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Contributed by Betty Weaver

Starting in southwest corner going north to northwest corner:

Row 1, Tommy G. Archer 12/3/1933-12/4/1933, 3 empty spaces-no rock or marker, Sarah E. Davis 1875-1950, Alfred F. Davis 1902-1942, Charles A. Davis 1869-1948, 2 spaces, David D. Garman 4/17/1873-3/10/1934, Anna Z. Garman 11/16/1882-3/10/1934, Wanda Lee Garman 3/30/1939-4/10/1939, Larkin P. Hensley 1881-1956, Mary C. Hensley 1883-1943, empty space, Jefferson Davis Morgan Pvt. 54 Field Artillery 8th Div. 11/29/1940 (sic), Lynn Ray Smith 1934-1957.

Row 2, rock (From King County History book--Sam Glaz infant unbmarked, Sam Glatz infant, unmarked.

Row 3, rock, Lena Ruth Moore 2/23/1905-11/18/1949 dau of M/M G.W. Moore, 2 empty spaces, Mary Jane Cristal 7/27/1911-10/3/1911, Mrs. Joe Cristal 10/10/1890-10/4/1911, W.L. "Billy" McLaren 12/14/1861-3/16/1933, Grandpa Schoolcraft (marble slab no date), Charity Winston McLaren 2/12/1918-12/13/1922. No more marked in this row.

Row 4, Orval C. Nolan 1929-1929, 4 or 5 empty spaces, Dee Hight 11/13/1879-7/13/1936, Robert Hight 3/23/1849-10/29/1930, Mary H. Hight 9/30/1849-10/6/1933, Helen Pauline Hight 5/6/1921-1/11/1941, R. Lan Hight 12/25/1887-4/9/1966, B.Ida Hight 2/21/1892-5/31/1969, Leo Roark 1/9/1813 came to Texas 1824, served in Texas War of Independence 10/31/1892, George Hight 9/14/1898-7/15/1959, W.F."Punch" Hight 1876-1949, Ida Hight 1878- , Uncle George Watson 1872-1961 Thirty years a Pitchfork cowboy, Pauline Hensley 2/10/1923-4/4/1957, 2 or 3 empty spaces, Kristine Laurel Morris 10/26/1992-1/13/1993

Row 5, About 5 spaces with two rocks (from King County History book) ;Infant, Leslis Combs-unmarked, Infant-Unmarked, Ed Strudevant-child-unmarked, Rock, unnamed rock, Unnamed, Lou C. Simpson 1851-1932, Robert A. Simpson 1849-1909, Oscar D. Simpson 1889-9/18/1908, 2 empty spaces, Charles W. Simpson 10/18/1894-9/24/1956, Winnie C. Simpson 3/19/1900-3/17/1975, Eddie Franklin 4/16/1884-no date still alive, Viola L Franklin 12/21/1891-3/4/1975, Silas Dobbs 11/5/1900-10983, Jewell F. Dobbs 4/2/1911-5/3/1983, Larry Keith Dobbs 4/29/1934-10/26/1934, Dobbs infant son 5/22/1931-5/22/1931, M/M E.S. Franklin infant daughter 6/19/1913-6/19/1913, empty space which from King Co. History book probably is Jim Mason, Willie Ross infant of Bill Ross (unreadable date), Claud D. Franklin S.Sgt US Army WW11, 2/8/1909-11/8/1985, Horace M. Franklin 1925-1999, 2 or 3 empty spaces, Henry A. Blackwell Missouri Pvt 155 Depot Brigade WW1, 5/5/1881-1/18/1962, Juanita Blackwell 4/23/1898-12/16/1981.

Row 6, About 10 empty spaces, rock that says O.D.S., John A Franklin 1849-1926, Laura P. Franklin 1859-1920, from King Co book; Infant of J.A. Franklin, Polly Vance, unnamed rock, Henry Stradley 12/18/1905-3/5/1907, J. Neil Stradley (monument actually says Syradly) 9/15/1911-6/2/1933, Charles J son of Sam and Ola Stradley 1916-1934, Sam E. Stradley 1879-1953, Ola Franklin Stradley 4/5/1885-12/15/1966. empty space .

