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Last modified: 31 MAY 2008

San Elizario Church Baptism Records 1846 to 1899
Baptisms taken from church records in the mission at San Elizario from 1846 to 1899. The priest at that time served a very wide area. Ft Hancock was the town that grew up around Camp Rice and when the garrison was moved, the area became Fort Hancock. Fort Quitman was west of Fort Hancock near the Rio Grande.

Lillian worked for almost two years to gather this information. Only a small part is listed here. They were compiled by Lillian Trujillo, from the El Paso County, Texas website. Thanks so much, Lillian!

Apodaca, RafaelManuela Apodaca 10/27/1887 1/27/1888Camp Rice
Aveita, FelicitasPomposa Aveita8/11/18878/25/1887Camp Rice
Bustillos, José de la LuzJosé Bustillos & Teodora Palomares6/23/18857/5/1885 Camp Rice
Cazares, SantiagoJacinto ? Cazares & Isabel Lyles11/30/1887 1/27/1888Camp Rice
Cedillos, Maria R. Concepcion Cedillos 11/16/1887 2/8/1888 Camp Rice
Cisnero, Michaelem Mauricio Cisnero & Librada Grijalba 10/1/188911/18/1889 Camp Rice
Gonzalez, José JuanMelquides Gonzalez & Nabora Gomez 4/14/1885Camp Rice
Herrera, MarcianoPerfecta Herrera1/30/18882/8/1/888Camp Rice
Liles, ClotildeIsabel Liles11/24/1885 12/9/1885Camp Rice
Martines, NicolasHipolito Martines & Tomasa Porras 11/25/1887 1/27/1888Camp Rice
McGovern, Charles Joseph Patrick McGovern & Fany Ross3/24/18876/22/1887Camp Rice
Montoya, FranciscamGabino Montoya & Maria Montes 4/2/1889 5/30/1889Camp Rice
Muñoz, HermelindaFlorentino Muñoz & Francisca Garcia 10/9/188610/17/1886 Camp Rice
Ochoa, VictorVictor Ochoa & Felicitad Manez8/28/188812/5/1888Camp Rice
Pelis, EloisaDemetria Pelis12/22/1887 1/27/1888Camp Rice
Peliz, Maria de la CruzDemetria Peliz6/12/18847/20/1884Camp Rice
Rodriguez, AdolfoGregoria Rodriguez10/7/18871/27/1888Camp Rice
Rodriguez, Anastasia Anastasio Rodriguez & Maria Duran 1/16/18881/27/1888Camp Rice
Rodriguez, JoséGregoria Rodriguez7/13/188512/7/1885Camp Rice
Romero, Manuel Bernardino Romero & Consolacion Villalobos9/13/18871/27/1888Camp Rice
Luna, MargaritaMaria de Jesus Luna 5/19/18877/14/1887Ft Hancock
Apodaca, Michaelem Manuela Apodaca 3/4/1890 4/29/1890Ft. Hancock
Aragon, BernardinamDyonisia Aragon & Pilar Chavez5/23/188911/7/1889Ft. Hancock
Bertran, Angelam Librado Bertran & Marcelina Fierros 10/2/188911/8/1889Ft. Hancock
Bravo, EupimeniumJoanne Bravo & Gregoria Rodriguez 3/24/18904/22/1890Ft. Hancock
Bustamantes, PetramJosepho Bustamantes & Guadalupe Fabela12/28/1889 4/28/1890Ft. Hancock
Bustillos, Michaelem Josepho Bustillos & Teodora Palomares 3/20/18894/3/1889 Ft. Hancock
Bustillos, RoseudumJosefo Bustillos & Teodora Palomares 3/16/1891Ft. Hancock
Casares, Patricium Guilermum Jacinto Casares & Elizabet Lyons1/6/1890 3/10/1890Ft. Hancock
Cedillos, Mariam ab AngelisBrigita Cedillos5/5/1891 6/8/1891 Ft. Hancock
Chavez, CarolumCarlos Granados & JoannaChavez11/4/188911/7/1889Ft. Hancock
Duran, JuanMacario Duran & Guadalupe Ruis1/27/18853/6/1885 Ft. Hancock
Flores, Melchiadem Dominico Flores & Joanna Ortega 7/12/18907/27/1890Ft. Hancock
Maese, RomanaRoman Maese & Rosenda Lopez 11/2/188911/?/1889Ft. Hancock
Maesse, Margarita MariaJosepho Maesse & Rosenda Apodaca11/9/188911/15/1889 Ft. Hancock
Marquez, MargaritamJesus Marquez & Ramona Alvidres 1/3/1889 4/3/1889 Ft. Hancock
Montoya, Gavinum Gavino Montoya & Maria Chavez 9/30/189111/11/1891 Ft. Hancock
Morales, EpiphaniumJesu Morales & Petra Torres 4/7/1891 4/23/1891Ft. Hancock
Muñoz, David Florentino Muñoz & Francisca Garcia 7/22/18907/27/1890Ft. Hancock
Navarrete, Cleotilde Fermino Navarrete & Berzabe Renteria6/6/1892 8/10/1892Ft. Hancock
Olivares, FidentiamFrancisco Olivares & Demetria Maesse12/28/1890 1/28/1891Ft. Hancock
Olivares, InnocentiamFrancisco Olivares & Demetria Maesse12/28/1890 1/28/1891Ft. Hancock
Ortiz, Antonia Antonio Ortiz & Eulalia Chavez7/20/18978/22/1897Ft. Hancock
Rivera, Josephum Patricio Rivera & Jesus Porras4/7/1890 4/28/1890Ft. Hancock
Rivera, Mariam de Jesu Patricio Rivera & Jesus Porras4/7/1890 4/28/1890Ft. Hancock
Robinson, CarolumJosephum Robinson & Catherine Robinson Flynn12/18855/11/1892Ft. Hancock
Robinson, Josephum Joseph Robinson& Catherine Robinson Flynn 1/16/18885/11/1892Ft. Hancock
Rodriguez, Josephum Mariam Bruno Rodriguez & Basilia Fabella 12/26/1899 2/9/1900Ft. Hancock
Rodriguez, PetrumBrunone Rodriguez & Basilia Fabela1/18/18911/27/1891Ft. Hancock
Romero, Franciscum Bernardino Romero & Consolacion Villalobos2/13/18903/10/1890Ft. Hancock
Sanchez, FranciscumJuliano Sanchez & Petra Bustamante3/9/1891 3/17/1891Ft. Hancock
Sanchez, Lorenza Juliano Sanchez & Petra Bustamante8/10/189411/6/1894Ft. Hancock
Smith, Carolum Kistler Curby Smith & Ella M. Kistler 2/12/18884/23/1891Ft. Hancock
Teyes, MiguelAbram Teyes & Nasaria Morales 10/22/1891 11/11/1891 Ft. Hancock
Wilson, Eduardum Carolo Wilson & Rosa Cazares8/22/18874/24/1891Ft. Hancock
Wilson, RubenCarolo Wilson & Rosa Cazares11/16/1889 4/24/1891Ft. Hancock
Wilson, Samuelem HyacinthumCarolo Wilson & Rosa Cazares3/28/18854/24/1891Ft. Hancock
Cariaga, Mariana Desiderio Cariaga & Maria Juana Ballejos7/26/18758/5/1875 Ft.Quitman