Mt. Olive Cemetery, Miller County Arkansas

Mt. Olive  / Elam Cemetery
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This Cemetery was waked & photos by Doris Lindblad, Shelia Kegley & Tresa Underwood on May 2, 2008.  As you can tell by the photo's below it was hard to find stones.  We know there are many more and would like for you to submit any information you may have on this cemetery.  It was overgrown and had trees down.  Lot of unmarked & sunken graves.  Why so many photo's?  We wanted to document as much of this cemetery as we could.  Do not know how much longer any of it will still be there in the future.   We have attempted to gather as much information as possible.

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More photo's on the names listed that were found on the listing below.

Newspaper articles:

 August 23, 1993 the Texarkana Gazette had a news item titled: Vandal target century-old local cemetery.  Location of the Cemetery was listed as between North Jefferson Avenue & Sanderson Lane.  In this article it states vandals attempted to dig up a 1986 grave.  Grave marked Mannie Harris.  States that the bottom half of the grave was dug up and the casket partially pried open.  Two bones were found on top of the un-dug portion of the grave near the head marker.  It had apparently been done less than a week from the date it was investigated by the Miller County Deputy Tony Potts.

May 19, 2008 the Texarkana Gazette printed an article on the cemetery.  Group seeks to record lost graves.  This article describe the cemetery as abandoned and crowded by housing additions.  Also tells of the society looking to record lost grave.  The cemetery is deeded to the Mount Olive Baptist Church.  The cemetery was a joint venture between Mount Olive & Elam.  The  Elam Congregation died off  and moved away.  The church was once located at the cemetery.  A storm destroyed it in 1929 and was rebuilt on Mount Olive Drive. Trustee states that the cemetery is boxed in because of all the houses.  There used to be a couple of roads, but that was before the started buying & building.  The church used to keep it up but people started putting up posted signs.  The church wants to fence the cemetery in and clean it up but it is hesitant because of trespassing concerns.  Article by Brandy S. Chewning

Miller County Court House:

March 13, 1907 Warranty Deed:  J. G. Sanderson & Wife, Shelley Sanderson sold 6 acres to the East Side Cemetery, Trustees listed were H. C. Middleton, J. M. Harris & E. J. Fisher.

June 10, 1950 Deed Trustees of East Side Cemetery listed as Rufus Keel, Squire Crawford & Matt Austin. Turning the 6 acres to Trustees of Mt. Olive & Elam Churches successors.  Signed by Rufus Keel , Squire Crawford & Matt Austin.

November 7, 2000 Boundary Survey filed at the Miller county courthouse shows the cemetery on it. 

Misc. info collected on some of the names found:

CALLIE BEAD: According to the Arkansas Death Record Index, Callie Bead died in Miller County on April 24, 1929. The 1910 Census of Miller County, Homan Twp reflects that her husband was Owen Bead, born about 1857 in Arkansas. She was born about 1869 in Arkansas. It shows that four children were children were born to her but 5 are listed on this record. They are Ida age 18, Shade age 11, Amy age 6, Georgia age 3 and Meon (son) age 6. All were born in Arkansas. Both she and Owen had been previously married. Going back to the 1900 Census of Bowie County Texas, I find Owen and Callie Bead. It reflects that they have been married 2 years but again reflects her having born 4 children. Those listed in this record are Wesly, Ida, Peggie and Shad ranging in ages from 1 to 10.

ROBERT BYRD  born 1859 Georgia, died 29 Apr 1925 Miller Co, AR  1910 Census Miller Co, AR:  

BYRD, Robert, age 35, born in VA

             Mary, age 34, b AR

             Corine, age 7

             Emma. Age 9

             Alberta age 1 11/12

Found 1 Robert Byrd in 1920 Miller Co Census. Shows widowed and  2 daughters with him, Carrie age 17 and Iberter age 11, both born in AR 

CARR, ANDREW AND TENNIE located on 1910 Census of Miller County, Garland Twp. He is shown as age 50, born in Florida. She is 47 born in AR. Shows to have been married 33 years. She has given birth to 15 children with 5 living. Listed with them is Andrew Jr, age 13 born in AR. He is listed as farmer. 