Row 7, 5 empty spaces from K.C. book one space is Infant of Jo Reynolds, rock, 2 spaces, Myrtle Fielder dau of M/M Fielder 8/12/1900-4/24/1901, rock and 2 spaces (from K.C. book) Joyce Hensley unmarked, Infant of Lasater Hensley unmarked, Infant of Lasater Hensley; Joseph J. Davidson 1821-7/24/1899, rock, Isum Lynn 9/8/1848-11/3/1936, Sallie W. Lynn 9/1/1858-12/10/1948, J.D. Gage 6/9/1825-1/11/1900, Josephine wife of P.A. Carr 3/22/1870-12/6/1902, 2 spaces, W.E. Townsend son of J.B. and N.J. 4/3/1900-8/6/1901, unreadable funeral marker, space, Ophelia Elizabeth Young 8/25/1846-5/28/1910, Infant of W.A. and H.P. Young 1/17/1917-1/17/1917, Leonard S. Young 9/11/1901-2/28/1923, Willie Ann Young 1878-1945, Harper P. Young 1874-1956, Vera Belle Young 6/2/1901-4/11/1973, Hubert Young 8/10/1898-11/10/1978, Mann Young 9/1/1908-6/29/1900.

Row 8, 2 spaces, Charles P. Tackitt 1867-1952, L.E. Tackitt 1852- 1909, space, Kezia C. Bradford wife of G.M. Bradford 2/9/1870-11/29/1894, Maggie L. Tackitt 4/3/1895-11/29/1896, space with rock for foot marker, Joe Pleasant Jay 1902-1908, Grace Jay 1901-1916, Cherodee Elizabeth Jay 1881-1965, Mary F. wife of B.A. Merrick 4/6/1848-1/6/1897, rock, space, funeral marker, funeral marker, 2 spaces, Lou Potter Ballard dau of John Coleman and Ida Suttermyer Ballard 1893-1908, John Coleman Ballard 1850-1898, Ida Auttermyer 1858-1926, Mearl Ballard dau William and Mattie Hight Ballard 1911-1914, funeral marker. Mrs. A.E. Moore 9/26/1835-12/3/1901, rock upon which is carved V Dane, 2 or 3 spaces, Sarah C. Winningham 2/9/1851-6/7/1932, Ed Winningham Texas PFC Provost Guard Co. WW1 2/9/1887-2/24/1960.

Row 9, G.C. Humphreys 3/31/1831-2/24/1895, F.O. Humphreys 8/9/1899-11/11/1959, 2 or 3 spaces, Genoa J. Hemphill 1864-6/5/1892, rock, rock, maybe space, Walter G. Smith Died 1/8/1892 aged 25 yrs, 6 mo, 22 days, Lottie dau H.J. and M.L. Darnell 4/6/1890-9/26/1896, space rock, space, P.L. Gibson 4/25/1864-7/20/1893, funeral marker, Flag Poles, a number of spaces since rest of row is empty.

Row 10, about 7 spaces rock, footstone rock K.C. book says "C.L.B.," square monument south side Annie dau J.R. and P.A. Bryant 6/7/1895-8/27/1895, east side P.A. Bryant wife of J.R. 8/20/1856-6/7/1895, north side G.L. Bryant 2/26/1891-6/1/1892, west side Infant of J.R. and P.A. Bryant born and died 6/7/1895, footstone, Cecil Wright son of A.L. and F. Duren 4/27/1890-5/1/1892, rock, rock, rock, F.F. Campbell died 2/15/1897, Pearl Campbell Died 10/14/1896, James Oliver Hodges 8/19/1873-5/4/1915, space, Edwin Franklin 10/25/1892-1/23/1916, funeral marker, Fred W. Franklin 1/23/1881-2/3/1958, Bernice Lee Franklin 11/2/1884-6/11/1924, Margaret L. Franklin 7/3/2/1858-11/16/1928, Steve W. Franklin 10/31/1854-6/13/1930, Iva L. Spence 1880-1949, funeral marker with large shells.

Row ll, 2 spaces, Aleatha E. Lynn 10/26/1890-11/3/1892, Winnie Lynn wife of Turner B. Cristal 8/18/1893-9/19/1912, 3 spaces, Claude Morris 10/27/1913-1/7/1973, Frank Morris 5/5/1866-5/4/1940, Emma Morris 6/6/1873-6/23/1961, Virgil L. Morris 7/1/1905-10/15/1980, 2 spaces, Mary E. Graves "Mother"; 1/4/1886-2/16/1950, Sam L. Graves "Father"; 3/19/1864-12/12/1948, Lizzie Graves "Mother"; 2/13/1878-2/24/1913, 3 or 4 spaces, Royce S. McLaury 3/12/1930-11/25/1997, funeral marker with a rope around it, Jasper "Jack"; Franklin Spencer 1/27/1904-4/27/1987, Annie Mabel Bernard Spencer 7/2/1909-11/12/1991, 2 more spaces inside concrete curb, funeral marker for Joe M. Propps 1944-1998.

