Lipscomb County Marriages


Because they establish an important family relationship, marriage records can be among the most informative type of records available to family historians. This database is a collection of marriage records from several counties in Texas in the latter half of the nineteenth century.  Taken from microfilm copies of original county documents, each record provides spouses' names, marriage date, and county of residence.

Extended Description:
Lipscomb County was created in 1876 from Bexar and Young territories. The records from the county in this database cover the years 1887-1900.

Alphabetical index listed first, then listed separately by year for 1887 - 1900.

LIPSCOMB COUNTY Marriages, 1851-1900

ALCORN, ALEXANDER P.   Spouse: COOPER, LOTTIE Marriage Date: 12 Sep 1899
ANDERSON, AUBREY W.   Spouse: GORDON, KATIE S. Marriage Date: 2 Oct 1900
BAKER, HARVEY J.   Spouse: PAGE, GRACE M. Marriage Date: 2 Feb 1888
BALDWIN, NEWELL H.   Spouse: GORDON, MARY E. Marriage Date: 23 Feb 1898
BARNS, J. R.   Spouse: STRAUSS, CORA Marriage Date: 2 Apr 1888
BARTON, ALEX  Spouse: MILLS, JOSEPHINE Marriage Date: 20 Nov 1895
BARTON, HENRY   Spouse: MILLS, CELIA Marriage Date: 7 Nov 1892 
BARTON, WILLIAM R.   Spouse: WEAVER, MARY Marriage Date: 3 Oct 1894
BAXTER, LOUIS A.   Spouse: DUKE, JENNIE OPHELAI Marriage Date: 8 Nov 1896
BEAUCHAMP, G. R.   Spouse: JEWELL, IDA S. Marriage Date: 31 Jan 1893
BLACK, JAMES A.   Spouse: McCLURE, NELLIE Marriage Date: 15 Aug 1894
BRADNEY, WILLIAM A.   Spouse: CARTWRIGHT, CORA B. Marriage Date: 27 May 1896
BRIDGES, CHARLES E.   Spouse: HOPPER, MOLLIE MYRTLE Marriage Date: 3 Jul 1898  
BRISTOW, THOMAS J.   Spouse: AUGUSTIVE, EVA Marriage Date: 24 Jan 1889
BROWN, W. L.   Spouse: CARTWRIGHT, CARRIE Marriage Date: 15 Apr 1889
BRUCE, THOMAS W.   Spouse: PAGE, HATTIE M. Marriage Date: 25 Nov 1897
BURCHAM, SILAS   Spouse: SPARKS, MAGGIE Marriage Date: 5 Mar 1893
BUTTON, ORVILLE H.  Spouse: WATTS, VINNIE Marriage Date: 8 Apr 1889
CARTWRIGHT, ORLEY E.   Spouse: SMART, ALICE Marriage Date: 25 Dec 1896
COLEY, B. F.   Spouse: PAGE, EDITH Marriage Date: 28 Apr 1894
COOPER, EMERY   Spouse: WATSON, NETTIE Marriage Date: 17 Oct 1900
CUPP, JESSE B.   Spouse: BIGELOW, ETTA B. Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1892
CURTIS, CHARLES WATSON   Spouse: VANMETER, FLORA J. Marriage Date: 27 Aug 1896
DERINGTON, WILLIAM T.   Spouse: COTTA, EMMA Marriage Date: 11 Jan 1897
DERRICK, WILLIAM H.   Spouse: PAGETT, MARY C. [Mrs] Marriage Date: 25 Sep 1899
DEVORE, W. A.   Spouse: BLACKSTONE, MAUDE MARY Marriage Date: 16 May 1889
DOUGLAS, JOHN W.   Spouse: COZART, JULIA C. Marriage Date: 22 Dec 1889
DOUGLAS, SAMUEL E.   Spouse: ROWLAND, LULA B. Marriage Date: 19 Apr 1898
DUKE, C. T.   Spouse: MILLS, BARBARA Marriage Date: 15 Jun 1893 
GLASGOW, JOHN T.   Spouse: WIDMER, ETTA L. Marriage Date: 9 Nov 1896
GREEN, EDWIN J. L.   Spouse: BOHON, ALICE Y. [Mrs] Marriage Date: 7 Jun 1898
HARDIN, J. D.   Spouse: CROUSSORE, IDA MAY Marriage Date: 24 Oct 1887
HAY, NOAH EDWARD   Spouse: McATEE, CORA Marriage Date: 30 Dec 1891
HENDERSON, HARRY M.   Spouse: HYLAND, IDELIA Marriage Date: 6 Dec 1889
IRUN, J. REU   Spouse: PEUGH, ELSIE F. Marriage Date: 16 Nov 1900 
LANE, JAMES M.   Spouse: HAY, JEANETTIE Marriage Date: 3 Jun 1891
LEWIS, THOMAS M. Jr.   Spouse: CASTEEL, LILLIAN T. Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1888
LOU, A. L.   Spouse: DAVIS, BELL Marriage Date: 2 Feb 1887
MARSH, G. R.   Spouse: WRIGHT, SARAH [Mrs] Marriage Date: 17 May 1895
MARTIN, WILLIAM S.   Spouse: COLE, EVA MAY Marriage Date: 9 Dec 1888
MAUKINS, W. F.   Spouse: DAVIDSON, LILLIE [Mrs] Marriage Date: 5 Jan 1893
