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One of the fertile areas of genealogical research is the cemetery - and Kerr County has its share of rewarding sites. The oldest is the OLD JAPONICA CEMETERY (Hunt Japonica). Begun eight years before Kerr County was organized, it has more than 450 graves in it. Including Japonica, there are Forty-one Kerr County cemeteries listed here with notes from "Cemeteries of Kerr County 1859-1976" published in 1980 by Kerrville Genealogical Society plus more recent surveys conducted by members of that society.   An additional Eight cemetery surveys or burial plots come from the researchers of those cemeteries or other sources.  These are:  Adams Cemetery,  Altenheim Cemetery, Bolin Family Cemetery, Cravey Family Plot, Gaston Burial Site, Stieler Graves, Watson Grave and Willborn/Wellborn Burials.  There is also a link to the San Antonio Genealogical & Historical Society's cemetery listing on this page.


Click on the blue hyperlinked cemetery name to take you to that cemetery's page where the names and dates of their burials are listed.  Note:  New GPS positions have been taken in 2009 by Jeanne Sutton, Kerr County historian.  These are more accurate than those previously posted.   See them at the end of most cemetery's description.                                                              

Don't Know Which Cemetery?
Charles Sherman has prepared a Master Index for these Kerr County Cemeteries. 

Find the name you seek on one of the Alpha index pages, then return to this page to find the listing on the Cemetery's page. 
Master Index   


(cemeteries with photos)

ADAMS CEMETERY  -  About 12 miles from Medina, Texas, on a mountain located on a ranch.  This is a link to the Cemetery listing by Florence Adams Gifford at the Bandera County TXGenWeb page.


ALTENHEIM CEMETERY -    The Altenheim Cemetery is located at Hermann Sons, West of Comfort on Hwy.27. Most of the markers have the name of the Lodge to which the person belonged. This burials listing is from a survey made by members of the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society in 1986, and is used by permission of Catherine Schwarz.  Photo by Jeanne Sutton.  Lat 2956.253N Long 9855.762W


BALDWIN CEMETERY -   (Re-Surveyed - Feb 2005) Established 1892; Located on Baldwin Rd off Hwy 39 at the Waltonia Lodges Crossing. Family cemetery with over 50 burials; Oldest is Katie Lackey (b.14 Nov.1893 d. 22 Sep. 1894).  Lat 3003.967 N  Long 9917.746W

 (Surveyed Feb 2007)  This cemetery, located on private property in Kerr County near the Kendall County Line, has several broken stones which are now unreadable.    It was established about 1880.  There are 7 readable stones;  Oldest is J. L. Surber who was buried in 1881.     

BOLIN FAMILY CEMETERY - Located on private property on Stone Leigh Rd. in Center Point.  Currently only one burial.   Lat 2959.385N  Long  9901.180W

- Located on Farm Road 187 going toward Leakey, Texas. Formerly owned by Adam Wilson. Also known as the Wilson Family Cemetery. 2 Graves, the oldest being that of Adam Wilson, III, died in 1953.


BRIDGES CEMETERY - Established 1938; Located just off Elm Pass Road, 3 miles south of Center Point; A 2-grave family plot; Oldest is Edward Bridges (d. 8 Apr. 1938).


BROWN CEMETERY -  (Re-Surveyed -Nov 2001) Established 1872; Located on Spur 100, just past the VA Medical Center; Started for the family of Joshua Brown, the County's first settler, it has over 65 inscribed gravestones.   An Historical Marker
stands on the grounds.
    Lat 3000.808N Long 9906610W


CAMP VERDE COMMUNITY CEMETERY - (Re-Surveyed - May 2004) Established 1892; Over 100 graves. Located on Camp Verde Road, about a mile west of the Camp Verde Store. Oldest grave is B. F. Oatman (b. 22 Jul. 1835  d. Oct. 1893).
Some updates posted - Apr 2007.        
 Lat 2953.540N  Long 9906.710W


CAMP VERDE FORT CEMETERY -   Established before 1874; Located about a mile past the Camp Verde Community Cemetery; In 1874, J. A. Bonnell purchased the 640 acres which included the grounds of the historic "camel fort", after the Confederate Army abandoned it as a military outpost; Mr. & Mrs. Bonnell are buried there.  Lat 2953.425N  Long 9907.221W


CENTER POINT CEMETERY      Established 1859; Historically significant for the more than 30 Texas Rangers buried there; More than 1300 graves; Oldest is Charles DeGanahl (b.1855- d.1859).     Lat 2956.099N   Long 9902.270W


COLBATH FAMILY CEMETERY -  Established 1927; Located off Indian Creek Road; A private cemetery with 12 marked graves; Oldest is infant Al Colbath (d.1927).  Lat 3002.979N Long 9913.367W

CONN CEMETERY -    Established 1900; Located off FM Road 1340, on what is now Bear Creek Boy Scout Ranch; 10 tombstones in this family plot.         Lat 3002.505N  Long 9908.632W


CRAVEY FAMILY PLOT Located on the Warren Ingenhuett Ranch, 7 miles south of Center Point on Elm Pass Road which is private property.  Three marked graves.

