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By B. Palmer Robbins

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, October 10, 1935

Dear old Matagorda,

Matagorda by the sea,

The dearest of all the towns

In the state to me.

It was built up in the days

Of long, long ago,

But still it listens good,

No matter who we know.


We go from Matagorda

On over to the beach

Where the waves roll in high,

And the pretty shells do bleach.

Straight on to the gulf

To take a dip in brine,

And once you try this sport,

You'll feel it will be thine.


Some like the river,

And some like the bay;

Others like to sit in town

For to whittle the steps away.

You may travel over the world

And sail across the water,

But you'll never find a place

Like dear old Matagorda.


It is a very small town,

Which we all say is true,

But no matter where you come from

There's a welcome here for you.

Whether from North America,

Or some far-off nation,

Just come to Matagorda,

And you'll find accommodation.


We fish all through the summer,

And in the winter hunt we do,

Now just come to see us once,

'Cause there's a sport here for you.

Go down to the river

And take a drink of water.

Once you've done this deed

You will return to Matagorda.


She sits up on a hill

Close down by the bay.

And I'll speak for her right now,

It's a fine old place to stay.

We have traveled over the world,

To the mountains up so high,

But in dear old Matagorda

We hope to live and die.


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