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Civil War Pension Application provide a wealth of information, often including birth, marriage, and death dates, as well as other family information. It is well worth ordering the document if one exists for a member of your family. Check these links.
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Note: "The index of applicants for Confederate pensions in no way represents a complete roster of Texas residents who had fought for the Confederacy."

Claimant NameApplication
Abbott, L. J. 23220

Abercrombie, Albert Galiton30180

Abercrombie, M. S. (Mrs)45401Abercrombie, Albert Galiton30180
Adair, H. G.12430

Adams, Catherine A.20333Adams, Pleasant Newton11489
Adams, J. Q.6284

Adams, M. V. (Mrs)RejectedAdams, J. M. D.
Adams, Pleasant Newton11489

Agee, Daniel Henderson15527

Agee, S. A. (Mrs)20848Agee, Daniel Henderson15527
Alexander, Texana 19991Alexander, John Stephenson
Allen, C. M. (Mrs)41749Allen, John L.
Allen, G. H.Rejected

Allison, Missouri45973Allison, William Madison41083
Allison, William Madison41083

Alvis, D. H.5521

Anderson, Tisie36032Anderson, William
Anderson, W. V.15528

Archer, W. B.26923

Ard, JohnRejected

Arthur, Emma A. 23213Arthur, John Thomas
Ashill, Sallie28404Ashill, John Allen
Ashmore, M. J. (Mrs)8739Ashmore, Amus
Askew, Isabella1987Askew, Richard L.
Atchley, Martha1988Atchley, J. C.
Avera, Sallie17237Avera, James Walton
Bailey, Annie E.37580Bailey, John Wyley17669
Bailey, Fannie D.19979Bailey, Zacheriah W.
Bailey, Margaret Francis31523Bailey, Master N.
Banks, R. W.17849

Barclay, J. H. Rejected

Barclay, M. E. (Mrs)15500Barclay, Joseph Hugh
Barnes, A. D. (Mrs)36033Barnes, Joseph Frederick15566
Barnes, A. M.05509 Missing

Barnes, Joseph Frederick15566

Bartlett, Celia46597Bartlett, Henry Thomas14284
Bartlett, Henry Thomas14284

Bassett, Nancy E.17865Bassett, Lisander Wallace
Bateman, J. M.8733

Battle, M. A. (Mrs)20828Battle, William Henry5515
Battle, William Henry 5515

Baxley, A. A. (Mrs)9712Baxley, John
Baxter, Tabitha43121Baxter, William Stanlow
Beale, Richard H.1989

Beall, Martha Ann43269Beall, James Thomas
Beckham, Meranda17860Beckham, William Reily
Beckham, S. E. (Mrs)6285Beckham, J. S.
Becton, L. S. (Mrs)28437Becton, John Allen
Bell, Watson Warren (Mrs)29759Bell, Watson Warren
Bennett, James Jackson9711

Bennett, S. F. Rejected

Bibby, James Hardy23359

Bizzell, Frank M.8732

Black, Frances19963Black, Calvin Morgan
Black, M. A.Rejected

Black, Mary Ann1991Black, Robert W.
Blalock, Matilda E.25126Blalock, Thomas Newton15501
Blalock, Thomas Newton15501

Bland, George A.17847

Blount, Green Jackson1992

Blount, M. A. (Mrs) 17864Blount, Green Jackson 1992
Blythe, Elizabeth A.1993Blythe, William T.
Boren, Katherine1994Boren, Bennett
Boswell, James M.5505

Bowen, E.15499

Boyd, J. C.24729

Brackeen, L. J. (Mrs)34620Brackeen, William C.28998
Brackeen, William C.28998

Braden, Felix Grundy29953

Braden, M. J. (Mrs)50386Braden, Felix Grundy29953
Braden, N. J. (Mrs) 17877Braden, Absalom D.
Braden, T. M.26464

Bradley, J. C.25345

Brady, Alexander1995

Brady, Asa1996

Brady, Rutha19031Brady, Alexander1995
Brady, W. J.17848

Branan, I. J. (Mrs)RejectedBranan, Luther B.
Branan, Ida49509Branan, Luther Birrens
Branom, A.47917

Brown, C. C. (Mrs) 26122Brown, William Marion
Brown, C. D.12434

Brown, Lou35038Brown, Anderson5508
Bryant, Frances CodeliaRejectedBryant, Lucius Rhods
Bryant, James Franklin1997

Bryant, Sarah Ann20023Bryant, James Franklin1997
Bullock, Jane24911Bullock, Cornelius
Burdick, Alf L.1990

Burgess, Laura1998Burgess, John M.
Burkham, E. B.9709

Burkhart, Nancy White Rejected Burkhart, Stephen Houston
Burnett, N. P. (Mrs)08360 Missing

