and better building will be erected, and in time for the opening of the fall term of school, we hope. Our population has increased so in the past several years that we probably will have five teachers next term, as the Primary Department has been very much over crowded the past two terms.

Palacios Beacon, April 3, 1930


J. P. Keller and wife, of Bay City, were callers here Sunday evening.

Mrs. W. K. Keller spent the day at Blessing Friday, visiting her parents.

Harvey Clapp and family from near Blessing were here Sunday, the guests of the Woodson family.

Mrs. H. T. Anderson, and Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Curry returned Saturday from a week’s visit to Houston.

Miss Maurine Gideon of Markham, spent the week end here, the guest of Mrs. W. C. Melbourn and daughters.

Mrs. R. E. Coffin and daughter, Miss Lois, and Mrs. W. E. McSparran were Bay City visitors Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Blair from Alvarado, stopped for a brief visit with friends here, while enroute to Palacios, Friday evening.

The young people of the community enjoyed a frolic at the school house last Saturday evening, chaperoned by quite a few of the older folks.

Our school base ball team went to Elmaton Friday and played a game with the school team there, winning the victory with a score of 14 to 7.

The Midfield Home Mission Society will meet with Mrs. H. L. Brown at her country home next Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. W. K. Keller leader of the program.

Rev. T. W. St. John, a Christian Minister of Bay City, came over and preached Sunday morning and evening in the place of the Methodist Pastor, Rev. Floyd who was away for a business visit at Hallettsville.

In the School election held here Saturday, Messrs. Chas. Boyers and P. M. Michna were elected School Trustees to succeed Messrs. Joe Zapalac and Roy Buchanan. The bond and tax issues carried also by a large majority.

N. F. Keller and wife were the recipients of an automobile accident last Friday afternoon when their car turned turtle near the railroad crossing between Midfield and Blessing. Mr. and Mrs. Keller escaped with only a general shaking up and some bruises, but the car had to go to the “hospital” and will need considerable repairing.

The Sunday School here will give a short Easter program on Easter Sunday morning immediately following Sunday School. Mrs. H. L. Brown has charge of getting up the program, and is assisted by several others. There will not be any other services here that day, but on Monday evening the Bohemian Lutheran Minister from Granger will hold Easter services in the Methodist Church, and expects to continue to have regular services after this. There will be a large Lutheran congregation, as there is no other place of worship for all the people of that faith, from Ganado to El Maton.

F. J. Trojcak and wife entertained guests for dinner Sunday. They were Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dusek, Paul Wenzel, Mr. and Mrs. August Waytek and sons, Joseph and William, all of Fort Bend County, and Wm. Waytek and wife and Frank Trojak and wife, of Lavaca County. In the evening they were surprised by a visit from Mr. Trojcak’s sister, Mrs. Bill Brod and husband, and his brothers, Chas. and Joe Trojcak and wives, all from Jackson County. Other visitors during the day at the Trojcak home were E. Kronek and T. J. Kronek, and Joe Bures and family, of this place.

Palacios Beacon, April 10, 1930


Mrs. N. F. Keller and daughter, Mrs. Elzie Wolff and baby were Palacios visitors Tuesday afternoon.

N. K. McSparran and wife and son, Donald, and MRs. W. E. McSparran were Wharton visotirs last Thursday.

Mrs. W. K. Keller and her sister, Mrs. J. W. Williams, of Blessing, went to El Campo Tuesday afternoon shopping.

The young folks of Midfield had a weiner roast at the Tres-Palacios pumping plant, Tuesday night, followed by a swimming party.

Mr. M. A. Hanys has been in Houston the past two weeks attending the Ginners’ School of Instruction being held there. He came home Sunday for a brief visit to his family, and returned Monday.

Mrs. Hannah Aikin entertained the Home Mission Society at her home last Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. W. K. Keller in charge of the program. Mrs. J. H. Barber and Mrs. Floyd of Markham were visitors and assisted in the program. We were so glad to have them with us.

School will close here next Friday, the 16th, after a very successful nine months’ term. The commencement program will be given Thursday evening at the church in Midfield, with Mr. Harkey of Bay City, delivering the address. On account of the rain last Sunday, the Baccalaureate sermon was not preached, but will be given next Sunday instead, by Rev. St. John, of Bay City. There is a small graduating class this year, only three in number, all young ladies, Misses Irene Kolodachak, Mary Nemec and Dorothy Melbourn.

Palacios Beacon, May 15, 1930

(Too Late For Last Week)

J. L. Jordan and wife of Blessing spent Sunday at the W. K. Keller home.

The young people enjoyed a party at the Elzie Wolff home last Saturday evening.

Miss Helen Roberts went to Houston last Wednesday for a visit with relatives there.

A fine baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Buchanan last Saturday night.

R. Cornelius and wife spent the day at Markham Sunday with his son, W. D. Cornelius and family.

N. F. Keller, who suffered a partial Paralitic stroke some weeks ago, has so much improved, as to be able to be at home now, and is sitting up some.

Grandma Martin who lived with her son, J. A. Martin, near Bay City, died last Saturday and was buried here Sunday afternoon. Rev. C. A. Faunce conducting the burial service at the grave. Grandma Martin was past ninety years old, and had been an invalid for sometime, we are told. She was the grandmother to Mrs. S. R. Richardson, of this place.

Mrs. J. M. Magee received a Phone message telling her of the death of her nephew, Mr. Tarrant Hensley, of Houston. She, accompanied by Mrs. G. E. Magee and daughter Mary Janet left immediately to attend the funeral, which to take place at Belton. Mr. Hensley spent a good deal of time here in his early youth, and has many friends who regret to learn of his passing.

The Michell Construction Co., of Houston, of which Mr. H. M. Ainsley is local Manager, has about finished the dirt work on Highway No 71, and Monday morning loading the Drag Machines and other machinery to be shipped to Richmond, for another contract. In loading the machines, Mr. Ainsley was unfortunate in getting one of his hands caught, mashing two fingers quite badly. Medical attention was given immediately, and he will not lose either of the fingers, tho’ it is a very painful hurt.

Palacios Beacon, May 22, 1930


Miss Elnora Bures has returned from a visit of several days to relatives in Houston.

Miss Cleo Garner of Bay City spent last week here, at the home of her aunt, Mrs. R. E. Coffin.

Mrs. J. M. Magee, of Thomaston, has been here for several weeks on a visit to her son, G. E. Magee and wife and other friends.

J. J. Fortenberry and son, J. J., Jr., C. A. Faunce, and E. C. Hammond left this morning for Houston to attend the Haymakers Convention in session there this week.

Mrs. W. K. Keller has a music class in Palacios, and goes down there twice a week to teach. She has quite a good class for the summer, and others who will study music under her instruction this fall.

We were glad to have Mr. F. Cornelius able to be with us in Sunday School last Sunday. He had been suffering from an attack of Erysipelas for several weeks but seems to have recovered entirely now.

