Texas Second Infantry

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Texas First Cavalry
Texas Second Infantry

Company K - Texas Second Infantry CSA

Company K Infantry of Confederate States of America,
Company K Was In Fourteen Battles of the Civil War.

Note:  The following article was in the Edna newspaper (reprinted from 1910 - 1911)
in 1963 that was in the possession of an aunt of Bill Matthews.
Reprinted here with permission.

Last week we promised to give, as complete as possible, a list of members
of Co. "K", the first military company organized in Texana during the Civil War. 
At that time we did not realize that any member of this famous band
resided in Edna, and we were relying on "Uncle" Martin Vincent to furnish
us with the names, as he was able to call off from memory many of the
names.  Maj. L. Garrett, a prominent and life long citizen of this county
and city, saw the list of officers published last week and naturally was
deeply interested in it, as he was a charter member of the company and
served in it throughout the entire struggle.  Another old veteran, who was
likewise a charter member and served the full time, happened to be visiting
in Edna at this time.  He is W. G. Brook, now of Logan Point, La., and is
visiting his brother-in-law, W. J. Evans, of this city.  For four years
Major Garrett, who was sergeant, called the roll for Co "K", and Mr. Brook
said that he never used a list, but called every man's name from memory.
With the aid of Maj. Garrett, Mr. Brook and "Uncle" Martin Vincent, the
Herald is able to give this week 79 of the original 82 men who composed Co

There are only four known living members of this company.  They are Maj.
Garrett, Edna; W. G. Brook, Logans Point, La.; Jim Fluery, Blessing; Bob
Fluery, Palacios; and perhaps Wiley Coleman.

Similar information is in the book on the 2nd Texas Inf. by Joseph Chance.
I also have copies from the National Archives for the military records for
E.A. Matthews and his brother-in-law Leander Garrett - all of which show
they were in Co K, 2nd Texas Inf.  (Leander is buried in the Edna City
Cemetery with his second wife).


Company K was the first military company organized in Texana
during the Civil War and is made up mostly of Jackson County men.
The roster is as follows:


Captain C. L. Owen (killed at Shiloh)
A. B. Dodd - First Lieutenant (resigned at Galveston)
M. K. Simons - Second Lieutenant
J. M. Haynie - Third Lieutenant (killed at Corinth)
Henry McDonald - First Sergeant
L. Garrett - Second Sergeant
W. B. McDowell - Third Sergeant (died in hospital)
E. A. Mathews - Fourth Sergeant
F. W. Armstrong - First Corporal
Geo. F. Simons - Second Corporal
E. P. Clary - Third Corporal
S. D. Dutart - Fourth Corporal


Chas. Andrews
Thos. Aimsworth
J. W. Allen
Wm. G. Brook
Hogan Batey (died hospital)
S. Z. J. Beetley
Jesse Brook (died hospital)
Frank Beaumont
Geo. Baylor (killed at Shiloh)
Zack Bankhead
J. A. Bolling (killed at Corinth)
Max Brandt (died hospital)
Frank Burwell
David Burnett
John Bourke (discharged)
James Bourke (discharged)
Tim Bourke
Wm. Coleman
Wiley Coleman (discharged)
Thos. Ewing
Wm. Ferrell (discharged)
George Flare
Robert Fluery
Jim French
Jim Futher (killed at Shiloh)
Abe Gisler
A. Garman (killed at Shiloh)
Michael Green
Thos. Harlan
John Hicks
Geo. Harper (killed at Shiloh)
Frank Harter
Amos Jordan
W. H. Kirk (killed at Vicksburg)
John L. Logan
Sam Laconey
E. Mankee
Thos. Menefee (discharged on account of bad health)
Judge Menefee
Eug. McDowell (killed at Shiloh)
Mack Merchant (wounded, Shiloh discharged)
Henry Meyers (killed at Shiloh)
Henry Mills (died hospital)
O'Berry - 1st killed
O'Berry - 2nd killed
O'Berry - 3rd killed
O'Berry - 4th killed
O'Berry - 5th killed
Zack Openhimer (killed at Vicksburg)
Richard Payne
Louis Probst
John Rogers (killed at Shiloh)
Samuel Robb
Ralph Smith
Henry Simons
John Stulting
John Sanford (killed at Vicksburg)
Wm. Stayton (died in hospital)
Stayton 2nd
Wm. Simms (killed at Vicksburg)
George Sheppard
L. F. Wells
Richard Wilkins
Chas. Waley (killed at Corinth)
Wm. Wiseman
Wright Wiseman (killed at Vicksburg)
Dr. Jas. Woolfork

Company K was in some of the most famous battles of the Civil War.
Members were in fourteen battles and skirmishes. Some of the hottest
battles they fought in were Shiloh, two battles at Corinth, Farmington,
Iuka, Holly Springs, Talahatchie, Greenwood, Chicashaw, Bayou, and

List of Confederate Soldiers From Jackson County

This list of Confederate soldiers is taken from an old diary which has
been in the possession of the Haynes family for many years. No one knew
whose diary it was. It was kept on the Peach Grove Plantation. No one
now living knows the location of this plantation.

S. S. Henson
James Casey
James Hanks
David Burnett
D. H. Wright
James Earle
John Earle
Joe Jordan
Newton A. White
Abraham Owen

There were many other men who served in the cause of the grand Old
South, but the records are dim. It is fitting to preserve the above
names so that they may be handed down to posterity with all the glory
and honor that may be due them. Jackson County furnished her full quota
of soldiers during the Civil War.

The old men, women and children of Jackson County who remained at home
had to suffer and go through as much hardships as the soldiers did the
foremost of the fray. They suffered from hunger, from the want of
medical care, and from lack of clothes. The women and children were
heroines and heroes in this great struggle. They had to labor until
they were exhausted in order to feed themselves and the army.

The greatest hardships occurred after the war. Many of the Jackson
County citizens were wealthy before the war. Their wealth vanished
almost overnight because their homes were ruined, their slaves were set
free, their livestock was gone and their land in most cases was
confiscated or sold for taxes. Many hundreds of the Jackson County
citizens were made paupers after the War Between the States.

This material is presented to help in research.
Any commercial use must have the permission of the publishers above noted.

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