Burns, E. E. (Mrs)6280Burns, S. J.
Burns, J. W.15716

Bussell, Amanda M.28239Bussell, Henry
Bussey, J. C.1999

Byrd, A. C.15715

Byrd, Allice19964Byrd, Wiley A.
Byrd, Martha E.32810Byrd, Judson Peter
Caldwell, Augustus K.2000

Camp, B. M. 47167

Camp, Seborn Lewis45687

Canard, RobertRejected

Cannon, John L.Rejected

Cannon, Rebecca15705Cannon, Thomas
Carpenter, F. W.28696

Carpenter, Margaret A.40435Carpenter, Richard33837
Carpenter, Richard33837

Carroll, L.46625

Carroll, Mary N.49292Carroll, L.46625
Carroll, Thomas Benton 23080

Carroll, Thomas Benton (Mrs)40377Carroll, Thomas Benton23080
Carter, Nancy J.15706Carter, Robert Augustus
Castner, S. S. (Mrs)9710Castner, W. H.
Cates, Elizabeth20178Cates, Phillip15704
Cates, Phillip15704

Caton, Rebecca Tommas45678Caton, Charles Henry
Caudle, J. H.08358 Missing

Center, Fleming W.12436

Chapman, H. R. (Mrs)18794Chapman, Willis Wilshire17854
Chapman, Malinda 12911Chapman, E. R.
Chapman, Willis Wilshire17854

Chester, B. Louisa17868Chester, John C.
Chester, J. C.Rejected

Chester, Martha M.17870Chester, William Gilbert2001
Chester, William Gilbert2001

Clark, Dutton M.14282

Clark, Laura28618Clark, William Wesley
Clark, M. C. (Mrs)15532Clark, James Perry
Clark, N. J. (Mrs)35161Clark, Thomas Law
Clausel, T. N. 08361 Missing

Clausell, N. E. (Mrs)22785Clausell, Thomas N.
Clayton, Rebecca26824Clayton, William Benton19981
Clayton, William Benton19981

Click, H.29929

Clifton, D. M.15530

Clifton, Eliza Ann21181Clifton, James Daniel Cornelius15529
Clifton, F. L.12431

Clifton, James Daniel Cornelius15529

Clifton, Jane21360Clifton, John David Cornelius15529
Clifton, M. A. (Mrs) 35566Clifton, Thomas Nathan 15531
Clifton, Thomas Nathan15531

Coffman, Frank25498

Collins, M. V. (Mrs)47390Collins, Redden
Combs, Thomas Jackson26504

Connally, Mary C.31233Connally, Drury
Connally, S. E. (Mrs)30766Connally, James Polk
Conner, Amanda E.50014Conner, Festus Osbourne
Conner, Kittie39895Conner, Presley Arnold15533
Conner, N. J.28064

Conner, Presley Arnold 15533

Cook, L. J. (Mrs)17863Cook, William Russell
Coppedge, Serena A.26244Coppedge, Charles Clark
Corbin, S. A. (Mrs)17869Corbin, Granville
Corley, James50035

Courson, John Holcomb2002

Courson, Nina34975Courson, John Holcomb2002
Covington, S. A. (Mrs)38382Covington, William M.21704
Coyle, Mary E.50616Coyle, James Acklen
Crabtree, Martha Adeline22452Crabtree, John Whittier
Craig, Ruth L. 2003Craig, A. F.
Crane, William H.19028

Crisp, Elizabeth19030Crisp, Carroll
Cross, James R.2004

Crowell, Elizabeth A.2005Crowell, William G.
Crump, R. O.25133

Culpepper, J. M.23076

Curry, J. P.17859

Curry, John Pickney (Mrs)RejectedCurry, John Pickney
Cutts, Elizabeth2006Cutts, Micajah
Davanay, John James 28418

Davanay, S. J. (Mrs)29715Davanay, John James28418
Davis, A. B.27018

Davis, L. H.9043

Davis, Waddy T.17852

Dawson, G. W.29740

Day, C. F. (Mrs)15536Day, Joseph N.
Day, John Wesley37832

Day, Maggie42764Day, John Wesley37832
Dennis, M. E. (Mrs)41116Dennis, William T.27075
Dennis, William T. 27075

Derrick, Mary J.6281Derrick, G. C.
Despain, Joseph M.Rejected

Dial, Joseph2007

Dickson, Ellar Ringold24934

Dickson, Mary Rosanah45112Dickson, Ellar Ringold24934
Dickson, V. C. (Mrs)15537Dickson, Thomas C.
Dulaney, Theodore Freeling2008

Dye, James W.2009

Earhart, Fannie B.38534Earhart, Henry Alexander25796
Earhart, Henry Alexander 25796

