Sabine Pass Cemetery

This is a partial transcription of Sabine Pass Cemetery, which was surveyed in 2009.  All graves that were visible were photographed at that time.  Many graves have been covered or destroyed by hurricanes.
Sabine Pass Cemetery is made up of four parts:

1.  The original cemetery with the oldest stones (Old North and Old South Sections)
2.  Wild Wave, which is the large open area south of the original cemetery (Southeast and Southwest Sections)
3.  An unnamed black cemetery
4.  Pace Family Cemetery, which is to the left at the entrance to the cemetery area, although some members of the Pace family are buried outside of the Pace plot

Sabine Pass Cemetery was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike in September of 2008, and many of the headstones have been broken, buried or washed away.

Many thanks to Les and Linda McMahen for providing this valuable information!

Old North Section Old South Section Southeast Section Southwest Section

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Photographs taken 12 April, 2009 by Carl & Carolyn Griffith unless otherwise noted.

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