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                                           Isaac Low  

                                July 7, 1781 ----- August 27, 1853    

          Colonist                                          Citizen                                       Patriot

        Isaac Low was born in Tennessee on 7 July 1781. On 25 September 1804 he married Elizabeth Parsons. Elizabeth was born in Virginia on 25 February 1787.

     They were married in Anderson County, Tennessee and twelve children were born to them. The family lived in various Tennessee Counties until their removal to Texas where they arrived by 1 September 1828 with a Character Certificate in hand dated 25 May 1828 which stated that Isaac Low was “a worthy citizen”.

     Isaac Low continued to be a “worthy citizen” in his new home receiving a grant from the Spanish Government in the amount of “a league and a labor”.

     Isaac served Texas in several capacities. During the Texas Revolution he and his sons operated a Ferry on Low’s Creek day and night transporting citizens of Texas to safety in the United States. In May of 1838 when Sabinetown became a Port of Entry, he became one of the first Municipal Officers. He is listed as a Commissioner along with Elbert Hines and Mathew Parker.  

     On 30 January 1840 Isaac was elected Commissioner to inspect Land Offices in Sabine County. He died 27 August 1853 at his home in Hemphill, Sabine, Texas and is buried in the Wiley Low Cemetery overlooking Toledo Bend Lake which covers the land he received by Grant when he came to Texas.

     Elizabeth, his widow, survived him by almost seven years. She died on 4 July 1860 at the home in Hemphill.