Earley, Ed B.8734

Edwards, M. S. (Mrs)15519Edwards, Phillip
Elledge, John28551

Emmons, Hattie46402Emmons, William Flemmon
English, George Washington9044

Ewing, Henry L.2010

Fallis, T. H.Rejected

Fanning, E. L. E. (Mrs)37138Fanning, Isaac15518
Fanning, Isaac15518

Felton, Edwin Rejected

Ferguson, J. R.2011

Finkley, LydaRejectedFinkley, Griffin
Finley, Edwin25189

Finley, M. A. (Mrs)34761Finley, Edwin25189
Fleming, E. B.08357 Missing

Fletcher, JepthaRejected

Fletcher, Laura J.42912Wilson, Albert Jones
Flewharty, Ellen27567Flewharty, Thomas Jefferson
Flippin, Mary E.2012Flippin, James A.
Flournoy, E. C. (Mrs) 17866Flournoy, James Harvey
Formby, William W.27082

Foster, B. W.20301

Foster, Hardy C. Starke (Mrs)48003Starke, Joe B.
Foxhall, James A.15526

Foxhall, James A. (Mrs)37097Foxhall, James A.15526
Francis, J. H.Rejected

Fuqua, Julia Houston38084Fuqua, Marcellus Barksdale15535
Fuqua, Marcellus Barksdale15535

Gafford, Andrew Jefferson5518

Gafford, E. E. (Mrs) 25975Gafford, Andrew Jefferson 5518
Gafford, Mary E.49447Gafford, William Lindley
Gamlin, L. F. (Mrs)17105Gamlin, James M.
Gardner, M. M. (Mrs)39060Gardner, Edward
Garrett, Eliza J.35842Garrett, Jesse Columbus33253
Garrett, Jesse Columbus33253

Garrett, Levi Jordan38561

Garrett, Levi Jordan (Mrs)45075Garrett, Levi Jordan38561
Garrison, E. L. (Mrs)22821Garrison, William
Garvin, M. L.41698

Gay, N. J. (Mrs) 2013Gay, W. W.
Gazaway, A. T.29163

George, G. W.17855

Gibson, John J.5513

Gideon, James Albert49983

Gideon, Lula52078Gideon, James Albert49983
Gilliland, John N.11964

Gilliland, Sam W.2014

Glaze, G. W.18641

Glenn, Mary Mildred24910Glenn, William Meridith
Glenn, Rhoda Ann 25034Glenn, Wylie Martin
Glenn, T. H.31532

Godfrey, T. P.23862

Goodwin, B. L.5516

Gordon, Callie49815Gordon, William Edward
Granberry, Matthew Robinson41483

Granberry, P. G. (Mrs)46509Granberry, Matthew Robinson41483
Grant, John Eldridge18776

Grant, M. E. (Mrs)28198Grant, John Eldridge18776
Grantham, Martha Jane2015Grantham, John
Graves, Mary F. Rejected Graves, John E.
Gray, Luina A.2016Gray, Jackson
Gray, Mary20855Gray, William Franklin1431
Green, Emilline34472Green, James Jefferson
Green, Lois A.13852Green, Nathaniel
Greer, M. H.15565

Griffin, E. A. (Mrs)15525Griffin, Francis Marion
Griggsby, G. I.26400

Grumbles, J. W.7615

Guy, S. F. (Mrs)37239Guy, William Henry21760
Guy, William Henry 21760

Hackleman, J. W.10657

Haley, James Martin13851

Hall, G. A.26703

Ham, John M.12433

Harbour, Cynthia17861Harbour, William Louis
Hardin, C. M. (Mrs)36678Hardin, Thomas Columbus19027
Hardin, Thomas Columbus19027

Hardy, John E.8937

Hargrave, John Howard19995

Harkey, Mary A. 15539Harkey, Lewis Ellison
Harkey, R. H.15538

Harlow, A. W.9040

Harlow, Mary27609Harlow, A. W.9040
Harper, Annie E.11488Harper, William E.
Harper, Samuel C.15534

Harrington, Y. J.11965

Harris, John S.9042

Harris, N. A.46187

Harris, S. A. (Mrs)22230Harris, Stephen Peter
Harrison, Bettie C. 49918Harrison, Ira Hubbard
Harrison, Frances Rebecka40391Harrison, Alexandria
Harrison, Ira HubbardRejected

Harry, Nancy AnnRejectedHarry, John Thomas
Harwell, Absalom M.25785

Hathcox, James B.14283

Hawkins, Jerry19957

Hayden, A. C. (Mrs)34227Hayden, Silas Edward
Hays, J. A. (Mrs)25525Hays, Lewis Harvey20125
Hays, Lewis Harvey20125

Heard, M. J. (Mrs) 21801Heard, James Washington
Hedick, Caroline W.2017Hedick, George
Heflin, Hugh Lawson24899

Heflin, Mary J.33788Heflin, Hugh Lawson24899
Henderson, Archibald N.2018

Henderson, Emily J.2019Henderson, James M.
Henderson, Emma A.34982Henderson, William Frances31766
Henderson, William Frances31766

