Indian Scout Cemetery

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Indian Scout Cemetery

Kinney County Texas

Cemetery Entrance

This cemetery holds the remains of the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts and their descendents including 4 Medal of Honor winners.

Isaac Payne185412 Jan 1904 Trumpeter, Medal of Honor
Adam Payne 18431 Jan 1877 Pvt, Medal of Honor
Aaron PayneMexico about 185427 Jan 1879Gun shot wound (accidental) near Ft. Clark
David PayneMexico about 18541879
Tony WilsonUnk19 Apr 1938Indian Scout
John Bowlegs Unk7 Jul 1934 Pvt. Indian Scout
Adam McClainOct 187712 Sep 1950Texas, Pvt. Indian Scout
Albert R July18831937  
Annie P Jones18931935 Mother
Ceasar A Jones10 Oct 188821 Jun 1957
Archibald R SheildsUnk7 Jun 1907South Carolina, Pvt., Indian Scouts
Ben Thompson5 Sep 191714 Sep 1950Texas MSgt Co F 9 INF Regt WW II Korea PH
Ben WilsonArkansas about 184016 Sep 1918Pvt US Indian Scout
Betsey Gordon15 Apr 187127 Oct 1918" "
Bill WarriorMexico about 185310 Apr 1903Corp US Indian Scouts
Bill WilliamsUnk6 Jul 1914Texas Pvt Indian Scouts
Billy JulyMexico about 18644 Apr 1914Texas Pvt 1CL 10 CAV
Billy Wilson13 Jan 187322 Jul 1952Texas Pvt Indian Scouts
Ceasar DanielsApprox 187219 Jun 1919Texas Pvt Indian Scouts
Carolina JulyMexico about 185618 Apr 1884Pvt US Indian Scouts
Charles (Cabo) JulyMexico about 18575 Nov 1879Died at Camp Pecos Accidental shooting
Clarence F WarriorUnk12 Jul 1936Texas Pvt 304 Stev Regt
Clarence L GoosbyUnk1950 Texas PFC 898 Port Co TC World War II
Cora Payne9 Nov 18939 Dec 1916 Fort Clark Texas
Dallas GrinerCherokee Nation about 185229 May 1888 (Cholera) PVT U S Indian Scouts
Dal ShieldsUnk12 Jan 1933 Texas Pvt 815 Pioneer Inf
Daniel HallUnk29 Oct 1934 Texas Pvt Pioneer Inf
Ruth Hall21 Jan 190412 Jan 1978
David Fay14 Jun 189425 Apr 1951Texas Bugler 165 Depot Brigade World War I
Demdo FactorFlorida about 181615 Jul 1891Florida Pvt U S Indian Scouts
Dorothy B Wilson27 Aug 190625 Jun 1960Sister
Fay JulyMexico about 18726 Aug 1940Texas Pvt Indian Scouts
Fred DanielsUnk22 Aug 1935 Texas Pvt 24 Inf
George GordonUnkUnk
Gilbert Washington5 Jul 1905 26 Jul 1951In Loving Memory
Harry L Warrior Sr19011993 At Rest South Lawn Cemetery Tucson AZ "SHEMANOLEE"
Henry WoryerMexico about 186012 Sep 1931Pvt U S Indian Scouts
Herman Watkins24 May 191521 Jan 1951Arkansas TEC4 9 Cavalry World War II
Corp "L" H KibbitsUnk1873Seminole Negro Ind.s
Robert "Bobby" KibbettsArkansas I.T. about 184326 Apr 1905 31 Yrs Service Indian Scout
John PhillipsFlorida about 184114 Jun 1880Heart Disease
Joseph PhillipsMexico about 185913 Aug 1936Seminole Scout
Ignacio PerrymanMexico about 1872 20 May 1933 Texas Pvt Indian Scouts
Isaac PerrymanArkansas I.T. about 1855 12 Sep 1918 Texas Sergt Indian Scouts U S Army
James H Green13 Mar 187221 Aug 1948 1Sgt 24 Infntry 12 Division SAW & World War I
