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Family of Dr. Philip Evander Parker

Philip Hackley Parker

Parker Family Obituaries

Mrs. Lula Parker, brother-in-law, Will Parker (far left) and school teachers
who boarded in her home.


Matagorda Pharmacy

Dr. Philip Earl Parker (second from left)



Matagorda County Tribune, August 7, 1903



Parker family welcoming the new baby, Elizabeth, being held by mother, Allie Hazel Parker.


Lula Rex Strong Parker

Helen Parker Hinton

Herbert Hackley Parker

on left in picture on the right


Baccalaureate Picture of Bay City High School Class of 1938
Methodist Church
Philip Parker far right


Parker family pictures courtesy of the Parker-Hinton families.
School pictures courtesy of Matagorda County Museum Archives.
Military picture of Eugene Earl Parker courtesy of Philip H. Parker VFW 2438.
Baccalaureate picture courtesy of VFW Post 2438 Philip H. Parker Collection, From the Estate of Ms. Mary Jo Walker.


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