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Edwards Strawberry Farm



Ludovic E. and Mary Gabel Edwards moved to Collegeport prior to the enumeration of the Collegeport census in April of 1910. They  were married
on September 8, 1909 at Larned, Kansas and lived there until their move to Collegeport.   Also living with them in Collegeport was Mary's brother, Eden L. Gabel.

Ludovic was the son of John D. Edwards and Lucinda N. Edwards. He had  younger siblings, Luella C., Robert R. Edwards, Bulah G. and Rosella G.

1870 Census - Washington, Hamilton County, Indiana
John D. Edwards, 36, Farmer, b IN
Lucinda N. Edwards, 34, Keeping House, b IN
Ludovic E. Edwards, 8, b IN
Luella C. Edwards, 4, b IN
Robert R. Edwards, 4/12, b IN

1880 Census - Washington, Hamilton County, Indiana
John Edwards, 46, head, farmer
Lucinda M. Edwards, 43, wife, keeping House
Ludovic E. Edwards, 18, son, works on farm
Luela C. Edwards, 13, daughter, at home
Bulah E. Edwards, 7, daughter, at home
Rosella G., 4, daughter, at home

1910 Census Collegeport Census – April 15, 1910

Ludovic E. Edwards, Head, male, 45, married 2, IN, IN, IN, Farmer, General Farm
Mary Edwards, wife, 33, female, married 1, no children, PA, PA, PA
Eden L. Gabel, boarder, male, 23, single, PA, PA, PA, Farmer, General Farm

These land records were found for the Edwards and Gabel families.

Burton D. Hurd Land Company Sales Schedules
Sales For Various Areas April 14, 1910 – January 2, 1912

H. G. Gabel, Larned, Kansas, 20 acres, J. E. Pierce, 2nd Sub-Division
Eden L. Gabel, Larned, Kansas, 20 acres, J. E. Pierce, 2nd Sub-Division

Burton D. Hurd Land Company Sales Schedules
Collegeport, Texas February 3rd, 1912 (may be a recap of earlier sales)

Bay Park

H. G. Gabel, Larned, Kansas – Lot 21 E ˝
Eden L. Gable, Larned Kansas – Lot 21 W ˝
H. G. Gable, Larned, Kansas – Lot 22 E ˝
Eden L. Gable, Larned, Kansas – Lot 22 W ˝
Eden L. Gable, Larned, Kansas – Lots 23, 24, 25, 26

L. E. Edwards, Larned, Kansas – Lots 27-28

Mary's father, Henry G. Gabel also purchased land, but it appears that Eden farmed his father's property and the parents never moved to Collegeport.

Eden and his sister, Elizabeth visited the Hotel Collegeport, most likely for a meal.

Collegeport Hotel Register

Wednesday, March 23, 1910
E. L. Gabel – City

Wednesday, July 17, 1910
E. L. Gabel – City

Monday, April 4, 1911
Elizabeth Gabel - Collegeport

Apparently, Elizabeth was visiting from Kansas as noted in the following article.

From the Collegeport Chronicle.

The most notable social event of the week was the gathering at Mrs. B. D. Hurd's of a few friends, in honor of her sister, Miss Marie Soekland, of Stuttgart , Ark. , and Miss Myrtle Morris of this city. About fifty guests were present by special invitation. Games at dominoes and cards were engaged in and enjoyed in a distinctive manner for an hour or more. Then a token was given to a fortunate number, after which refreshments were served in a most unique and characteristic manner. The out of town guests present were Mrs. F. H. Jones, Miss Roberta Capps and Miss Loula Hill of Bay City and Miss Elizabeth Gabel of Larned. Kansas.--Reprinted in the Matagorda County Tribune, April 14, 1911

The daughter of L. E. and Mary, Emily Elizabeth Edwards, was born September 11, 1911 at Collegeport, Texas. [birth record has September 10, 1911] After Emily's mother died in 1919 and her father in 1920, she lived with Elizabeth Gabel Hawk and her husband, Dr. Benjamin F. Hawk in Anthony, Harper County, Kansas.