Henley, E. M.26497

Henley, Marian F.2020

Hennen, M. E. (Mrs) 40192Hennen, William Pildren
Hinnant, Ellen42444Hinnant, John Bryant38514
Hinnant, John Bryant38514

Hodge, J. M.Rejected

Hogan, Mat E. (Mrs)41682Hogan, Tom
Hogsett, William McAdo21820

Hogsett, William McAdo (Mrs)23565Hogsett, William McAdo21820
Holbrook, Robin H.10268

Holcombe, George Philip24173

Holder, J. C.25455

Holder, J. N. 11966

Holley, E. W.42392

Hollon, Daniel P.15702

Holloway, Major Calvin (Mrs)31001Holloway, Major Calvin
Holmes, Jane15502Holmes, William
Hopper, Belle Brand44001Brand, Thomas Marion
Hopper, G. C.15503

Horton, Benton Carroll23427

Horton, J. A. (Mrs)30540Horton, William Minett
Horton, Josie45392Horton, Benton Carroll23427
Howard, John Mock 25995

Howard, John Mock (Mrs)29279Howard, John Mock25995
Huddleston, Susan E.35375Huddleston, Taylor Winchester14642
Hudson, John F.15701

Hughes, H. E. Gray (Mrs)41457Gray, Thomas E.
Humphrey, John Hedspeth17192

Humphrey, Rebecca33825Humphrey, John Hedspeth17192
Hunter, H. F. (Mrs)37028Hunter, John Landon
Hurley, James K.2021

Hurley, L. J. A. (Mrs)2022Hurley, Thomas Jefferson
Hurley, M. A. (Mrs) 30442Hurley, William C.
Ingram, Mollie Clark21392Ingram, William J.18769
Ingram, William J.18769

Irvin, W. A.48075

Ishmael, Mary15506Ishmael, William Pickney
Ivey, N. A. (Mrs)23794Ivey, Adolphus Drew
Jackson, M. I. (Mrs)34317Jackson, Henry Cornelius
Jackson, William A.2023

Jacobs, Joshua2024

Jennings, Sarah17862Jennings, Webb Kid
Johnson, A. E. (Mrs) 26218Johnson, William Henry Harrison 25591
Johnson, Amanda E.RejectedJohnson, John Olliver
Johnson, Mary N.12429Johnson, Richard M.
Johnson, William Henry Harrison25591

Joiner, Brantly Price24076

Joiner, S. C. (Mrs)36938Joiner, Brantly Price24076
Jones, C. W.Rejected

Jones, Franklin Pierce8738

Jones, J. W.30178

Jones, M. E. (Mrs)24920Jones, Franklin Pierce8738
Jones, M. J. (Mrs) 2025Jones, T. F.
Jones, S. E. (Mrs)47142Jones, J. W.30178
Jordan, John A. (Mrs)31388Jordan, John A.
Jordan, S. (Mrs)20902Jordan, Daniel Parker
Karney, Ellen C.18724Karney, John
Karr, Leroy Burnett (Mrs)26817Karr, Leroy Burnett
Keeling, G. W.25479

Kellogg, Rose C.31930Kellogg, Ebenezer
Kemper, Granville GarrettRejected

Kemper, Granville Garrett (Mrs)RejectedKemper, Granville Garrett
Kennedy, John Harvey 15507

Kennedy, S. E. (Mrs)21859Kennedy, John Harvey15507
Kennemur, Mary J.19032Kennemur, Andrew Jackson
King, A. P.37820

King, L. D.15512

Kingry, J. W.7852

Kirkpatrick, J. W.15511

Kirkpatrick, Rachel L.2026Kirkpatrick, Wm. P.
Kirkpatrick, Susan30184Kirkpatrick, James T.
Kirkpatrick, Thomas C.26986

Kitts, Mary A. 27782Kitts, James Lafayette
Knight, Addie43256Knight, Hampton Daniel
Kyzer, P. F.29762

Lackey, William5520

Lamb, E. (Mrs)24827Lamb, Wylie Merchant
Landers, Andrew Pike22195

Landers, George Nolan21443

Landers, Matilda41065Landers, George Nolan21443
Lane, John2027

Lanier, W. A.15513

Leach, W. P. 29444

Leanelle, R. G.23853

Lester, J . E. (Mrs)28333Lester, Francis Ellis
Lewis, James S.15516

Lewis, V. A. (Mrs)30361Lewis, James S.15516
Lindley, Bartholomew W.23745

Lindley, Bartholomew W. (Mrs)27114Lindley, Bartholomew W.23745
Lindley, J. A.Rejected

Lindley, John W.23732

Lindly, B. W.Rejected

Livingston, C. M. 38619

Long, F. M.15514

Long, M. M. (Mrs)15515Long, Samuel Harrison
Loving, Mary Julia2028Loving, William Coleman
Lowry, Dovie Serenie45518Lowry, Robert Wesley30638
Lowry, Robert Wesley30638