The M. A. Hanys family spent the week end in Houston visiting relatives. They drove over with Mrs. Hany’s brother, Mr. Kunetske, of Victoria, who is traveling salesman for Desel Boettcher Co., of Houston.

The Missionary Society met at the home of Mrs. W. E. McSparran last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. R. E. Coffin was leader of the program, after which the hostess assisted by her husband and son, served a picnic supper out under the trees, which was a real treat, as it consisted of barbecued kid, salads, pickles, bread, cakes and iced tea. Rev. Floyd and wife were guests from Markham, and others present were N. K. McSparran and family, R. E. Coffin and wife and daughter, Miss Cleo Garner, Miss Margaret Anderson, Mrs. J. M. Magee, Mrs. Hannah Aikin, Mrs. W. K. Keller.

Palacios Beacon, June 12, 1930

Notice to Bidders; New School Bldg. At Midfield, Tex.

Scaled proposals will be received by the Board of Trustees, Common School District, No. 10, Matagorda County, Texas, before three P. M. Wednesday, June 25th, 1930 at the office of Mrs. Claire F. Pollard, County Superintendent, Bay City, Texas. Bidders wishing to do so may present their proposals on or before Ten A. M. the same day at the office of the Architect. Bids will be opened in public at the office of the County Superintendent in the Matagorda County Court House at Three Thirty P. M. Wednesday, June 25th, 1930. Plans, specifications, proposal blanks and complete information may be secured at the Office of Harry D. Payne, AIA, Architect, 7124 Kirby Building, Houston, Texas, or at the Office of the Office of the Architect's Inspector, New High School Building, Bay City, Texas. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to award the contract on the basis of the bid deemed most advantageous to the Board of Trustees.

Signed and published, the 9th day [June 1930].

Palacios Beacon, June 12, 1930


J. P. Keller and wife, of Bay City, were here Sunday evening for a short visit.

Mrs. J. P. Pierce and son, Richard, of Palacios, were callers here Sunday afternoon.

Little Miss Cleo Garner of Bay City is visiting in the home of her grandparents, W. E. McSparran and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Krueger of Refugio have been here the past week on a visit to Mrs. Krueger’s mother, Mrs. J. J. Curry.

Mrs. N. A. McSparran and son spent last week at Alvin visiting relatives, while her daughters, Misses Alma and Clara, visited a cousin in Houston.

Mrs. Anthony Mullens was brought home Thursday from the Loos Hospital in Bay City, after undergoing an operation. She is doing nicely at this writing.

R. E. Coffin and wife and daughter went to LaWard Sunday to attend church. Mr. Coffin has been engaged as Superintendent of the LaWard schools.

Mrs. Hannah Aikin returned home last Thursday after a two week’s visit with her daughter, Mrs. V. O. Hale at San Marcos, and her son, A. D. Aikin at Sinton.

N. F. Keller and family are moving this week to the B. W. Trull home here, having traded for it recently. We have been told that F. J. Trojak will move his stock of groceries into the store room below, and his family will occupy the apartment above vacated by Mr. Keller and family.

The new school building under construction here is rapidly assuming attractive proportions. The material being used in it is hollow tile, and the building, when completed, will consist of four class rooms and a large auditorium, all on the ground floor, and it will [be] thoroughly equipped with all modern fixtures, electric lights and gas for heating. When finished, the cost will be approximately $16,000. We were mighty sorry to lose our other school house by fire last November, but proud to be able to replace it with so much better and more modern one.

Palacios Beacon, July 31, 1930


Miss Florence Fortenberry is leaving this week to enter business college in Houston.

Mrs. Claire Pollard, and Rev. Terry Wilson were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Herrington Friday evening.

Mrs. J. B. Bures and children spent several days in Houston last week with a sister who had just undergone an operation for appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Evans of Columbus were here Friday night to attend the dedication exercises. Mr. Evans was the contractor who built our new school house.

The ladies of the community will meet Friday afternoon to re-organize the Parent-Teacher Association, which has not been operating since the school house was burned last November.

Rev. H. E. Floyd filled his last appointment for this Conference Year, at the Methodist Church last Sunday morning. He was accompanied by Mrs. Floyd. Rev. Floyd was assigned this work in December, coming here from Alabama but he has done a good work. Both he and Mrs. Floyd are capable to fill any place that may be assigned them.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hale and children of Bay City, came over Friday evening to be present at the dedication exercises. Mr. Thos. P. Hale, of Wadsworth, Mrs. Ira Cartwright of San Marcos, and Mrs. Blaylock of Kingsville, son and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hale, graduated from the old school building here some years ago and several other members of the family attended school here.

School opened on Monday morning, with five teachers:--Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Herrington of Jackson County, Superintendent and Principal; Miss Lois Coffin, Midfield, Elementary teacher; and Miss Kathryn Douglas, Palacios, and Miss Constance Langham, Bay City, in charge of the Primary grades. The enrollment is not complete as yet, but there will probably be one hundred and fifty or more pupils this term. About sixty were enrolled Monday in the Primary Department alone. So a very busy and successful school year is anticipated by both teachers and patrons.

The Dedication Exercises of our new school building on last Friday evening was a memorable occasion to the Midfield people. Mrs. Pollard was mistress of ceremonies, and presided in her usual able manner. About 300 people were present, among them were visitors from Bay City, Markham, Palacios, Blessing, Columbus and Houston, and other points. The program consisted of the following numbers:--

Opening Remarks—Mrs. Pollard.
Presentation Address—Mr. Payne, architect, Houston.
Acceptance—Mrs. P. M. Michna, President Midfield School Board.
Vocal Solo—Rev. Terry Wilson, Bay City.
Piano Solo—Mrs. W. K. Keller, Markham.
Dedicatory Address—Rev. Terry Wilson, Bay City. Music was furnished by Mr. Glenn Ellis of Bay City, and Miss Elizabeth Pinchen, Blessing, which was appreciated very much.

After the program punch was served to all present by the ladies of the P. T. A.

Midfield has reason to be proud of her school building, as it is modern in every detail. Has four large class rooms, a commodious auditorium with lovely stage furnishings, new piano, etc. The building is lighted with electricity and heated by gas.

Palacios Beacon, October 9, 1930

Midfield Tattler

Mr. J. R. Bures has purchased a new Ford coach.

Miss Myrtle Hale has returned from the hospital at Newgulf where she has been ill for the past week or two.

Mr. and Mrs. V. Hale are the proud parents of a baby girl born Tuesday.

Mr. R. C. Wilkerson has purchased a new Ford coach.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Troutman are the proud parents of a baby girl born last week.

The junior girls basketball team is planning to play El Maton on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sedlacek and son, Earle, former residents of Midfield have moved to Palacios.

Mrs. Chas. Peter is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Jurica, mother of Mrs. Tobola of Midfield died here on March 3. Her remains were shipped to Schulenburg where they were laid to rest.