By early November, 1911, Mr. Edwards was advertising his strawberry plants in the Collegeport Chronicle and an article touting his strawberry farm also appeared in November..

Town Topics

See Edwards for strawberry plants.

Collegeport Chronicle, November 2, 1911

Fine Strawberry Weather

Those who have set out strawberry plants early this fall have been fortunate as the frequent rains and cooler days have been very propitious for the sets; but too few have taken advantage of the opportunity if reports are true.

If proof as to the thrift of the strawberry business is needed, one has but to look at the patch of L. E. Edwards, who has a fine patch where the vines can scarcely find room to grow, so profusely have they run. To be sure an irrigating plant is very important and increased the crop, but with a fair season and thorough preparation of the soil before planting they are not impossible without water.

The past season being very dry has had a tendency to discourage a few, but not every summer is as dry as was the last. Pick a few at least; the cost is not great, and by planting at once several pickings may be enjoyed this winter and spring. The ground is in a fine condition of moisture now if properly pulverized for planting.—Collegeport Chronicle

Palacios Beacon, November 24, 1911

An article in 1912 continued information about their strawberry crop.

Growing Strawberries Pays

It falls to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Edwards again to give the people an object lesson as to the value of strawberries on a small farm. The Edwards set out some plants as soon as they settled here and this is their third season for strawberries and each season produces a better story of success than did the last.

The strawberry patch on the Edwards place measures exactly one-sixth of an acre and from this garden plot this season they picked 710 quarts, picking their crop only last week. The average price for these berries was 20 cents per quart and they found ready sale at this figure. Figure for yourself; 710 quarts at 20 cents per quart foots up $142. Multiply this by six and our total will be $852 per acre. We have heard bigger strawberry stories than this, but these figures are actual and the season was late and short this year while the yield was not counted at all unusual.

Some farmers expend a great deal of team energy and go over a lot of ground for $142, but here is an object lesson for the man or woman on a small tract. The Edwards strawberry patch occupies but a small corner of the garden and occupies only a part of the time leaving the balance of the year to care for other crops, and with the exception of a little cultivation the strawberry patch need not at all interfere with the fall truck crop or summer harvest.

A goodly number of farmers have put out small patches but his experience and others should encourage more to get at least a start this fall. There is no better strawberry country on earth than right here, and our people are as well qualified as any to take hold of it. It takes little experience, almost no capital…but little land and yields quick returns…is one of the surest crops there is.

Bay City is organizing a strawberry club. Alvin claims to hold her place on the map due to strawberries and Collegeport can do as well as any. A small patch at first perhaps until we gain confidence, experience and reputation, but let us follow the Edwards example and make an early start at least.—Collegeport Chronicle.

Palacios Beacon, July 5, 1912

This marriage license from the Houston Post is curious as the Edwards were already married when they arrived in Collegeport.

Marriage Licenses.

L. E. Edwards to Miss Mary L. Gabel.

Houston Post, November 20, 1912

By July 1913, the Edwards had moved back to Larned, Kansas when this article ran in the Matagorda County Tribune.


A letter received by a friend from Mrs. E. L. [L. E.] Edwards from Larned, Kansas, says that Mr. Edwards responded readily to the Chiro treatment, but later he had to keep to his bed and it is feared that further improvement will not come, and they despair of ever being able to return to Collegeport.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 4, 1913

Ludovic E. Edwards
1861 – June 26, 1920, Pawnee County, Kansas

Death of L. E. Edwards

L. E. Edwards, who was living on a farm owned by Carl Sheldon, near Jett, Okla., died suddenly last Friday morning about twelve o’clock of acute indigestion.

The body was brought to Larned Sunday morning, a funeral service being held at the Haag chapel and a short service at the grave, conducted by Rev. C. I. Coldsmith. Mr. Edwards was about 56 years old. He was buried beside his wife who died about a year and a half ago. He leaves a daughter, Miss Emily Edwards, who lives with her aunt, Mrs. B. F. Hawk, formerly Miss Elizabeth Gabel.

