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Hopkins County, Texas | 1883 Pensioners

Last modified: 4 MAY 2010

The U.S. Congress directed the Pension Office to prepare a listing of individuals receiving pensions for war service. The Pension Office produced a list called "Pensioners on the Roll" as of January 1, 1883. The Roll apparently contained all pensioners, althought only a small portion is presently online.

The pensioners were primarily Union veterans from the Civil War and survivors of the War of 1812 but also included other service as well. In addition to the veterans themselves, family members receiving pensions based on said service were also included. Pensioners on the Roll was prepared from the official government records of the time, so this listing is likely to be one of the most complete and accurate records of the time.

Certificate # Name Post Office Pension Cause Monthly Rate Original Dage
210367Smith, Edward R Birthright gsw lt. knee & inj. to abd. 6---, 1882
219952McGregor, Jos. alias Joseph Gregors Black Jack Grove gsw rt. thigh 4---, 1882
66324Chapman, Elisha E Fairyland anchylosis rt. knee 18---
23614Garrett, Susannah Miller Grove widow 1812 8---, 1879
84653Parks, Lucy Sulphur Springs widow 8---, 1869
661Smith, Nancy Sulphur Springs do 8---, 1871
131484Scarborough, Mary Sulphur Springs do 8---, 1869
135048Gunn, Wm. H. Sulphur Springs chr. diarr. and rheum 6---
91629Hadlock, Ezekiel S Sulphur Springs wd. 1 arm 6---
189803Harting, Ellen A Sulphur Springs widow 10---, 1880
16116Donovan, Chas. Sulphur Springs gsw back 4---, 1879
173637Weigers, Theodore Sulphur Springs gsw rt. shr. and neck 6---, 1880
7882Roberts, Jane Sulphur Springs widow 1812 8---, 1878
167550Hooker, Robt R Sulphur Springs gsw rt. forearm 4---, 1880