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Early Marriage Records
Kerr County, Texas:  1856 - 1923
Transcribed and compiled by Shirley D. Webb 2001-2004

Note:  Scroll down this page for additional information and an explanation of the abbreviations

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1856 - 1876

Grooms                                                      Brides

A-E     F-L    M-R     S-Z                              A-D      E-K     L-O     P-Z 

1877  -  1890
Grooms                                           Brides
 A-D       E-L       M-R       S-Z                            A-D       E-L      M-R      S-Z
1891  -  1900
Grooms                                            Brides
A-B     C-G     H-L     M-R     S-Z               A-B     C-G     H-L     M-R     S-Z
1901 - 1908
Grooms                                                                            Brides
A-B    C-F   G-J    K-M   N-R   S-T    U-Z                       A-B   C-F   G-I   J-M   N-R   S-V   W-Z
1909 - 1916
Grooms                                                              Brides
A-C    D-G     H-L     M-P     R-Z                  A-Cl     Co-G     H-L    M-Re   Ri-Z

1917 - 1923 - Grooms

A-Br       Bu-Da       De-Gl     Go-J      K-Ma     Mc-Pa     Pe-So   Sp-Z

  1917 - 1923  Brides    
A-B      C-D       E-G      H-K      L-Mc      Me-Ra      Re-S      T-Z 

  *A Few Marriages of the late '20's and early '30's 

Grooms   &   Brides

These records are posted in alphabetical order.   For the listing of Grooms' surnames, choose "Grooms" and for Brides' surnames, choose "Brides".   Select the alpha group in which your surname should appear.   The complete record will appear on whichever listing you choose for your search.    The spelling used is as it appears on the record

The earliest marriage license issued in Kerr County, Texas, was to James McCracken and Susan Davis who were married 21 Oct 1856.   These marriage records come from the microfilmed record found at the Kerr Regional History Center adjacent to the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library  in Kerrville.  The microfilming was done by the Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1977.   The Marriage Records date from 21 Oct 1856 thru 22 Dec 1923 on this roll.  

This website contains records which were copied from the original Kerr County Marriage Records as they appear on the microfilm.   The marriage date given is that of the marriage ceremony, not the date the license was issued (unless otherwise noted).   Marriage records dated 1856 - 1877 are found in Volume A,  thosedated 1878 - 1902 are in Volume B and those dated 1902 - 1923 are in Volume 3 of the Kerr County Marriage Records as found on this reel of microfilm.  The person who performed the marriage ceremony is shown under "Officiated By".   *A few marriages from the late '20's and early '30's are included and these are from private records.  

Abbreviations which appear after the Official's name are used in this transcription.   Here is a listing of the
 most common abbreviations and what they mean:

J.P. = Justice of the Peace

(If this Justice of the Peace was NOT from Kerr County, the county where he held office is listed.)

L. P. = Local Preacher

L. D. or D. = Local Deacon or Deacon

L. E. = Local Elder

M. G. or M.O.G. = Minister of the Gospel

M. E. C. S. = Methodist Episcopal Church South

O. M. = Ordained Minister

Chief Justice = of Kerr County, not of Texas

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