From Texarkana go east on US Hwy 82 to Garland City, AR. Then turn right or south and go under the railroad overpass to the first street and turn right or west at the Wynn Cemetery sign. Go for about one more block then turn left or south and the cemetery will be on your right or west side of the road. The size is about 1-2 acres and had been mowed recently. Some (partial) grave info and pictures were taken by Betty and Bill Sharp September 2003.

Additional burials and information from
 the files of Wayne Adcock.
 This Cemetery was located in the south east corner of the yard of the Red Brick House next to the Wynne-Price House (1838) The Arkansas Gazette printed an obituary for William Wynne in  March of 1857 under the title “An Old Virginia Turftsman gone.” They said he was the last of that class of old turftsman who figured conspicously some forty years ago.   The Arkansas Gazette for June 28, 1870 reported that Robert H. Wynne had died in New Orleans of Friday Last and that his remains would be brought by steamboat to his home in Lafayette  county. This was a part of Lafayette County until 1880 when it was stricken off and Miller County created. Martha McGough, a Black Woman who died in 1991 at the age of 90 and had lived in Garland all her life said that when she was a girl, they lived over on the Prairie (local name for the Price Farm) in a field down behind the big house and she and her brothers and sisters would walk through the yard of the big house on their way to Wynne School. They always passed by the old family cemetery. Col Wynne’s tombstone was an old piece of petrified wood or so folks said. At one time it was under the magnolia tree next to the house. But Mr. Bob’s tombstone was a regular tombstone and it was growing into a tree. There were two or three other tombstones but she didn’t remember anything about them. When they built the road to Glen Price’s house (the red Brick) they cut down them trees but they didn’t find the tombstone.” (Ken Hensley)

Notes received by Wayne from others about the WYNNE Cemetery: 
As a child I remember Martha McGough, I was raised in Garland City, Arkansas by my father Lewis Foster Jr. Nickname (Ben Foster). My Grand Mother name was Lettie Foster. They are buried in Wynne Cemetery .I still have 2 sisters and a brother still living in Garland City, Arkansas. I was born May 14, 1955. My sisters and brother was born there in Garland City, Ark.
My other grand parents was  Rev. P.F Findley(PINK) and Della Mae Findley. She died in Los Angeles. My grandfather Pink is also buried there in Wynne Cemetery. Is this is the only  history of Garland City, Arkansas. I visited there every two years. This is the only Cemetery there in Garland. I went to Wynne School. Wynne Baptist church is still there. I remember Glen Prices.  *       Linda

My name is Estella V. Foster Richardson (Baby Sis) I to was born in Garland City Arkansas To the parents of Lewis Foster and Pearl Dafney DOB 7/21/40.  I'm the older sister  To Linda.  I grew up in Garland City and I have no knowledge o f a white Wynne Cemetery in Garland, there was a white man name Mr. Wynn and he was buried On his plantation. He had  caretakers on his land. After his death the land was used for blacks that's how we got the name Wynne Cemetery and the Wynne Baptist
it was name After him, as I know no other white was buried there. Wynne Baptist, this church is located in the quarters about 3 miles from

the 82 hwy. Most of the white was buried in Lewisville or down the River.
My grandfather was buried in Wynne Cemetery in 1941, his name was Lewis Foster Sr. my Grandmother (his wife) was buried in the same cemetery in Nov 1966 her Name is Lettie V. Jones  Foster.  The black Cemetery is located about 1 mile from the Railroad underpass on hwy 82. The older days we call it the hwy.  The caretakers for Wynne Cemetery is as follows: from  1940-1986 (I'm sure their are others before them). Estella

Mr. Harry Hicks
Mr. Big John
Mr. Lewis Blair
Mr. Orange Nelson
Mr. Lewis Foster
Mr. David Adams

Here is some caretaker for the Price Plantation:
Bill Block
Ben James
Johnny Thomas

Some (partial) grave info and pictures were taken by Betty and Bill Sharp September 2003.  They are marked with BS.  Added to the listing are some from Wayne Adcock's files, marked with (WA).  Also added are some from obits on file with the Society and they are marked with (Obit)

Any additions or corrections contact

ADAMS, Alice Mae  1/31/1905  2/4/1995 Mother (BS)

ADAMS, David  2/2/1895  1/17/1994 Pfc. US ARMY WW I (BS)

ARNOLD, Doris Marie  8/10/1953  9/13/1980  (BS)

BLACK, Dorjohna Annette      2/12/2001      2/12/2001   (Obit)

BLAIR, Louis Jr      6/22/1908      4/22/1985   (Obit)

BOOKER, Blanchie  6/20/1921  8/9/1997  (BS) 

BRANDON, Little John (Johnny)      2/28/1926      9/14/2002   (Obit)

Brown, Lonnie R. "Charlie" 1/21/1957  4/12/1999  (WA)

CUMMINGS, Joe Louis      age 43      6/30/1978   (Obit)

CUMMINGS, Tamonica (Monk)      11/29/1968      3/23/1986   (Obit)

DAVIS, Henderson      7/22/1920      1/24/1986   (Obit)

DAVIS, Samuel Jr.  5/9/1949  5/28/2002   (BS)

DRAKE, Jessie Mae      2/22/1930      12/6/2003   (Obit)