Mr. L. C. Cornelius and Mrs. W. C. Melbourn left on a business trip to Houston Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Davis of Palacios were seen in Midfield Tuesday.

Mrs. W. C. Melbourn and daughter were shoppers in Bay City on Tuesday.

Mr. L. C. Nygard left on Monday on a business trip to Beeville.

Mr. Nygard, accompanied by Mr. U. Hiltpold, were away from Midfield a few days last week on business.

The primary students are already planning on their Easter Hunt. Yesterday a small boy was talking to a high school student and said, "You all are gong to hide the eggs for us." The high school student said: "Oh, I thought that the rabbits were going to have hen eggs this time.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bures and son Eugene are on the sick list. We hope they recover soon.

Miss Willie Mae Valka of Midfield has left for Buckholts to visit some of her friends and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Vaculin have gone to Corpus Christi to visit some of their relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Malcik and children visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lauer Sunday.

A group of young folks enjoyed making candy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Roberts Sunday afternoon.

Misses Helen and Willie Roberts are shoppers of Bay City last Wednesday.

Could You Imagine?

Mr. Herrington playing packs.
Henrietta claiming a new dress when she gets one.
Nonie not getting a few demerits.
Clara Fink playing tennis.
Willis ever laughing.
Cleo making A on algebra.
Lucy hunting for four-leaf clovers.
Clara not losing her temper.
Alma looking innocent when trouble is near.
Jewell without a sore finger or toe.
Herbert winking at Willie.
Della without a finger between her parted lips.
Willie without a date tonight.
Charlie with his nose out of a book.
Ralph with a cigarette in his hand.
Robbie not declaiming Friday.
Ruby present ever day in a month.

Midfield Practice Meet

The Midfield meet was well attended by people from all over the county. We had expected that the cloudy weather would cause a small attendance but this seemed to have no effect for many schools were here in full force eager for competition.

The games started at one o'clock and continued in full force until nightfall. Many times during the evening it looked as if rain would surely put a stop to our games, but in spite of this our playground was one working mass of games. A basketball, volleyball, two baseball and tennis games were in progress almost continuously.

The night program was a disappointment for by this time the rain had gotten here. We were able to have the two spelling contests and one ciphering contest. The student of these showed excellent ability and we would be real glad to give the winners names but this is not possible since no record is available.

Daily Tribune, March 13, 1931


This whole community was shocked and grieved at the sudden death of Mr. W. T. Roberts, which occurred last Tuesday afternoon, June 23, from an acute attack of acute indigestion of angina Pectoris of the heart. Mr. Roberts was at work on the road grader, several miles north of Midfield, when he was seized with the attack, and his helper, went to a near by house, borrowed a car and brought him home, but he grew worse very rapidly and in only a few minutes after reaching home he passed away, before Drs. Elliot and Wagner of Palacios, both of whom had been summoned, could arrive. Funeral services were conducted in the home at four thirty o'clock Wednesday, Rev. W. C. Drake, Pastor of the Methodist Church here in charge with interment in the Midfield cemetery, under the direction of the Walker Undertaking Co. of Bay City. A large number of friends and acquaintances were present to show respect for the dead and regard for his wife and two daughters who survive him.

Mr. Roberts was a friend to the young men of the community especially so of six who were pall bearers namely, Messrs. Ernest Hammond, J. J. Fortenberry Jr., W. R. Muelleus, Kent Keller, Claude Smith and Fred Cornelius of Houston.

William Taylor Roberts was born in 1879 at Caldwell, Texas. In 1898 he served in the Spanish-American war, and was honorably discharged at its close. In 1904 he was married to Miss Lennie Logan, to which union two daughters, Helen and Willis, were born. The family moved to Midfield, in 1912, from New Mexico where they had resided several years, and have made their home here ever since. Mr. Roberts had been operating the County road grader for this precinct for the past five years. He was a kind and gentle husband and father, a good neighbor, and was liked by everyone who knew him. He leaves his mother and one sister, who lives at Amarillo, Tex., besides his wife and two daughters to mourn his passing.

A large number of out of town friends were here to attend the funeral of Mr. Roberts on Wednesday. Among them were Fred Cornelius and family of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Watkins and Mrs. Lizzie Reeves of Bay City, W. C. Gainer and wife of Edna, B. W. Trull and family, Mrs. C. W. Nestor, H. G. Ward and family of Palacios and quite a number from Blessing.

Mrs. H. L. Morgan of Houston returned home Thursday after a few days here with her friend, Mrs. W. T. Roberts.

The Revival services at the Methodist Church conducted by Rev. D. C. Roberts of Ganado, for the past ten days, came to a close Sunday night. Rev. Roberts is a quiet, tho' very forceful speaker and he brought some very helpful messages. We are sorry the attendance could not have been better.

Mrs. Fred Wright and baby arrived Sunday from Mountain Burg, Ark., to join her husband. She was accompanied from Houston by her sister, Mrs. L. C. Osborne and her brother, Mr. J. O. Muelleus. Mr. Wright is an employee of the Westark Construction Co., building highway 71, and he and his wife and baby daughter have an apartment with Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Keller for the summer.

We are sorry to report Mrs. Hannah Aikin as being ill again after being able to be up and around for a while.

Mr. Claude Smith has put in a small ice house here, and now keeps a supply of ice on hand at all times which is surely a convenience to we Midfield folks.

M. A. Hanys returned Sunday from Brady, Tex., where he has been the past two weeks on gin business.

Miss Lula Grace Cornelius of Houston has bee visiting in the home of her grandfather, F. Cornelius the past week.

Daily Tribune, July 1, 1931


We were disappointed because our news letter failed to get in the paper last week, as we had more news than usual to write about. We mailed it here Tuesday at noon, so suppose the postoffice department were at fault. This week we are short again on news items.

Mrs. Fred Wright and baby daughter, Margaret Sue returned Sunday from Houston after a week spent with her sister and two brothers who live there.

Mr. Bob Stroffe and family have returned from Blessing and will be located here until the road work is over. They are living in the Anderson building.

Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Hale enjoyed a visit Saturday and Sunday from Mr. Hale's sisters. Mrs. A. L. Hammond and children of West Columbia and Mrs. A. D. Aikin and daughters of Sinton and his brother, Jim Hale and wife, from near Sinton.

A fine nine-pound boy arrived at the home of F. J. Trojcak and wife on Aug. 17.

A message was received here last Friday saying that Miss Augusta Brhlik who was recovering from an appendicitis operation in a hospital at Woodsboro, was seriously ill with pneumonia, so her mother, Mrs. Rozena Brhlik and brother, Frank and wife went immediately to her bedside. They returned Sunday evening reporting Miss Augusta better, but still not out of danger.

Ludwin and Kent Keller and Steve Knebel who are hauling gravel for road building at Needville, returned to work Tuesday morning after a short visit to homefolks here.

Daily Tribune, August 27, 1931

Midfield Tattler

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cornelius of Hot Springs, N. M. visited relatives in this city last week.

