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Dr. Robert E. Jones

Home of John Henry Jones, Sr. where Dr. Robert E. Jones grew up

John Henry Jones, Sr.

John Henry Jones, Sr. and wife, Caroline had a plantation on the Morrison and Cooper League No. 63 on Caney Creek from 1848 until 1866. Moses Morrison sold the land for the plantation to John H. Jones, Sr. and took a mortgage of $3,418. In March, 1850 Morrison released his mortgage when Jones paid him in full.

John Henry Jones, Sr. and his wife, Caroline, were both born in Virginia and came to Matagorda County in 1848 from Alabama. Four of their children Albert 19, George 11, Sarah Florence 8 and Charles E. 5 were born in Alabama. Frances E. age one, and Robert E, 11 months were born in Texas. In the household was William S. Sartwelle, age 35; a school teacher from New Hampshire and Hellen, age 21 from Ohio. The 1850 census lists Jones as a planter with forty-two slaves. One other son, John Henry Jones, Jr. age 17 does not appear on the 1850 census.

The 1860 census shows Henry Jones, Sr., now 58, with real property valued at $50,700 and personal property $35,000. There were 43 slaves working on the plantation. In the household was his wife, Caroline 50, Florence 18, Charles E. 15, Francis 12, and Robert A. 11. A school teacher, George D. Jones, age 23 was also part of the household.

In 1854 the first Black church to petition members of the Southern Baptist Convention Domestic Board was a church in Matagorda County and was situated on the plantation of John Henry Jones. The ministers were Noah Hill and J J Loudermilk. In 1852, Noah Hill had been appointed by the Southern Baptist Convention Domestic Board to serve the town of Matagorda. Noah Hill, because of his interest in slaves was also employed to minister to black people in Matagorda, Wharton, and Brazoria counties. Hill held revival meetings in the places he visited.

John Henry Jones, Sr. died January 8, 1866.41 Probate records of the appraisement of the property belonging to Jones dated October 6, 1866 show the following:
3207 acres of land on Caney in said county being plantation tract @$1O per acre $32,070
1111 acres on Colorado River of a league at 32 cents per acre $355.50
House and Lot in Matagorda $1,000.

22 bales of cotton shipped to New York $100 - $2200
10 mules @$23.00 - $230
6 yoke work oxen @$30.00 - $180
150 Head Stock hogs $1.50 - $225
3 wagons @50.00 - $150
Farming Utensils - $110
"Being in All $38,240.50

"To the best of our knowledge there is money at interests and legacies in New Orleans and Mobile; the amount of which we are not informed of as well as monies in the county at interest.

In witness of all of which we herewith set our hands and made our scrolls this the 6th

Day of October, 1866."

Signed: J W Brown
R. J Boykin

1850 census - Matagorda County, TX

John H. Jones 47 b VA, Planter
Caroline 39 b VA
Albert 19 b AL
George 11 b AL
Sarah F. Jones 8 b AL
Charles E. 5 b AL
Francis E 1 b TX
Robert E. 11 mo b TX
Celia A. Schrock 16 b MS
William L. Sartwelle 35, b NH, school teacher
Hellen Sartwelle, 21 b OH

1860 census - Matagorda County, TX

John H. Jones, Sr. 58 planter
Caroline Jones both b VA - Matagorda County

Florence 18 b AL
Charles E. 15 b AL
Francis 13 M b TX
Robert A. 11 b TX

1870 Matagorda County Census - Upper Caney

Robert E. Jones, age 21, b TX, doctor
Charles E. Jones, age 25, b AL, Merchant

Robert married Charlotte Glascow, April 10, 1871 in Matagorda County, TX


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