Luckey, R. G.6289

Lynch, Eliza49873Lynch, Jim L. (linch)4065
Lynch, James Daniel (Mrs)26987Lynch, James Daniel
Lytal, M. E. (Mrs)43994Lytal, John W.
Mabrey, Jeff Rejected *

Mallonee, D. B.29127

Mallonee, N. J. (Mrs)32371Mallonee, D. B.29127
Mann, Martha L.5519Mann, John W.
Marler, Henry Gastin10267

Marler, M. E. (Mrs)39628Marler, Henry Gastin10267
Marshall, John L.2029

Marshall, M. E. (Mrs)20368Marshall, Robert Milton10544
Marshall, Robert Milton10544

Martin, E. C. (Mrs)32995Martin, Joseph Johnson15708
Martin, J. J. Rejected

Martin, James David18796

Martin, John Thomas25855

Martin, John Thomas (Mrs)39902Martin, John Thomas25855
Martin, Joseph Johnson15708

Masters, M. E. (Mrs)RejectedMasters, William Jackson
Mathews, MaryRejectedMathews, Michael26595
Mathews, Michael26595

Mathews, Nancy15505Mathews, Olliver
Mathis, Georgia37307Mathis, Samuel S.17853
Mathis, Samuel S. 17853

Matthews, M. E. (Mrs)12906Matthews, William
Matthews, Mary M.49872Matthews, Michael26595
Maxwell, A. C.2030

McAfee, John M.34024

McBride, M. E. (Mrs)8550McBride, B. N.
McCauley, Fannie A.49150McCauley, G. C.29699
McClimons, J. H.46727

McClung, D. L.Rejected

McCorkle, O. Pinkney9041

McCreight, R. C. (Mrs) 15710McCreight, John George Stalimine
McCullough, Joseph Henry15714

McCullough, M. F. (Mrs)35841McCullough, Joseph Henry15714
McDaniel, M. A. (Mrs)19029McDaniel, David Adam
McDonald, Mary L.24053McDonald, Neal A.
McElvey, H. L.15713

McFadden, Fannie40160McFadden, John C.
McFall, Augustus Major15711

McFall, Mary42728McFall, Augustus Major15711
McGarity, James J.35955

McGill, R. V. Rejected

McGill, RobertRejected

McGinnis, J. B.7616

McGlothlin, James13593

McKee, S. C. (Mrs)28370McKee, Phillip Leonard
McKeener, John R.31410

McKinney, Daniel Y.14496

McKinney, M. J. Olive (Mrs)41064Olive, John William A.
McLaughlin, E. J. (Mrs)22138McLaughlin, Thomas Jett
McLaughlin, Ellen15707McLaughlin, Robert L.
McLeod, C. B. 15712

McLeroy, J. T.18676

McMillan, D. E.15709

McPhearson, Malcolm Wading24677

McPhearson, S. A. (Mrs)40110McPhearson, Malcolm Wading24677
Mead, Joseph W.15521

Meadows, I. Z.15517

Medley, Mary Niles50482Medley, John Bell
Melson, A. T.28022

Melton, Mary Ann C.2031Melton, William Augustus
Melton, Mattie 17867Melton, William E. 2032
Melton, William E.2032

Merchant, Bradley17238

Merritt, Davis13366

Middleton, M. A. (Mrs)43610Middleton, William J.9219
Midget, Levi Summers (Midgett)15508

Midgett, M. J. (Mrs)32415Midgett, Levi Summers (midget)15508
Milam, Blanch Russell15510Milam, John Kelly
Miller, Emma F.36779Miller, William Henry
Miller, Ida45070Miller, Robert Bruce
Miller, J. J. 24790

Miller, Julia A.48057Miller, Woods Shelton
Miller, Mike C.Rejected

Miller, Nancy R.50905Miller, J. J.24790
Miller, T. A. (Mrs)13653Miller, J. H.
Millsap, Japhie Clinton21394

Minor, M. E. (Mrs)6286Minor, M. H.
Minter, J. M.17846

Minter, Mary2034Minter, John Thomas
Minter, S. A.Rejected

Minter, W. H. 15509

Mitchell, Betty OllieRejectedMitchell, Winfield Scott47835
Mitchell, George Washington05511a

Mitchell, John C.Rejected

Mitchell, L. E. (Mrs)39233Mitchell, Henry Jackson
Mitchell, L. S. (Mrs)34463Mitchell, Marquis Lafayette
Mitchell, Mattie J.27765Mitchell, George Washington05511a
Mitchell, Winfield Scott47835

Moore, Eva Lilly52046Moore, Franklin Monroe30019
Moore, Franklin Monroe30019

Moore, Franklin Monroe (Mrs) Rejected Moore, Franklin Monroe 30019
Moore, J. T.29277

