Census Records -- 1930

Lipscomb County Census Records

Source: Ancestry.com

1930 United States Federal Census



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Unlocking Secrets in the 1930 U.S. Census

  Because the 1930 U.S. Census offers comparatively recent information, you're more likely to find familiar relatives in this database than in other resources.

This census provides a great starting point for finding basic information about ancestors. Census clues can lead to previously unexplored information such as livelihood and family relationships.

Tips for using the 1930 U.S. Census
Try a different spelling
A little known fact about the online census is the “Soundex” feature. Keywords are often categorized by the sound of the last name, meaning you might find additional information by using more than one spelling.

Watch for neighbors
When recording census information about your ancestors, remember to look at the families listed immediately before and after that ancestor. Often, family members would live near one another, and even if they don't appear to be related (a different married name, for example) they may be part of the same family.

Print and preserve
Transcription helps with fact checking and provides easy-to-read reference sheets. Print a copy of each individual census record then transfer the information to our free census chart (PDF 136K). Get Adobe Reader.

Get some extra help
Important information isn't always obvious at first. If you think you might be missing something, have a look at our question and answer page.

Source Information:
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