1870 bowie county morality schedule (Deaths)

1870 Mortality Schedule

The Mortality Schedules information was transcribed from the microfilm rolls by Chris Woodrow of New Boston, Texas, and published in the New Boston Quarterly (The New Bostonian) in 1993-1994. Chris has given written permission for these schedules to be placed on this website. Our thanks go to Chris for her contribution.

ALLEN, Ida T. 10mo F Sept TX Stomach Influenza
ASKEW, Amanda 36 F Sept AL Heart Disease
BAILEY, John E. 2mo M Oct TX Croup
BARNETT, Felix G. 19 M Nov TN Pneumonia
BARNETT, James O/P 57 M Nov TN Pneumonia
BATEMAN, Naomi 2mo F Feb TX Whooping Cough
BLOCKER, Sarah Jane 14 F Mar AL Uterusdise (?)
BOBO, Green H. 48 M Dec SC Pneumonia
BOOTHE, Benjamin 83 M Feb VA Scarlett Fever
BRASEWELL, Louisa 2mo F Aug TX Whooping Cough
BREEDING, John W. 19 M May TX Suicide
BROWER, ----- 1 M Jan TX Marasmus
BUTLER, Elizabeth J. 30 F Aug MS Cancer
CANNON, Joseph 8 M Sept TX Fever
COLLINS, Nancy 24 F Feb MS Measles
CRAWFORD, Martha J. 1 F Dec TX Croup
DALBY, Eliza 48 F Jan TN Pneumonia
ELLIOTT, David E. 41 M April TN Consumption
ELLIOTT, Sarah F. 24 F May TN Consumption
ELLIS, Nathaniel D. 62 M Jan VA Pneumonia
EPPERSON, Marh 74 M Oct TN Fever
GARRETT, Anna 3 F Feb TX Scarlett Fever
GOODMAN, Mary 15 F May TX Consumption
HARRISON, Terry F. 7mo F Nov TX Lung Consumption
HOLDERFIELD, Henry 58 M Oct SC Diarrhea
JARNIGAN, Elizabeth 2 F Sept AR Fever
JOHNSON, Ellen W. 52 F Jan SC Fever
JORDAN, Clinton 28 M Jan SC Consumption
JORDAN, John 24 M Dec SC Brain Disease
MASON, George 30 M Oct KY Measles
McGEE, Adelaide 2 F Nov TX Worms
MITCHELL, Caleb 55 M May SC Heart Disease
MOTE, Silas T. 27 M May AL Consumption
PHILLIPS, Nancy Ann 19 F Jan TX Pneumonia
PHILLIPS, Angeline 26 F Nov MO Erysipelas
PHILLIPS, James M. 1 M Aug TX Brain Disease
ROBINSON, Travis 24 M May AR Consumption
ROGERS, Florence 2 F Sept TX Fever
ROGERS, Mahala 35 F Sept AL Fever
SANDERS, John F. 33 M Jan TN Pneumonia
SENTER, Cicerow 2mo M Aug AR Chills
SPRINGFELLOW, William R. 5mo M Feb TX Croup
STUART, Nancy Jane 37 F Jan SC Pneumonia
TALBOT, Sadie 20 F Oct LA Bowelidise
TEMPLE, Elizabeth 7 F Feb MS Rheumatism
VAN DAVER, Sameul 57 M Oct SC Fever
WALKER, Martha 19 F Oct TN Uterusdis
WATSON, John E. 11mo M May TX Bindis (?)
WEATHERLY, Robt. F. 55 M Oct MS Pneumonia
WEAVERS, Mary C. 65 F May TN Pneumonia
WIMBERLY, Joshua J. 15 M May MS Measles
WIMBERLY, Laura A. 7 F Sept AL Brain Disease

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