James July8 Nov 188819 Feb 1924 Gone but not forgotten
John E. July19131981
James PerrymanMexico about 1852 24 Sep 1930Pvt U S Indian Scouts (Married Lipan Chief Costillitos daughter
Pompey PerrymanArkansas I.T. about 18485 Jan 1923 Creek (seminole) Scout
John DanielsApprox 18705 July 1923Seminole Scout
Elijah DanielsApprox 183212 Jan 1908Seminole (Creek) Scout (Chief after 1878 of Seminole Negroes)
Jerry DanielsApprox 185029 Jan 1925Pvt U S Indian Scouts
Jessie Daniels3 Apr 19231 Aug 1947 Texas Pvt 8 TD Bn World War II
Ceasor Calvin Daniels17 Feb 191414 Dec 1981PFC US Army WW II
Joe DixieMexico About 18521 Aug 1941Texas Pvt Indian Scouts
Joseph "Joe" ThompsonAlabama about 188917 May 1915Arkansas Pvt Indian Scout
John BowlegsUnk17 Mar 1895Pvt U S Indian Scouts
Johnnie Washington6 Nov 19088 Jul 1951In Loving Memory
John ThompsonUnk7 Sep 1885PVT US Indian Scouts
John Ward184824 May 1911 Medal of Honor SGT Indian Scouts Indian Wars
Tony Ward15 Jun 188429 Dec 1959
Willie Ward Jr.20 Oct 192822 May 1990CPL US Army Korea
Joseph PhilipsUnk13 Aug 1936 Texas Pvt Indian Scout
Julia WilsonMay 1870Feb 1937 Hand Written Stone
Kelly C July18921953Metal Marker with Mason symbol
Sam July5 Jan 18989 Nov 1969
Lydia M July8 Mar 190212 Feb 1985
John M July1 May 188727 Apr 1980
Lewis WhiteUnkUnkNorth Carolina Pvt U S Indian Scouts
Lila P Daniels18901988Plain Metal Marker
Lizzie RemoUnk1920? Handwritten Cement stone
Malinda Williams22 Oct 190728 Sep 1942A Very Devoted and Loyal Wife and Mother
Mary Ann Wilson14 Jan 186926 Nov 1935Gone but not forgotten
Mary Bowlegs18841952 Mother
Mary July Clayton20 May 18617 Dec 1932
Mary Warrior6 Mar 187519 Mar 1948Mother
Minnie LashleyUnk16 Mar 1926Having finished lifes days She now quietly rests
Mrs. Molly Perryman9 Jan 186521 Apr 1951Mother at Rest
Morell HallsAbout 185315 May 1929 Arkansas Pvt Indian Scouts Pastor Seminole Baptist Church
Moses WarriorUnk19 Jul 1922 Texas 509 EngBn
Ordie Factor4 Mar 18701929
Betty Factor25 Dec 187714 Nov 1955
Alex Factor 18871955
Kelly Factor20 Apr 189011 Dec 1979
Victoria Factor22 Mar 189028 Aug 1990
Penny Factor5 Sep 18748 Apr 1970 Grandmother
Pat Bly BowlegsUnkUnk Pvt
Phebe PayneUnk1898In Memory
Pyrmus ThompsonMexico about 1879 15 Mar 1920Texas Pvt US Indian Scouts
Rebecca Gerry18441938
William GerryKentucky about 1845June 1907Married to Seminole Woman
Rebecca Wilson9 Aug 188110 Jun 1960Mother
Renty GraysonMexico about 185231 May 1929Pvt US Indian Scouts
Rev H W WilsonApr 1866Sep 1937Hand written stone
Roy RemoUnk15 Jul 1932?Age 59 Years
John F (Joe) RemoCherokee Nation I.T. about 185110 Mar 1930May also be Choctaw married to Seminole
Albert W Remo28 Nov 191813 Jan 1966 S Sgt WW II, 4035 QM Truck Co
Sam GordonMexico about 186722 Mar 1905 Pvt US Indian Scouts
Sam JeffersonMexico about 186814 Jul 1914 Pvt US Indian Scouts