A Christmas program is to be given at the schoolhouse Wednesday night, Dec. 23. We are all joyfully awaiting the coming of Santa.

Several families of this city went to Bay City Saturday to see St. Nick.

Mesdames Curry and Fortenberry motored to Houston Monday.

Mrs. M. A. Fitzgerald of Alvin, has been visiting relatives of this city, for the past two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Herrington left for Victoria Friday afternoon and returned Sunday.

We have not been able to have any Sunday School for the past three Sundays on account of the gloomy weather.

Mrs. N. B. Brinkley of Goliad is visiting here now.

Mrs. R. E. Deffenbaugh and children made a business trip to Houston Saturday.

Mrs. J. M. Moore who has been visiting here returned to Nursery to spend the winters with her daughter, Mrs. Dick Adcox.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ludwin Keller, Saturday, Dec. 19 and a baby boy to Mr. and Mrs. Red Waren, Sun., Dec. 20.

[Essay on Physical Education Should Be Taught In Schools was in the original article, but not included here.]

Daily Tribune, December 24, 1931


Monday morning, Feb. 22, the students of our school were entertained over the radio by the George Washington Bicentennial program. The students, especially those of the higher grades, enjoyed the program immensely.

Friday afternoon, Feb. 12, the Midfield senior boy's basketball team played the Danevang senior boys. The game was very interesting. The score was nine to five in favor of Midfield.

A group of young people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. K. McSparran Tuesday night, Feb. 18. Many games were played and all present enjoyed themselves. Refreshments of cakes and cocoa were served. Those present were Misses Nonie Melbourn, Jewel Cornelius, Alice Miller, Cleo Brinkley, Eleanor Bures, Alma and Clara McSparran and Messrs. Elmo Deffenbaugh, Steve Zapalac, George Knebel, John Zapalac, Vance Evans, Frank and Henry Miska.

Little Herbert Earl Buchanan, who was knocked down by an automobile driven by his father, Mr. Roy Buchanan, is now able to be out of bed. As Mr. Buchanan was backing the car out of the garage, Herbert ran behind it and was knocked down, but as Mr. Buchanan heard the baby's cry, he stopped the car and Herbert was not run over. The child was taken to the Loos Hospital to be examined, but his injuries were not serious.

A party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cornelius Friday night, Feb. 12. After playing games the guests were refreshed by cocoa and sandwiches.

Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Cornelius, Jr., and family of Houston have moved to this city. We are very glad to have them with us and we are especially glad to have the two children of the family. Lula Grace and Maxine in our school.

A large crowd was entertained by a party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brinkley Saturday night, Feb. 13. Delicious refreshments were served and everyone enjoyed the evening immensely.

We are glad to have the Mattersons in our community and are very glad to have Naomi in our school.

A car wreck occurred here recently, but no one was hurt. It happened about eleven o'clock Saturday night. One car was pushing another down the road and when they came to the road that turns to town the leading car tried to turn. They were going too fast to turn so the car was overturned in the ditch.

Daily Tribune, February 24, 1932


J. L. Jordan and wife of Blessing spent the day here Wednesday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. W. K. Keller.

V. O. Hale of Palacios was here Thursday on business.

The prayer meeting last Wednesday night was well attended. Twenty-five being present. Miss Verda Anderson was the leader and for such a young person made an excellent leader. Her subject was faith, taken from the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. Quite a number of those present took part by giving short talks on the faith of the characters described in the chapter read by the leader.

Mr. Roy Buchanan and Mr. Sam F. Hale went to Houston last week for a several days business visit. They were accompanied by Mr. C. J. Steves of Bay City.

W. K. Keller and wife were Palacios visitors last Thursday morning.

Misses Clara and Alma McSparran of Matagorda came up Wednesday for a short visit at the home of their grandparents. W. E. McSparran and wife.

Mrs. Fred Cornelius was hostess last Thursday afternoon to the Midfield Home Mission Society. Mrs. W. K. Keller was leader of the "Voice" program, several other ladies taking part. The hostess served delicious watermelon as refreshments to the following ladies and children: Mrs. Arthur Matteson, Mrs. F. Cornelius, Mrs. L. C. Nygard and children, Mrs. W. E. McSparran, Mrs. R. E. Coffin, Mrs. Roy Buchannan and children, Miss Lucille Melbourn and Miss Verda Anderson.

Mr. John Peteet and his family are enjoying a visit from his mother, Mrs. Nellie Peteet of Abilene, who arrived last week.

Miss Violet Richardson spent last week in Bay City visiting her grandparents there.

Mrs. D. H. Garner and daughter, Miss Cleo of Bay City, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Jimmie Coulter of Houston, spent the day at the W. E. McSparran home Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Whyman of Ganado and Mrs. I. D. S. Lee of El Campo were pleasant visitors here last Friday afternoon, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Keller.

Mrs. S. R. Richardson was ill for several days last week with high fever. She is able to be about again new however.

Louis Bosak of Fairfield was here last week for a visit with his cousin, A. V. Bosak and wife.

Mr. E. A. Woodson spent last week at Blessing visiting his daughter, Mrs. Avon Harter.

The Home Nursing Club announced the last Tuesday started on schedule time, with an enrollment of twenty-one ladies. Mrs. Martyn was very much gratified at the interest shown here, in such a large attendance, and all those present seemed pleased with the first lesson. There are other ladies in this community whom we hope will be able to start in at the next meeting, which is today, July 14.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mullens gave a dinner at their home last Sunday in honor of Mrs. Mullen's uncle, Mr. Jas. J. Harris and wife of Blessing, who were married last Friday. Guests for the day besides the bride and groom, were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Parker, Mr. M. M. Harris and Mr. Orville Pike, all of Blessing and Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Wise of Freeport.

Mr. A. V. Bosak and his cousin, Louis Bosak drove to Benview today to visit relatives.

Misses Margaret Anderson and Mary Vacek, accompanied by Pete Vacek were Bay City visitors Friday.

John Peteet and family were visitors at the B. Y. P. U. at Palacios Sunday and heard Pat Neff speak in the afternoon on Christian Endeavor.

Mrs. T. E. Cornelius and children returned Saturday evening from Palacios where they had been visiting and attending the B. P P. N. Encampment services.

J. B. Bures and family and Steve Kana and family were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Krenek last Sunday.

Mr. J. W. Bures has recently had his automobile repainted, and he is a fine hand at that business.

F. J. Trojcak and family went to Hilje Sunday to attend the big picnic and barbecue dinner given there that day, and head the address by Mr. Kulawik who is candidate for congressman at large from this district

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Woytek and nephew, Mrs. Herbert Woytek, all of Sublime, came in Sunday afternoon for a visit with their daughter, Mrs. F. J. Trojcak and family, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Trojcak accompanied them for a brief visit to Freeport, after which the visitors returned to their home at Sublime.

