Cemetery Notes

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CEMETERY NOTES made by researchers...

12/28/01 by Phyllis Mistrot
In doing a survey on the Ganado City Cemetery, I found the marker for C. Redman (Christian/Christopher) and his wife, Jane. C. Redman is listed as  being in the First TX Cavalry, CSA. He died in 1932 and he and his wife both received Confederate Pensions from the State of TX.  I have emailed the TX State Archives for a copy of their pension records.  This is just FYI; they are not related to me but maybe someone else researching Jackson Co will be.

12/5/01 by [email protected] to our Jackson CO mailing list
t one time there was a cemetery located in Texana that was known for the Cival War Soldiers and Vets. I had my g.g.grandfather buried there and he was not in the Civil War. You may already know that Texana is now a 'city under the lake'. When the Lake was being built and the Dam was being built, all the remains in the cemetery were supposedly moved to Edna Cemetery or where ever the families requested the remains to go. Edna Cemetery, Memory Gardens, does not have any record of the re-interred remains.(See photos of these unmarked graves.)

11/7/01 by Sue Wilkerson
The WHITTINGTON Cemetery should be listed as WILKERSON-WHITTINGTON Cemetery, please!! The first to be buried there were our ancestors, Allen & Sarah WILKERSON. They, also, settled there first. The land was sold to their dau, who had married to a WHITTINGTON.

10/17/01 by Kristi Braun
The cemetery is called Culpepper-Wilkerson Cemetery, I believe is the correct name.  Culpepper daughters married Wilkerson sons. Prairie City White Cemetery and Memory Gardens of Edna are the same cemetery. The name was changed to memory Gardens in 1975.