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Last modified: 8 MAY 2010

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From the historical files of June E. Tuck, who does not validate or dispute any historical facts in the article.

Composed by the 10th Grade pupils, not dated (Early 1900's)

The little village of Arbala was first know as Clifton prairie. Among the first settlers was William Clifton. He settled the place now owned by C. C. Harper. The next settler was Daniel Clifton, who settled the place owned by Mrs. McClain. Mr. J. R. Williams was also a pioneer settler. They formed the back-bone for our community,

After a few settlers blazed the trail it was easy for the settlers later on. This community was settled just gradually, but now it is a very thickly populated community.

The first school building was located about a mile north of the county line, just east of the home owned by Mr. Neal. The school was made of logs, a very rude (sic) building, or at least we would think so now. In 1883, the school house was moved to the Rains county line, about three quarters of a mile south from the first. Later when the county was divided into districts, the school house was moved to the present site in Arbala.

The post office was established in 1896. This year marked a prominent step in the development of our little town.

The gin was established by Mr. Gus Williamson. He also settled the place known as the A. E. Harper place. The first store was maintained by C. C. Harper. Just a little later the second store was established by C. M. McClain, A. R. Hay, Ed Calinay, and M. N. Clifton, the one now owned by C. M. McClain. The third was built by Jim Bennett and was run by J. G. Payne. The fourth store, which was a drug store, was run by Dr. A. E. Davis. The first barber shop was located in the back part of the drug store run by J. N. Ward.

The first blacksmith shop was built by Mr. Bryant Locklear. The shop has gone through many hands since that date.

The Methodist church was built in 1900. The second school house of Arbala was built in 1908, located between the Methodist Church and where the present school house now stands. The present school house, which is a two story building, was built in 1918. The Baptist church was also built in 1918.

The Arbala school has grown from a three month community school to a four-teacher high school, and is now among one of the most progressive schools of the county. - Composed by the Tenth Grade Pupils.