McCLURE, BURT F.   Spouse: ROWLAND, SARAH A. Marriage Date: 5 Oct 1891
McCUISTIN, J. M.   Spouse: LEEDER, ETTA M. Marriage Date: 11 Jun 1894
McINTOSH, R. S.   Spouse: BUEL, LUCY M. Marriage Date: 24 Mar 1890
McLANAHAN, VALRY   Spouse: KELLEY, GRACE M. Marriage Date: 5 Mar 1900
McLURE, GEORGE A.   Spouse: ORR, ORA ALICE Marriage Date: 6 Dec 1896
McMULLIN, JAMES G.   Spouse: GUENTHER, NANNIE Marriage Date: 7 May 1899 
McQUIGG, J. R.   Spouse: COZART, OLIVE L. Marriage Date: 26 Nov 1891 
MILLER, JOSEPH W.   Spouse: MORRISON, MATTIE V. [Mrs] Marriage Date: 16 May 1889
MILLS, PETER B.   Spouse: BOWEN, LOTTIE PEARL Marriage Date: 21 Apr 1897
MOORE, ABLE B.   Spouse: MOORE, HATTIE E. [Mrs] Marriage Date: 4 Sep 1894
MORELAND, A. E.   Spouse: SWARTS, SARA J. Marriage Date: 14 Feb 1900
NOLTE, JOHN H.   Spouse: PARTRIDGE, JULIA M. Marriage Date: 27 Jan 1900
OATES, ROBERT S.   Spouse: BIGELOW, ALICE Marriage Date: 20 Feb 1893
ORR, JAMES C.   Spouse: DOUGLASS, MATTIE E. Marriage Date: 19 Dec 1900
PARKER, PEARL   Spouse: BARRETT, MOLLIE Marriage Date: 20 Jun 1900
PATTON, GEORGE E.   Spouse: YOUNG, AGGIE [Mrs] Marriage Date: 5 Oct 1891
PATTON, JAMES J.   Spouse: MARTIN, AGNES Marriage Date: 26 Mar 1894
PRICKETT, JAKE M.   Spouse: GLADDING, AMANDA M. Marriage Date: 25 Dec 1893
PROWLER, SAMUEL L.   Spouse: BEAL, STELLA FRANCES Marriage Date: 18 Mar 1900
RAPPETO, WILLIAM E.   Spouse: HOUAKER, EUNICE M. Marriage Date: 11 Nov 1897
RATLIFF, GEORGE   Spouse: WEAVER, LOU Marriage Date: 31 Dec 1889
RICHARD, WILLIAM   Spouse: HOPPER, NORA Marriage Date: 5 Nov 1895
RUBOTTOM, EDGA A.   Spouse: WARD, MAGGIE E. [Mrs] Marriage Date: 2 Nov 1898
RUSH, ANDREW   Spouse: WEST, JOSEPHINE Marriage Date: 3 Apr 1891
SAWYER, LEWIS E.   Spouse: MERRITT, BEERSHAB [Mrs] Marriage Date: 12 Feb 1888
SHRADER, JAMES D.   Spouse: WRIGHT, EMMA R. Marriage Date: 11 May 1895
SIMPSON, LESTER G.   Spouse: KELLEY, GERLIE T. Marriage Date: 18 Nov 1900 
SMITH, JAMES B.   Spouse: PAGE, CARRIE Marriage Date: 10 Nov 1896
SMITH, LICCUCUS L.   Spouse: PAGE, MAGGIE H. Marriage Date: 2 Dec 1889
SPAUGLE, WILLIAM S.  Spouse: HARDEN, EMMA Marriage Date: 2 Jan 1892
STAUSBURY, TREWNTON E.   Spouse: COLLIUS, GEORGIA A. Marriage Date: 10 Jan 1889
STEPHENS, HENRY   Spouse: HOEFFLINGER, MARY ANN Marriage Date: 31 Dec 1895  
SWANN, M. G.   Spouse: BROWN, JENNIE G. Marriage Date: 2 Jul 1893
TEPE, B. F.   Spouse: MILLS, MARY Marriage Date: 15 Feb 1899
TOTTLEBEN, HANS V.   Spouse: STRAUSS, CORNELIA Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1892
TOLLTEBEN, HANS V.   Spouse: STRAUSS, CORNELIA Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1892
VONTOLLTEBEN, HANS   Spouse: STRAUSS, CORNELIA Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1892
WALCH, EARNEST D.   Spouse: DEAN, GERTRUDE Marriage Date: 24 Apr 1898
WALKER, WALTER C.   Spouse: HAINES, EMMA Marriage Date: 5 Nov 1900
WALTON, G. W.   Spouse: ARMHEIM, POLLY [Mrs] Marriage Date: 26 May 1897
WALTON, GEORGE A.   Spouse: WRIGHT, AMANDA J. Marriage Date: 4 May 1891
WALTON, GEORGE W.   Spouse: CARTWRIGHT, MAGGIE [Mrs] Marriage Date: 23 Mar 1891
WHITE, JAMES A.   Spouse: FLORA, LAURA Marriage Date: 2 Jan 1892  
WILLIAMS, COLLIER   Spouse: TIFT, LIZZIE Marriage Date: 20 Jan 1890
WILLIAMS, ERNEST H.  Spouse: KELLEY, GERTIE Marriage Date: 7 Jun 1900
WOOD, DENNIS   Spouse: WOOD, LILLIE L. Marriage Date: 18 Sep 1900
WRIGHT, JAMES E.  Spouse: WALTON, SARAH FRANCES Marriage Date: 4 May 1891
WRIGHT, W. E.   Spouse: WALTON, A. J. Marriage Date: 3 Jul 1889
YOUNG, A. U.   Spouse: McCLURE, ETTA Marriage Date: 28 Oct 1887


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