Moore, J. T.17104

Moore, J. T.27134

Moore, S. C. (Mrs)15524Moore, William H.
Morehead, Anna C.30673Morehead, William Thomas25033
Morehead, David Swain42600

Morehead, Estelle Lorena49813Morehead, David Swain42600
Morehead, J. L.Rejected

Morehead, William Thomas25033

Morgan, J. M. 17857

Morris, Louisa8735Morris, Burrell
Morton, Thomas L.22460

Moseley, David H.2033

Moseley, N. H. (Mrs)26841Moseley, David H.2033
Moss, F. R. (Mrs)11233Moss, W. A.
Moss, William Marion5506

Mote, Franklin15520

Mote, JennieRejectedMote, Franklin15520
Nalls, S. A. (Mrs)17873Nalls, Larkin A.
Nance, P. H. (Mrs) 31152Nance, Henry Hamilton
Nance, Rosa Herman Glossup51745Herman, James Franklin
Nelson, Lucinda28114Nelson, Thomas Jefferson
Nichol, John M.10980

Nichols, Amanda J.12907Nichols, H. A.
Nichols, M. E. (Mrs)34922Nichols, Nathan Lafayette17856
Nichols, Nathan Lafayette17856

Nicholson, Nancy E.8736Nicholson, Walter C.
Noble, Naomi20268Noble, John (chapman Or Clinton)
Norsworthy, Lodwick Few2035

Nunn, Ellen 49185Nunn, Elijah Hope
Odom, Hester Ann2036Odom, John
Odom, John L.26505

Odom, M. A. (Mrs)15504Odom, Andrew Jackson
Odom, Mart V.32526

Odom, Mart V. (Mrs)36709Odom, Mart V.32526
Odom, R.26101

Oliver, M. A. (Mrs)31285Oliver, James William
Oliver, Patrick Henry24547

Orr, John Philip10269

Oshields, L. O. 2037

Owens, Solomon T.38854

Page, James N.17103

Parker, Alexander M.14285

Parker, G. S.24360

Parkins, Rhoda S.43869Parkins, Thomas30733
Parnell, Blarney7496

Parnell, E. J. (Mrs)36764Parnell, Marshall William17844
Parnell, Mariah22500Parnell, Blarney7496
Parnell, Marshall William17844

Partin, W. H. 27708

Pate, Joseph2038

Pate, L. F. (Mrs)24567Pate, John Wilson
Patrick, Belle24955Patrick, Benjamin Franklin
Patrick, Thomas A.Rejected

Patrick, Thomas A. (Mrs)28117Patrick, Thomas A.
Payne, E. E. (Mrs)46158Payne, Thomas Jefferson17845
Payne, E. V. (Mrs)2039Payne, William M.
Payne, M. E. (Mrs)10656Payne, W. E.1422
Payne, Thomas Jefferson17845

Pearson, J. M. Rejected

Pearson, Sallie A.28820Pearson, James Montgomery
Pegues, Oliver S.13365

Petty, Alice38866Petty, Edward Charles
Petty, G. M. (Mrs)29862Petty, David S.
Phillips, George W.50245

Phillips, H. H.10270

Phillips, J. H.6414

Phillips, John Perryman21956

Phillips, Matilda27883Phillips, John Perryman21956
Phillips, Whit Rejected

Pickens, W. M.2040

Pickett, William Henry22343

Pitman, John2041

Pogue, Emma15557Pogue, Tom H.
Porterfield, M. A. (Mrs)2042Porterfield, William W.
Posey, L.30176

Posey, Mary20728Posey, Frederick Seybert
Price, Sarah T.7853Price, John C.
Prickett, Olive20914Prickett, James Wesley
Proctor, Emma 35138Proctor, James Evans 25336
Proctor, James Evans25336

Proctor, John B.7493

Proctor, Martha15703Proctor, William
Putman, Howard Brazelton (Mrs)43539Putman, Howard Brazelton
Putman, Nancy A.26490Putman, C. Vede
Quaid, L. V. (Mrs)50228Quaid, Seaton
Ramey, E. E. (Mrs)23168Ramey, Randolph N.
Randolph, J. J.28738

Raney, E. M. (Mrs)11232Raney, George G.2043
Raney, George G. 2043

Raticin, James Jefferson (Mrs)RejectedRaticin, James Jefferson
Ratliff, M. E. (Mrs)36870Ratliff, William
Raynolds, David22135

Reeder, Mary C.35619Reeder, William Franklin15972
Reynolds, William B.51012

Richardson, S. T.08359 Missing

Richey, Delia6287Richey, John W.
Riley, J. J.9240

Ringo, Mary37840Ringo, Richard Chancelor2044
Ringo, Richard Chancelor 2044

Rivers, R. C.24674

Roach, Mary F.RejectedRoach, Thomas Norman
Roach, T. A.30494

Roan, W. J.2045

Roberson, Valentine49990

Robertson, Andrew Michael32984

Robertson, Andrew Michael (Mrs)40441Robertson, Andrew Michael32984
Robertson, D. F.7495