The Tiller and Toiler, July 1, 1920

Larned Cemetery, Larned, Pawnee County, Kansas

Mary Gabel Edwards
September 24, 1876 –
Boyertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania – February 2, 1919, Pawnee County, Kansas

Mrs. B. T. Hawk of Anthony was called here Saturday by the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. L. E. Edwards.—The Tiller and Toiler, February 6, 1919

Death of Mrs. L. E. Edwards

Mrs. L. E. Edwards died at her home, 216 Broadway, Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock, after only a brief illness. Her death was due to pneumonia. Funeral services were held at the home Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, conducted by Rev. I. D. Harris, of the Methodist church, and interment was in the Larned cemetery. The news of her death after such a brief illness came as a shock to the community.

Mary Landis Gabel was born September 24th, 1876, at Boyertown, Pa. Here she grew to womanhood. She graduated from the Boyertown High School June 16, 1894. The fall of that year she entered the Keystone State Normal school at Keystone, Pa., and graduated from this institution in June, 1895. She taught school six years, two at Springtown, Pa., two at Perkasie, Pa., and two at Boyertown, Pa., her home town. The fall of 1902 she entered Pierce’s Business college for a course in business shorthand and type writing. She graduated from there with honors in the spring of 1903. She later held a position in Philadelphia until the fall of 1906, when she came to Larned to make her home with her parents, who came here in the spring of 1904. She joined the United Evangelical church of Perkasie at the age of 23 years and was also baptized at this time and was a faithful and conscientious worker in her church. After arriving in Larned she attended the Presbyterian church and took active part in the Sunday school and church work. She was married to Lon E. Edwards on September 8, 1909 at Larned, Kansas. Their daughter Emily Elizabeth Edwards was born September 11, 1911 at Collegeport, Texas. Two years later she with her family came to Larned and has been living here since. Four years ago she took up the Christian Science faith and was a very true and faithful worker to the time of her death. Her husband and little daughter, Emily, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Gabel, two sisters, Mrs. Wallace Updegrove of Boyertown, Pa., Mrs. B. F. Hawk of Anthony, Kansas, and three brothers: Landis Gabel of Norristown, Pa., and Harry and Eden Gable of Larned, remain to mourn their great loss. Hers was a beautiful, christian character, cheerful and patient, always smiling and ready to do for others.

The Tiller and Toiler, February 6, 1919

Larned Cemetery, Larned, Pawnee County, Kansas

Obituary – Henry G. Gabel

Henry G. Gabel, son of David and Mary Gabel, was born on the fifth day of July, 1846, at Boyertown, Pennsylvania. He grew to manhood in that community. When quite a young man he became associated with his father in the milling business. He was married to Emma E. Landis on October 10, 1871. To this union were born six children, Annie, wife of Wallace Updegrove of Boyertown, Pa., Elizabeth, wife of Dr. B. F. Hawk of Anthony, Kan., Mary, deceased, Landis, of Norristown, Pa., Harry and Eden of Larned.

At the age of 23 he purchased the mill from his father and operated it for 35 years. In the winter of 1903 he with his sons bought the Keystone mill of Larned, taking possession April 1st, 1904, and has been actively associated with the business until his death.

He was a member of the Mennonite church while living in Pennsylvania, but when he came to Larned he became a member of the Methodist church, of which he was an active and faithful adherent until the time of his death.

He is survived by his wife, five children, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild.

The Tiller and Toiler, November 24, 1921

Larned Cemetery, Larned, Pawnee County, Kansas

Emma E. Landis Gabel
May 20, 1850 New Berlinville, Pennsylvania – December 24, 1943 Boyertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Buried Fairview Cemetery, Boyertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania


Emilie Elizabeth Edwards Pizzo
September 10 [11], 1911 Collegeport, Matagorda County, Texas - February 1, 1981


1945 Florida State Census
Palm Beach, Florida
735 New Jersey St.

Elizabeth G. Hawk, age 70, born PA, housewife
Michael Pizzo, age 43, born NY, chauffeur
Emilie E. Pizzo, age 32, born TX, housewife

Michael E. Pizzo
February 4, 1899 - May 20, 1959
Buried Cemetery of the Holy Rood, Westbury, Nassau County, New York




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