Mrs. Claude Brinkley is enjoying a visit from her brother, Mr. Curtis Kohn of Marlin. He was accompanied by a friend but we have not been able to learn the young gentlemen's name.

Mrs. W. K. Keller, who is president of the coastal plan zone Missionary Society, is announcing the meeting for the third quarter at Ganado on Thursday, July 28 and urges a full attendance if possible. Miss Mae Richardson of Westmoreland College and the district secretary. Mrs. W. P. Midiff will both be on the program of the day. This zone is made up of the women's organization at Palacios, Markham, Ganado, Louise, El Campo, and Edna and any other ladies in this part of the district who may be interested are extended a cordial invitation to attend this meeting.

R. E. Coffin and wife and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McSparran went to Palacios Thursday evening to attend the services at the B. Y. P. U. auditorium that night.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 14, 1932


Miss Alice Miller of Sublime, is here until after the holidays for a visit at the home of her uncle, Mr. J. B. Bures.

Miss Marjorie Matteson spent several days at Palacios last week visiting friends and assisting to prepare a Christmas program in the Church of the Nazarene.

Mr. and Mrs. Vance Evans were recent visitors at the home of Mrs. Evans parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Melbourne.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Staffa of Newgulf were here Tuesday and Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. V Bosak.

Jerry Hanys and Eugene Bures, accompanied for their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hanys and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bures went to El Campo Friday morning and both young men and their tonsils removed by Dr. Weinkheimer. They have been recovering from the operation in fine shape.

Mrs. J. J. Curry returned Sunday from a week's visit in Houston.

Mrs. Fred Cornelius and Mrs. W. K. Keller attended the council meeting Saturday and were guests of Mrs. Sides with a large number of other club members from the county, in a most beautifully appointed and bountiful banquet at the BayTex Hotel at the noon hour. The incoming council president, Mrs. Chappel of Palacios, gave a wonderful report of the state meeting held in Dallas recently which she attended as a representative of the council. We wish every club member in the county could have heard this report as it was so full of plans to help the farmer and the homes of our state, in the near future.

The Midfield Home Demonstration Club met last Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. B. Bures for its regular monthly business meeting. The main business attended to was the appointment of committees to assist with the community Christmas tree to be given Friday night, Dec. 22 at the schoolhouse. It is hoped to raise funds sufficient to provide a treat of candy or fruit for every child in the community.

We were disappointed that our correspondence did not appear in last week's weekly Tribune on account of the announcements of our Christmas programs. However, we are making it again, though it will be late. Immediately following the Sunday school lesson, a program will be rendered by the Sunday school, and a special offering will be made for the Methodist Orphanage at Waco. We hope to have a large attendance on this occasion and that the offering will be a liberal one.

Mr. L. B. Britton and family of Eldridge moved here last week to reside. We are glad to welcome them to our community.

Miss Maurine Gideon, assisted by Miss Jean Trull, entertained the members of the Glee Club with a forty-two party last Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bures. The home was decorated suitable for the approaching holiday season and delicious fudge was served during the evening. After the games, refreshments of sandwiches and cocoa was served, the sandwiches being colored red and green, carrying out the color scheme further. Members of the club enjoying this occasion were Misses Violet Richardson, Velcie Fitzgerald, Margaret Anderson, Miladie Trojcak, Isabelle Macik, Caraleigh Brinkley, Lula Grace Cornelius, Verda Anderson, Dora Fae Cornelius and Elnora Bures. Other invited guests were Messrs. Rupert Elliott and Geo. Bohuslav, Mrs. W. K. Keller, Mrs. T. E. Cornelius, Mrs. Dorothy Anderson and Mr. and Mrs.. Bures.

Last week in my correspondence I stated that only fifteen men were employed by the CWA in Midfield.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 21, 1933


Mr. A. C. Loftin of Singleton, was a guest at the J. J. Fortenberry home Sunday.

Mrs. L. R. Burke and Miss Helen Roberts were Bay City visitors Friday.

Mrs. J. W. Bures, Mrs. J. B. Bures and Mrs. A. V. Bosak and little son were in Bay City Wednesday shopping.

Messrs. Sam F. Hale, R. C. Wilkerson and A. V. Bosak made a business trip to Houston Wednesday returning Thursday evening.

Mr. H. M. Staffa and family visited relatives in Newgulf over the week-end.

W. K. Keller and wife drove to Pierce Tuesday and spent the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McSparran.

Mrs. Joe Miska of El Maton, was the recipient of a happy surprise on her birthday night which was last Saturday by having a crowd of her young friends from Midfield come in to help her celebrate the occasion. The evening was spent in games, all having a happy time together. Refreshments of cake, sandwiches and coffee was served.

Mrs. W. K. Keller was hostess to the Missionary Society last Thursday afternoon. Those present were Mesdames R. E. Coffin, N. K. McSparran, R. E. Buchanan, J. E. Fitzgerald, F. Cornelius, Sr., and A. L. Matteson. Refreshments of chicken sandwiches, cake and coffee was served by the hostess.

Mr. Joe Zalapac had his barn destroyed by fire last Thursday night, early after nightfall. Origin of the fire unknown. The family were at supper and were not aware of the burning building until one of their neighbors rushed over and told them. Mr. Zapalac lost quite a lot of feedstuff, harnesses, etc. and the building was only partially covered by insurance.

In the election Saturday for school trustees for Midfield, Mr. Boyd Darnell received the largest number of votes, so will succeed Mr. F. J. Trijcak, who was the outgoing trustee.

On April 2 a number of friends of Mrs. F. J. Hejtmanek who lives at Ashby drove down to help her enjoy her birthday, the visitors carrying cake and sandwiches along for refreshments as the occasion was a surprise party. Forty -two was played by the older folks and games by the young people. Those who went from Midfield were Mrs. Frank Hurta and sons Louis, Edwin, Alphonse and Frank, Mrs. J. W. Sedlacek and two sons, Earl and Clifton. A. V. Bosak and wife and little son, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Staffa and two children.

The little girls circle of our children's World Club held their monthly social meeting Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. .E. Fitzgerald, supervised by Mrs.. Fred Cornelius. A program on Korea was given, several of the children taking part, after which refreshments of cinnamon rolls, coffee, cake and tea was enjoyed by all. Those present were Verda and Dorothy Anderson, William Brhlik, Maxine Cornelius, Lucille Fortenberry, Edith Richardson, Arete Warn, Florence Buckanan, Lois and Gladys Fitzgerald.

Sunday afternoon the World Club held a meeting at the church, directed by Miss Marjorie Matteson. Nine members were present and several visitors.

The P. T. A. held a called meeting Friday afternoon and planned a box supper to be given at the schoolhouse Thursday night, April 12. The boxes will be auctioned off.

Mrs. Sam F. Hale and children and Mrs. D. T. Warn were Bay City visitors Saturday.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 12, 1934


Midfield School News


The Midfield basketball girls attended the girls' tournament at Seadrift Saturday Feb. 16. They were awarded the second place trophy and two of the team, Margaret Anderson and Carleigh Brinkley received awards for individual playing.