MANNIE HARRIS  1896 – 1986  According to the Texas Death Index, Mannie Harris was born 04 June 1897 and died in Bowie County Texas on 16 October 1986.

MARY HARRIS   According to the Arkansas Death Record Index, Mary was born about 1887 and died 02 June 1943

VITHA HUNTER  11 Feb 1891 – 15 Oct 1967  Dates above are verified by the Social Security Death Index located on Ancestry. It shows her last residence as Bowie County, Texas.  Located a Vitha KEEL in the 1900 census of Miller Co AR in household of Eli WALKER and wife, Della. She was listed as stepdaughter at age of 9.  In 1910 Miller County Census I find a Viatha Walker in household of Eli and Della Walker. She is listed as 17 years of age and shows as daughter. In both instances, it reflects her born in Arkansas. 

CURLIN DUDLEY IVERY  14 Jun 1925 – 08 Mar 1959 (dates from Headstone)  1930 Census of Bowie County Texas, JP 7 reflects Curlin Ivery, age 3 10/12 with parents Thomas (age 37) and Maggie (age 30) and siblings Robert L age 10, Otice age 7,  and twins Edward and Edwin age 11 months. All were born in Texas.  (Thomas Ivery married Maggie Stanberry 01 Dec 1918 in Bowie County.)  Can’t be sure these are same people but in the Texas Birth Records (Bowie) children were born to an Ottis Ivery and Irene Paxton and also to a Robert Ivery and Earline Clark.  Located a Robert Ivery 19 Sep 1919 – June 1981 in SSDI. Last tesidence was DeKalb, Bowie County Texas. 

STONE W JEFFERY  7/29/1913 – 10/17/1946  Believe this to be Stonewall Jeffery located on the 1920 Census of Miller Co, Garland Twp. The household listing reflects:

      Jeffery, Sandy M, 54, born MS

                  Rose E, 40, born in AR

                 Ida Bell, 15, AR

                 Annie R, 10, AR

                 Stonewall, 7, AR

1930 Census of Miller Co, Garland Twp

      Porter, Doc, 31, TX

                Anna Bell, 20, AR

                Sandy, 4, AR (son)

      Jeffery, Rosetta, 52, wd, AR (mother-in-law)

                Stonewall, 17, AR   (brother-in-law)

ARTHUR PAXTON  Enlisted 6/21/1918 Texarkana AR Discharged 8/7/1919 Camp Pike AR

ANDREW PRICE JR  29 June 1947 dod   Arkansas Death Record Index reflects an Andrew died same date as above in Miller County Arkansas.  1930 Census of Garland Twp, Miller County AR:

   PRICE, Andrew age 29, born in AR

                Sudie Lee age 31, AR

                Isreal, son, age 9,  AR

                Strawsy, age 7,  AR

                Edward, age 4,  AR

                Junior, age 2 3/12, AR

In same household are HALL’ s showing as sisters and brothers in law to Andrew which indicates that Sudie Lee’s maiden name was Hall.  Based on Information from the 1920 Garland Twp, Miller Co, AR census, the parents of Andrew Price Sr was Cass and Lucy A (Smallwood) Price (married Miller County 1896. Andrew H and Sudie had apparently just married as they are living next door in that census. 08 Nov 1919 is date of marriage given under the Miller County marriages located on Society Website for Andrew Price and Sudie Lee Hall. 

KITTIE WASHINGTON  13 Nov 1914  dod   1900 Census of Garland Twp, Miller Co, AR:

     WASHINGTON, Charles, born 1855, AL

                                  Kittie, Mar 1865, AR, 6 children, 5 living

                                  Trudy, age 17

                                  Mattie, 1885, age 15

                                  Nickley, son, 1888, age 12

                                  Alonzo (?), 1890, age 10  all born in AR

Alexander, Deltor 1/10/1919  Close up 1  Close up 2
Another Marker Post
AUSTIN, Mamie age 54 11/23/1937 Bowden Funeral Records
Base to Headstone
BEAD, Callie abt 1857 4/24/1929 Dates from census record
BLACK, Henretta age 44 yrs 12/7/1939
Brick with 3 Stars
BURNETT, Ned 10/13/1939 1/21/1966  FH marker  Foot stone
BUTLER, Henery 2/12/1920 Info from death book.
BYRD, Robert abt 1859 4/29/1925 Ringo Chamber 989  Photo 2    Photo 3
CARR, Andrew age 81 yrs 7/18/????
CARR, Tennie 9/21/????
CLAYTON, Cora 10/31/1965
COLE, Lena 5/27/1966
COOPER, Mary Lou age 8 months 6/29/1942 Bowden Funeral Records
Funeral Home Marker 1
Funeral Home Marker 10
Funeral Home Marker 11
Funeral Home Marker 12
Funeral Home Marker 2
Funeral Home Marker 3
Funeral Home Marker 4
Funeral Home Marker 5
Funeral Home Marker 6
Funeral Home Marker 7
Funeral Home Marker 8
Funeral Home Marker 9
HAMILTON, Gressie 4/23/1920 Twin City Chamber 3419    Close up
HARRIS, Jeff 4/1/1926 dbl w/Mary
HARRIS, Kelly Lee 2/10/1986
HARRIS, Mannie 6/4/1897 10/16/1986 dates from Texas Death Record Index
HARRIS, Mary abt 1887 6/2/1943 birth from Arkansas Death Record Index
HENDERSON, Sam 2/13/1919 Age 78 Info from death book
HUNTER, Vitha 2/11/1891 10/15/1967 Birth found in Death Records
IVERY, Curlin Dudley 6/14/1925 3/8/1959 USNR WW2
JEFFERY, Stone W 7/29/1913 10/17/1946 WW2
KEEL, Amy 1904 1960 "Mother"
KEEL, Daniels 7/1/1919 8/15/1919 Father Primo Keel, Mother Lottie.  Info from death book.
KEEL. Jim 1877 1959 "Father"
LEWIS, Mable 1890 8/10/1919 Father Rufus Cornelius  TCDR
LOUIS, Bessie 7/4/1886 2/9/1951   Close up       Foot
MITCHELL, Fannie aged 95 yrs 11/14/1887   Another photo  Another photo
NOLAN, Nathan 3/29/1920 Age 27 Father Willis Nolan, Mother Ivy.  Info from DB
NORRIS, Chas. age 50 4/2/1935 Bowden Funeral Records
PAXTON, Arthur 4/20/1896 3/15/1945 Pvt AR Infantry  Another Photo
PAXTON, James 12/5/1915 11/5/1918 Father G. P. Paxton, Mother A. Jones info from DB
PAXTON, Lillian about 1902 5/11/1921 Father Gus Paxton, Mother Anella. Info from DB
PAXTON, Willie age 88 9/28/????
PRICE, Andrew Jr 10/10/1927 6/29/1947 Close Up
REED, Jerico 2/25/1915 8/17/1918 Spouse Ervin Reed.Mother Minnie Neal Info from DB
SMALWOOD, Phoebe 1874 1/11/1919 Athens Chamber 884  Close up
SON foot marker
STEEL, T S 3/10/1884 8/10/1966
Sunken Grave spot and there are many  photo    close up
TAYLOR, Maggie age 92 8/12/1932 Bowden Funeral Records (states Bowie County)
THOMAS, John age 36 2/14/1921 Father Wash Thomas   TC   DR
White Concrete Marker homemade with no identification
WARMACK, L M age 67 7/13/1935 Bowden Funeral Records
WARREN, Nora 2/19/1920 Father Jim Warren, Mother Sallie Butler Info from DB
WARREN, Sallie age 56 1/4/1935 Bowden Funeral Records (mother of Nora??)
WASHINGTON, John 6/1/1959
WASHINGTON, Kittie 7/5/1865 11/13/1914 Pride of Mt Olive Chamber 2695   Close Up
WIDOW, Almeter age 33 3/24/1935 Bowden Funeral Records
WILLIAMS, George age 62 9/3/1964

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