CRIDER-MOORE CEMETERY     On private property 4 miles west of Hunt on Hwy 39.   Newly established in 2008.  1 burial.  Lat 3001.828N  Long 99 21.603W

CYPRESS CREEK COMMUNITY CEMETERY -   Established 1860; Located on the private property of the Perry Lich Farm, on Lower Cypress Creek Road; Oldest tombstone is Laura Steves Boerner (b.1836 - d.1861).  Lat 3001.036N  Long 9859.208W


DENTON CEMETERY - Established 1874; Located on private property, on Cherry Creek in far east Kerr County; A 5-grave plot; Oldest is Nancy Witt (b.& d.20 Apr. 1874).


DRY BRANCH CEMETERY -   (Tombstone Photos & Inscriptions are included)   Also known as Lindley Cemetery, it was established in 1882; Located about 6 miles west of Ingram off Texas 27 and at Dry Branch Creek. A 14-plot graveyard; Oldest is J. L. McKeen (b.1828- d. Mar 1882).    Lat 3008.170N  Long 9918.92W


GARDEN OF MEMORIES CEMETERY -    (Re-Surveyed - Apr 2007) This cemetery is actively used at the present time.  It is a perpetual care cemetery located about 3 miles north of Kerrville, on St. Hwy 16.  Over 7,900 graves.  Lat 3004.77N Long  9905.928W


GARDEN OF MEMORIES - NORTH -   (Re-Surveyed - Nov 2004) (Tombstone Inscriptions and Photos are included)  Established about 1968; Located at the end of Webster Street, in Kerrville, next to Carver Park. A cemetery for the Black Community of Kerrville. Over 150 graves.     Lat 3003.535N  Long 9908.491W


GASTON BURIAL SITE   -  George Hugh Gaston died in San Antonio in 1956 and had a private burial on his ranch located on Cypress Creek Road in Kerr County.   


GATE OF HEAVEN CEMETERY -   Establish 1950; Located on the grounds of the Kerrville State Hospital; Oldest graves are those of Maria Alemon (d. 1950) and Ona Bell (d.1950).   Lat 3002.751N  Long 9909.779W


GLEN REST CEMETERY -   (Re-Surveyed -Nov 2003) Established 1882; Located off Texas 27, near the entrance to Schreiner University in Kerrville. Oldest grave is Arthur Galbraith (b.9 Aug. 1880- d.12 May 1883). 
 More Photos Added Feb 2008               Lat 3001.757N Long 9908.061W    (Erroneously listed as "Glen Rose" on some lists)


GUADALUPE CEMETERY  (Re-Surveyed -Dec 2001)  Established 1917; Hispanic cemetery located on Town Creek Road, just past the intersection of Bluebonnet Drive and Town Creek Road, in Kerrville. There are over 275 marked graves with the most notable being that of Father Kemper, who started the town's Notre Dame Catholic Church; Oldest grave is that of infant Rudolfo Reyes (d. 7 Oct. 1917).                                                                                   Lat 3003.710N  Long 9908.746W


HABECKER PLOT -   Established 1908;  Located on Lower Turtle Creek Road (FM 2771); A 6-grave plot; Oldest grave is Frieda Habecker (d. 1908).    Lat 2957.955N  Long 9910.692W


HARRIS FAMILY CEMETERY -   Established 1886; Located 100 yds. north of Delaney Hall, on the campus of Schreiner University. This was originally part of the Harris Farm and is a 7-grave plot. Oldest is Catherine Harris (b.20 Aug 1833 d.14 Jan 1866).   Lat 3001.744N   Long 99 07.914 W


HEISE FAMILY CEMETERY -    Established 1873; Located on private property, about 3 miles south of Center Point; Oldest grave is Johanna Heise (b.1836  d.1873).


HENDERSON BRANCH CEMETERY -   Established 1870; Located about west of Ingram, on Henderson Branch Road; 27 graves; Oldest are twins Philip and Thomas Henderson (b.19 Apr. 1870- d.20 Apr. 1870).    Lat 3007.261N Long 9914.460W


HOLLIMAN CEMETERY -   Established 1898; Located on the Holliman Ranch, off Bandera Highway near the Kerrville State Park; Family cemetery with 15 marked graves; Oldest tombstone is Holliman (b.18 Feb. 1824- d.12 Mar. 1899).  Lat 3000.729W    Long  9907.445W


HUNT JAPONICA CEMETERY   (Re-Surveyed May 2002) (Tombstone inscriptions are included)   There are over 115 photos of the Hunt Japonica grave markers provided by Charles Sherman.  The cemetery is located on Farm Road 1340 along the river near Hunt.   It is the oldest cemetery in Kerr County and is still actively used and well kept.    Lat 3004679N Long 9920.790W


LANE VALLEY CEMETERIES - Established 1907 and 1914; Located on Lane Valley Road, about 3 miles east of Center Point, off Texas 27; these two African American cemeteries have several unmarked graves in addition to the marked ones listed here.


MOORE FAMILY CEMETERY - Established 1861; Located on the old George Sutherland Ranch, between Old Center Point Road and Texas 27; A 2-grave plot; Oldest is Henry Moore (b.Sept. 1822- d.25 Oct. 1860).