The tacky party scheduled for February 14 was postponed until Tuesday, Feb. 18. This party, sponsored by the P. T. A., was a real success. Mr. John Poteet and Miss Margaret Anderson were voted the tackiest persons. Games were hilarious and many refreshments were sold.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 21, 1935


Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Zapalac and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miska, Jr. and sons, of El Campo, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zapalac Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nemec and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hickl.

Mr. Eugene Cornelius, of Houston, has been visiting relatives here the past few days.

Miss Martha Kana, of Bay City, visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kana, Sunday.

Prof. George F. Bohuslav attended the Curriculum Revision meeting in Bay City Saturday.

Due to the illness of Miss Maurine Gideon, Mrs. George Bohuslav, as substitute, taught the fourth and fifth grade room last week.

The P. T. A. held its regular meeting Wednesday to start plans for the Federation meeting which is to be held in Midfield in March.

Grade School Honor Roll

First Grade:
A Roll - Joyce Terry
B. Roll - Mary Alice Bump, Louise Swinky, Edna Day, Margie Neuszer, Gladys Tucker, Bonnie Garnett

Second Grade:
A Roll - Margaret Matthes, Mary Ondracek
B Roll - Winnifred Sanderfer, Garland Guynes, William Lauer, Elick Shimek

Third Grade:
A Roll - Joseph Zemanek, Robert Spurney
B Roll - David Day, Albert Watzlavik

Fourth Grade:
A Roll - Estelle Zhanel
B Roll - Dorothy Garnett, Everett Sanderfer

Sixth Grade:
A Roll - Vera Kopac, Vivian Clark
B Roll - Ella Ondracek, Edward Matthes, Norman Anthis, Ola Salas, Donald Allen

Matagorda County Tribune, February 6, 1936

Midfield School News

The Midfield High School organized its first high school orchestra a few weeks ago under the capable supervision and direction of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bohuslav. This orchestra was organized for the purpose of introducing music into the school and the teaching of the appreciation of this art.

Personals in the orchestra at present are Mrs. Geo. Bohuslav, Dora Faye Cornelius, Beulah Mae Gunter, violins; Jerry Hamp, guitar; Margaret Anderson, banjo; Gladys Trojcak, piccolo; Mr. Geo. Bohuslav, trumpet; Harvey Jaksch, bass horn; Elsie Bures, symbols; Joe Nemec, drums; Miss Maurine Gideon accompanist; and Mrs. Geo. Bohuslav, directress.

The orchestra shall make its first appearance on February 21 at the presentation of the three-act comedy drama "Wild Ginger" which is to be staged in Midfield at the time.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 13, 1936


The Midfield school is making final preparations for their barbecue picnic and dance on Sunday, October 18. This picnic shall be one of the biggest events ever staged by the school, as plans are made to have plenty of barbecue with all the fixings, music, both day and night, and entertainment. There will be a volley ball game between the Midfield and Blessing girls during the afternoon, and several baseball games have been planned.

The P. T. A. and all its co-workers plan to make this a pleasure for all who attend. It is open to the public both from near and far, and every one is cordially invited to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius and family attended the Centennial in Dallas and the Frontier Celebration and Fat Stock Show in Fort Worth last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Duhon visited in the Fred Cornelius home over the weekend.

Margaret Anderson, who is attending school in Boling, visited her mother over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hoffhines? of Houston, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Raleigh, Sunday.

Mr. Wm. Woytek and Gladys Trojcak spent the week end in Needville.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 15, 1936


The picnic which was sponsored by the Midfield P. T. A. and community, on Sunday, October 18, was a decided success. Because of the beautiful weather and pleasant day, the grounds were well filled with people, and about $200 was cleared.

In addition to the barbecue dinner and supper which was served, other attractions on the grounds were beano stand, doll throwing, and ball games. The Midfield girls won in volley ball over the Blessing girls, and the Midfield girls won in volley ball over the Blessing girls, and the Midfield school boys won in baseball over the town boys.

About eighty dance tickets were sold at the dance that night.

The Vaculin family is planning a trip to the Centennial, Friday, October 30.

Mrs. E. A. Michna has been visiting her brother in Sinton for the past two weeks.

Miss Mattie Hale is visiting here with relatives and friends for a few weeks.

Harry Anderson and Arnold Wolfe entertained a few friends at the Anderson home Saturday, October 24. Cake and cocoa were served. The occasion was Harry's birthday.

Midfield School Honor Roll

Only students making A's and B's in all studies and departments are placed on the Honor Roll.

First Grade: Betty Richardson, Dorothy Kana, Minnie Pauline Nygard
Second Grade: Agnes Nemec, Maria Losoya, Frank Brhlik, Dorothey Beyer, Lois Fitzgerald
Third Grade: Ethelka Knietz, Jeannette Schlemeyer, August Kalinee
Fourth Grade: Beatruce Beyer, Louis Nygard Jr.
Fifth Grade: Georgia Ann Kana
Sixth Grade: Dorothy Anderson, Wilma Brhlik
Eight Grade: Alfred Malcik, Beulah Mae Gunter
Ninth Grade: Martha Kristek

Matagorda County Tribune, October 29, 1936


Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Stratman, Miss Marie Korcaba and little Miss Elnita Frances Karbel, of Shiner, were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bohuslov.

Mr. and Mrs. N. McSparran and son, Donald, of Ashwood, were guests in the Bucharon home on Sunday.

Mrs. P. Coster, of Woodsboro, is visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom LeTulle visited in the home of J. E. Fitzgerald Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Raleigh and Mrs. Fred Cornelius, Jr. spent the week end in Houston.

Emil Norris, of Corpus Christi, is visiting in his parental home at the present time.

Mr. Wes Hale, after spending the last few weeks in New Mexico, has again returned home.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 12, 1936


Miss Alice Fitzgerald visited her home folk Saturday.

Misses Myrtle Walter and Willie Faye Slaughter were guests in the Henry Fortenberry home Sunday.

William Woytek and daughter, Agnes and Miladie, Frankie and Gladys Trojcak visited relatives in Needville Sunday.

Emil Morris and Miss Marie Hlozek were united in marriage on Tuesday, November 17. A gala celebration took place during the day at the home of the bride's parents. They will make their home in Corpus Christi. To this happy couple the Midfield community extends its congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy married life.

Miss Edith Richardson entertained a group of her friends at a play party at her home Nov. 12.

Mrs. Tom Cornelius, Dora Faye, and Floyd visited in Houston last week end.

The Midfield basketball boys met with the Blessing School boys on their home court on Thursday of last week. A hard and honest struggle resulted with the final score of 17 to 13 in favor of the Midfield boys. It was during this game that the Midfield pep squad girls made their first appearance. The yells given in unison, and the enthusiasm extended by the squad gave the boys the proper encouragement to win the game.

