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Submitter: Elaine McDowell
Date: Mon Dec 9, 1996

Query: Researching the following surnames: BARNES, WISE, DAVIS, SMITH, BORROWS, BOX AND KEITH: Richard Franklin and Laura Victoria Plumlee Barnes had the following children: Floyd Earl who married Francis Wise Stella Ann who married Spencer Davis Florence who married #1. Island Smith #2. William Borrows Bessie Dora who married #1. John B. Davis #2. Homer Martin Mary Ethel who married Clarence Box Ilda who married Elzy Keith If you have any information please e-mail me.


Pat Smith
Date: Fri Dec 27, 1996

Query: SMITH, Patrick Harvey b 24 Dec 1885 in Schuyler Co, MO. Married Minnie Lee BREAZEALE 19 Feb 1914 in Cement, OK. One son Lewis Riley SMITH b 5 Jan 1915 in Cement, OK. Minnie Lee died 1917, Harvey Patrick and Lewis Riley moved to Borger in the very early days of the city, ca 1927. Patrick Harvey married Mary Agness BARBER on 27 Jan 1928 in Hutchinson Co. No known children. Divorce date unknown.

Patrick Harvey married Irene ROSS on 27 Jul 1937 in Lubbock Co. No known children.Patrick Harvey owned and operated Wewoka Rooms in Borger. Lewis Riley graduated? from Borger High School ca 1934. He married Juanita Lucille CARUTHERS 8 Jul 1940 in Chama, NM. They lived in Borger untill 1953. Lewis was a rig builder for Armstrong & Harder.



Submitter: Michael Long
Date: Fri Mar 28, 1997
Surnames: BASHAMN

Query: My wife was born in Amarillo on December 3, 1946 to Matilda F. BASHAMN, her natural father had apparantly already died by the time of her birth. There may have been an older brother or other siblings. Since we cannot find any BASHAMNs, Matilda may have remarried and her remaining children adopted by their stepfather. My wife was adopted at birth by Mr. and Mrs. M. F. RAWLINGS of Phillips, Texas. If you have any helpful information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Submitter: Ilene Serl Jones
Date: Sun May 18, 1997

Query: BEARD, Ray and Rose. I am not researching Beard line, but believe Rose was previously md to (Isaac) Clifford Cecil JONES, sometime betw. 1910 & 1920. They were both from Washington Co., OK. Rose's maiden name was Griggs. Family lore states Rose had a son by JONES. If this is true, I want to know who this child was and what became of him. Rose's mother, Alice Griggs, died in Dewey, OK in 1943, obit placed Rose, as Mrs. Ray Beard, in Phillips, TX.


Submitter: Marie Buchholz
Date: Fri Jun 20, 1997

Query: My husband great-grandfather, JAMES THOMAS died in Borger, TX in 1947. He dropped dead while buying an ice cream cone at an ice cream parlor. His grandson, BENJAMIN CRUMP also buried in Borger, died on September 27, 1944. We've been told he was killed by a rival over a girlfriend. BONNIE POOL, died in Sonora, TX on September 7, 1990.


Submitter: Del Daniel
Date: Fri Aug 29, 1997
Surnames: DANIEL

Query: DANIEL, Bryan(t) was killed in an oil fire explosion in Fritch, TX, around 1926-28. He had two brothers, Claude K. and Ira E. DANIEL. All deceased. Looking for any info on them and especially for their father. We think his name was John and that he may have lived in Gainesville, AL. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Submitter: Lenora Shope
Date: Thu Sep 4, 1997
Surnames: STROUD, COX

Query: Looking for any and all information on William Riley STROUD. Died about 1942 near Borger, Hutchinson County, Texas. Wife Maggie Cox.


Submitter: Don G. Raver
Date: Nov 20, 1997

Query: Looking for any info on Mary C. Raver, born about 1878 in Craig, NE. She married Harold Harrison and relocated to Borger, Tx. Thanks in advance.


Submitter: Tracy Hime
Date: Dec 3, 1997

Query: Looking for any info on the Isaac MCCORMICK family who lived near Plemons near Stinnett. Also for info on Isaac's wife Capitola B. DUPUY, whose family was from Hutchinson County also. Also the DOTSON family.



Submitter: Brenda
Date: Jan 7, 1998
Surnames: MOORE

Query: Seeking the Moore Family which migrated to Borger and homesteaded a large ranch in the 1920's. They migrated from Mt. View Oklahoma.


Submitter: jkhorses@tir.com
Date: Jan 17, 1998

Query: I am looking for information regarding the SPROUSE family who lived near the Canadian River in 1880s, 1890s, 1900s. Bertie Lou Sprouse was a daughter born in 1889, Ira Sprouse was the father. Nancy PRICE was a step daughter. Ira was married twice and died in 1910-1920. Sprouse was a cattle rancher who trailed herds to Montana. Price family members may still be living around Borger. Any information, please e-mail jkhorses@tir.com.


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