Curley Jefferson18 Jan 1881 Ft. Clark25 Jul 1959Texas Pvt. Seminole Indian Scouts
Sampson JulyFlorida about 182616 May 1918 Florida Pvt US Indian Scouts former slave of Micanopy Cheif of the Seminole
Sam WashingtonUnkUnk US Indian Scouts
Sarah Daniels10 Mar 185220 Jan 1949Her Memory is Blessed
Silas HallUnk15 May 1935Texas Pvt 112 PBS
Thomas Daniels16 Oct 187426 Sep 1953Texas SSgt Hqs Co. 24th Infantry SAW & World War I
Tierso BrunoUnk28 Apr 1941 Texas Pvt 165 Depot Brig
Tony WilsonArkansas about 1867Apr 1938 Texas Pvt US Indian Scouts Originally Creek
Tony WilsonArkansas about 1847April 1903US indian Scouts Originally Creek
William GeeryUnkJune Arkansas Pvt Indian Scouts
Richard Best10 Feb 191423 Feb 1983SGT US Army WW II
Leon "Spanky" Best11 Oct 193613 Apr 1992Second Black JP in the State of Texas
Jannie Jefferson12 Jan 191117 Aug 1981Our Beloved Mother
Leroy Steve Jefferson Sr29 Nov 1919 20 Feb 1983
John Jefferson30 Sep 18785 Sep 19541st Sgt. Trp C 10th CAV
Dorothy Rea Ward5 Oct 19196 Apr 1983Our Loving Mother
Cleveland B Perryman1 Aug 1926 5 Sep 1983SSG US Air Force, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Pete Washington3 Feb 193018 Dec 1974Beloved Brother
Lisa F Washington30 Apr 189818 Dec 1971
Emma Thompson6 Mar 190618 Nov 1971God is Love
Joe V Kelly Sr18 Aug 190728 Jul 1967
Tena Factor Kelly12 Feb 19137 Jul 1991
Billy R Factor Sr6 Sep 193014 May 1971
Tom Washington10 May 192818 Feb 1994
Mirtes Payne14 Mar 188520 Jun 1968Grandmother
Joceph E Clayton1 Dec 18895 Jul 1968
Ora A Daniels28 Mar 192527 Jul 1971From her beloved sons
Eligh Daniels1 Mar 191121 Jun 1956 US Navy WW II
Ira Kelly30 May 189714 Aug 1971 Father
Fina Kelly6 Dec 18978 Dec 1990 Mother
Margaret Kelly(Maggie)17 Nov 1919 1 Oct 1994Mother
Pleas Gordon8 Jul 189118 Jul 1971 Texas Pvt US Army WW I
Mildred Mills10 Mar 190526 Mar 1984
John C WilsonKikie26 Jul 192718 Mar 1985
Kelina WilsonArkansas I.T. About 18367 Sep 1873Originally Creek Indian Slave
Willie Shields14 Nov 191220 Aug 1984CPL US Army WW II
John ShieldsTexas about 187210 Apr 1928Sgt. Seminole Scout
Eva M Griffin22 Apr 19188 Oct 1984
Rosemary Hawkins6 Sep 194817 Feb 1985Mother (In God's Care)
Jerry Daniels18 Nov 189016 Apr 1973Texas US Army WW I
Winfred J Warrior Jr.30 Sep 194920 Dec 1969California PVT US Army Vietnam
Willie Williams12 Jan 190727 Jul 1981 
Hubert Williams28 Jun 195424 Feb 1980
Charles W Wilson22 Apr 188930 Aug 1978PVT US Army World War I
Bessie Soria18921946Mother In Loving Memory
Edward Hall16 Feb 1932 Texas Cook 815 Pioneer Inf
Dorothy K Roach22 Jan 192224 Jul 1979
Henry A Huff7 Feb 189525 Jan 1970Co. K 815 Pioneer Infantry WW I
Marcellus Huffpower25 Aug 189220 Jun 1977Pvt. US Army WW I
Roise Shield18911961
Rebecca Clayton Little17 Dec 190425 Nov 1992Beloved Aunt

Historical Marker

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