Saturday, Nov. 21, the basket ball and volley ball girls will enter a tournament in Plainview.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernis, of Ellinger, visited in the J. A. Malcik home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gravel, of Houston, visited relatives in Midfield last week.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 19, 1936


On Wednesday night of last week the pep squad girls entertained the basketball boys with a party given at the school auditorium. The evening was spent playing various games and having contests of all kinds.

The auditorium was attractively decorated, using the Christmas motif with the green and red color scheme predominating. The improvised dining room was very inviting with its green and red Christmas lights and tinsels.

A delectable lunch was served consisting of cookies, sandwiches and hot chocolate. A miniature Santa Claus served as plate favors, and each individual place was marked with place cards carrying the same motif.

Chaperons to this delightful occasion were Mesdames W. T. Gunter and Fred Cornelius; George Bohuslov, the coach and Mrs. Bohuslov, sponsor of the Pep Squad.

The turkey dinner which was sponsored by the local P. T. A. on Saturday night proved to be a delightful success. Some 125 plates were sold during the evening.

The auditorium was attractively decorated with moss, Christmas lights and tinsel.

After dinner the school auditorium was changed into a playroom and the crowd was entertained by playing "42" and various other games.

The pupils making the Honor Roll in the Midfield school for the second six weeks, are as follows:
First Grade: Dorothy Kana, Minnie Nygard, Arnold Keller
Second Grade: Maria Losoya, Dorothy Beyer, Frank Brhlik, Agnes Nemec, Lola Fitzgerald

Matagorda County Tribune, December 17, 1936


Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Kay of Louisiana are spending two weeks with Mrs. Kay's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Johnson.

J. W. Bowers of Blessing, visited with his daughter, Mrs. Jap Smith Monday.

Mrs. C. L. Daughters and children are spending the Christmas holidays in Kingsville.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher went to Houston Friday.

Miss Clara Bell Mason of Katy is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mason.

Mrs. Luther Robertson and Mrs. Ben Johnson entertained the P. T. A. last Wednesday afternoon with a forty-two party at the home of Mrs. Robertson. After playing several games, a gift was presented from the club by Mrs. Johnson, the president, to Mrs. L. E. McDonald, who for many years served as president and is now residing in Bay City. Refreshments consisted of chicken salad, potato chips, olives, crackers, and tea were served to the following: Mesdames McDonald, Black, M. S. Watkins, V. J. Johnson, R. A. Wendt, R. T. Sirmon, J. L. Perry, J. H. Barber, W. S. Killebrew, Cornelius, S. M. Watkins, Doman, Walker, Jessie, Wells, Nave, Hale, Mason, Medford, Jap Smith, T. B. Smith, Harper, Hamill, Kettler, Cabiness and Mrs. Shelby McPeak of Bay City, and Misses Armstrong, Powell, Mary McDonald, Mignon Doman, Nina Peterson.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chapman and children of Cove, are visiting Mrs. Chapman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Sirmon.

Mrs. R. T. Sirmon and son, Ralph, motored to Collegeport Friday.

Edward Smith is recuperating from a back injury received last week.

Markham joins in with others in wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 24, 1936


Jack Woodson and Loretta Hale were married Saturday, December 5, at Markham, Texas, with Rev. M. H. Keen performing the ceremony. The young people are making their home in Midfield. We all wish them all the luck in the world.

Mrs. Winfred Roberts announces the arrival of a son, Warren James Roberts, on December 7. Warren arrived on the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor while his father is somewhere in the services of his country.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. V. Warn announces the arrival of a son, Charles Harold Warn on Saturday, December 5th.

Mrs. Horace Troutman left Saturday for Modesto, California, for a visit with her son, Ralph Aikin and family.

Mrs. J. J. Harbison returned Saturday from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. V. L. ____ in Houston. She has been [helping to] care for the new granddaughter, Vicky Jeannelle.

Mr. and Mrs. ...Mrs. Minnie...Woodson. Mrs. V... babies were Bay City visitors Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert ___ and Mrs. Claudie Bunton of Houston visited in the L. E. ____ home Sunday.

Daily Tribune, September 11, 1942

By Gladys E. Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald of Freeport visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Fitzgerald on Sunday. Messrs. Bob Fitzgerald and Sidney Simon were visitors there Sunday.

Mrs. Winfred A. Roberts returned from a visit with her husband at Pueblo, Colorado Sunday night. She is staying with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Fitzgerald.

Pvt. Walter Funk is home on a furlough. He has been stationed at Virginia and is to return tomorrow.

Mrs. Abbie Anderson and son spent the Thanksgiving holidays in Nada with her daughter, Mrs. Lester Bunge.

Mr. and Mrs. Ludwin Keller and children spent the Thanksgiving holidays in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Coffin.

Mr. Paul Hale left Monday to report at San Antonio for duty in the Army.

Robert Vacek and Edgar Bevers? left Friday to report for duty at Houston for the Army.

Mr. Joe Egan left Monday to report at Houston for Army duty. Mrs. Egan and baby are at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Fortenberry.

Mrs. Marcus Noska and baby son of Corpus Christi are spending this week at the home of their Uncle, V. Stumer, and family.

Miss Toney Pechacek has returned from an extended visit at Arcadia with her brother, Joe? Pechacek and family.

Mrs. V. Stumer went to Arcadia for a two weeks visit with her son, I. J. Pechacek and family.

Miss Dorothy Jurasek has gone to Arcadia where she has employment.

Charles Nemec is home for a visit. He arrived Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Brown and Bobby are new Midfielders, and are staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius. Mr. Brown is employed by the Edwards Drilling Company.

Mrs. M. H. Keen of Markham is teaching the primary grades.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hurta had a Turkey Dinner Sunday to celebrate Mr. Hurta's birthday. They had as their guests Mr. and Mrs.. A. V. Bosak and son, Mr. A. E. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nicholson of Clute, Mrs. Sophie Sedlacek and sons of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hurta and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Roe Guynes.

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Trojcak and family, Mrs. Chas. Katta, and Mrs. Bill Malcik, spent Friday and Saturday in Granger visiting the C. A. Dusek family.

Miss Gladys Trujcak was home for Thanksgiving holidays.

Mrs. H. Cooper and daughter, Wyona Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graybill, Mrs. Eugene Cornelius and Mrs. Jim Cornelius, all of Houston, were Sunday visitors in the Fred Cornelius home.

Miss Dorris Hoffhines of Houston was a week end guest of Miss Maxine Cornelius.

Mrs. L. R Burck returned to her home in Houston Monday afternoon. Mr. Burck was here Sunday.

Daily Tribune, December 3, 1942

By Gladys E. Hale

Midfield P. T. A. met Tuesday at 2:40 p. m. in the school auditorium with a good attendance. The Christmas program and other business was discussed. Mrs. Wm. Malcik was appointed delegate to the Federation at Wadsworth.

