Texarkana County Club Cemetery Miller county Arkansas

Site of Two Graves

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The following information was published in the TEXARKANA USA QUARTERLY, Volume XIX, No. 4, Winter Issue, 1992. Followed by an Update published in Volume XX, No. 3, Fall Issue, 1993.
Location in College Hill Area:  As you go out Hwy 71 South (East Street) turn Left on Forrest Street and at the corner of Ferguson turn right into the entrance.

 In 1992, with the help of the Maintenance Mgr. David Walker, Elizabeth Wilburn and Mimi Lantz were able to locate these two graves on the backside of the Texarkana County Club grounds. This small fenced gravesite has been there since the beginning of the Country Club.

 Slim stones with praying hands at the top of each listed:

MALINDA WILSON, Born Oct. 7 1839, Died May 23, 1894

MATTIE METTS, Born July 4, 1865, Died May 22, 1894 

Because of the two death dates, they wondered if it was caused by a fever. It appeared to be the graves of a Mother and Daughter. Elizabeth Wilburn, researched the 1880 Miller County Federal Census and found the following:

Page 100D-Texarkana, 341/348

WILLSON, S. S., Father, age 40, born VA, his Father born N.C. Mother born ___

WILLSON, Malindie, Mother, age 40, born AL, her Father born TN, Mother born TN

WILLSON, John, Son, age 5, Walter SIBLEY, Step-Son, age 12, Martha J. SIBLEY, Step-Dau., age 14, Mary E. SILMAN, Step-Dau., age 17, Mary M. SILMAN, Step-Gr.Dau., age 1 year.

Mr. Wilson was listed as a proprietor of a boarding house. Mattie was the daughter of Malinda from a previous marriage. Mr. James Collins, a retired Texarkana Business man, told Mimi Lantz that some of his records showed he was related to Malinda Wilson. He also told her that one of his Black Friends, who did work for the old Paul Reverra Funeral Home stated to him, “there was an epidemic of the “BLACK POX” that took a lot of lives and that he was the one to dig the graves so he knew there were about 36 graves in that area and most were buried by night with no ceremony and only these two stones were placed.”

No newspaper accounts could be found for this time period so no more information has been uncovered. If anyone can help update this information please contact the society by snail mail, email or message board on this web site.     

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