Unknown African American cemetery, Miller County ARkansas

On Clarence Hickey, Jr. Private Property 

On 1 October 2003, Betty and Bill Sharp met Mr. Clarence Hickey, Jr. at a gate on his property so that he could show us what is left of a cemetery that was on his land when he bought it. Only one stone was found in a fencerow among several small sapling trees. We could not find another large stone that had been out in the open field but the grass was so high today, we will need to come back later. To locate this cemetery, go east on I-30 from Texarkana until you get to AR Road 108 then turn right and go a short distance to US Hwy 67 N and turn left for about a mile and a half then turn left on Miller county Road 53 and go over the I-30 overpass. At the DEAN PECAN SHED turn right on a gravel road and pass through one gate then turn left and follow the fence road to a hayshed. At this gate you have to travel over a pasture to another gate where we got out and walked on the other side of this fence looking for the tombstones where a cemetery had been in the past but over time had vanished. There were many indentions where graves could have been but no markers. We did find a clump of Lilies that had been planted many years ago. We learned that at one time this land was part of the Anderson Plantation.

We made photos of the stone and the area where we found it.


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Stone to right in fence row under the trees.

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Lilly planted by unknown person.

 CUDEN CRITTENDEN, Died 3 June 1918, Age 80

(This stone was hard to read, dirt, poison ivy, briars, and limbs were cut)  


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