Robertson, E. D.2046

Robertson, Laura J. 43843Robertson, James Edward
Robertson, Martha Jane8737Robertson, D. F.
Rodgers, Nancy Ellen41068Rodgers, John Nelson
Rogers, James Harrison9045

Rollins, Mary E.50530Rollins, William D.
Rose, W. H.29863

Ross, Thomas J.27206

Rountree, Mary A.15546Rountree, M. V.
Routon, Sara Ann2047Routon, James J.
Royals, C. H.10113

Rozell, William Jasper 5511

Russell, Benjamin Franklin15547

Russell, Henry2048

Russell, S. A. (Mrs)30861Russell, Benjamin Franklin15547
Russell, S. C. (Mrs)9713Russell, Henry
Ryals, Sarah J.10979Ryals, Charles Washington9019
Sailors, A. L.47470

Sailors, Alfred LutherRejected

Sanders, John Flemming17858

Sandifer, J. M.Rejected

Sansing, N. N. 24096

Satterfield, William M.14281

Scott, Martin F.30686

Scott, Sarah Ann37130Scott, Henry Bryson850
Seale, J. A.24095

Seale, J. A. (Mrs)31735Seale, J. A.24095
Sewell, J. J.15541

Shaw, George MarkRejected

Sherwood, Nannie L.17871Sherwood, Thomas Emory
Shoffit, Lou (Mrs)20246Shoffit, Tira Hawkins
Shoffit, Margorie A. 17872Shoffit, Noah Washington
Short, Sarah F.6282Short, T. F.
Shugart, David P.19026

Simmons, Mary D.RejectedSimmons, Thomas Madison
Simmons, William N.23653

Simms, Fannie H.15544Simms, Thomas Levi
Simpson, S. A. (Mrs)30334Simpson, Lowe
Slagle, James S.15542

Sledge, K. C. (Mrs)6283Sledge, A. W.
Smith, A. L. (Mrs)RejectedSmith, John Fleming47153
Smith, Alcy J. 40011Smith, Henry P. 15545
Smith, D. C.Rejected

Smith, D. H. (Mrs)23864Smith, James Henry
Smith, Eliza S.RejectedSmith, John Thomas
Smith, Henry P.15545

Smith, J. D.39969

Smith, John Fleming47153

Smith, Ralph Camun (Mrs)33258Smith, Ralph Camun
Smith, S. A. (Mrs)40822Smith, Starling Stephen
Smith, S. P.12910

Smith, W. R. 12909

Smith, W. S. N.21599

Smith, William F.5517

Sparkman, J. B.Rejected

Sparkman, M. J. (Mrs)20068Sparkman, John B.
Sparks, Fannie T.45080Sparks, Allison Woodvill
Sparks, John Napoleon (Mrs)46941Sparks, John Napoleon
Speed, J. M.29527

Speer, Mary A.RejectedSpeer, James Milton
Spencer, D. S.Rejected

Spencer, Elizabeth 42365Spencer, Hiram 17850
Spencer, Hiram17850

Spencer, Jennie6290Spencer, William O.
Spencer, S. S.2049

Stacy, Gilbert L.10519

Stacy, Mary12912Stacy, Gilbert L.10519
Stephens, Sarah F.2050Stephens, B. F.
Stewart, Mattie A.25059Stewart, Edward Monroe
Stewart, Willis Andrew (Mrs)47057Stewart, Willis Andrew
Stockton, W. R.Rejected

Stokes, S. C. (Mrs) 34953Stokes, William Griffin 5514
Stokes, William Griffin5514

Stout, Nancy15543Stout, Benjamin Franklin
Stovall, James Henry9708

Strather, B. P.Rejected

Strayhorn, E. J. (Mrs)11940Strayhorn, James M.6288
Strayhorn, James M.6288

Stribling, S. A. (Mrs)20123Stribling, T. J.
Strother, Lou15540Strother, Thomas Jud
Strother, Sallie19947Strother, Harry
Strother, Thomas Jud 2051

Sullivan, S. J.12435

Sullivan, W. H.11490

Talkington, John Perry15562

Talkington, K. H. (Mrs)32653Talkington, John Perry15562
Talley, Moses WatsonRejected

Tanner, Alice40139Tanner, Henry Clay5600
Tarter, Henry30245

Tate, E. M.25815

Taylor, Charles Barnett27783

Taylor, Fannie M. 31260Taylor, Charles Barnett 27783
Taylor, Z. J. (Mrs)15523Taylor, Wesley Fletcher
Teer, Martha18679Teer, Rufus Anderson
Templin, B. F.Rejected

