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Pastor's Of Union Baptist Church, Submitted by Sheila Funderburk

From information out of a Baptist newpaper: Delegates from the Soda Lake Association representing Union Baptist Church who attended the organizational meeting to start the Rehoboth Association were: A Llewelyn and E W Brodus. This meeting was held August 22, 1856.

Delegates to the October 31, 1856 meeting were: E T Combs and W Robinson.

It is presumed that these men were members of Union Baptist Church.
1856 J W Hargrove
1860-1869 no records available
1870-1875 Daniel Ramsey (In these years, he pastored Richland, Union and Coffee's Creek).
1871-1873 E G Sharp
1874-1881 B G Ellis (In these years he pastored Union, as well as Miller Grove, Chapel Hill, Black Jack Grove, and South Sulphur).
1877-1879 S J Anderson (Was serving at First Baptist in Sulphur Springs through these years also).
1886-1896 James Christian, (He organized Pleasant Grove and after serving there 19 yrs., came to Union sometime during these years).
Before 1890 F Slater
1890 E G Sharp
1891-1892 L F Banks (Served also Black Jack Grove and Shady Grove during this time).

Exact Years Unknown:
P L Williams
F M Mays
H G York
S H Brooks
W A Stone
Rev Newcomer

1911-1914 E D Gaddy
1917-1919 W W Rozell
(This is the only time in the history of Union that the Rehobeth Assoc. had to pay part of the pastors salary).
About 1920 Eppie Horton
After 1920 Allen Turner
Before 1922 A L Eaves
1922 Lester A McKinney
1927-1928 R E Prince
1928-1930 W A Stone
1931-1932 H L Yeager
1933-1938 Morris Hill
1938-1939 Rev Schmidt
1939-1940 Wm B Waldrup
1941-1943 G L Vaughn
1943-1944 W T Cochran
1944-1945 C Wade Freeman
1946-1948 R E Hunt
1949-1950 Dr H R Long
(First time the church had agreed to start having services every Sunday was when he took the church).
1951 Harold Warren
1952-1953 Wm S Wester
1954 M T Tucker
1955 Lee Emerson
1956-1957 J B Lovelace
1958-1959 N M Vandergriff
1960-1961 J R Diggs
1962 J W Baker
1962-1963 Roscoe Brooks
1963-1966 G G Burnett
1967-1970 Ray E Crumpton
1971-1982 William B Gaddis
1983-1984 Jack Sinclair
1985 Supplied by different pastor
1986-1987 Roy A Marta