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Note: "The index of applicants for Confederate pensions in no way represents a complete roster of Texas residents who had fought for the Confederacy."

Hathcox Confederate Pension Application, Submitted by Lillie Ruby

Confederate Pension Application
Name of Applicant J. B. Hathcox
Hopkins Co., TX
Post Office Como RFD 1 Box 19
Comptrolers File No. 14283
Approved 11 Sept 1908

What is your name? J. B. Hathcox
What is your age? 67
In what county do you reside? Hopkins
How long have you resided in said county and what is your postoffice address? 28 years, P.O. como, Texas R.F.D No 1 Box 19
Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate pension law and been rejected? No
What is your occupation? Blacksmith
What is your physical condition? Brokedown
If your physical condition is such that you are unable by your own labor to earn a support, state what caused such disability. age, hardships and wounds received in war
In what State was the command in which you served organized? Alabama
How long did you serve? enlisted in Spring of 1861 and served till close of war in 1865
What was the letter of your company, number of name of battalion, regiment or battery? 47th Alabama Company A
State whether you served in the infantry artillery, cavalry, or the navy. Infantry
State whether or not you received any pensions or veteran donation land certificate under any previous law. No
What real and personal property do you now own and what is the present value of such property? One mule 26 years old value $10.00
Have you transferred to others any property of any kind for the purpose of becoming a beneficiary under this law? None
What estate has your wife in her own right real and personal and what is its value. None I have no wife.
What income if any do you receive? None None
What income if any do you receive? None
Are you in indigent circumstances; that is are you in actual want and destitute of property and means of subsistence? yes I am in indigent circumstandes.
Are you unable by your labor to earn a support? Yes, I am unable.
Did you ever desert the Confederacy. No
Have you been continuously since the first day of January 1880 a bonafide resident citizen of this State? Yes
If you originally enlisted in the Confederate service from the State of Texas were you at the date of the passage of this act a bona fide resident citizen of the State of Texas? Yes I was here.

signature J. B. (his X) Hathcox
26th Day of August 1908
T. J. Russell County Judge Hopkins County, TX

Affidavit of Witnesses

Before me T. J. Russell County Judge of Hopkins Co. State of Texas, on this day personally appeared S. S. bullock and George R. Yantis who are personally known to me to be credible citizens who, being by me duly sworn on oath state that they personally know J. B.. Hathcox the above named applicant for a pension and that they personally know that the said J.B. Hathcox is unable to support himself by labor of any sort.
Signature S. S. Bullock
Geo. R. Yantis
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day of august A.D. 1908

Affidavit of Physician

Before me T. J. Russell.........personally appears J. B. Hathcox (I'm sure this is a mistake by the recorder as J. B. states he was a blacksmith) who is a reputable practicing physician of this country who being by duly sworn on oath states that he was carefully and thoroughtly examined J. B. Hathcox applicant for a pension and finds him laboring\ under the following disabilities which render him unable to labor at any work or calling sufficient to earn a support for himself: almost constant pain in right thigh from infected bullet wound received in Civil War right hand crippled from wound Left shoulder damaged from fragments of a shell crippled right ankel from wound partial deafness and bad eye sight.
Signature of Physician J. J. Dial
Sworn.............26th day of August 1908.

War Department
The Adjutant General's Office
Washington March 15, 1909

Respectfully returned to the

Comptroller State of Texas Austin.
The records show that James B. Hathcox, private Company 1, 47th Alabama Infantry, Confederate States Army, enlisted March 20, 1862 and that he was one of a number of prisoners paroled at Mongomery, Alabama in May 1865.

Como, Texas 5/20, 1917
Mr. G. W. Foster Como, Texas
in Account with Geo. D. Hurdle
Harware, Furniture, Undertaking Supplies, Buggies, Wagons and Implements

May 20-1 casket and robe for J. B. Hathcock $37.50
paid by G. W. Foster signed Geor. D. Hurdle
Witness J. A. Morris cashier of State Bank, Como, TX

Como, Tex 6/16/17
Mr. J. C. Jones Austin, Tex.

Dear Sir.
My fatherinlaw Mr. J. B. Hathcox who had been drawing a pension died May 20th 1917 and I write to ask that you forward me a blank proof of his death in order that I may draw the money to pay his funeral expenses or advise me what must be done to get the $30.00. I wrote you some time ago but have had no reply.
Yours truly,
G. W. Foster