Vet Letters

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Vet Letters
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WORLD WAR II - Letters Back Home

"I will be glad to look up articles and send them to the family of the men mentioned [below]. I will copy the article before I mail it to them, and then keep a list of who I mail to, that away, if anyone else wants a copy later on I can supply it and another address and name for them to contact."

Happy hunting,
Lynda McCarn Breeding


Lt. Joseph Malek - Boys accustomed to work in field everlasting 'argument' goes on.

Lt. Joe Malek - May chase the enemy back into Texas

Lt. John Dibala - "I had date with congo dancer," flyer says. Or "I took out grass skirt"

Lt. John Dibala - Lt. Diabala meets Major Maroul in India and his boots finally arrive

Capt. Joseph Malek - Looking forward to returning home. Five years, maybe six is a long time.

Lt. John J. Dibala - At least we have fresh eggs now and then

Lt. John Dibala - "I would really get sore at Hitler and never speak to him anymore"

Lt. Henry Chovanec (of near Fayetteville, Texas)-Texas flier spotted Japs -

Lt. Henry Chovanec again mowed 'em down

Sgt. Oscar Rosenauer - Italians had no heart to fight their equipment obsolete

Corporal Wm. H. Havel (Wharton, formerly of Shiner, Tex-With the boys in service

Pfc. Adolph Bannert (of El Campo)

Adrian Farr - This is what we are fighting for

Alvin Meyer - letter from India, March 31

Donald Whyman, of Edna and Conrad Leos Ranienez "Cornbread" of Edna and Erwin Franklin of Edna

Pfc. Lee Hammonds, Mike Gregurek and Walter Witcher -3 local boys are together in England

Cpl. L. V. Blahutta - letter

Letter from Syl, from somewhere in Australia 1943

Pfc. Clement Simicek - Boy it was Hell! Brains scattered, couple bullets went thru my back!

Sgt. Simicek - No more fighting or sleeping I fox holes

Sgt. Simicek- another letter

Pfc. Sylvester Simicek

Lt. Matilda Janak wrote sister in Halletsville

Letters from Emil and Anton Machycek

Letter from Joe Olsovsky

Letter from Adolph Vyvial

Pfc. Leon Stropek - Stropek writes from India

Cpl. Jodie Petrash meets with Sgy Syl. Liberda in Germany

Letter from Clem Simicek

Letter from Pvt. Richard Pohl

Letter from Pvt. Felix Guettler

Letter from Pvt. Rudie Wagner

Letter from Cpl. Oscar A. Rosenauer

Letter from Albert W. Pokluda

Letter from John Kovar

Article about Pfc. Elo Sklar, wounded is first Lavaca Soldier to return from France

Three Ganado boys meet in port "somewhere in the South Pacific" mentions Y /

C Werner Stavinoha, S K / 1 C Donald Whyman, Frankie Gala

Letter from Leo Hoelscher and his desire to forget about doughnuts

Lt. John Dibala - Arid in "Uncle Joe's Chariot"

Sailor Ervin Franklin - Plent hot here

Capt. Charles Malec led first group of our fortresses out of England

Letter from Pfc. Florin B. Bartos

Flyer for Air-Plane rides-tail spin, loop-the-loop, barrel-roll, Salt and peper, etc. Anything you want in the way of an Airplane Ride.  Come out and take a ride! Cheap rates!

Tomorrow, Sunday
At Ganado, Tex
R. T. Smith
Gulf Piolot

Funeral today for T-Sgt Wilkerson

Ganado Tribune 4 pages will do look ups from this date Thursday, June 29, 1944,

Has Staff Sergeant Raymond Sablatura is killed in action on Invasion Day over England

No author - Soldiers don't forget