MOUNTAINVIEW CEMETERY    (Re-Surveyed -Feb 2002) Mountain View Cemetery was Kerrville's first city cemetery, started in 1863.   It is located off Sidney Baker St., near Antler Stadium, in Kerrville. There are over 600 graves, some unmarked.  The oldest tombstone is that of John Corn born September 21, 1818, and died June 1864.    Lat 3003.335N Long 9908.014W

NICHOLS CEMETERY     Nichols Cemetery was established in 1859 and is located about 3 miles west of Kerrville, off Texas 27; There are more than 800 graves.  The oldest is W. Rowland Nichols, killed by Indians (b.1805- d.1859).    Charles Sherman,   Billie Nichols-Bennett and Linda Minton have provided many photos of Nichols Cemetery gravestones. Click on the blue links to see the photos.        Lat 3004.359N  Long 9912.939W


REAL FAMILY PLOT -      (Re-surveyed - Dec 2004)  Established 1861; Located on the old Casper Real Ranch, on Lower Turtle Creek Road; 44 graves; Oldest is Sabine (Krey) Real (d.17 Mar. 1862).   Lat 2957.653N  Long 9908.810W


SAN ANTONIO GENEALOGICAL & HISTORICAL SOCIETY CEMETERY LISTINGS -   The SAGHS website has a section on cemeteries and a partial index to many Bexar County area burials.


SAN JOSE CEMETERY -    (Re-surveyed - Feb 2008)    Located on Cypress Creek Road (FM 1341), near the east border of Kerr County and near the town of Comfort in Kendall County.   Over 200 graves.    Lat 2958.171N   Long 9855.893W


SHULTS PLOT -  Established 1892; Located on the old Alliger Ranch, in Camp Verde; 2 graves; Oldest is John Shults  (b.10 Aug. 1822- d.12 Jan. 1892).      Lat 2953.922N   Long 9906.460W


STARKEY CEMETERY -    Established 1863; Located next to the entrance to Wal-Mart on Junction Highway in Kerrville; 10 graves; Oldest is Jones Starkey (b.8 Sep. 1862- d.9 Sep. 1862).    Lat 3003.922N  Long  9910.067W


STIELER GRAVES  -  Located on private property in Kerr County.   2 graves.


SUNSET CEMETERY -    (Re-Surveyed March 2004)  (Tombstone photos & inscriptions are included)   Established 1872; Located 17 miles northwest of Kerrville, off Texas 27, just past the State Fish Hatchery Road; Oldest graves are those of the four Dowdy children, who were murdered near their home on Oct. 5th, 1878.  (Some updates posted June 2008)   Lat 3009.368N Long 9921057W     (Erroneously listed as being in Kimble County on some lists)


TIVY MOUNTAIN CEMETERY Located at the east corner of FM 1341 and Loop 534 in Kerrville; a city-owned, unkept cemetery with 140 known graves; Oldest is Valentina Garza (d.1899).     Lat 3003.151N Long 9906.793W


TIVY FAMILY PLOT -  Established 1888; Located on top of Tivy Mountain, in Kerrville; Graves of Capt. Joseph Tivy, his wife, his sister and the pet cat (who was buried there by Chester Nimitz when he was a boy); Oldest is Ella Tivy (d. 8 Apr. 1888).    Lat 3003.132N   Long 9907.169W


TURTLE CREEK CEMETERY -    (Re-Surveyed Nov 2003)  (Tombstone inscriptions included)   Established 1873; Located in the community of Turtle Creek on FM 1273, about 10 miles south Kerrville.  Oldest legible grave is Miles Denton (b.10 Apr. 1857- d.21 Jul. 1875).   Some updates posted -  Apr 2006.     Lat 2958.499N Long 9913.221W


VERDE VALLEY CEMETERY -   Established 1865; Located on the Las Espuelas Ranch (formerly known as the Verde Valley Ranch), between Center Point and Camp Verde; 11 marked graves; Oldest is Henry Lange (b.1833- d.1865).


VA NATIONAL CEMETERY Established 1923; Located on Spur 100, just past the Brown Cemetery, in Kerrville; 485 graves; Oldest is Ismel August, Pvt.41 Inf.(d.9 Nov. 1923).   Lat 3000.835N   Long 9906.584W


WALTERS CEMETERY    -  Located on private property in the Camp Verde area. 


WATSON GRAVE   -     Located on Van Hoozer property in Shalako Estates off Goat Creek Road, Kerr County


WHARTON CEMETERY    (Re-Surveyed Nov 2004)  Established 1870; Located on Wharton Road off of SH 173, about 6  miles southeast of Kerrville; Oldest grave is W.W. Wharton (b.1799- d.1871).   Lat 2958.330 N   Long 9905.693W


WILLBORN/WELLBORN BURIALS -  Located on private property in eastern Kerr county.  Five known burials.  


YOUNG FAMILY PLOT  -     Located on private property off Lazy Creek Road near Ingram, Texas.   4 Graves.     Lat 3004.212N   Long 9917.42W

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