After the business was disposed of, a short program was given. Lois Fitzgerald and Betty Richardson sang "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem." The National P. T. A. President's letter was read by Miss Melbourn. Mrs. A. W. Hurta read a Christmas program and Mrs. Harbison gave a short discussion of the year's program.

We are quite proud that our 4-H Club was the one that persuaded the Commissioners' Court to all sign the Victory Demonstrators pledge. Our court being the only court in Texas to sign the pledge 100 per cent.

Mrs. Malcik, Mrs. W. K. Keller, and Mrs. Harbison attended the Federation at Wadsworth Saturday. March meeting of the Federation will be in Bay City with Midfield women as hostess.

The annual Christmas program and tree will be at the school auditorium Wednesday night, December 23. We hope everyone will be able to come.

A short Christmas program will be given at church Sunday and Rev. M. H. Keene will preach a Christmas sermon.

Mrs. L. A. Keller and children spent the weekend at the home of Mrs. Keller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Coffin.

Mrs. Lester Bunge and baby were Midfield visitors Tuesday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fitzgerald were visitors Sunday evening in the home of Roy Buchanan and J. E. Fitzgerald.

The 4-H Club girls will have a 4-H Club Christmas Supper and party at the home of Mrs. J. J. Harbison, their sponsor. Also present will be their co-sponsor and Mascot, Mrs. A. W. Hurta and Helen Louise, and the 16 4-H club girls.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Krenek and family, Mr. and Mrs. V. Stancek were the visitors of Mrs. Rosie Hlavaty in El Campo Sunday evening.

Private Steve Kana of Foster Field was at home on a week end pass. He spent the weekend with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kana.

Six weeks tests were finished last week and work has begun on the Christmas program. The...

Daily Tribune, December 17, 1942


Miss Florence Buchanan was married quietly at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Buchanan, on Christmas afternoon to Maurice New of Bay City. The young couple will make their home in Bay City. Mr. New is employed by Bachman's IGA Food Store. Lots of luck and happiness to you.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rhoden and son were holiday visitors in Midfield.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Knebel and Junior spent the past week with Mrs. Knebel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Benzs.

Misses Elsie Woodson?, Wilma Brhlik, and Gladys Trojcak are among those home from school for the Christmas holidays.

Mrs. H. Cooper and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cornelius, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Graybill, Mr. and Mrs. Foncie Cornelius and Miss Doris Hoffhines were Christmas visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius.

The school children presented their annual Christmas program December 23rd.

A. V. Bosak, Jr., is spending a few days at Mrs. Sophia Sedlacek's in Bay City.

Miss Matilda Kretschmar spent the Christmas holidays at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Warn and children spent the Christmas holiday with Mr. H. Troutman.

Mr. Kirk Fortenberry and Miss Esther Huebner spent Christmas in the J. J. Fortenberry home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ludwin Keller were here for Christmas and Mrs. R. E. Coffin returned home with Mrs. Keller.

The annual Christmas dinner held at the J. M. Woodson home was attended by Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Harter and family, Mrs. B. F Warn and children. Mrs. V. O. Hale and children, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Brhlik and family, and Mr. Bill Erickson. Everyone enjoyed the delicious menu.

Mrs. Emma Woodson is in the Nightingale Hospital where she is undergoing treatment. Here's wishes for a "speedy" recovery.

Fred L. Hale left Monday morning to report for army service.

The Christmas program at Bay City held by the Catholic School was attended by Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bures and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nemec.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hurta, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hurta and Priscilla Jean, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Bosak and A. V. Jr., Mrs. Sophie Sedlacek and Earl and Clifton spent the Christmas holidays in Gonzales with their mother and sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Krag and son Antonio and Mr. Krag of Danevang were visitors in the A. V. Bosak home Saturday evening.

Palacios Beacon, December 30, 1942

Midfield News

Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Deffenbaugh had a pleasant surprise last Thursday when their son and his wife, Elmo and Faye, came to visit. They stayed until Monday. While here they met many of their old friends.

Leroy Deffenbaugh was pleasantly surprised last Saturday when a group of his friends met to celebrate his birthday. His parents, his sister, Mrs. Frank McBride, and her husband were the sponsors of this happy occasion. About twenty of his friends were present and sang "Happy Birthday to You." Later the group played games after which delightful refreshments were served consisting of two kinds of cake and punch. Favors were cups of mints in which set miniature flags. He received many lovely gifts. The party will long be remembered by those who enjoyed the generous hospitality of the hostess and her assistants.

Mr. G. M. Mullens died Friday, May 24th, near Houston, at the home of his son, W. R. Mullens, from heart attack. His body was taken back to his home at Goliad and buried Sunday afternoon at Fordtran. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. S. C. Dunn, pastor of the Methodist Church at Victoria. Mrs. Mullens, who has been ailing for some time was not able to attend the funeral. Mr. Mullens and his family moved to Midfield 44 years ago from Arkansas. A few years ago they went to live with their daughter at Fordtran. Their children, eight daughters and two sons were reared in this community. The family was well known in Matagorda County. Mr. Mullens was 83 years of age. He is survived by his wife, seven daughters and one son, 42 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren, one brother, J. W. Mullens of California. They were all present at his funeral except one daughter who lives in Knoxville, Tenn., and his brother. Mrs. F. J. Brhlik and son, Frank, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Magee and Mrs. W. K. Keller drove to Fordtran Sunday to attend the funeral. The family has many other friends at Midfield who extend their sincere sympathy.

The Midfield school closed on Friday, May 24th. Graduates from the 8th grade went to Bay City for the closing exercises.

The graduates were: Rosie Fabrygel, Mary Dee Jaksch, Amelia Warn and Travis Richardson, David Driscoll, Charlie Driscoll, Mary Dee represented Midfield on the program. She read, "America For Me." Very interesting and entertaining numbers were given by the other schools.

Mr. G. M. Smith who was principal of the school has resigned and he and his wife have gone to their home in Tyler, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Coffin spent Sunday in Sweeny visiting with their daughter and her family.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius, Jr., entertained with a lovely supper Wednesday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Smith. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Childs [Chiles?] and Wyona Jean Cooper.

Miss Bonnie Slaughter fell on a tin can Saturday and cut her leg badly. She is recovering nicely.

The W H D Club met on Tuesday with Mrs. Steve Zapalac hostess. The president, Mrs. E. A. Olson, was in the chair. The regular order of business was followed. A few items of old business was disposed of, no new business was brought up.

The meeting was turned over to Mrs. Hale. She talked about labels and how to read them, how to get the best products when we buy. Everyone said they had learned something about buying, from this talk.

The hostess served delicious refreshments of cake, candy and punch to eleven members and one visitor. The high light of the meeting was the presentation of a parting gift to Mrs. G. M. Smith. Mrs. W. A. Malcik presented the gift with a speech saying, "In token of appreciation of services rendered and as an expression of the club's goodwill."

The next meeting will be with Mrs. W. K. Keller, June 4th.

Daily Tribune, May 31, 1946


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