DUDLEY, Jimmey Dean      8/3/1950      3/25/1996   (Obit)

DUDLEY, Verlia Lee      4/11/1903      5/18/1996   (Obit)

FAULKS, Clyde L Jr      1/20/1939      6/8/1998    (Obit)

FAULKS, Smithy H      5/23/1917      12/17/1989  (Obit)

FERGUSON, Jimmie  9/27/1917  4/27/1977  (BS) 

Findley, Rev. P.F (PINK)  (WA)

Foster Lewis Jr. Nickname (Ben Foster) died 1941  (WA)

FOSTER, Drusilla      12/7/1919      1/20/2002   (Obit)

FOSTER, Lessie B      2/2/1941      7/5/2002    (Obit)

Foster, Lettie V. Jones   died Nov 1966 (WA)

Griffin, Ruby Lee Elizabeth  12/10/1998  4/14/1999 inf dau of Alice & Sammy (WA)

HALEY, LeRoy Sr.  1924  6/4/1905 Pvt. US ARMY WW II(BS)  

Harvey, George Unmarked (Info provided by sheilaihs@yahoo.com)

HATLEY, Sarah Nesbitt      10/8/1898      1/27/2001   (Obit)

HECTOR, Daisy  6/3/1895  6/26/1978   (BS)

HECTOR-NASH, Willie Mae      8/6/198      11/16/1997  (Obit)

JAMES, Dorothy Moss      8/30/1946      12/5/1986   (Obit)  

James, Henry Sr.  (Info provided by sheilaihs@yahoo.com)

JAMES, Inetha      5/20/1935      1/15/2000   (Obit)

JAMES, Jerline      4/3/1931      3/4/2003    (Obit)

JOHNSON, Grady age 56      1/7/1975    (Obit)

JOHNSON, Irma      5/12/1911      5/30/1995   (Obit)

JOHNSON, Johnny William (Jake)      2/24/1933      8/6/1997    (Obit)

JONES, Ella R      10/4/1900      4/12/1987   (Obit)

KENNEDY, Jeweline      5/29/1942      8/23/2000   (Obit)

KING, Sammie (Mrs) age 73      1/5/1978    (Obit)

LAMAY, Jessie      2/19/1908      3/16/2003   (Obit)

MARTIN, Samuel Edward      12/17/1949      1/21/1997   (Obit)

MAYFIELD, Jessie      5/11/1947      8/8/2002    (Obit)

McDONALD, Maxie Jr      6/20/1903      4/23/1987   (Obit)  

McGee, Amanda  (Info provided by sheilaihs@yahoo.com)

McGough, Theodore  died Nov 3, 1957. (WA)

Mikes, Joe  Jr.,    8/28/1920   4/28/1999  (WA)

MILLER, Ida Mae      11/23/1938      5/29/1995   (Obit)

MORGAN, Dorothy Ree      4/2/1937      3/17/1998   (Obit)

MORGAN, Shauneric Lavelle      11/6/1980      1/23/1998   (Obit)

MOSS, Booker            10/18/1977  (Obit)

NASH, Kathryn      3/3/1921      10/19/2002  (Obit)

OWENS, Ella B      10/30/1924      4/5/1996    (Obit)

OWENS, Larrean      7/9/1929      11/16/1998  (Obit)

OWENS, Tom Jr      2/4/1923      3/21/1999   (Obit)  

Pickett, Curtis  (Info provided by sheilaihs@yahoo.com)

Pickett, Robert  (Info provided by sheilaihs@yahoo.com)

Pickett, Mary Foster  (Info provided by sheilaihs@yahoo.com)

RICHARDSON, Alvin James      3/21/1933      3/29/1985   (Obit)

RICHARDSON, Rickey      5/31/1965      8/31/1997   (Obit)

SAMS, Jewel  2/14/1924  7/30/1983  (BS) 

SMITH, Deacon Edward Herman  3/10/1917  12/5/1998 Photo in color on stone(BS)

SMITH, Ida Bell      8/30/1917      3/7/2003    (Obit)

SMITH, Ida W      4/23/1913      5/23/1997   (Obit)

STEPHENS, Lena      2/7/1916      2/14/1999   (Obit)

STERLING, Mary      3/30/1899      10/17/1992  (Obit)

THOMAS, Betty Mae      3/1/1951      1/6/1997    (Obit)

THOMAS, Mable      3/19/1923      7/16/1986   (Obit)

THOMAS, Tommie Sr      12/24/1914      3/13/1996   (Obit)

WATSON, Elcena      8/10/1933      11/2/1997   (Obit)

Williams' Anthony Terrell Jr. 12/3/2000  3/9/2001 son of Anthony & Jennifer (WA)

WILLIAMS, Ethel      11/20/1916      10/16/1996  (Obit)

WILLIAMS, Leoler      12/25/1910      4/28/1998   (Obit)

WILLIAMS, Marshall T      age 70      7/25/1978   (Obit)

WILLIAMS, McKinley      4/11/1887      12/30/1986  (Obit)

WILLIAMS, Roddrick Darnell      2/15/1972      10/1/1999   (Obit)

WYNN, Irene      Age 82      2/22/2001   (Obit)


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