Row 12, 2 or 3 spaces, Mary A. (Potter) Martin "Mother"; 1872-1961, Ella Grace Potter "Daughter"; 1895- 1898, Daniel E. Potter "Father"; 1867-1897, Daniel L. Potter 2/18/1863-12/6/1892, Van Harvie Criswell 8/17/1961-7/30/1991, Bert Criswell 6/20/1932- no date apparently still alive, Harvan Kay Criswell 10/25/1937-no date still alive, broken monument can't read, rest of row empty.

Row 13, Space, Jim Randall 1852-1929, Lee Mullins Oldham 2/19/1876-2/21/1941, rest of row empty.

Row 14, Funeral marker-illegible, 2 spaces, Benjamin F. Forest Texas Pvt Medical Dept WW1 2/29/1891-10/9/1955, Annie M. Forest 11/7/1898-5/11/1983, Fred Harvie Hensley 11/17.1904-10/10/1972, Sybil Z. York Hensley 2/7/1912-no date still alive, Elijah P. Hensley "Father"; 12/14/1872-9/18/1939, Maybelle Hight Hensley "Mother"; 1/21/1875-7/10/1959, Ruby Hensley Franklin 12/12/1901-5/12/1964, Panina Mae Franklin Crane 2/24/1917-12/15/1966, Tommu Dale Franklin 10/1/1893-12/21/1970, Gene H. Smith 12/30/1928-9/18/1981, Lasater Hensley 1904-1979, Audrey Hensley 1905-1980, Marion Keith Slover 11/6/1932-no date still alive, Kathleen "Katie" Slover 10/7/1935-4/17/1997, #1 Cowboy Bobby R. Allen toy horse by grave.

Row 15, entire row vacant.

Row 16, about 5 spaces, Harry Graves Texas Pvt Quartermaster Corps WW1 12/18/1896-7/16/1971, Ella P. Graves 3/24/1899-9/27/1985, Samps B.Ballard11/26/1886-1/19/1959, Maud A. Ballard 10/7/ 1895-5/29/1979, Leo B. Ballard "Daddy"; 9/4/1914-12/18/1976, Mildred F. Ballard "Mother"; 1/24/1921-12/4/1997, Jess D. Freeman 1875-1975, Maggie B. Freeman 1903-1988, Donald Ray Hurt 12/9/1938-12/20/1993, Mary Lee Hurt 12/16/1939-no date still alive, space, Lathen A, Withers 11/18/1915-no date still alive, Ruby L. Withers 7/5/1918-11/1/1970, wooder marker no name, wooden marker no name, wooden marker no name, Arlyn B. Coppedge 9/6/1911-12/21/1992, Mary Elizabeth Coppedge 8/29/1914-8/23/1985, 2 spaces, Dayne Piper 12/1/1919-6/1/1993, Elizabeth Piper 1/3/1935-12/27/1954, space, Wayne W. Piper12/1/1919-3/9/1994, Plumah M. "Babe"; Piper 12/16/1909-4/4/1990, 3 spaces, Randy Keith Flowers 4/21/1950-4/11/199.


Many of the graves have double toomstones:
Larkin P. Hensley and Mary C. Hensley
Robert B. Hight and Mary H. Hight
R. Lan Hight and B. Ida Hight
W.F. "Punch" Hight and Ida Hight
Lou C. Simpson and Robert A. Simpson
Eddie Franklin and Viola L. Franklin
Vera Belle Young and Hubert Young
Mann Young and Leta Young
Lasater Hensley and Audrey Hensley
Marion Keith Slover and Kathleen "Katie" Slover
Harry Graves and Ella P. Graves
Simps B. Ballard and Maud A. Ballard
Jess D. Freeman and Maggie B. Freeman
Donald Ray Hurt and Mary Lee Hurt
Lathen A. Withers and Ruby L. Withers
Arlyn B.Coppedge and Mary Elizabeth Coppedge
Dayne Piper and Elizabeth Piper
Wayne W. Piper and Plumah M. "Babe" Piper

Some of the newer tombstones also had the date of marriage:
Bert and Kay Criswell married 12/12/1957 Our children Debra, Rickey, Von and Van
Donald Ray Hurt and Mary Lee Hurt married 4/7/1961
Dayne and Elizabeth Piper married 1/19/1954
Wayne W. Piper and Plumah M. Piper Married 3/6/1948

Some of the newer tombstones are extremely fancy with etched horses, hats, ropes, etc. Van Criswell who must have died in a motorcycle accident has motorcycle, Royce McLaury has a photoetched picture of a man on a horse. Many families have put concrete curbs aroung their plots. Quite different from the olden days when people only got a rock.


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