Thomas, John A. (Mrs)28164Thomas, John A.
Thomas, L.2053

Thomas, Mary Ann2052Thomas, William P.
Thomason, Elisha G.15522

Thomason, Lusania A.20011Thomason, Elisha G.15522
Thompson, FrankRejected

Thompson, W. F. 28444

Thweatt, Jane A.35105Thweatt, Luther Bennett15554
Thweatt, Luther Bennett15554

Thweatt, Richard Lafayette31197

Ticer, Ruth C.17875Ticer, William Marion
Tolbert, M. I. (Mrs)22659Tolbert, Josiah Allen
Tolson, Joseph W.Rejected

Townsend, N. A. (Mrs)50440Townsend, James
Trevilion, Francis Augustus8731

Trevilion, Francis Augustus (Mrs)43405Trevilion, Francis Augustus8731
Trimble, Charles P. 24743

Tucker, E. J. (Mrs)21117Tucker, Vivan Daniel15563
Tucker, Vivan Daniel15563

Turbyfill, T. P.22024

Turner, Sampson15564

Tyre, Temperance7617Tyre, John
Vaden, French S.12908

Vaden, G. R. (Mrs)33711Vaden, Leonidas
Vaden, L.Rejected

Vaden, Ludwig Jud (Mrs)32163Vaden, Ludwig Jud
Vaden, W. H. H. 12432

Vanwey, R. S.31536

Vaughn, Manda A.17876Vaughn, David
Via, Corinne26249Via, John William
Vickers, W. R.5512

Waggoner, L. J. (Mrs)27147Waggoner, L. W.9480
Waggoner, L. W.9480

Wagner, J. B.5507

Walker, Ann Maria10271Walker, George M.
Walker, Lucretia28048Walker, George Franklin
Wallace, Hulda Ann 15552Wallace, James Anderson
Wallace, Mattie H.19839Wallace, Thomas Henderson15568
Wallace, Thomas Henderson15568

Waller, A. W.15551

Waller, H. S.15550

Walton, Mary T.50891Walton, George Washington
Ward, Ira2054

Ward, Mary L.51476Ward, Milton Lafayette31318
Ward, Milton Lafayette31318

Ward, Nancy E.17874Ward, James
Wardrup, O. C. 7492

Warren, Mary A.15553Warren, Henry Delaney
Watson, Dan S.15549

Weatherford, W. C.19025

Webb, Amanda7854Webb, Paschal
Weldon, Saludia Ann49858Weldon, John Thomas
Wellborn, James Gordon22018

Wellborn, Mary L.52079Wellborn, James Gordon22018
Wells, William G.2055

Wester, James Madison15556

Wester, M. L. (Mrs) 33829Wester, James Madison 15556
Wheeler, Mary15558Wheeler, Rufus
White, John A.2056

White, M. E. (Mrs)28040White, William Mark
White, M. H. (Mrs)27790White, President Jackson
Whitmore, John Lawrence15555

Whitmore, O. E. (Mrs)22574Whitmore, John Lawrence15555
Wiler, Mary S.17878Wiler, John
Wilkes, G. F.11963

Wilkinson, H. A. (Mrs)15561Wilkinson, Hugh Archie5510
Wilkinson, Hugh Archie 5510

Willeford, Malinda Caroline2057Willeford, John W.
Williams, A. W.10978

Williams, Mary Elizabeth40229Williams, David Fredrick
Williams, R. J.23631

Williams, Robert Reuben40489

Williams, W. W.Rejected

Williamson, A. B. (Mrs)30654Williamson, Allen B.
Williamson, S. E. (Mrs)30277Williamson, Thomas F.10981
Williamson, Thomas F.10981

Williamson, W. B. Rejected

Wilson, Mary T.45374Wilson, William Calvin24301
Wilson, Sallie A.15560Wilson, James A.
Wilson, Sarah E.RejectedWilson, Hineard E.
Wilson, William Calvin24301

Wise, Charles5504

Wise, Mary J.11491Wise, Charles5504
Wood, Henry Clay15548

Wood, R. A. (Mrs)15559Wood, Marcellus
Wood, Sue M.32654Wood, Henry Clay
Woodall, A. C. (Mrs) 21989Woodall, Elisha Larkin
Wright, Marmaduke G. (Mrs)RejectedWright, Marmaduke Gillewater13402
Wright, R. J.28080

Wright, R. J. (Mrs)41318Wright, R. J.28080
Wright, W. M.2058

York, H. G.Rejected

York, Kate N.24650York, Hiram Yurnwood
Young, Henry39139

Young, Richard Thomas6294

Young, S. E. (Mrs)22116Young, Henry Fletcher

* Jeff Mabrey (Mabry) was rejected because he was "colored" and no funds were available for colored veterans. See BLACK SOUTHERNERS IN CONFEDERATE ARMIES: A COLLECTION OF HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS edited by Charles K. Barrow, Joe Henry Segars.